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Can't Miss Wedding Invite Inspiration


Deciding on a perfect wedding theme can be tricky. We’ve got you covered! These wedding invitation trends will help you narrow down a few details while crossing off a few items on your planning to do list
Traditional Designs:
We love that the rustic style invites paired off with simple envelopes, are still in fashion. With an emphasis on text, they exude an irreplaceable timeless quality.
Can’t Go Wrong with Monochrome:
Monochromes can be a staple when paired with the right combination. Don’t be afraid to use black as part of your wedding colors. It can make a bold statement and look sleek when paired with an ivory paper to create a chic finish. 
Go Floral:

When in doubt, go floral! We love a good floral number, especially if it reflects the floral arrangement of the wedding. Floral graphics also give off a pop of color that can make your invite stand out! 
Creative Cuts: 
Whether it’s a lacy look or laser cut edges, we love an invite that gets creative with the scissors. Adding funky textures and elements to the invites can give them character and bring out an aesthetically pleasing result. 
Matching Colors:

We love a playful vibe, especially if it’s incorporated in a wedding. To give a more personalized touch, it’s always a great idea to match invites with the bridesmaids’ dresses and your wedding colors.
Marble Patterns:

Geometric patterns are always a go-to design for invitations. However, we recommend marble patterns to bring out that modern chic aesthetic.
Gold Foiling:

This trend has taken wedding themes by storm. Making use of bright, metallic colors and gold foiling gives invites that necessary burst of color and can even make a black invite look glamorous with its detailing. We give this trend a solid recommendation. 
Playful Invitations:

To make your invites really unforgettable and personalized, send your guests a caricatured version of you and your partner. This simple memento will become a keepsake. 
Pop of Color:

Give your invites a burst of color by playing with funky combinations. We recommend experimenting with hues of pink, yellows, corals and blue. Keep it minimalistic by emphasizing on text size with colorful shaded backgrounds.
Watercolor Trend:

The watercolor trend may have arrived in 2016, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Getting a watercolor effect on your wedding invites can create that necessary pop that complements your theme and overall wedding aesthetic. It gives off a contemporary and fresh indie vibe that catches the eye of many couples.

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