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Classy, Romantic Philadelphia Wedding with the Best of Nature


While life is generous enough to bless us with some amazing and memorable moments, your wedding day has to be one of the most important ones of the lot! Weddings allow us to take a break from our regular life for a while and delve into our fairy tales. It lets us relive our childhood dreams and the moments borrowed from the movies we watch and the romantic books we read, but surprisingly, it is real life and you are the star of the show! So right from the moment your special person pops the question, the wedding planning journey begins and the preparation for the most magical day of your life starts. While there are various couples with several different love stories, it is amazing how every love story is so unique and different and special in its own special way. We are so blessed that we get to be in a business that witnesses a wide variety of love stories, each beautiful and special in its own way. Priscille and Matthew’s wedding day sure stands out among all, as they bring their own brand of cheer and personality to the table. The fun and colorful vibe of the day teamed with the understated elegance of the duo works phenomenally to create a lasting impression. Let us take a stroll through Priscille and Matthew’s special day! 


Priscille and Matthew went with the gorgeous city of Philadelphia as their love story, and of course, the effect was just as iconic as one would think! A stunning city with mesmerizing skylines and alluring shades of blue of the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia is a city that will bless you with the most beautiful views from all around. A perfect playground for a photographer, Philadelphia is gorgeously photogenic, never ceases to surprise one, and certainly knows how to impress. A city that displays its colorful and historic past, while still being refreshingly modern, Philadelphia is surely a multi-faceted city in terms of social and artistic expression. It is precisely this duality of the city which makes it so interesting and adds so much value to the picture. Located at just a two hours’ proximity to New York City, Philadelphia is just an hour away from the water lines and a drive away from the rural countryside, making it a central place to be in, with just the precise amount of accessibility to the city life or the country vibe, whatever you are in the mood for. The city of Philadelphia’s vibrant art scene and energetic diversity make it a stimulating and inspiring experience overall. There is never a dull moment here as there is so much to do and see here, it will keep you on your toes! From the beautiful Art Museum to The Franklin Institute to the artsy bistros to exciting shows, Philly never disappoints in terms of picture-perfect backdrops for a couple to proclaim their love. From its easy walkability, lively and colorful culture to overall picture-friendly views, and robust history to back it all up, we love the juxtaposition of Philadelphia, and the way it reflects on the picture taken! If you want this beautiful city to play a part in your engagement photos, or be the host of your wedding, be ready to be wowed! Any Philadelphia wedding photographer will love the opportunities that the city provides and Priscille and Matthew's jaw-dropping wedding photography says it all. 


Our gorgeous couple chose the beautiful Spring Mill Manor as the location for their “I do” moment, and we can't get over how perfect the venue was for their unique wedding day! Spring Mill Manor, tucked away in Ivyland, PA, is a huge estate with impressive interior spaces and idyllic gardens, perfect for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions alike. Accessibly located in Bucks County, the wedding location is just a short distance from Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and New Jersey. The classic and elegant architectural interiors of this manor wedding venue provided the couple with the perfect and sophisticated ambiance to add to their wedding flair. Spring Mill Manor has a selection of indoor and outdoor venue spaces for weddings, in addition to multiple ballrooms and an idyllic garden with a gazebo, allowing space for a wedding of any theme, style, or size, be it an intimate gathering or a gala event! The largest space can accommodate up to 500 guests, while the most modest space can cater to around 50 guests. Complete with damask wallpaper, brocade carpeting, and neutral tones, the venue offers a timeless feel to an event, while the grand twin staircase with a foyer and balcony adds a princely touch to space, all of which makes this place a perfect venue for a dream wedding to happenThis stunning wedding venue provided just the perfect backdrop and vibe to bring the special day for Priscille and Matthew to life in vibrant colors


Priscille and Matthew’s special day started with the duo getting ready excitedly for a lovely day ahead. Priscille and her bridesmaids posed for our Philadelphia wedding photographers for some candid shots before they got ready for the ceremony. While Priscille wore a white floral robe with fuschia flowers, her girls wore pink robes with pink and white flowers instead, and together they made quite a pretty picture. We love the classic backdrop that the wedding photographers chose for this shot, with the stained glass in the backdrop adding an elegant vibe to the frame. Soon the girls changed into outfits for the wedding ceremony. Priscille slipped into a beautiful trumpet-cut lace wedding dress with a romantic sweetheart neckline and drop shoulders. The intricate lacework and the craftsmanship of the dress sure made quite an impact. Our lovely bride wore her hair in a classy bun, and sparkling drop earrings and the wedding ring were all the accessories she donned. Her makeup was minimal and neutral and the gorgeous white and scarlet bridal bouquet completed her look beautifully. The bridesmaids dressed up in matching beige and gold bridesmaid dresses and they all carried matching bouquets. Matthew looked dashing in his black and white ensemble. He wore a crisp white shirt with a pair of black trousers, and a cream-colored blazer with black lapels, black bowtie, and black pocket square and completed his look with a flair. He wore a pair of black formal shoes to accessorize his groom look and a single red rose posed as the perfect boutonniere. The groomsmen wore matching burgundy suits with white shirts, and black bow-ties, bringing the wedding party together in a harmonious selection of colors


After some initial group photography and bridal portraits, the Philadelphia wedding photographers captured the beautiful couple as they took a moment to exchange some notes and put in some words before the ceremony began. Soon it was time for the wedding ceremony, and the beautiful white gazebo was done up charmingly with a romantic yet minimal arch of flowers and foliage which looked stunning, and the aisle was adorned with white rose petals, and both sides of the way were lined with white chairs for the guests. Priscillle was walked in by her dad, as she met her special one at the end of the road. The couple exchanged their vows, and their first kiss as a married couple, and was soon pronounced married! After the ceremony, the Philly wedding photographers captured the couple in the beautiful grounds of the venue as they posed for some perfect couple portraits. We especially love the picture by the romantic bridge! After a photo session, the couple headed back to their guests in the reception area. The reception space was done up in the most beautiful pink-hues glow, elegant table settings, swinging chandeliers, and classy and elegant decor. The Philadelphia wedding photographers captured the newlyweds as they swayed to the music for their first dance, listened to the thoughtful speeches and toasts of their loved ones as they sat on their romantic sweetheart table, and soon it was time to cut the cake, a gorgeous three-tiered white wedding cake with lovely roses and foliage and the beautiful cake topper which proudly displayed “Mr. and Mrs. Mieles.” Priscille and Matthew’s romantic, elegant and minimal wedding was tastefully arranged to provide all the classical timeless vibes, without it being too glitzy or over-the-top!. We love the minimal decor, the play of nature, and the modern rustic elements throughout, and the details like the burlap wrapped succulents and the minimal aisle decor hung on the chairs were the perfect example of the same. The classy choices and the nature-inspired touches made for a wedding day that was truly unique and refreshing, while still being classic!


Wedding planning is not all cake testing and color swatches and getting your nails done! Of course, it is a bag of fun, but it is a bag of work too! Weddings take months of planning, meticulous micro-management skills, and backup plans. It is truly fascinating how a couple in love counts down every day for months leading up to their wedding day, planning to get everything in order and for the day to go just easily, that when the day eventually comes, it is over before they can even grasp it. The wedding day is one of the most treasured days of one’s life and every fleeting instant is remarkable and beautiful. The day is also surreal and bustling, and in retrospect, it feels like an enormous blur of emotions and actions. However, being one of the most meaningful in your lives, this day also brings with it tons of memories that you will be remembering for decades to come. This is basically the day you will glance back on and celebrate every year, with elaborate dinner dates, roses, and chocolates. While some memories stand out to you, others slip by and are lost eternally. While you will have a lot of memories collected in your mind, pictures sure help! This is exactly where wedding photography comes in and preserves the day. They catch the memories just in time so that each moment, significant or trivial, is ready to be treasured for ages to come. Our Philadelphia wedding photographers took on this duty pretty well and were able to catch the amazing moments of the couple's special day in the most perfect captures. From the beautiful couple photography to the grand ceremony captures caught against the stunning backdrop, our professional wedding photographers in and around Philadelphia sure knew what they were doing, and did an outstanding job of capturing the delicate wedding details in the most impressive shots. Be it the delicate moments of the first dance, or the emotional moment when they wrote love-filled letters to each other before the ceremony, every moment is captured by the wedding photographers in Philadelphia with an expert hand. Wedding photographs are more than just photographs, they are time devices carrying you back to that particular day whenever you want, which is why it makes sense to pick the best wedding photographers you can. We especially love how the wedding photographers in Philadelphia suburbs captured the pristine vibe of the wedding ceremony and the enchanting vibe of the wedding reception, and how every frame has been captured with a skilled hand and expertise. Overall, the wedding colors and the greenery, and the classic wedding details all come together in the wedding photography quite splendidly, fully encompassing the wedding day in lasting pictures. The result is Philadelphia wedding photography which is unique and exceptionally beautiful!


Weddings, being the remarkably moving adventures that they are, are unique for every couple and equally inspiring and exhilarating for each couple. Every couple in love brings with them their own highs and lows, individual stories, and their narratives which makes their love story exceptional and unique to every other story out there! This ensures that no two weddings are alike, be it in intent, aesthetics, or personality! Priscille and Matthew's picture-perfect Philly wedding is particularly unique with its exquisite elegance, laid-back and romantic vibe, and its vibrancy which makes the day truly theirs. From the classically timeless details to storybook romantic touches to rustic romantic details, the couple’s special day is intense and tasteful, and memorable. With a sprinkling of grace and an abundance of nature, the wedding day looked just perfect and was truly extraordinary. As our lovely couple headed out from the venue into their share of "happily-ever-after,” with anticipation in their hearts, they looked like the picture of wedded bliss and the world was theirs to have!


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