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Erika And Carlo’s Autumn Wedding in New York


While life by itself is so rewarding and exhilarating, it's the tiny love stories that make it even more fascinating! The simple yet complex theory of two people finding each other among many and deciding to stick together for the rest of their life in each other’s company is just mind-blowing. Clearly, we are big fans of love and marriage and the fact that every story is different and special is just amazing. Erika and Carlos's story seems to be a beautiful one, and it is no denying that they make an adorable couple. We love the nod to seasonal changes, yet the heartwarming engagement session which is fun and colorful! This is one love story that truly had us elated from inside and had us grinning ear to ear. It's no wonder that you will find yourselves rooting for this delightful duo, irrespective of whether or not you know them. Maybe it's the turn of the season heading towards fall, or maybe it's the beautiful silhouette that the couple creates against the city of New York, but the result is beautiful!


Erika and Carlos chose the dramatic landscape of New York City as their chosen canvas, and the city did perfect justice. While New York is full of so many authentic stories of people coming in from different places, bearing different experiences and in different phases of their life, there is still a sense of gritty wonder in this city that surpasses all the other cities. It is grand, dramatic, and larger-than-life, which immediately makes your love story a little more theatrical than it already is! Prized by lovers and worshiped by the photographers, the Big Apple of America, New York, is a firecracker of a city full of mounting high rises, iconic black, and yellow taxis, and most importantly, real people and stories living in an iconic fast-paced city. A city that never gets dull, NYC is filled with a fascinating mix of sights and sounds, resulting in stunning captures. With the tremendous range of iconic constructions dotting NYC, starting with the impressive and iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the glittering Times Square, from the city's favorite park- Central Park to the famed Statue of Liberty, and each one of these compositions makes the city the blinding gorgeousness that it is. A harmonious euphony of luxuriant gardens, sparkling hotels, museums, and cuisines, NYC is a surplus of contrasting experiences existing together and complementing each other. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to New Jersey, NYC is a treat through and through and a love story capture here is nothing short of mesmerizing. With choosing the grand New York City as the framework for their love story, Erika and Carlos added drama, and enchantment to their love story. And with New York being in the early fall glory, it didn’t disappoint them! 


Erika and Carlos chose Brooklyn Botanic Garden as a location for their engagement photography session, and the pictures say it all! Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a botanical garden in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City, and is quite a sight to take in. Founded in 1910, this gorgeous garden is located in Mount Prospect Park in central Brooklyn, adjacent to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. Around the time the garden was founded, the New York City area was promptly being developed into a cityscape of buildings and concrete roads, and creating a public garden was one way to assure that some green areas prevailed. Today, the garden has come to embody the very best in urban landscaping and horticultural exhibition. Sprawling over 52 acres, this garden holds over 14,000 units of plants and attracts a million visitors each year. It includes a number of specialty "gardens within the Garden", plant collections, the Steinhardt Conservatory that features the C. V. Starr Bonsai Museum, three climate-themed plant pavilions, a white cast-iron-and-glass aquatic plant house, and an art gallery. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an urban botanic garden that connects people to the world of plants, fostering delight and curiosity while invigorating an appreciation and sense of stewardship of the atmosphere. The garden inspires people of varying age groups through the conservation, display, and appreciation of plants and the various educational programs and research centered on understanding and preserving regional plants and plant communities.


On the day of the engagement session, the lovely couple turned up looking spruced up and perfectly dressed. Erika wore a floor-length white dress with gorgeous lace details and a fit-and-flare cut. To keep the nip in the air away, she wore a buttery beige coat which came down to her shoulders and had a furry collar. She accessorized her outfit with a pair of nude heels, nails painted in the same tone of nude, and minimal jewelry graced her ears and ring finger. We love the simple no-fuss cut of the engagement ring! Erika wore her hair in a romantic updo, with her curls cascading down from her ponytail. The vibrant bunch of yellow assorted blooms completed the look and brought her classic yet fun look to completion. Carlos matched Erika’s timeless vibe with a slate gray-meets-blue suit with a crisp white shirt underneath. Simple black shoes completed the look and the outfit without a tie ensured there was a laid-back casual vibe to the couple. We love the neutral tones of Erika, which is perfect for this time of the year, and the classic seasonal hues of this photo session. While the background set the perfect sepia-tinted setting with yellows and browns and occasional bursts of green, the bouquet of yellow and green mirrored the colorful leaves and the gray-blue of the suit invited a refreshing cold-tone into the frames, perfectly balancing every shot. 


The gorgeous location of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden set the perfect mood for a couple so perfect. From the tell-tale leaves changing color by the second to the gorgeous architectural structures within the property, from the cobblestone walkways to the old-school romantic iron-clad benches, every frame looked like it could be from an autumnal romantic movie from the 90s. Locations like the concrete staircase, and the seating by the fountain yielded a classically beautiful capture. The lakeside captures are heartwarming and so sweet, stirring up emotions unknown, as nature showed off its best attire in the colorful trees and the shimmering water behind them. The quiet moment they shared by the lake speaks volumes in just a single click. We also love the shots by the bridge, with the cityscape standing tall and strong behind the lovers. There is something about the couple soaking in the gits of nature, while the city awaits just at the arm’s length, which is incredibly invigorating. From the lovely tonal match to the perfectly encompassing mood of the season, from the autumnal playground to the peek-a-boo of city lights, the New York engagement photographer did a perfect job of capturing them in their true elements. From delicate looks to artsy closeups, from nature’s best to the man’s most impressive structures, the engagement photographers captured everything!


While the wedding day is a huge monumental day, the engagement day is the day that gets most of those emotions. It is the day when the loved ones put their hearts on their sleeves and raise that all-important question, waiting in anticipation for the answer to be "yes"! The moment is raw and highly emotional which finally leads up to the occasion of a wedding day. While some might capture this moment then and there, as they are proposing, many other couples wait until the proposal is over and then they do a photo session to commemorate the moment in a more aesthetic and well-thought-out way! While wedding pictures are more about capturing the events of the day, an engagement photo session solely exists with the intention of capturing the love of the couple within the frames. These are timeless and will speak forever of a time when you chose each other forever! Our New York engagement photographers have done a wonderful job of seizing beautiful moments of Erika and Carlos’s special day in the most impressive frames. We adore the beautiful couple photography in the most scenic different settings, be it the picturesque fall setting or the dramatic cityscape in the background. From the charming couple portraits captured against the sepia-hued leaves to the romantic captures by the lake, each picture tells an intriguing story! Every frame is captured by our engagement photographers in New York with great expertise and grace, ensuring that those moments get to live on forever. Each photo is gorgeous and timeless, ready to take them on a ride back to the enchanting day whenever they need a little brush-up of the memory! At the end of the day, they are left with pictures as precious and significant as their engagement itself! After all, what are pictures if not mirrors of real moments and emotions!


While every love story is heartwarming and beautiful, there are some which touch us in a way others couldn’t. Erika and Carlos's engagement session fits squarely in the later section. There is a simmering quiet love and beauty to the couple which cuts through the pictures and reaches out to you. We love seeing their eyes light up when they look at each other and their plans for the wedding ahead. We love the cozy fall aesthetics that the pictures communicate, future ahead, we love the refreshing use of colors that have the classic romantic movie feel. Like a warm coffee after a cold walk, this is an engagement photo shoot that warms our soul and fills our heart with love and happiness. There is something truly touching about this couple, the setting that they chose, and the way they interact with each other, and we are excited to see them walk hand-in-hand to their happily ever after.


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