Weekly Wedding Planning Resources: September 4th, 2020

Okay, can we all agree we are now officially into a pandemic for what seems like 7 years, give or take? You have exhausted your at-home activities. You have watched everything on Netflix, twice around. You have baked so many loaves of bread, you are considering opening a bakery to be a lucrative business option for you. You are tired of working in your sweats which has jam stains on it or spending all your free time doom-scrolling through Instagram(oh look, cute tie-dye loungewear set!). The magical moment when that fiance of yours popped that question and you were so excited to go raring at all the wedding planning things seems like eons ago, something blurry in the past. If you are avoiding taking on all those wedding planning projects, because you want to wait and “do it the right way”, maybe this is the shake-up you needed. News Flash: the world isn’t going to return to its pre-pandemic stage in a snap of your fingers! It will take a while. And not all of your dreams have to be in pause until further notice. The good news is that the wedding scene is a lot more flexible now, and comes with options of getting married in your little backyard with 20 guests if you want it that way! And you can still get a lot done from home, from that same couch, in those same jam-stained sweats! After all, doesn’t working towards something in the future fills your heart with joy and magic? And we can bet you could use a little bit of both right now! As every week, as punctual as the hands of the clock, we are here with some links around the internet which can help you plan that wedding!


Overwhelmed by the lace, tulle, decadent sweet tables with intricate cakes and a floral decor that seems to come with an overpowering sense of foreboding? Tell you what, life is complicated enough and your wedding doesn’t have to! With so many must-haves to get in line with, so many DIYs which you are told you have to try out, and so many wedding trends you absolutely have to hop on to, minimalism comes as a refreshing breath of fresh air, letting you know, despite the popular belief, that less indeed can be more! If you looking into the possibilities of hosting a minimalist wedding, read on!


How To Have A Minimalist Wedding 

via Here Comes the Guide


The idea of the traditional wedding has been liquidated, contorted, and shaken up so that it meets the pandemic and the lovers in the middle. Micro weddings are that sweet spot which allows the couples to still get married but in a much smaller scale, with the option to have a larger reception later on(or not!) If you are thinking a micro wedding is everything that you are looking for in a wedding amidst pandemic, read on this article to find out more!


How to Plan a Micro Wedding + Ideas to Help You Plan One 

via Wandering Weddings


Being a good sport and taking things with a pinch of salt and in good humor might take some readjusting in perspective, but is truly a heartwarming and endearing quality. We love how these couples took COVID-19 on the stride and maintained their ability to laugh it off, while still acknowledging it. These practical COVID ideas are not only useful but also adds a bit of lightness to the COVID talk! Check this link out to find out more. 


Spread Love, Not Germs: Light-Hearted & Practical COVID Wedding Ideas

via Tidewater and Tulle


E-commerce is surely stealing the spotlight in 2020, as people are majorly stuck at home, left with their devices and a wi-fi connection and their free will! Surely, wedding shopping gets trickier, and you can’t browse through the brightly lit stores in your local mall, you can still “Add to Cart” from the safety of your own home! With tons of inspirations at easy access and so many decorations available online, you can still claim your rights on that perfect backyard wedding. Check out this amazing Amazon finds, and you can thank us later!


Best Amazon Decorations for Your Backyard Wedding Reception

via Junebug Weddings


Planning your wedding but stuck indoors? What better time than this to get your bridal beauty routine in place? No, we aren’t talking about usual suspects like drinking 8 glasses of water(but seriously, go drink water!)These expert-curated bridal beauty guides will ensure that you end up coming out of the pandemic looking radiant and ready to get married! Use this time wisely to get the bridal glow you have been looking for!


An Expert's Six-Step Guide to Bridal Beauty During Coronavirus

via Brides


So your wedding date changed from June to January! We get the dilemma, as we are talking two very different seasons. But that doesn’t mean everything has to change the color scheme, the whole theme, the flowers, and the mood. Its the change in temperature, not your mind! There are still ways you can make the same colors work for any other time of the year, and this article tells you how!


New Season, Same Colors: 6 Tips for Updating Your Wedding’s Look After Changing the Date

via Budget Savvy Bride

Life is fascinating and magical and getting married to the love of your life is truly a gift! Just like we appreciate the light in the face of dark, it takes a pandemic to bring clarity to our minds how much magic this life holds. While there are certain things which we still can’t indulge in, there is again so much we still do. With the spirit of being grateful and optimistic, we encourage you to take on the wedding planning projects, whether you are getting married next month or next month. Things will still need to be done, so why not start now? Meanwhile, we will bring in all the resources you need right to you. Keep checking this space!