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Summer Outfit Inspiration for An Engagement Session


While there are many happy days that the universe will bless you with, there are a handful of days that stand out in a way others can’t. Like a highlight reel of an Instagram page, some days shine with the brilliance of their own. And we think the day your special someone asks you to spend the entire life with them surely qualifies as one of those highlight-reel-days! Getting engaged is sure to be an epic and emotional day in every couple’s life. The speech, the ring, and the ambiance, all contribute towards a truly memorable event of your life. Between calling your friends and family, staring at that ring 47 times a day, still getting used to the word “fiance” and basking in the feeling of newly engaged, the first few weeks after the engagement fly by quickly. However, soon you find yourself diving headfirst into planning your wedding day, with all the excitement of a firefly in June! However, before you get lost in the whirlpool of cake tastings, dress trails, and designing the perfect wedding invites, going in for a fun engagement shoot with your fiance might be a great idea! It allows you to take a moment to acknowledge your engagement and capture that moment forever to look back on after ages. An engagement photo session allows you and your partner to celebrate the occasion and announce to the world in your own fun way, and the outfit that you wear for the engagement photo shoot is crucial! As the weather is warming up, a fun summery photo session might be a fitting idea to consider! If you are going in for a calm, serene, and summery engagement photoshoot, these are the certain pointers you should keep in mind as you choose that perfect outfit for the occasion


All whites

Is there anything more soothing and serene in the hot summer months than crisp whites? We think not! Not only are the white outfits fitting for an engagement shoot, (hello, weddings whites!), they are also very pleasing to the eyes of the beholder, who will be looking at those pictures! Consider a shorter white dress, so it doesn't mimic the wedding dress much, and go for cotton blends and eyelet details. Or you can go casual with the classic blue jean and white T-shirt combination. The groom-to-be can opt for a white button-down which one can blindly swear by. Trust us, the white will never let you down! 


Bright colors

We know we just spoke about whites, but what better than summer to bring out those fun bright colors? Your engagement shoot is your ticket to have fun with your photos and choosing that colorful sundress or a bold colored top will not only compliment the new summer blooms beautifully, but it will also instantly lift your spirits! While bright colors are cheery and encouraged for a summer engagement, the trick is to balance the hues with neutrals and solid colors. Done right, your summer engagement shoot can bring a little burst of sunshine and energy to your every single day following this! 



Florals and summers are a classic pair and a fun way to bring in some bold colors to your engagement pictures! Representing the riot of summer blooms, wearing a floral print will scream “summer wedding” like nothing else! Whether you go for pastel florals or bright tropical ones, wearing a floral dress on a hot summer day is sure to instantly cheer you up, make you comfortable, which in turn can lead to some epic shots! Go for weather-appropriate fabrics and hues which are more calming than clashing, there is no way to go wrong with this! While the bride-to-be can wear a pretty sundress in a floral print, the groom-to-be can go for a button-down in a complementary color!



While the bold colors speak of summer, there is something about cotton-candy hues of color that hit differently on a summertime engagement. Soft pinks, baby blues, dreamy lilacs, pastel colors have a way of soothing the soul while still adding color to your engagement photo shoot. Not only do the pastel hues look romantic, but it is also easy to mix and match them among each other, allowing several different color combos! While you can mix neutral colors with pastels, you can also mix pastels with bold colors for a bit more dimension. We assure you that with pastels, your engagement pictures will look fresh and aesthetic to the eyes!


Nature-inspired colors

Naturally appearing colors like neutrals, periwinkle blues borrowed from the skies and the oceans, forest greens and browns are all safe colors to use for a summer engagement session. Not only are these colors always soothing and compelling to look at, but they also create a beautiful uniformity with the terrain that you are posing against, making the relationship between your outfit and your surroundings more symbiotic than ever! So go for beiges and browns, soft cloud-like whites, deep blues, and moss greens, and the overall photos will turn out soothing and beautiful.


Jeans and T-shirt combo

A pair of denim and a T-shirt has stood the test of time and will continue to do so for a long time. There is something so classic and beautiful about the simple jeans and T-shirt combo, that we can't stress on this enough! Go for denim cut-off shorts and a white T-shirt to make it more summery, or add a fun element that resonates equally to the both of you, like the college throwback moment commemorating the university you attended together or a fandom that you passionately stand for! This can be great for a more relaxed engagement shoot, while you can also go for something more dressy for the formal section of the shoot!


Flowy fabrics

Flowy maxi dresses and wispy skirts are perfect for spring and summer, as they add a sense of dreamy allure to an engagement photo session, while still keeping it airy and comfy for the warm spring or summer days. Comfortable to wear and pretty to look at, not only do the dreamy lengths add romantic sensibilities to the pictures, but they also offer a lot of movement and a beguiling silhouette for the engagement photographers to capture! Also, it doesn't hurt that long flowy dresses or skirts are perfect for twirling in them!


Choose comfort

White looking perfect for your engagement shoot is important, so is being comfy. We understand that you are excited about this day, but it is very easy to forget that you will be spending most of the time outdoors, exposed to the sun, and probably on your feet or posing regardless! So dress to equip yourself for the situation. Cute dresses which are also breezy and fuss-free, denim shorts, and easy shoes are your best bets! Since you’ll be standing and moving around for a couple of hours, go for a stylish pair of shoes that present comfort and support. Think along the lines of ballerina flats, comfy Converse, wedges or espadrilles, or platform heels!


Beachy vibes

Is it even a summer engagement outfit discussion, if we don't talk about the beachy vibes you can emit with a gorgeous waterbody in the backdrop? Think classic swimwear, flowy kimonos, gauzy maxi dresses, and there is nothing more summery than that. Not only the beach makes the perfect prop for your engagement photo shoot, but there is also something eternally romantic and appealing about a photoshoot on the gorgeous beach, and you and your partner’s silhouettes etched against the sinking sun. 


White jeans

While we have already talked about the jeans and T-shirt combo, there is something about a pair of white jeans that completely changes a look and instantly makes it more classy, dressy, and put-together! Consider rocking a pair of white jeans with a bold colored top or a floral top, or go for a classic black blouse, and your outfit will be crisp, classy, and look intentional, as opposed to a pair of blue jeans, which makes an outfit more casual (it's okay if that's more your vibe too!) Also, a pair of white jeans is more palatable for the summer weather!


Guided by the location

While the outfit can be your own preference, most couples also like to consider the backdrop while choosing their outfits. Is your engagement photoshoot going to be shot on a beach or is it going to be a woodsy corner of a national park? Do you want the glam vibe of the city skyline from a well-known hotel terrace? Or are you more of a strolling-in-the-park couple? Do you love the serenity of the rustic countryside! Read the room and dress up accordingly, and your engagement pictures will end up so much more impactful. For example, you can go for a full-glam outfit for that terrace and cityscape shoot, or for a more casual pretty dress and a denim jacket look for that picnic date in the park. You can go for something bold and dramatic if the location is edgier, and something natural and earthy for a forest engagement shoot!


Glam it up

Adding a dressy and sophisticated outfit for your engagement shoot might be a good touch as it will add a celebratory edge to the shoot. Go all out with a formal dress or a classy jumpsuit, heels, and minimal jewelry, and let your fiance dress up, and make a date out of it! This is best for those twilight moment shoots or more of a nighttime look, and props like champagne glasses make the message even more clear! Don't shy away from the formal glammed-up outfits because they truly allow you to embrace and celebrate the news and get into the spirit!



While the outfit is important and establishes the tone for the engagement shoot, it is the accessories that finish off a look with a flair. Adding a couple of eye-catching accessories might be a great way to define your engagement look better. Whether it is a hat that creates a beautiful silhouette and adds to that beachy outfit, or it is the right choice of sneakers for your casual outfit, choosing the right accessory makes all the difference and adds to the overall outfit significantly. So don't skip that cool belt, that dainty bracelet, or that statement pair of earrings- just not all at once!


Complement, not match

While planning the outfits can be pretty fun, making sure that the colors and the pieces of the outfit speak the same language for the both of you is also easy to get carried away when planning the outfits! Maybe you can reconsider matching your fiance’s shirt to be the same print as your floral dress! It is important to remember that we are all different individuals, and it is not mandatory to look like you are wearing matching uniforms for your engagement shoot, and in fact, contrast and the difference can be good sometimes. The rule of thumb is to complement each other, but not match, just like it is in marriage! So if your soon-to-be spouse wants to wear a white button-down and tan khakis, it's okay! You can still wear your vibrant dress and trust us, it will all come together beautifully.


While every couple has their own unique tastes and visions for the engagement session, keeping the season in mind while planning your outfits for the day will not only be comfortable for the couple, but it will also let you look back at this season of life more accurately! While clothing is about personal expression, coordinating your outfits with each other and making sure you are on the same page will ensure your engagement photographs are sweet and aesthetic. Summer is a tricky season to dress for, but with a little foresight and planning, we are sure you will come out with stellar outfits for your engagement photography. The great thing about an engagement photo session is that there is no other event to distract you, so you get to click all the pictures you want! By taking these few extra steps towards commemorating your engagement and the last single days, you will essentially be creating lifelong memories captured in perfect frames!


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