Sabrina and Chadwick: Private Fort Worth Post COVID Wedding Reception

Every now and then we get to document a love story that feels like drenching in the first rain of the summer, the rustling breeze of the fall gently whispering on our ears, and a cup of warm cinnamon coffee by the fireplace on a winter day. Sending sparkling fireworks through our hearts on a sunny summer day, we met the hopelessly romantic and stellar couple- Sabrina and Chadwick. 


With so many surrounding things to pique interests starting from cowboys to culture, from world-class museums to rodeo, dance, music, and rich history, a private residence in Fort Worth was a natural selection for our lovestruck Texas couple to begin their forever after. Trying to make the best of plan B, Sabrina and Chadwick did not let the COVID-19 pandemic get in their celebrations for the first walk into marital bliss.


While navigating through uncharted waters of planning a post COVID wedding reception, and maintaining proper wedding guidelines as the antidote to fear, this Fort Worth couple took this day into their stride. The couple opted for an intimate celebration in a relaxed and casual vibe for their wedding ceremony and reception held at a private residence in Fort Worth. With custom curated details and Pinterest-inspired small wedding ideas, our wedding photographer captured every moment of this recent wedding in Fort Worth while following social distancing guidelines and wearing protective gear, keeping safety as the top priority.


The sheer classy and intimate atmosphere punctuated by several nuances and moods of this post-COVID wedding reception was captured by our Fort Worth wedding photographers, turning them into warm keepsakes of this special day. Their wedding photos were brimming with creativity and swoon-worthy ideas as our wedding photographers enjoyed the ample photo ops at this intimate wedding setting in Fort Worth. 


Samantha's bridal outfit looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous as she donned her crisp white wedding dress which hugged right, looking like an absolute dream. She wore a unique off-shoulder sheath dress with guipure lace v-neckline on the back. The bridal dress was adorned with an organza veil flowing from her shoulder to the ground with an intricate embroidery button line running through the back. The bridal jewelry was just as elegant with gold double studded drop earrings and the neck was kept bare, along with perfectly accentuating light day makeup and her hair neatly tied in a classic low updo. The elegant white and gold wedding theme was distinctly portrayed in her leafy white roses bridal bouquet.


On the other hand, our dashing groom complemented the bride’s look in his chic and stunning cream-white tuxedo with a satin shawl collar and a crisp white shirt. The neatly tied black velvety bow was teamed with formal black pants and paired with shiny black derby shoes. The rest of the wedding entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen looked equally charming as they orchestrated the wedding theme in pure whites and blacks. The bride's gang wore elegant black dresses with similar flower bouquets and the groom's gang dazzled in shiny black suits, white shirts, and black bow ties.


The day started bright and early at the event space as our Fort Worth professional photographer captured some stunning bridal portraits of the pretty bride as she got ready for her big day. The wedding photography session was spiraled with captivating mood as the beautiful bridesmaids posed for some group photography session, at this private wedding destination with artsy and elegantly detailed backdrops. Some precious moments between the bride and her mother were captured as they exchanged glances in a sweet and adorable way. These mother-daughter portraits were so heartwarming! 


Our wedding photographers in Fort Worth captured the dapper groom and his handsome groomsmen and framed a memorable wedding album that will be the ticket to this historic day for the rest of their lives. The couple then went on to exchange their wedding vows in a pristine outdoor wedding ceremony site surrounded by landscaped grounds, towering trees, and vintage wedding decor elements, acting as vibrant photo props for the photography session in post-COVID Fort Worth wedding.


After the wedding ceremony was done, the wedding party regrouped for some beautiful group photography, in the tranquil grounds of this home in Fort Worth. The stunning wedding photos featured forest green color that brought in a perfect balance in the photography backdrop creating some of the most enchanting memories to cherish for a lifetime. The beautiful couple did not let go of the perfect photo opportunity for couple portraits in this breathtaking Fort Worth private estate. Our professional couple photographer in Fort Worth did the perfect job of capturing the gorgeous duo in front of tall walls covered in artistically woven ivy creepers and framed some bewitching couple portraits that will go down on the wedding photo book as extraordinary keepsakes.


It was very easy to see why Samantha gave her heart to this Fort Worth private wedding venue while searching for 'wedding venues near me'. The renowned home was built by architect Emery Young, nestled in the Altura Road, in Fort Worth, Texas. This spectacular private residential property features spacious rooms with treetop views, breathtaking fireplaces, quintessential private balconies, and the master suite that can be used as a bridal suite or a groom suite. A treat for professional photography in Fort Worth, the gorgeous private estate is also home to a large swimming pool and tennis sports court offering striking photo opportunities. The dramatic and artistic elements placed all across the private wedding venue, intricately and thoughtfully, acted as aesthetic props for Fort Worth wedding photography sessions.


As the evening set in, and the outdoor wedding reception event space started to fill up, the entire ambiance ornamentally lit up with string lights woven across the tent settings like a dream. The couple had their first dance, as their loved ones raised toasts to this historic union, and it truly sent a warm feeling down our hearts. The wedding cake was a classic double-tiered cream cake with white rose toppings, that added the right amount of drama to the session.

This inspiring Fort Worth wedding looks effortlessly perfect in every way and sends a message to every couple throughout the globe planning their post-COVID wedding reception that, after all, it's only love that matters. There is a class in this couple that was perfectly highlighted by the quiet elegance of this wedding venue, which will go down as one of our fondest memories out of all the recent weddings in Fort Worth. From the gaze in Samantha's eyes to the insuppressible smile in Chadwick's face, this inspiring Fort Worth wedding truly marks the way for kindness and friendship in marriage above everything.

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