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Sophisticated French-inspired wedding details to use


Is there anything more tragically romantic than hosting a french wedding? We already know the answer to that. If you are a bride who has already tasted the measured elegance and simplicity of french ways and have always hoped for a french wedding, hang on, because we are here with the next best thing to flying with your lover to France. A french-inspired wedding! So what does a french wedding entail exactly? The French wedding style achieves a delicate mix of elegantly basic elements and opulent accents. Romantic influences, in particular, are common in wedding styles. Hearts, cupids, lovebirds, and beautiful words and phrases are all traditional symbols and sweet pastels and solid white and black are your best friends. Traditional blooms, such as roses that cascade from urns and explode from birdcages, work well for this motif. In addition, Renaissance features should be interwoven to portray Paris' elaborate and rich background. Ornate gold frames, chandeliers, and candelabras are examples of this type of decor. Use Eiffel Tower details on wedding stationery, French foods on the menu, and our favorite part, macaron favors, to help your guests understand the theme.

The French Appeal

Maybe it's the movies or just Audrey Hepburn, maybe it's the books or the Pinterest-perfect promises speckled online, the French sure have our hearts! Maybe it's the indisputable allure of the café-lined streets, the rich history of royal weddings, or breathtaking sites like the Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Coeur, maybe it's Big sweeping Carrie off her feet in the Sex & the City series finale, or Netflix's Emily in Paris, but Paris has always been the apex of romance, so it's no surprise it inspires so many weddings. There's no shortage of French-inspired details to integrate into your party if you're planning a Parisian-themed wedding. The Frenchification of your wedding day might begin with the invitations and conclude with a croquembouche in place of the usual wedding cake. With smart fashion and makeup decisions, you may also add a hint of French-girl flair to your wedding day look. These Parisian-themed wedding ideas can make your big day feel especially special, whether you go full-on French or just add a dash of je ne sais quoi here and there. If you have always been a romantic at heart and have your head stuck in the french land somewhere and will like to bring that to life during your wedding, here are some fun ways you can incorporate french details into your wedding day! 

French-Inspired Details We Love!

Start early and right
There are no two ways about it. A french wedding invitation shall look like a love letter from a beau from a faraway land. The cornerstone for transmitting your Parisian vibe to your guests is soft, romantic invitations. Is there a simple hint? On your invitation suite, there is a detail of the Eiffel Tower. Delicate handwriting on cotton paper, tied with silky rose ribbons, and encased in soft blush envelopes will be ideal. The invitation suite will be inspired by love letters received through the mail and will be ideal for a Parisian wedding. Use calligraphy, ribbon accents, and muted hues to achieve a similar effect. If blush pink is not ideal for your wedding colors, go with that instead, but remember to keep it light breezy, and romantic! Your invites can have a beautiful Old World feel thanks to the deckled edges, watercolor, and handmade calligraphy. If you're having your wedding at a historic location, add a subtle depiction of the exterior for additional impact.

Get the venue right
Not every couple imagines a fairytale wedding. For those who do, marrying on the grounds of a historic chateau is the ideal way to totally immerse themselves in the fantasy. While Disney castles have spires and towers, these magnificent real-world constructions are frequently more traditional in shape, but no less stunning. This wedding theme is equally at home in an aristocratic French chateau or on the verandah facing lush gardens for more outdoorsy couples if you're seeking the appropriate venue to host your Parisian wedding. When your reception hall is embellished with elaborate molding, gilded chandeliers, and stunning carpeting, you don't need to spend a lot of money on flowers and décor. Choose a venue that complements your regal French theme, and the remaining of your details will be less stressful. A French theme is also appropriate for an outdoor event. Prioritize symmetry in your flower arrangements and line tables with Louis XVI-style chairs to help a tented wedding feel more elegant and rooted in the famed groomed gardens of France.

Romantic floral decor accents

Loads and loads of florals are one of the most crucial features of a Parisian theme. The delicate mood of Parisian romance will be delivered to your occasion by exquisite bouquets and frothy garden centerpieces. Flowers like peony, lily of the valley, garden rose, hydrangea, babies breath, and fillers like moss and ivy will make perfect choices for your french nuptials. Unstructured, abundant, and flowy decor items are ideal for this theme. Flower ball arrangements and other heavy, sculpted floral elements should be avoided. Your florals should look as if they were just plucked from the garden by the armful and arranged in the center of your table with care. Beautiful pots include burnished gold urns and wide-mouthed vases, lanterns, and bird cages. Avoid plain clear glass vases in favor of vintage and antique items for added visual flair. 

French desserts for the win
A wedding cake is great, but when in french fantasy land, why not do it the french way? Although a wedding cake is a classic part of the celebration, a Parisian motif is best complemented with a dessert bar. The French are known for their exquisite desserts, tarts, and bite-sized pastries. Who can forget the light and fluffy meringue macaron cookies that are a popular wedding favor? For a rustic French look, replace the highly structured fondant on your cake with French Buttercream and a few blooms like David Austin roses and filler. On different tiers, trays, and displays, arrange a variety of bite-sized sweets. Croquembouche, a puff pastry tower, which is often coated with caramel and layered numerous stories high, is a classic French treat. The delicate cream-filled sweets will add French flair to your wedding day, whether served alongside or instead of a traditional wedding cake. You may also give visitors a head start on the wedding theme by greeting them with a gorgeous box of macarons when they arrive at their hotel suite. 

The idyllic tablescape
Table linens in crisp white or rich royal blue will complement flatware and place settings well. China flatware, displayed on patterned or gold chargers, should be utilized whenever possible. In a number of genuine wedding features, we're adoring the employment of matching gold cutlery sets! The majority of wedding supply shops have caught on to the golden utensil craze, so hiring sets for your big day shouldn't be too difficult. If you're going for a Parisian theme, make sure each place setting is formal, with all of the accouterments you'll need to enjoy a gourmet meal. You'll want to make your Parisian-themed wedding as authentic as possible, which means focusing on excellent style as well as food and drink. To enjoy libations with the meal, each place setting should also include a wine glass. At each place setting, napkins should be carefully folded, and gold or silver charger plates should be used to provide appropriate elegance. Each table should be crowned with a loose, garden-inspired centerpiece of beautiful blossoms.

The French bridal look
Delicate lace embellishments are essential for a Parisian wedding motif. Long and slim silhouettes are favored in French fashion. We recommend a fitted sheath dress or an elegant mermaid silhouette to fully portray the romance and sophistication of a Parisian bride. A gown with a scalloped cutaway at the back is also quintessentially French. If you've chosen a strapless gown and want to achieve a similar impression, match it with a lace bolero. When it comes to accessorizing for a Parisian wedding, the bride should stick to one eye-catching piece, such as a fascinator. Although beautiful long veils are popular for weddings, a birdcage veil adds a tres elegant accent to your bridal design. Alternatively, skip the veil entirely and go for a beautiful bejeweled hairpiece. Another item that screams "French"? A parasol, to be honest. Nothing says "elegant Parisian garden event" like a lovely lace parasol to shield you from the heat. You can have your bridal party coordinate accordingly

Hair and makeup: We think this less-is-more approach can be applied to your wedding day as well. Parisian ladies are known for their simple, natural makeup procedures, and we think they can be applied to your wedding day as well. The emphasis should be on bridal makeup that enhances rather than hides your natural features. A modest but luminous look may be achieved with a semi-sheer foundation, cream eyeshadow, rosy cheeks, and a bit of lip color. Nothing should be absolutely perfect, as it's all about the je ne sais quoi when it comes to the French attitude to beauty. If you're wearing a lot of makeup, for example, forego the traditional updo and opt for a polished but slightly undone wedding hairdo like this flirtatious ponytail with a silk ribbon instead. The modest, stylish, slightly textured bun hairstyle, on the other hand, is the ideal balance of polished and unpretentious. C'est chic!

Get that perfect shot
What is a french-inspired wedding if not an abundance of picture-perfect moments? Get your wedding photographer to capture those precious moments which truly communicate your french wedding aesthetics. Carousels are aplenty in the City of Light and if you can't get it all the way to France for your wedding, these amusing attractions can still be incorporated with the assistance of your local wedding vendors. To rent a carousel for the day, you'll have more than enough outdoor space as well as permission from your wedding venue, but if you can pull it off, it'll undoubtedly be a highlight for you and your guests. You can also go for the classic romantic Eiffel tower backdrop for your engagement photo shoot. We believe that whether you're speeding through Paris or simply driving through your neighborhood, you must do so in style and make it worth a shot. Renting a vintage car for your wedding day is a fun way to make it feel extra special, plus it looks wonderful in photos!

Bistro chairs and lights
The classic bistro chair's slender shape will allow you to accommodate more chairs into your ceremony space while also reminding guests of Paris's tiny diners and cafés. When combined with market lights, the look is particularly appealing for an outdoor event. When you place market lights over the tables, dining alfresco becomes immediately more romantic. The strings of lights, sometimes known as bistro lights, are stretched in front of bars and cafes that dot meandering Parisian lanes.

The french way of drinking
The French 75 should be your signature cocktail. The main ingredients are gin, champagne, and lemon juice, all of which are easy to combine and provide a joyful flavor right away. If that doesn't qualify as the ideal signature drink, we're not sure what does. Sprinkle with edible flowers or lavender sprigs to add even more French flair to the cocktail. Starting your champagne toast with a champagne tower will add even more joie de vivre. This multi-level serving strategy is likely to be a crowd-pleaser and invites a celebratory vibe.

Types Of A French Wedding!

Needless to say, there is not just one way to do a french wedding. Here are the different sub-themes you can choose for your french wedding, and make it truly yours!

 A Marie Antoinette wedding

Luxurious surroundings, beautiful textiles, and decadent treats are all part of a Marie Antoinette-themed weddingThis theme will work best in a light, bright, historical venue with neutral or pastel colors; it will be difficult to carry off in a dark or extremely modern setting. Expensive chandeliers, silky draperies, and ornate moldings are all things to keep an eye out for. With a Marie Antoinette theme, light pinks, peaches, and blues, as well as darker shades like dusky rose, are the colors to go for. Your wedding palette should also include a lot of vintage gold. Use layered tablecloths, huge feathers, and satin ruffles to generate drama, as well as a range of textures such as silk, lace, satin, and damask. Food can be used to create a decorative display, and a chocolate or champagne fountain can add extravagance. Your wedding cake should be a soaring pastel confection accompanied by massive mounds of macaroons and other sweet delicacies, which might be set on vintage cake stands of various heights to make a colorful show.

A french cafe wedding

This is a fun and colorful motif that would be appropriate for a less formal wedding. Recreate red-striped canopies, brightly colored flowers and flower pots, vintage posters, and ironwork furnishings. Hire a caricaturist to sketch portraits of you and your guests, and set up small cafe tables with candles in wine bottles from France. Make sure there are baskets of French baguettes on the tables and that there is a live accordion player playing while you eat.

Rustic french wedding

Rustic France could be the inspiration you need if you want your wedding to have a warm and friendly ambiance. The basics of rustic French décor are to create a calm, comfortable space where friends may gather, and to find classic dark furniture and fittings that have aged naturally over time. Any combination that works well together will assist to create a rustic French atmosphere. Look for textured fabrics in gold or cream with a vibrant floral pattern in red, yellow, and green. Large flower pots are fantastic decorations but don't use them as centerpieces. If at all possible, your venue's decor should be neutral, with textured walls. Install dark wood open shelf cupboards and cushioned chairs if your venue is minimalist. To finish the appearance, search for heavy ornamental ironwork, basketwork, and lavender-filled porcelain jugs.

We are big fans of wedding themes here as they ensure that your wedding day is wrapped together is an intentional theme that you have carefully selected and employed carefully into your day. While a theme gives you a direction to head towards, it also allows you the liberty of designing your perfect day with personal details which align with your specific theme. A french inspired wedding promises to be deliriously romantic, with gorgeous detailssoft colors, and elaborate and aesthetic details which look effortlessly pretty. We hope we were able to give you some ideas which align well with your plans for your dream wedding, enabling you to create a wedding of your dreams!


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