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Paperless Wedding Invitation Ideas Modern-day Couples


Wedding preparations and ideas begin right after you get engaged, and a wedding invitation is a perfect place to start your wedding planning process! Although it may seem like an overwhelming task, planning and designing a wedding invitation can be a creative and fun-filled experience! If you’re looking for wedding stationery inspiration, then you’re in the right place! We have some ideas and some great ways to design a wedding invitation to wow your wedding guests! However, a word of caution before we start, instead of giving you ideas on regular, paper wedding invitations, we decided to do something creative, something fun, and something different, which will also help us save the environment. Today, we’ll talk about digital or paperless wedding invitations instead of the regular ones! What we love about paperless wedding invitations is that they are easy to design, they’re hassle-free, and you don’t have to send them through the post when you can always email them! And the best part about these invitation ideas is that no more trees will be cut to create intricate wedding invitations! With that said, let’s dive into some amazing paperless wedding invitation designs, ideas, and inspiration! 


  1. A Cool GIF! 


When it comes to digital wedding invites there’s nothing better than a moving picture, by that we mean a motion-picture-like invite! If you’re tech-savvy and love using expressive GIFs instead of emojis, then GIFs are probably the best way to send a wedding invitation! When you opt for a digital format, you have a lot of freedom to do what you want and how you’d like to design your e-invite! So, to start off our list, let’s start with the most creative or brilliant idea! A GIF wedding invite would be perfect for your wedding because GIF wedding invitations are that there are no rules! You can use any photo, any background, and any number of illustrations. What we love the most about a GIF wedding invitation idea is that you can make use of multiple engagement photos in one invite. What’s more, you can make use of different photos to stitch a story in your wedding invitation to build the excitement of your wedding! 


Another way to make use of GIF wedding invitations is that you can add the details of your wedding with splashes of color! Your GIF wedding invitation can be a transitional invitation, where the photos dissolve and make room for another photo with more details. GIF wedding invitation ideas are an uber-cool way to invite your guests. If you’re afraid that you can’t make use of a similar idea in your wedding to keep the synchronization, then fret not, we have just the idea for you! You can create a memory tree out of pretty twinkle lights and showcase your memories at your wedding venue! You can make use of the tree to play a delicately put-together movie of you and your partner, and the wondrous memories you have with each other.


  1. Blooming Flower Wedding Invitations! 


If you’re throwing a spring wedding, then it only makes sense for you to send out digital wedding invites with blossoming flowers! However, it is not necessary for you to opt for flowery invitations only when you throw a spring wedding! Regardless of the season, if you love flowers, you should opt for flowery digital invitations. Now that that is out of the way, to build a theme for your wedding, you can make use of illustrations of seasonal flowers for your paperless wedding invitations! Apart from this, you can make use of other decor ideas that you may want to include in your wedding. It is always a great idea to use illustrations of the decor details so that it helps in building a synchronized look for your wedding. For example, if you’re throwing a snow-white December wedding, then you can use illustrations of hollies, wreaths, and red roses if the theme of your wedding is a Christmas wedding. However, if you’re planning on throwing a warm winter wedding, you can choose to use the wedding color palette, you have chosen for your wedding. 


Still looking for more ideas? Well, there are multiple ways to make use of flowers for your wedding and invitations! Another way to improve your wedding invitation is to make use of bouquets in your wedding invitations. You can choose an illustration similar to your idea of a bridal bouquet for the wedding invitation illustration as well. Furthermore, if floral wedding invitations are what you want, there are multiple ways of designing the invitations! You can make use of floral wreaths with flowers as the center for your invitation card, with delicate wording for your wedding invites.  


  1. Texture Designs! 


Another amazing digital wedding invitation idea is to make use of texture in your wedding invitations! These invitations can encompass any idea that you may have. You can try adding floral details, wedding decor ideas, your photos, the photo of the venue for your wedding, or even your photos to enhance the invite. However, if you’re looking for a minimal wedding invitation idea, then you can simply choose to use texture as the backdrop for your invitations and the wording you want! To choose a textured wedding invitation design, the best way to go about it is to look through different digital wedding invitation platforms and work through the variety of options. Make use of the filters on the platform to find the design ideas that you like the most. For an eloquent wedding invitation, you can try options like paper texture as the backdrop or you could make use of leather texture design ideas. What we love the most about texture wedding invitations is that the digital designs give you a beautiful embossed look, which looks realistic. 


  1. Rustic Wedding Invitations! 


Rustic wedding invitations are trendy and have a charming look. What we love the most about this digital wedding invitation idea is that it can be designed with ornate details or be minimal. This quality makes the idea versatile and gives you many options to choose from. For example, if you’re throwing a wedding party with an ornate wedding reception, you can make use of some elements to add more depth to the design. If your reception party will host live music or have games as entertainment for the wedding guests, then you can make use of those elements to add to your wedding invitations’ design. And if you’re planning a minimal wedding, you can pick out some rustic designs with minimal details. What we love about minimal rustic wedding invitation ideas is that they can fit any wedding style. For example, if you’re not sure of your wedding theme just yet, but you’ve booked the venue for your wedding day, a minimal rustic wedding invitation will give you room to explore your options! This idea is stylish and elegant, which leaves space for you and your partner to plan the wedding details to a T, without the worries of your wedding invitation already setting the tone for your wedding decor details!


  1. Elaborately Themed Wedding Ideas! 


A wedding invitation is like a preview of your wedding and what your wedding will be about. Wedding stationery also set the tone for expectations of your wedding details and the theme. Although minimal and simple wedding invitation designs give you room to smoothen your wedding plans by the time the day of your wedding rolls around, themed wedding invitation ideas, however, are different. Before jumping into the ideas, the first thing to take note of here is that themed wedding invitations are a great option for couples who have already planned out their wedding details, and ideas. The reason for this is simple, a themed wedding invitation is possible only when you know exactly what your wedding day and decor will look like! 


That being said, now, let’s talk about the ideas! A themed wedding invitation idea can be designed elaborately with the detail elements in the forefront. For example, if you’re throwing a beautiful carnival-themed wedding, then you can have carnival elements like tents, streamers, ticket ideas, and red and white red stripes in the background! Another way to make use of themed wedding invitations is to use the elemental wedding decor ideas to hype your wedding theme. Another example to highlight how to choose a themed wedding invitation design is if you make use of a cherry blossom theme for your wedding, with cherry blossom decor, cherry blossom-themed cocktails, and cherry blossom cake, then you can choose the different elements to design the invitation. Another way to highlight your wedding theme is to make use of a cherry blossom flower design as the digital wedding invitation. Additionally, there are platforms that help you add a digital envelope to your invitations to make the experience feel complete. Digital envelopes can add a wondrous touch to your paperless-themed wedding invitations!


  1. Colorsplash for Wedding Invitations! 


There’s nothing better than adding a flavorful touch of colors to your wedding! What we love about colorful wedding invitations is that there are multiple ways of making use of colors for your digital invitations! You can make use of color block designs, which are delicate and elegant. Apart from this, you can have watercolor washes over the wedding invitations, or choose to have it as the border! What we absolutely love about colorful digital invitations is that they will never clash with your dream wedding theme! And that is even if you choose colorful splashes that are not a primary part of your wedding decor. Wondering how? Let us illustrate with an example. Imagine you’re throwing a tropical-themed wedding, and your wedding invitations were sent out in a Pantone theme, even so, you can have some accents in the mix. Accents are minimal, and they don’t steal the show! So, if you choose a different color scheme as your wedding theme, the colors from your invitations can be used as accents to ensure there’s a quality of synchronicity. 


Taking the example from above, one of the best ways to include Pantone details in your tropical-themed wedding is to have Pantone wedding signage! Or you could use a Pantone sade in tablecloth for your wedding favors table. Another way to include a Pantone color for your tropical wedding theme is to use it in the cocktail hour decor details or have menu cards printed in the same color! See, even if you choose a different theme, which seems to clash with your wedding invitation, you can use those colors in minute details. However, while choosing the minute details and accents, you should ensure that you pay attention to the color scheme. Always make sure that the colors sit well with each other. 


  1. Engagement Photo Backdrop! 


Another way to add charming details to your digital wedding invitations is to make use of your engagement photo shoot photos! This is a great idea for those who are still planning the details of their wedding, and even for those who know exactly what they want in their wedding. The most attractive quality of this idea is that engagement photos to a digital wedding invitation add a personal touch and is completely separate from your desired wedding ideas! You don’t have to worry about your wedding decor details clashing with your wedding invitation ideas. Apart from this, you can also make use of engagement photos with props to add a cheerful tone to the wedding invitations! 


When it comes to designing a wedding invitation with your engagement photos, the rules are quite simple. You can choose one photo and have the wording styled in a manner that is easy to read. Or you could choose multiple photos, and have them placed on the design idea in pretty frames, with the details put down in elegant font. Apart from this, you can even make use of the idea without professional help. If you’re tech-savvy and know how to make use of templates, you can add a DIY touch to your wedding by designing the wedding invitations yourself! 


Paperless or digital wedding invitation ideas are an amazing way to send wedding invites because they’re fast and almost instant. Once you have your wedding designs with the names of your wedding guests ready, all you need to do is send them through emails! However, to make sure that your wedding guests receive their invitations, without fail, make sure that you send the invites through the instant messaging apps as well. Remember to consider the mode of communication. Additionally, after you send the wedding invitations, make sure that you call and inform your guests once, as a safety measure! We hope that these ideas help you to finalize or come up with some amazing wedding invitation ideas!


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