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Kayla and Alvin’s St. Louis Wedding Inspiration


Weddings are a leaf of a fairytale in a nonfiction story of your life. One of those ethereal experiences which makes you feel that maybe this belongs to a fairytale and not your mundane life. On that day, you seem to walk to your background music, everybody you know and love will be fussing around you and attend to your whims. Your setting is just as visually appealing as you pictured it be, and most importantly, you have your prince charming grinning back at you, just at your arm’s reach! Everything is as perfect as a fairytale! Kayla and Alvin’s gorgeous fairytale wedding is everything that dreams are made of! As a couple from the stock images, Kayla and Alvin look like they are the perfect match and make every frame ten times more beautiful just by gracing it with their presence. From the charming engagement photoshoot to the gorgeous wedding, everything looks like perfection. Let us take a trip through the winding roads of Kayla and Alvin’s picturesque love story!

Kayla and Alvin chose the charming city of St. Louis to tell their tale, and wasn’t that a pretty sight?! From sprawling baseball stadiums to romantic garden settings of St. Louis, everything makes it one of the most sought after wedding and engagement destinations in Missouri. For the breathtaking bird’s eye view of St. Louis from one of the 32 windows at the top of the Gateway Arch to the glistening skyline in the pristine currents of the Mississippi River, St. Louis is a stunning location to get married in, and it’s easy to see why. Home to one of the most beautiful architectural marvels like the Compton Hill Reservoir Park and being a witness to some of USA's rich history and heritage like the Jefferson Barracks Park, St. Louis has something to pique everyone’s interest, whether one likes the historic flair or the aesthetic appeal. St. Louis provides a range of breathtaking locations to plan a wedding or an engagement photo session, and no matter what is the taste of the couple. As the gorgeous sunsets on the horizon of the Mississippi River, lighting up the river in a golden glow, the skyline of St. Louis looks unreal and right out of a fictional storybook. From hosting weddings in destinations that are tucked in quiet garden settings to featuring engagement sessions in front of the famous Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, this city has witnessed its fair share of historical love stories. For a couple with a keen eye for photography or an interest in the history of the place, St. Louis is the perfect setting for one’s love story to come alive! Kayla and Alvin’s stunning love story is captured in the idyllic city of St. Louis, telling an intriguing story of its own!

Among the many gems of St. Louis, Kayla and Alvin chose the gorgeous Messina Farms for their wedding ceremony and Piazza Messina for their wedding reception. While the engagement photoshoot location is filled with stunning backdrops of romantic fountains, lush cascading greenery, rustic stone walls, and exotic palm leaves. With beautiful neutral hues and endless greens, each photo looks like it belongs to a postcard! Kayla and Alvin had their stunning wedding reception in the Piazza Messina, a majestic wedding venue tucked away in Saint Charles, Missouri, playing host to loving couples from the St. Louis, Columbia and Jefferson City areas. This family-owned wedding venue comes with decades of experience in catering and special events and is known to ensure that your wedding day is nothing short of excellent. Situated on 14 acres of land, this wedding venue comes with endless opportunities with 8,000 square feet of private event space and the ability to accommodate up to 350 guests. Whether one chooses to celebrate in the bistro, the ballroom, or on the wraparound covered portico space, Piazza Messina is the perfect choice for a wedding with any theme imaginable. With 14.5 acres of agricultural land at disposal and the gorgeous lake views, this gorgeous wedding venue provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding of a lifetime. A perfect marriage of rustic and modern Tuscan decor, this wedding venue comes with beautiful, scenic views and unmatched service, making Piazza Messina the perfect place to host not only a wedding ceremony or reception, but also to host a bridal shower, engagement party, and rehearsal dinner. Kayla and Alvin chose this beautiful setting for a wedding which looked like a dream and provided the most fitting backdrops for each of the events! What more can one want?

The engagement session of Kayla and Alvin was so soothing to the senses and came out looking aesthetic yet very wholesome! Like an oasis of bright blue waters in a desert, the couple looked stunning against the neutral tones. Kayla wore a gorgeous pastel blue maxi dress with playful slits running up to mid-thigh and a high neckline. Her hair was set free to flow and her makeup was fresh and breezy like an early summer day. The only jewelry she wore was the gold bracelets and her engagement ring and a pair of black sandals with ankle straps completed the look. Alvin looked dashing dressed in cobalt blue jeans and a crisp white shirt, paired with a pastel blue blazer which matched Kayla’s dress. A cool watch and a pair of black loafers tied in the look perfectly. We love the minimal bridal bouquet which Kayla carried with this look! For the second look of the engagement photo shoot, the couple went for a casual laid-back look. Both of them looked cool in the blue jeans and gray t-shirt with SF logos, as they posed with a football, declaring their mutual love for the game and bestowing support on the San Francisco 49ers. We adore the playful nature of the second look, balancing the formal look perfectly!

On the day of the wedding, the couple got up early to get ready to look their very best for each other and their wedding ceremony. Kayla and her girls were captured in their getting-ready session, dressed in silky robes, white for our blushing bride, and purple for the girls! Kayla soon changed into a breathtaking wedding dress which seems to be fit for a queen. We love the deep plunging V-neck and the billowy skirt which seems to embrace her from all around, like a cloud. Her hair was arranged in a stunning updo and her makeup was fresh yet glam. The gorgeous earrings and the delicate bracket added a little sparkle here and there to her look, while the gorgeous pair of heels finished off the look with a glamorous flair! The bridesmaids looked like the perfect addition to the setting with their blush pink floor-length bridesmaid dresses. The bridal party carried the beautiful array of flowers as their bouquets, with pastel pinks, yellows, and pure whites and green foliage! Alvin looked dashing in his magenta suit, pink bowtie and tan shoes and the lovely boutonniere adorned his lapels perfectly, finishing the look! The groomsmen brought balance to the table with gray suits and pale pink ties and pocket squares, and matching boutonnieres dressed up their looks! We love the play of colors brought in by the wedding party, with pastel hues and bold strokes balanced perfectly!

The ceremony location was a beautiful walkway leading to a stunning setting dressed up with a wooden arbor draped with wispy white drapes and adorned with pastel summer blooms. While the guest sat on either side of the walkway, the beautiful lake in the background brought in a pristine soothing atmosphere to the ceremony. Kayla walked up the aisle with her father and met her partner at the altar. The ceremony soon commenced and the vows were exchanged, rings were exchanged too, and soon they were husband and wife! With the love to hold them together and the blessings of the dear ones, they were married and the crowd cheered!

The venue was dressed up in beautiful wedding decor, adding to the rustic and modern mix of this wedding. We adore the tiny details which make the wedding their own in the perfect way, like Mr and Mrs plank with the SF logo, the gorgeous white three-tier cake with the gold cake topper, and the cheeky signage saying “Don’t be that guy!”, discouraging guests to be on their phones, all adding personality to the wedding. The wedding photographers of St. Louis did the perfect job of capturing the little details and the beautiful moment, be it the decor, the rustic setting of the venue with the gorgeous windmill in the background, or the silhouette couple photography against the setting sun. After the newly married couple and the wedding party were captured by the St. Louis wedding photographers in some amazing frames, everybody got indoors in the wedding reception area for a night full of love, fun, and laughter. The moments like when the couple shared their first dance and the emotional father-daughter moments, all were captured with great expertise and a delicate hand, capturing the memories of the night in the frames forever!

A wedding day is surely a confusing day, with one event gliding into the other, creating a huge blur. With the nerves and the emotions running high, it is normal for everything to feel surreal, like it’s moving too fast and in slow motion, all at once. While it is one of the most important days of your life, it is surprising how little you can remember from that day that then you would like to. While some moments stand out in bold colors, there are others that slip away from the grasp of the memory, like sand through the fingers. This is where your wedding album comes in. It holds all of those memories of your special day which will be otherwise lost forever. By preserving in a wedding album, you get to hold on to them for ages and preserve those runaway memories forever. Our St. Louis wedding photographers have done a fabulous job of capturing beautiful moments of Kayla and Alvin’s special day in the most gorgeous frames. We adore the gorgeous couple photography in the different settings, each one more beautiful than the last, the lush greenery, the picturesque landscapes, and more. From the charming couple captured against the beautiful lush greenery to the beautiful wedding ceremony captured under the starry lighting of the wedding venue, each picture tells a different story! Every frame is captured by our wedding photographers in St. Louis with great expertise and grace, ensuring that those moments get to live on forever in the couple’s wedding album, ready to take them back to the magical day whenever they need a little pick-me-up! The wedding album will always be there, ready to remind them of the day their dream came true, in the most picturesque way possible.

Every once in a while, we come across a wedding which urges us to dream of the ‘what ifs’, and lets us wish for a fairytale dream of ours too. Kayla and Alvin give us all the feels, with their perfect backdrops, stunning photo ideas, gorgeous venues, and the stunning decor, creating an idyllic setting for the lovely couple to get married in. Whether it is the summer air, or the love brimming in their eyes, whether it is the sweeping green grass beds or the romantic windmill in the backdrop, everything that this couple brings to the table seems to be a hit, helping them create lasting memories for them to cherish. Every moment of their wedding day seems to be more perfect than the last, leaving a trail of beautiful pictures in its wake. As they head out to claim their rightful share of happily-ever-after, they also have a lovely photojournal to tell the tale!


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