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Elizabeth & Sarah’s Dreamy New York Summer Wedding


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all”, said Mulan and we can’t agree more! Once in a while, we get to witness the blooming love of a same-sex couple and it tugs at our heart when they deny all odds and decide to be together! While getting married might seem like a simple act of love for many, most same-sex couples wage wars to accomplish something as simple as that. Maybe that is why the electricity in the air crackles a little stronger and a sense of celebration burns a little brighter when it comes to LGBT weddings!


You love someone, you be with them. It is as simple and as complicated as that. Love is love and it will pierce through every glass ceiling which tries to limit it or any sense of moral definition which tries to bind it. It is 2020 and somehow the right to love is still something that needs to be reaffirmed and advocated time and again. June arrives every year with the vicinity of all the colors of the rainbow and celebrates love in all its million colors. It seemed like the perfect alignment of the stars that we had the opportunity to document this amazing same-sex couple as they vowed to stay together for life, and it happened in the month of June


Elizabeth & Sarah chose New York as the place which bore testimony to their wedding, and we couldn't help but applaud the decision. What better than the anonymity and inclusiveness associated with New York to be a witness to a wedding as special as this. It goes without saying that New York adds a bit of spunk and cinematic drama to every occasion whether it is a love story or any other story. The Big Apple of America, New York is a city of skyscraping buildings, iconic black and yellow taxi, and the happy blur of people going on with their lives. A city which invites a wide variety of diverse population into its heart and makes them a part of its own, there is an effervescent spark in this city’s rush which is infectious and mesmerizing. It also helps that the city happens to be such a rich combination of textures that it translates beautifully to the camera films. From the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the glittering Times Square, from the city’s favorite playground Central Park to the glorious Statue of Liberty, the city is speckled with one stunning gem after another. A beautiful balance of lush gardens, a fascinating mix of the organized chaos of city lights and blaring horns, an intriguing melting pot of cultures, and the sights and sounds of the city, New York lives up to the hype and delivers. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to New Jersey, New York has all the colors of the rainbow.


A photographer’s muse, NYC is a visual treat and every sight is a picture waiting to be captured and every activity is an adventure waiting to have endeavored! With choosing the beautiful New York City as the backdrop for your wedding, you will be making NYC’s lovely juxtaposition of the anonymity of the city-dwellers along with the inclusive nature a part of your love story! While Elizabeth and Sarah chose a charming wedding venue to express and celebrate their love story in, one can also capture the bustling city in their frames as a part of the pre-wedding photo session or the post-wedding shoot! While the magic that New York comes with is not enough to be captured within a camera lens, you sure will have a glimpse of the stunning city as a keepsake or a memoir of your story to cherish forever!


Our gorgeous couple Elizabeth and Sarah, however, chose the beautiful Flowerfield Celebrations to be a part of their special day, the overall impact was charming as ever! Located in Saint James, Flowerfield Celebrations is a premier wedding venue founded in 1985 by Lovin’ Oven. One of Long Island’s best-kept secrets, this stunning wedding location is known for its exemplary service and luxurious gourmet cuisine, among many things. Couples hosting wedding celebrations at Flowerfield Celebrations are the sole bearer of the staff’s attention from the moment they drive in through the property’s winding driveway. With the capacity to accommodate up to 400 wedding guests, the wedding location offers 6,000 square feet of flexible indoor and outdoor event spaces and an assortment of fruit orchards, vineyards, gorgeous manicured gardens, ponds, and fountains, ensuring that one’s special day is nothing short of perfect. From the majestic grand ballroom to the indoor atrium filled with exotic plants and trees, from the elegant gazebo island to the stunning ground, this is a wedding venue that is perfectly apt to bring that dream wedding to life, as it did for Elizabeth and Sarah!


The day of the wedding dawned sunny and bright and the brides started getting ready for the ceremony which was to follow. As the brides got ready, the wedding photographer in and around New York seized the moment and clicked amazing pictures ranging from the Bridesmen’s pre-ceremony toast to the detailed shots of the bridal bouquet and the dress which Elizabeth wore. Elizabeth wore a silky white robe as she got ready and we love the photograph where Elizabeth was pinning on the boutonniere on to her dad’s lapel, a sweet father-daughter moment delicately captured by our New York wedding photographer! Elizabeth wore a stunning light champagne-toned bridal dress with a beautiful sweetheart neckline and a lacey overlay and a slight trail that flowed behind her. The thin straps showed off the tattoo on her shoulder, giving peek of her personality. Her hair was set in a romantic updo, while minimal makeup and jewelry completed the look. Elizabeth’s simple bridal bouquet was a colorful assortment of roses and was so cute! Her bridesmaids donned matching periwinkle blue dresses to bring the look together.


Sarah wore a bridal pantsuit in white with a distinct flair of its own! A stunning jacket which went out formed a lacey flair around her, and matching trousers, this was surely an ensemble to impress. We especially loved the lace paneling around her waist which added an element of interest, making it a wedding dress you will remember for a long while. The sprig of flower pinned to the lapel of her jacket had a story to tell on its own. The boutonniere featured a tiny framed picture of her mother so that she had her mother’s blessings while walking down the aisle. Her gorgeous hair was swept to one side and arranged over her shoulder in a textured braid and was adorned with flowers! The bridesmen were dressed in matching inky blue suits and powder blue neckties. We loved the single rose pinned to their lapels to complete the look. We loved how blue was the ruling color throughout the event and made an appearance throughout the wedding in various different tones. We loved the easy laid-back attitude that seemed to be a running theme throughout the wedding which was not only limited to the couple but brimmed over to the wedding party. We loved the personal touches that the couple seemed to have embedded. But above all, we especially loved the shared accessory that the brides wore- the matching smiles which played in their lips throughout the day!


Elizabeth and Sarah had their wedding ceremony under the gazebo of the Flowerfield Celebrations wedding venue, making it the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony. Set against the background of the breathtaking greenery and situated across a charming wooden bridge over a serene pond, the gazebo created the perfect setting for a warm summer wedding. Both the brides walked down the aisle with their fathers and met at the gazebo, their eyes sparkling like thousand stars. Beautiful flowers adorned the gazebo with cascading vines framing the backdrop as the brides exchanged rings and said “I do” among their near and dear ones, the guests applauded at the touching moments. We love the photograph taken moments after the ceremony where the newly married brides kissed as the guests soaked in the moment and cheered for them and took pictures!


After the wedding ceremony was done, Elizabeth and Sarah took a moment away from their guests so that our wedding photographers in New York and its suburbs could capture some couples photography and some portraits. As the outdoor location allowed abundant natural lighting, the wedding photographer captured several stunning photographs for the lovely couple to cherish forever. We loved the lush vibrant green backdrop that the wedding location provided, with aged trees swaying the backdrop and grass beds spreading out on acres, as it gave the couples’ photography a zest of freshness. We loved the cheerful images where the couple took a moment to toast to their future together, as they took a sip from the personalized glasses. After our NYC wedding photographers captured the couple in several images together as well as separate bridal shots, the wedding party joined the duo for some group photography. We loved the balance of colors as the light blue color from the bridesmaid dresses looked bright and fresh against the greenery and the cohesive harmony that the inky blue suits of the bridesmen brought to the table. Overall, the impact was a gorgeous symphony of colors and looked aesthetically pleasing. The wedding photographers in New York captured each photo with perfect precision and balance, helping the happy couple create memories that will last a lifetime!


After the last of the pictures were taken, the couple along with guests headed out for the wedding reception, which was hosted in the Grand Ballroom of the wedding venue. Decorated in rustic elegance, the wedding reception was laid out in the most elegant decor with touches of blue, which seems to be the color of the day. The tall floral arrangements, draped fabrics, and the elegant table setting added class while the rustic elements here and there were unmissable. The ballroom is majestic with its two cocktail bars, a cordial bar, high ceilings, and a beautiful mahogany dance floor. Equipped with pin-spot lighting and the twinkle of the tea lights on the guest tables ties the lighting together in an iridescent warm glow. We love how our New York photographers captured the wedding details in stunning shots while not missing the important moments like when the brides had their first dance together, the father-daughter dance, and the moment they cut their cake together, a four-tiered beauty with floral details. From the somber moments to the goofy ones, from the little details to the big ones, every element of the wedding day was captured in the most stunning pictures for the lovely couple to cherish forever.


Every wedding is special in its own right, like a snowflake from the sky. Each story is different and unique like a star falling across the sun. But when it comes to a love story which starts its new chapter by tying the knot, it is most often an aligning of the stars, a knowing, a meant-to-be before you even knew each other! When the ties run strong and beyond your control and the roots run way too deep, it is no surprise that those two beings are meant to share their lives loving each other. While it is as simple as that, it is surprising that it is complicated to a great extent just by frivolities like gender, race, caste, classism, and more! The wedding of Elizabeth and Sarah is like a cool breeze on an Indian summer afternoon. Sure they were just two lovers who got married and they are not here to make a statement, but even with them following their hearts, there is a reaffirming that love is beyond the definition, the labels, the morals, and more. Every time it is put in a box, love will surprise more people and break open every box until there is none left. Here’s to the blushing brides and to free love!


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