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Weekly Wedding Planning Resources: September 11th, 2020


Fall is sneaking up on to us, and we aren’t complaining! Cozy sweater-weather, the promise of festivities, and lots of reason to stay indoors and cuddle (Hello, Rona!). That first sip of PSL is just as satisfying as you imagined, and the thought of your spouse-to-be gets you warm and mushy, even on a crisp day! While autumn and winter are when we see the most weddings, this year, caution swirl thick in the air, and the whispers of “Corona” plays like the foreboding background music of a movie, weddings are still happening, and with gusto! While we are still dabbling to find a strong footing into weddings post-corona, and can definitely sense optimism in the air. Like the promise(and comfort) of the cold weather ahead, weddings are being celebrated more mindfully, with the priority on love and companionship and glowing ambers of celebrating with close friends and family, on intimate connections and we are here for it! If you are a bride planning her wedding for the upcoming fall or winter months or further down the lane, say no more! We have just the perfect set of resources which you might find to be helpful. Read on!


Every love story is like a movie on its own right, with highs and lows, smooth sailings, and bumpy roads. Not every story is the same and while having more of a romantic genre, others might be a little more adventurous. Add to that a pandemic and the plot thickens! Elen’s story will surely have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Let us take a peek at Elen’s triumphant wins and struggles as she navigates love in Nepal, childbirth in Bangkok, visa troubles, and finally, a global pandemic. Read on for an exciting journey!


Love Looks Like This: Childbirth Abroad, Visa Woes, and a Pandemic

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The way honeymoon used to look like a few decades back has been challenged massively in the last decade, with people warming up to the more unusual places and more adventurous experiences. From staying in tree houses in the woods to camping on a cliff, the modern couple is not opposed to anything! If you are someone weighing out options for a honeymoon which is a little different, check out this article for glamping spots that you could book right now. Camping is surely having a moment right now- as it is closer to nature, serene, and safe!


COVID Honeymoon Ideas: Best Glamping Spots to Book Now

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Courthouse weddings are tricky as you dont want to be overdressed, but it is still a wedding. The trick is to go for something formal yet celebratory. If you are a courthouse bride, a chic wrap dress, tailored jumpsuit, or a suit might be safe options. However, it is also the perfect window for you to invite colors and patterns to the traditional “wedding whites”. Whether you a bride or a guest at a courthouse wedding, give this article a read for all the courthouse outfit options imaginable. 


What To Wear To A Courthouse Wedding

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So you both said “yes” to a lifetime of togetherness but haven’t decided on a date yet. While a three year engagement period sounds like a decade and a week is a crunch. How long is the quickest that you can set up a wedding? It depends! Want an elopement with just four of your best friends? All timeline just left the building! Give this article a read to know a bit more about wedding timelines and what factors should be considered while deciding on a wedding day. 


How Quickly Can You Actually Plan a Wedding?

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While we are dappling back into the wedding scape, the air is still thick with caution. Do we hug or wave? How do we execute safe gatherings? How to sound welcoming yet being firm about the precautions? It’s a tricky lane to walk on, especially since nobody really prepared us for this. This article gathers all the wisdom of the wedding planners in one blog post. Read on to know the best practices and the little things you can do for hosting a safe wedding.


Planners Share the Precautions and Practices They’re Implementing at COVID-19 Weddings Right Now

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Season changes are so much fun, and what better way to celebrate a wedding than embracing the seasonal vibes? This year the fall wedding ideas are less rustic and holiday-inspired and more boho-meets-modern, and we love the effect! Check out this blog for some amazing fall decor inspirations and wedding ideas that will blow your mind! Think flower clouds, geometrical shapes, luxe colors, and post-rona influences. Intrigued? Check it out!


2020 Fall Wedding Ideas To Hit Save On

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With a successful wedding comes great responsibility! Exercising the proper measures and executing the wedding plans in a safe and responsible manner is not a deed done just for your own benefit, but for the safety of all of your guests. While on the other hand, you also want it to be fun and not stressful. There are little things you can do while wedding planning to ensure your wedding is welcoming and full of love but is also safe and responsible. We agree planning a wedding as we tackle the transitions of this pandemic is tricky. But with a spoonful of safety measures(wear your masks, people!) and a dollop of love and informed decision-making, you can still have the wedding you have been dreaming about! In the spirit of staying informed, we bring to you some amazing resources from our good friend, the internet, and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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