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Host a Thanksgiving-Themed Wedding


Some people out there think that Thanksgiving is nothing more than a holiday for delicious turkey and football. But with all the love and thankfulness surrounding us during this holiday, we believe that a Thanksgiving-themed wedding is definitely a beautiful option and the perfect time of the year for all the newly engaged couples to get married! Talking about Thanksgiving and a wedding day, we believe that there are striking similarities between both of them. As on both days you are all surrounded by your family and loved ones and not missing out on any chance to tell all your loved ones how much they mean to you, and lastly, you surely eat and drink both nights away! Well, these days having a wedding is just like hosting the Thanksgiving feast. Just like Thanksgiving, for your wedding day, you want your wedding guests to feel welcomed, eat well, and also be wowed by the classic decor. 


It’s not only us, but also we think that our millennial couples are head over heels in love with the idea of a Thanksgiving-themed wedding. The long and relaxed weekend and ample time to spend with family and friends, what else anybody wants in life? And there is nothing more beautiful than the fall season to celebrate your day of love with all your near and dear ones. The fall season speaks for itself. It is indeed the season of love and romance. With the crisp air, the alluring colors, and the perfect holiday season just around the corner, everything about having a fall wedding is incredibly amazing and stunning. Not only for couples, but this season is also a muse for every professional wedding photographer. Trust us, there is no better time to say ‘I do’ to the love of your life than the fall season. And a holiday wedding around Thanksgiving is definitely a perfect time for all those couples who are not looking ahead to a ‘winter wedding’. 


There are definitely some unique and fantastic Thanksgiving-themed decor ideas and inspirations that are best suited for the Thanksgiving table than your wedding reception, including all those cartoonish turkey crafts. That being said, if in case you are planning to have a Thanksgiving-themed wedding, then you can absolutely and gracefully bring in the true essence of the Thanksgiving vibe to your autumn wedding, whether your save-the-date is on the actual Turkey day or sometime near the holiday season! 


In place of over-the-top Thanksgiving-inspired wedding decor, you can consider all those elements that remind you of Turkey Day. Incorporate all those decor elements into your Thanksgiving-themed wedding day and elevate the entire setting making it more romantic and inviting. You can consider going with the harvest theme and using all the Thanksgiving-inspired ingredients in a fresh and out-of-the-ordinary way in your wedding. So, just express your love and gratitude to all your nearest and dearest ones in a variety of ways throughout your wedding celebration! 


We can assure you that a Thanksgiving-themed wedding will surely leave all your wedding guests mesmerized. From delicious cake to lovely wedding favors, we have curated some of the best ideas for you to host a memorable Thanksgiving-themed wedding celebration. If you and your wedding guests are obsessed with apple cider and cranberry sauce, then your fall Thanksgiving wedding will be the perfect option to serve the reimagined versions of both delicacies. Or if you are in love with the intimate vibe of Thanksgiving Day, then you can give all your family members, from your relatives to your cute little furry friend, special roles for your wedding day celebration. Or if you are a couple who is always in love with the homey feeling of this festival dinner then you can decorate your wedding venue with household items like rugs and all the comfy furniture. Well, whatever your choice or preference is, we can assure you that there is something on this list for you. All you have to do is read on before you start planning your Thanksgiving-themed wedding day! 


Thanksgiving-Worthy Wedding Colors

Everyone thinks that Thanksgiving-inspired wedding colors are a pretty standard mix of yellow, orange, and red, but trust us, there is literally a pool of unique and alluring Thanksgiving color combinations you can come up with for your Thanksgiving-themed wedding! That is a very common notion that couples usually get when they think about a fall or Thanksgiving-themed wedding. 


Couples who are planning their wedding on Turkey Day, trust us you will have endless options when it comes to colors. It’s your wedding day, and you don’t have to limit your wedding color options thinking that it might not go with the season. Of course, you can get playful with nice, warm colors like deep gold and red-orange. Even dusty yellow and romantic maroon will also make a flawless combination for your Thanksgiving-themed wedding. We are pretty much sure that you will love the idea of sunflowers and seasonal red blooms against deep yellows and pops of pinks! 


If you don’t wanna go for dark shades, you can easily soften the brightness of traditional fall colors. You can choose the lighter shades that gracefully reflect the leaves of the autumn season, Peach, yellow, and muted shades of pink make an ideal combination for a romantic November fall wedding! You can also consider going for silver and gray tones with elements of orange or pink. These soothing colors elegantly reflect the cool autumn weather in the best way possible! If this is the look you are considering for your Thanksgiving-themed wedding, you can always go with the gray hues either in the wedding decor or in the men’s attire. But if you want to go for heralds in the holiday season, then keep your focus on the reddish tones. Even we and our affordable wedding photographers are huge fans of shades of wine against the impeccable whites and with the charming touches of sage! All these colors together create a picture-perfect frame for swoon-worthy fall wedding photos


To bring in the true essence of the Thanksgiving vibe to your wedding day, you can also incorporate rustic elements like pine cones, burlap, wheat, branches, and baskets, as they always add a soothing charm and warmth to a Thanksgiving-themed wedding. Thanksgiving is incomplete without pumpkins. Therefore, you can always add pumpkin for your Thanksgiving-inspired wedding along with some leaves, greenery, and fruits, as they are also great for classic decor. 


Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding Flowers

As there goes a saying, “Flowers don’t tell, they show!” This quote is perfect and is also true especially when it comes to weddings. It is true that your wedding flowers will definitely bring that classic, elegant and ravishing touch of the fall season into your Thanksgiving-themed wedding! You will have endless options to choose from. So, pick those seasonal blooms with beautiful colors that will not only complement your wedding color scheme but will also bring out the best for your Thanksgiving-inspired wedding. If you are planning to have a lakeside destination fall wedding, then you can consider bringing in flowers with the unique and charming pops of yellows and oranges. Trust us, you will fall head over heels to see the way they will turn out!


Since we are on the topic of oranges, the season’s orange flowers cover the lovely Asiatic lily, gorgeous celosia, alluring dahlia, and beautiful orange gerbera! Well, it’s the season of fall, and red is also considered a romantic shade to include in wedding decor especially in flower categories! You can find lovely and eye-catching shades of red in chrysanthemums, playful leucadendron, yarrow, and of course, classic red roses! 


The fall season is all about colors. So, why not consider adding some touches of purples and pink to your wedding. All you have to do is bring in calla lily, exquisite waxflower, delicate Montecasino aster, and statice sonata! And voila, it will be magic all around! If you are a chirpy bride, then yellow is the best color for you. For lovely yellow hues, pick hypericum, alstroemeria, and gorgeous sunflowers. And lastly, the color of all the time- white. This color can never go out of style and is ideal for every season wedding. For your fall wedding, you can think of adding stephanotis, paperwhites, and lilies to bring in the classic white drama! 


For an ultimate Thanksgiving-inspired floral wedding decor, you can consider using a monofilament thread or a fishing wire to string open orange roses, yellow rosebuds, and pine cones, and then suspend them from the ceiling. Or you can also use ceiling hoops to hand in all your fall floral decorations. For an out-of-the-ordinary decor idea, consider suspending various acrylic crystals to add a gleaming and sparkling touch to your Thanksgiving-themed wedding reception decor. Trust us, the idea of drooping your floral arrangements over the wedding tables will give a sophisticated and enchanting touch to your holiday-inspired wedding


Thanksgiving-Themed Wedding Decor

There is no doubt that fall decorating is always delightful. You will have the opportunity to get experimental with the wonderful colors and icons of the season to create a stunning and pleasant Thanksgiving festive ambiance! One of the best ideas for perfect Thanksgiving-themed wedding decor is the use of pumpkins as vases for your floral centerpieces! For an additional pop of color, consider painting your pumpkins to match the theme of your wedding. The great perk of this kind of decor is that they are easy on pockets and always turn out to be mind-blowing! 


Of course, you can use pumpkins of any shape and size for your Thanksgiving-inspired wedding. All you have to do is carve them out into candleholders, and then place them in piles on the tables, and set them around your wedding reception venue!


Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding Invites

From rustic to romantic, adorable to funky, there are endless ways through which you can bring a bit of Thanksgiving vibe to your wedding day invitations, or we say save-the-date cards! You can consider featuring your fall engagement photos in your wedding invitations as it will create a sleek and simple design while giving a touch of a bohemian vibe in the best way possible. To make your wedding invitations Thanksgiving-inspired, you can always add a little orange color in the lay-down shots! 


If your fall wedding is all about luxury and sophistication, then you can consider choosing a flowing script and design that include fall flowers, pumpkins, and leaves, as they will radiate a true essence of Thanksgiving on your wedding invites! But, if you are a bride who is always up for some fun and cuteness, reference Thanksgiving in your wedding invites and let all your wedding guests know how thankful you are for them and for their blessings! 


Lastly, for couples who are planning to host a rustic Thanksgiving-inspired wedding, then you can always choose the wood design trend for your wedding day invites. Well, trust us, it is popular and chic to use invitations with natural-looking designs, so that you won’t experience any trouble in finding the perfect fall-themed wedding invites for your big day! 


Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding Tablescape Ideas

It is no doubt that planning a perfect and especially holiday-themed wedding is a bit tricky task as it includes a long to-do list that requires zeal and a lot of devotion. Choosing a perfect tablescape that gracefully fits right into your wedding decor is definitely a daunting task and adding a Thanksgiving vibe to the blend might sound a bit intimidating and tricky! But you don’t need to sweat it, we have got you covered. We have got some really amazing Thanksgiving-themed wedding tablescapes ideas and inspirations that you will surely work flawlessly for your fall wedding day decor! 


These days, our millennial couples are loving the rustic wooden tables as they bring out the real and traditional fall vibe in the best way possible! Not only this, but they also lend a chic and whimsical effect to the entire wedding decor. So, add a touch of rustic flair to your Thanksgiving wedding decoration and choose an ivory chiffon table runner for your wooden wedding tables! You can also bring in leaf and frosted grape garland or seasonal foliage garland to place right in the middle of the table along with some fresh fruits such as pears, apples, and peaches to give an exquisite and allusive vibe! You can enhance your wedding table decor with lovely Thanksgiving-inspired wedding centerpieces that include ivory-colored peonies, rosebuds, hydrangeas, blush-colored flowers, and burgundy hue chrysanthemums creatively arranged in rustic vases!


Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding Cakes

It’s your Thanksgiving-themed wedding, so why the usual wedding cake? We are definitely not saying that you should get a turkey-shaped wedding cake (although that is not a bad idea, you can have that too), but you can definitely add some elegant fall touches to your wedding cake and make it classy and unique. So, just ditch the traditional wedding cake and try out some of our ideas for your Thanksgiving-themed wedding cake


You can add some leaves to your wedding cake to bring out the best of the fall season! Or can ask your cake decorator to add some frosting or sugar-paper leaves to your wedding cake so that it will have a realistic look along with delectable taste! Or you can also add some touches of fall berries as they are indeed a lovely nod to the autumn season! To have a minimal touch, you can have edible branches or clusters added to your wedding cake! 


On second thought, why not skip the classic and traditional white wedding cake for something absolutely unique? After adding, there is no strict rule that says that a wedding cake has to be white! Right? So, wear your creative hat and get your fall wedding cake covered in caramel-colored frosting. You can also send a rich drizzle of chocolate down the sides for a more yummy taste!


All the brides who are always up for some cheerful risks and excitement can consider getting a wedding cake that looks exactly like a stack of pumpkins! This is indeed a fun and whimsical way to do something that is surely different and out-of-the-box. Trust us, with this kind of amazing stunt, your Thanksgiving-themed wedding day will be a memorable celebration amongst all your wedding guests! 


If you ask us, one of our and our talented and creative wedding photographers’ favorite Thanksgiving wedding cake ideas is highly inspired by quaking aspens! A classic three-tiered wedding cake that exactly looks like stacked aspen slices is undoubtedly a beautiful and enchanting addition to any fall wedding! 


Thanksgiving-Themed Wedding Favors

Selecting wedding favors is quite a daunting task, but trust us, you will have a lot of fun selecting wedding favors for your fall wedding! You are hosting a Thanksgiving-themed wedding, and the best wedding favors will be the edible kind! After all, it is Thanksgiving! Well, the harvest season offers many delicious delights that your wedding guests are surely going to love and cherish for the rest of their lives!


It is not mandatory that the wedding favors for your thanksgiving wedding have to be edible only. You can also consider handing over candles with nice fall scents, or some personalized wooden coasters, or even live flowers, as they make wonderful gifts for your wedding guests!


Wrapping it up, all the couples who are planning to host a Thanksgiving-themed wedding, you don’t have to have a wedding that screams Turkey Day. All you have to do is pick out the ideas and inspiration that allure you and incorporate them into your wedding day! And, voila, a perfect and unforgettable Thanksgiving-inspired wedding is there!


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