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Stunning “Flower Bar” Ideas To Steal For An Exclusive Cocktail Reception!


Marriage is one of the most important institutions in almost every culture. A wedding is more of a celebration of this sacred institution. Thus, your wedding should be nothing short of perfect, which you’ll remember for ages to come. Most married people often have vivid memories of their wedding day. And that’s what you should be aiming at. However, organizing a wedding can seem like a daunting task. After all, there are a lot of things to consider. Most couples become overwhelmed with the sheer significance and size of this whole task. People who are engulfed in their work-life a bit too much often outsource the whole process of organizing the wedding. The professionals who handle the organization of this event are called wedding organizers. Yet, they can be quite costly. A decent wedding organizer will charge a sizeable fee as well as come up with preparations that can take a toll on your whole budget. Thus, it’s not a bad idea to roll up your sleeves and get down to the preparation yourself. 


One simple tip that can work wonders for any couple feeling overwhelmed by the thought of organizing their own wedding is to break the whole process into simple steps. This tip works with any large project. Once you have a blueprint consisting of small steps, the whole process gets a lot easier. Moreover, it’ll also help you take some stress off your mind. Prepping for one’s wedding isn’t just limited to the day of the wedding. It also covers the honeymoon, engagement ceremony, etc. In essence, you must think about everything, from the engagement ring to your honeymoon destination. These days, wedding receptions have become quite common. Wedding receptions are often organized before or after the actual wedding takes place. Especially in the case of destination weddings, not all guests are able to make it. Moreover, some couples prefer private wedding ceremonies. Thus, to satisfy all their friends, family, and acquaintances, they organize wedding receptions. Cocktail wedding receptions are trending once again, and in this article, we’ll go over some “floral” ideas to help amp up the aesthetics. Moreover, this article will also cover some of the general tips that can make your wedding reception a success. 


Cocktail Receptions

The idea behind cocktail receptions is to keep your guests entertained and let them have a good time. The concept of cocktail receptions is extremely popular among younger couples. Moreover, in cultures where drinking is considered taboo, cocktail wedding receptions are steadily finding acceptance. Cocktail receptions usually consist of some good music, an open bar, and snacks. There are also aspects of it including decorations, seating arrangement, etc. However, all those tend to be secondary in the eyes of guests. Yet, aesthetics can either break or make your cocktail wedding reception.


What is a Flower Bar?

The flower bar trend is defined as a station where customers can pick and build their own projects from a variety of flowers. It's a trendy new trend that's not only a fun and unusual method to get guests engaged with one another but also a terrific way to get them to interact with one another. There are many creative ways to implement this concept, but you can choose what suits the mood for your special day the best! We recommend choosing flowers for the bar based on the event's theme or color scheme. Find a reputable flower market ahead of time and inform them of the sort and quantity of flowers you require. Clean and trim the stems of each flower the day before the event. Trim the stems at an angle and keep them in a bowl of lukewarm water with flower food overnight. Fill vases or other flower containers that your guests will be carrying home 3/4 full with lukewarm water and flower food on the day of the event. Remember to arrange your flowers according to their type, size, and color, but don't be afraid to be creative! Don't forget about the extras like tags, wrapping paper, and floral tape!


Stunning “Flower Bar” Ideas for Cocktail Receptions!

While flower bar has nothing to do with alcohol, there is no reason why they can't mix. To help you get inspired and plan a banger of a cocktail wedding reception, here are some amazing ideas:

  1. Exotic Flowers: If you’re willing to spend big bucks to amp up the aesthetics of your cocktail wedding reception, you can opt for exotic flowers for décor. Here, you will have two choices. You can either go with artificial flowers. However, that will not feel genuine, and your guests will recognize the fake flowers straight away. Even though artificial décor is cheaper, we would recommend that you go with real exotic flowers to liven things up. It’s a perfect idea for an outdoor wedding reception. You can decorate the whole bar with exotic flowers. Although, you will have to make sure that you do not use illegal flowers that can disrupt the ecosystem of the venue. Make sure that you research well enough to buy exotic flowers that are not invasive. 


You can contact any floral shop to place an order. If you buy them in bulk, you can also get a sizeable discount. To save some funds on this, you should negotiate with the florist. Moreover, ask for their help to set up the floral arrangements. A florist knows how to handle flowers. Moreover, florists often have a soft place in their hearts for flowers. If you ask a florist to decorate the bar, they’ll do a marvelous job. On the other hand, doing it yourself or having your friends do it will save money, yet there is a chance that you may not be able to decorate the bar that well. In any case, if done right, the floral bar can look amazing. Ensure that there is proper lighting so that the guests can bask in the greatness of the floral aesthetics. 

  1. Use Flowers in Drinks: This idea might be a bit unconventional, but if you can, you should convince your bartender to use edible flower petals in drinks. It adds great aesthetic value to the whole vibe of the bar. Surely, your guests will love some cocktails with fragrant flower petals in them. Of course, you cannot use all flowers for this purpose. The best option is to go with Rose petals. Their fragrance and color will lighten the drinks up. It also depends on how the bartender uses the flowers. You can have them add some floating petals to the drink, or have a whole flower put in with the stem in place of that little umbrella. This will go really well with the whole floral décor. 


  1. Flower Dresses! If you really want a floral-themed cocktail party, you can ask the servers to wear flowers. Imagine the Romans with flowers on their head. That is just one suggestion. It’s up to your creative mind how you can ask the staff to incorporate flowers in their dress. Another good idea is to hand bouquets to all of your guests at the entrance. These small thematic gestures often add up and make the whole vibe of the party lively. 


  1. Floral Arrangements: Floral arrangement is a whole art. You cannot just place flowers wherever you please. It’s about picking the perfect position for each vase. Any passionate florist will tell you that floral arrangements tell a story with their aesthetics. For this, you will require the help of an expert. Hire some florists and decorators to really have your cocktail wedding reception stand out. Experiment with different flowers and arrangements. It’s not that you have to necessarily hire an expert to arrange flowers. You can also do it yourself by watching a couple of videos on the internet. However, a professional’s touch is often unbeatable.


Some General Tips to Organize a Cocktail Reception

Now that you have a good list of ideas to incorporate into your cocktail wedding receptions, here are some general tips that will help you execute it to perfection.


1: Don’t let your guests drink and drive

This one should be a no-brainer, but a lot of people suddenly have the urge to drive once they down a couple of vodka shots. It’s up to the host to stop their inner Michael Schumacher from emerging. Drinking and driving lead to a lot of accidents that are often fatal. By driving drunk, the driver not only puts their life on the line but also endangers the lives of other people on the road. It’s highly irresponsible and should be discouraged vehemently. 


Make sure that every intoxicated guest takes a cab back home. Most of the guests will have prior arrangements to get back home. However, some of the intoxicated guests might try to make a scene and drive back home. Of course, it will be a bit difficult to keep a check on all the guests. You can always delegate this task to some of your close friends. Alternatively, you can ask your guests to have one sober or abstinent friend who can take up the responsibility of driving them home. Safety should be prioritized over everything else. 


2: Ask your bartender to serve responsibly

When there’s free booze, people tend to go overboard with it. There will be a couple of blackouts, of course. However, to maintain the decorum of the party, you should ask your bartender to serve drinks responsibly. Even in bars, bartenders refuse to serve drinks to people who get too intoxicated. The same measures should be taken in your wedding cocktail reception as well. Your wedding reception is about the celebration of your union with your life partner. Having unnecessary drama and blacked-out guests on the floor due to booze will only smear the whole experience. Thus, you should ask someone to keep an eye on who’s drinking how much.


3: Diversity and quantity

Always remember that the bar should have something for everyone. Not everyone likes Scotch. Some people like wine while some like fruity cocktails. Everyone’s taste is unique. Having only one kind of drink at your party can kill the mood for a lot of guests. Thus, you should ensure that there is something for everyone. From Vodka to Mojitos, ask your bartender to have the ingredients for all beverages. This will keep your guests happy, and they’ll be able to have a good time. Moreover, ensure that there are ample drinks to go around for everyone. Nothing kills the vibe more than the bar running out of alcohol. Once the guests are in a mood to have a blast, it can be really disappointing to find out that there is no more booze. The best way to avoid this dilemma is to make a list of expected guests. Then, you will be able to get an idea about how much booze you will require. This will ensure two things: firstly, you won’t run out of booze. Second, you can buy just enough, ensuring that your budget doesn’t suffer. Of course, if you are having your reception at a restaurant, this will not be a problem. But if the venue is far away from liquor shops, you should stock up smartly


4: Don’t forget the snacks 

Many people tend to overlook snacks at cocktail parties, be it a wedding reception or a bachelor party. However, where there is booze, there must be food. Drinking on an empty stomach leads to negative experiences. It’s also unhealthy. The lining of one’s stomach can be damaged if one drinks hard liquor on an empty stomach. Thus, make sure that there is ample food for everyone. In fact, if possible, hire servers who would serve snacks on the table to your guests. If you are organizing your own wedding reception, the buffet can be a very tricky part. You won’t want to spend too much on food at a cocktail party. Yet, you wouldn’t want to come off as cheap. Research on the internet and find out what dishes go really well with drinks. Moreover, keep the preferences of the more important guests in mind. For instance, if your boss or mother-in-law is a vegan, there should be vegan options for them at your party. 


Organizing cocktail parties is pretty easy. In the end, people care about having a good time. The décor is secondary. However, if done right, it can steal the limelight. You’d want your guests to talk about your amazing floral décor for months to come after the reception. Moreover, if you’re someone who’s a fan of aesthetics, décor becomes all the more important. Floral arrangements, flower bars, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to décor. Once you put your mind to it, the sky’s the limit. On the internet, there are tons of amazing flower décor ideas. You can research and put up some amazing décor yourself. If you have the time and are willing to put in the effort, you won’t even need the help of an expert.


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