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Wedding Trends That Are Going To Be Big In 2023



What’s a wedding without a trendy touch of beauty and glamor? Before you start wedding planning in 2023 and tie the knot in the coming months, we want you to know everything you can do and add to your wedding this year. We went through a lot of blogs and closely observed the trends that are about to go big for weddings in 2023 and compiled it here so that you can plan an amazing wedding that is not only comfortable but also exceptionally stylish. In the blog, we’ll go over different trends that are spot-on for this year, and we’ll give you a few ideas to help you incorporate these ideas into your wedding! Without much ado, let’s dive right in! 


  1. Brides and Suits: More Brides in Suits


Let’s start the list with a bang, shall we? One of the biggest trends in the coming months will be more brides in pants! And we love this trend. Instead of a wedding dress, many brides are opting to choose pants and jackets for their wedding day! Well, the trend was picking up in 2022, and this happened right after couples started looking for weddings after the pandemic subsided. Although couples began looking for more elaborate weddings and ideas for weddings, most of the brides wanted to absolutely maintain their “chic and sleek” wedding look. In the past few months, keyword searches for “bridal suits” have gone over 100%, which is an overwhelming increase. And honestly, we have no complaints, brides look absolutely stunning in chic pants and suits, as well as in wedding dresses! Additionally, another trend that we see catching, which is tied up with this trend is the trend of pearl detailing! Lace has always been in trend, but to match the delicate beauty of lace wedding details, we also see pearl wedding dress details catching up. What’s more, we also see that these pearl wedding outfit details are not limited to only wedding dresses, but are also popping up on the runways on bridal suits! Bridal suits with pearl details are trending as well. Bridal suits with pearls on the sleeves, on the shoulders, or embroidered details on the jacket or pants are more ideas you can look into. 


Some way to incorporate this trend into your wedding is to mix and match the ideas! The first idea we have for you is to go bold with colors! Your wedding day color scheme can be your inspiration for your wedding suit! Another way to add a more colorful touch is to complement your partner’s wedding suit or dress! Now, this does not necessarily mean that you should choose the same colors for your bridal suit as your partner. You can opt to add contrast with your choice! Another way to add more beauty to your bridal suits is to look into the idea of adding some cool designs. If you’re also in love with pearl details as much as we do, then you can choose a stunning wedding suit for yourself, and add the details you’d like with the help of a designer. And if you’re good with adding designs and altering clothes, you can do it yourself. 


  1. Late-Night Snacks: Better than a Breakfast Buffet


Apart from the different views on a beautiful wedding outfit, another trend that you can expect to see in weddings and you can, too, incorporate into your wedding planning, is the trend of late-night snacks! Last year, in 2022, we saw couples opting for brunch-styled buffets in their weddings and we saw a rise in afternoon weddings! However, as the last year progressed, we saw that late-night weddings are increasing. We absolutely love an elegant celebration that goes on into the night, which is why we’re absolutely thrilled to see more weddings with late-night snacks! As the year progressed, we saw many couples celebrating their weddings and extending them to the later hours. So we expect late-night weddings and snacks to become a trend in the coming years. 


If you’re looking to have an amazing wedding in the coming year, and your dream wedding looks like a wedding that goes into the evening and bleeds into the night, then we have some ideas for you! To add some interesting bites to eat, you can choose some interesting snacks, like curly fries in cones, bite-sized sandwiches, soup shots, or lettuce wraps! If you’re a lover of delicious fast food, then how about adding some small, bite-sized dishes to your wedding menu? You can think about adding small burgers, nuggets, or mini pizzas! You can also have corn dogs on sticks for your wedding guests! Also, your late-night snack station can be open for the entire night, from the moment your reception party starts to your wedding exit! Lastly, do not forget to add some sweet treats! Of course, popsicle sticks and some interesting cake options! Cheesecake on forks, frozen yogurt, and ice cream are some more cool options to add. 


  1. The Walk Down the Aisle: Bringing Both of your Parents


In the recent past, many couples have been moving away from some traditions. Although we have nothing against traditions, adding a modern touch to the traditions is something that we absolutely love! In the past year, we have seen many brides walk down the aisle with their pets and a grandparent. However, this year, we’ll see more brides walking down the aisle with their parents. When we talk about these traditions changing in recent times, it is crucial to remember that not every bride is in the ideal situation to walk down the aisle with their fathers. It could be because of one parent not being in the picture, or they could have passed away. More than that, in the past the tradition was less about love and more about an exchange. And in the age we live in today, weddings are all about love and the desire to spend your life with someone you love, instead of it being an exchange. Before we talk about the trend of walking down with your parents, let’s just put it out there, we have nothing against traditions. If your situation is ideal to have a traditional wedding or you simply want to follow the traditions, then go for it! 


However, for brides who want to add a modernistic touch, you can not only walk down the aisle with your parents, but also with your stepfather and biological father, your grandparents, your pets, or even your siblings. Also, let’s not forget that you can also choose to walk down the aisle halfway by yourself and join whoever you want to walk down the aisle with. Another trend you can expect to see more of, and you could add to your wedding too, is to walk down the wedding aisle by yourself. The thing is, you can choose to walk down the aisle with whoever makes you comfortable and whoever you want to share that moment with. To make the moment even better, you can choose a great song to fill the wedding ceremony venue as you walk down the aisle. Also, you can absolutely add more modernistic touches to your wedding by walking down the aisle to an unconventional song! You can also hire a band you love or you can hire your family and friends who love to play music to sing a song for you as you walk down the aisle. 


  1. Wedding Dress Style Trend: Not a Fan of Bridal Suits? Look for These Trendy Wedding Dresses


We started our list of the latest trends with a bang. Don’t get us wrong, we still love the beautiful bridal suits, but we also know bridal suits may be a great fit for some brides, and other brides may not like them. If you fall in the latter group, then we have just the trends for you to look into and look out for. Well, let’s start with the dress silhouettes. In 2023, expect to see the beautiful necklines change into something prettier. Asymmetric designs are in, and now they’re taking over the wedding dress necklines, and we’re absolutely loving it. Asymmetrical wedding dress necklines look perfect and add an Avant-garde vibe to your wedding outfit and look. While we’re on the topic of necklines, why don’t we talk about mock necklines? Mock necklines are another trend that we’re going to see more of in 2023. Mock necklines make your entire wedding outfit look opulent and especially regal! What’s more, if you have been in love with lace wedding details and dresses, then this trend will have you floored. 


Moving away from wedding dress necklines, you can expect to see more beautiful blue hues everywhere, especially for wedding dresses. Lighter blue hues are going to be a big trend. Powder blue and lighter shades of blue will take over wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen details, and also, wedding day decor details. On the topic of wedding dresses, you can expect to see more sheer wedding dresses. With desert weddings trending, which is expected to grow in popularity over the year, sheer wedding dresses are making a big splash. Bolder, and prettier, sheer wedding dresses are perfect for a desert wedding as well as for the unconventional bride. Sheer wedding dresses with sequins, sheer corset-style wedding dresses, short sheer wedding dresses for beach weddings, and long, sleek sheer dresses are some of the most common wedding dresses you can expect to see in the next few months. Another big trend for wedding dresses in 2023 will be elaborate wedding gowns, with eloquent details


Whether you’re a conventional or a non-conventional bride, you can look for a wedding dress that fits your style while keeping these trends in mind. If you’re still not sure of what these dresses will look like, in person, then we suggest you check out some runway shows to get inspiration and to know which dress is actually your style for your dream wedding. 


  1. Upcycling and Going Green: Sustainability at its Best


Being environmentally friendly is not a trend, it is a requirement. Although we believe that we all should take deliberate steps to be environment-friendly, we also understand that your wedding is an elaborate affair and you will want to spend the day the way you imagine it to be. However, we also want to tell you, that anything “green” is not necessarily bland to look at! In 2023, you can expect more couples to be more inclined towards greener choices, and upcycling different details to make them a part of their big day. Upcycling allows couples to choose different details from what their parents or grandparents had used in their weddings. On a side note, upcycling helps you to improve your wedding decor and helps you keep the tradition of “something old” at your wedding. Although upcycling is a great way to save nature, it also helps you cut down some extra costs and lowers your wedding expenses. Another reason to love upcycling and using “something old” is that you can use family heirlooms, vintage details, and more details for your wedding! 


On the same topic of upcycling and the popular nature-friendly wedding trend, let’s talk about the fact that eco-friendly weddings will increase as well. A great way to throw a wedding with sustainable wedding ideas. To add the touch of brilliant eco-friendly wedding ideas is to be sustainable when you’re choosing the elements of a beautiful wedding and to opt-out of wedding details that are either a waste of resources, such as fresh cut flowers that will be useless after your wedding or details that will not serve any other purpose after your wedding. Instead, you can opt for beautiful satin or silk flowers. Another way to add to your idea of an eco-friendly wedding is to use recycled or recyclable paper if you’re sending out wedding stationery. Another way of taking it up a notch is to simply use paperless wedding invites! You can opt to design and send e-wedding invites! More ways to add charms to your eco-friendly wedding idea are to add plantable cards or hand out plantable wedding favors to your wedding guests. Another idea to keep in mind is to remember that you can swap out the sparklers for the wedding exit and opt for something natural, like flower petals! The only advice that we will leave you with if you want to throw a sustainable wedding is to remember that it comes from almost zero waste. If you’re looking to throw an environmentally friendly wedding, try to minimize the waste generated at the end of the wedding. 


  1. Outdoor and Twilight Weddings: The Perfect Way to Tie the Knot


Another trend that you can expect to see and grow this year is more couples choosing to get married outdoors. Marrying the love of your life in vibrant surroundings is always a great dream, and this year, we’ll see many couples choose the outdoors to have their wedding day celebrations. From wedding ceremonies to the wedding reception party, 2023 will be the year of celebrating the outdoors. Outdoor weddings with minimal wedding decor or with luxurious decor are a trend we’re looking forward to. If you’re looking to tie the knot this year, you can use this trend to add charms to your wedding. Regardless of the season, an outdoor wedding, especially a well-planned wedding, will not only be fun for you but also for your wedding guests. You can set up an outdoor wedding arbor with seasonal greenery and floral details. Or you could also use paper decor items to add a colorful touch. What’s more, this idea can tie in with the previous point we discussed. 


Since we’re already discussing beautiful outdoor weddings, why not merge it with another trend that is just as beautiful? We’ve all heard about the golden and picturesque glow of beautiful sunsets and the golden hour. But we’ve rarely heard of the twilight glow. Twilight weddings will soon be a trend this year, and will make you fall in love with the lovely outdoors. We find the idea of getting married to your soulmate at the break of dawn extremely romantic. To us, it sounds extremely poetic. Since you’re choosing your partner for every new morning after the day of your wedding, it only makes sense to us for you to tie the knot as the day begins. Since throwing a wedding party with multiple guests could sound too big of a task to attain, you can always have an outdoor elopement at twilight! And once you’ve tied the knot, you can choose to have a reception party with your closest friends and family. 


With that, we come to an end to our wedding trends for this year. Talking about these trends has made us excited and we’re looking forward to many couples tying the knot this year. Keeping up with the trends can be hard, and we understand that as we progress through the year, the trends may change or may be tweaked a little to fit the couple or the season. And that is why, before we leave you today, we’ll like to leave you with some practical advice. Since we understand how important the wedding day to you is, remember to consider differences, but above all, remember to discuss it with your partner. Also, when you start planning your wedding, remember to be practical!


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