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Pastels And Abundant Greenery For Clare And Tim's St. Louis Spring Wedding!


Life is jaded and can feel lackluster sometimes, especially with the pressure of daily grind, deadlines, and routines, but with a small perspective shift, life can look pretty amazing too! Sometimes, looking at a couple in love is all it takes to gain a new perspective on life, and all faith in the beauty of the world will be restored, just like that, in a snap! Witnessing a love story is a blessing, and we are fortunate that we get to do so frequently! It's incredible how two people can meet each other, fall in love, and swear to love each other for the rest of their lives! If this isn't a miracle, we don't know what is! While life is full of milestone occasions, a wedding is the only one that can be planned for and made as beautiful as possible! This is why couples take great effort in planning their perfect wedding since it is a day they will remember for the rest of their lives. While every love story is unique, and every wedding day is special as well, every story always shares one thing in common: the glimmer of love in the couple's eyes! Clare and Tim are no exception, and their lovely, elegant wedding day is sure to leave an impression on all of their guests! Clare and Tim's wonderful wedding day captures our romantic hearts with a stylish St Louis wedding with just the right amount of old-world charm teamed with modern clean and fresh vibes. It has a vibrant spring vibe to it, which is pleasant to see, and we have all the pretty images to prove it! Let's take a closer look at this beautiful couple's wedding day!


Clare and Tim fell in love with St. Louis, and this city undoubtedly met and exceeded their expectations. Being Missouri's second-largest city and is located on the westernmost bank of the Mississippi River.  It's the ideal setting for a love story, with its unique architecture and charming scenery. Several characteristics in the city make it one of the favorites when it comes to wedding and engagement sites in St. Louis, Missouri, from grand baseball stadiums to attractive parks, from water-front spots to pockets of nature. St. Louis, MO, is known among wedding photographers and engagement photographers from across the world for the stunning bird's eye view of St. Louis from one of the windows at the top of the Gateway Arch to the shimmering skyline to the peaceful waves of the Mississippi River, and rightfully so! St. Louis has something for everyone, with notable architectural structures like the Compton Hill Reservoir Park and symbols of the United States' rich history and legacy like the Jefferson Barracks Park. If you're having your wedding in St. Louis, you'll have plenty of options for beautiful backdrops for your wedding pictures. Several wedding venues in the city will claim your heart at a glance, and the spot our couple Tim and Clare chose is absolutely perfect!


Our lovely couple chose Haue Valley Weddings & Events as their wedding venue of choice, and we can't applaud the decision enough! The heirs of the Haue family set out to share this tiny piece of heaven with close friends and family after 125 years of cherishing the 246-acre Haue Valley Farm. The structure was constructed from cedar harvested from the property and sawed on a mill constructed by the family. The facility hosted its maiden event in April 2013 with the help of many, many dear friends. The facility first opened to the public in 2014, and it has since played a small role in several major events. This wedding venue will tick all the boxes if you're looking for a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting to say "I Do" and dance the night away near St. Charles, St. Louis, or someplace south of the city. This is ideal if you and your sweetheart want to stay somewhere that feels like home, has modern facilities, and is accessible to local hotels while still being surrounded by nature's splendor. This wedding venue is magnificent, with warm wooden elements and stunning rustic features, and is ready to give your dream St. Louis wedding venue. Haue Valley is an awe-inspiring and budget-friendly location. Clare and Tim have chosen the ideal location to make their big day not just gorgeous to look at, but also perfect for their specific requirements!

Clare and Tim had their gorgeous spring wedding on a brilliant March Day, with the first peek-a-boo rays of spring making their shy appearance. On the wedding day, the duo got ready for their special day and looked spectacular as they were dressed to the nines. Before she got ready, Clare had her lovely getting-ready session with her besties and bridesmaids, and our St. Louis wedding photographer did a fabulous job of capturing the cozy moment in the lens. The getting-ready room was gorgeously rustic with a clean vintage feel, and the elements like the stone fireplace and the minimal white furniture gave the place a serene ambiance. The girls posed for some stunning captures as they all wore matching blush pink robes with their initials monogrammed in black. 


After several getting-ready group photographs, Clare slipped into her gorgeous bridal gown- a stunning white trumpet silhouette dress with thin shoulder straps and delicate lace details all along the bodice and cascading along the breathtaking cathedral train. A romantic twisted bun, light neutral makeup, and champagne-hued bridal shoes completed Clare’s bridal look and the gorgeous peaches-and-cream bridal bouquet with greenery embedded in it made just the perfect addition to the ensemble. The bridesmaids all wore ethereal baby pink bridesmaid dresses with matching bouquets, and they sure made for a gorgeous bridal party! Tim brought in his charm and was by no means any less when it came to be the perfect half of Clare. His gorgeous and bold choice of royal blue groom suiting added a lot of spunk to the wedding theme. The rich and vibrant blue suit is teamed with a crisp white shirt, blush necktie, white boutonniere, and the look is tastefully completed with a brown belt and a pair of brown shoes. His groomsmen wore identical outfits, making them quite a handsome bunch. 


After the couple got ready for the day, they sneaked out for a first look session. Our photographers in St. Louis did a fabulous job of capturing the intense emotions of the couple as they met for an emotional moment together before they could finally get wed. The bubbling waterfall in the background added a special calming effect to the special moment. The couple took this opportunity to pose for some gorgeous couple portraits in the stunning property of the wedding venue. From the aged stone walls to the wooden backdrops, the wedding venue came with an abundance of backdrops to grace this lovely couple’s wedding pictures. It was soon time for Tim and Clare to say the vows. 


Their lovely outdoor wedding ceremony area was beautifully decorated and the ceremony arch was adorned with matching peach and cream blooms, green foliage, and blush pink drapes. Tim and Clare met in the arbor and exchanged their vows among the loved ones, did a unity ritual, and kissed each other to seal the deal. Soon they were declared married, and the wedding photographers captured the couple with their friends and family in a variety of group photos. After the couple's portraits and group photography were done, the duo went in for their lovely wedding reception. They cut their gorgeous wedding cake, a rustic white cake with white and pastel orange blooms. This was the perfect sweet note to end this lovely day with! 


Overall this was a wedding which is the epitome of a spring wedding, with the timeless selection of pastel pinks and orange as the wedding colors, while still keeping it fresh and light with the generous additions of greenery. We love the light and airy choice of wedding decor, with a light-handed sprinkle of wooden details for that modern rustic touch. From the greenery-inspired wedding invitation to the gorgeous setting for the wedding ceremony, from the stunning bouquets to the gorgeous cake, everything was strung together perfectly, making for an unforgettable wedding experience.


When your wedding day arrives, it is likely to be the most important day of your life. A day you most likely methodically planned for months and created with the help of countless online research papers, articles, and Pinterest boards. When the sun rises, every couple has a surreal sensation, as if they have just experienced a dream that they have been working towards for months. While a wedding day is nothing short of a dream, recalling the details of the day can be overwhelming. Is it a happy and unforgettable experience? Yes, of course! Can you, however, recall every detail? Not really! This is why capturing those priceless moments in excellent shots is so important. The wedding photographer, as the all-seeing recorder of a wedding day, is a genuinely important addition to your special day, capturing everything in exquisite photos for you and your partner to cherish forever. Nothing escapes the attention of a highly professional wedding photographer, from the moment you get ready for the day to the time you leave beneath the boulevard of sparkles, from the decor on the welcome table to the intricacies on the sweet table.


Our expert St Louis wedding photographers stood up to the role and captured the most accurate photos to portray this wonderful love story in the most graphic way possible. It's in their nature to capture the limitless moments of the day in the most cinematic and delightful light possible, as well as to assist them in preserving those moments to be treasured forever. If it's not for wedding photographers, it is bewildering how many moments will be lost forever! It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, when it comes to this lovely pair, their lovely photographs tell the most captivating story of their wonderful love saga. Wedding photos express a lot and capture a lot of important and delicate moments that we, as humans, could overlook but the camera captures. Our St. Louis wedding photographers did an outstanding job of capturing the lovely couple in the most elegant way possible. Every snap is properly photographed and may be called frame-worthy, from the peaceful and soft moments from the exquisite family photography to the dazzling group photography with the lush background highlighted behind.


Every big and small moment and detail was handled sensitively and seized with grace by an expert hand. The wedding photographers of St. Louis handled the whole event with so much attention to detail and tact, that the outcome was nothing short of perfect. Even decades down the lane, Clare and Tim will flip through their wedding album with nothing but absolute joy in their hearts, accompanied by sweet nostalgia. We love how the photographers captured the sweet details of the day, be it the gorgeous rustic wedding decor, the signage announcing an “unplugged ceremony” or the elegant close-up shots of the wedding stationery, the bridal shoes, and the lovers holding hands, as they showed off the wedding bands. As a result, Clare and Tim will be able to recreate their gorgeous St Louis wedding down to the tiniest of details, providing them with priceless wedding mementos to cherish for a lifetime!


Weddings are wonderful in every way and can warm one's heart in an instant. Clare and Tim's wedding is the stuff of love songs and movies, and it's guaranteed to make you swoon. Life continues reminding us that some moments from our everyday lives are more enchanting than a storybook, and this lovely couple's real-life fairytale is the type that sweeps everyone off their feet. This is a lovely love story with picture-perfect moments with a promising future and happily-ever-after on the horizon! This love tale will fill your heart with sweet feelings and leave you tearful and full of hope, thanks to a stunning St Louis wedding set in the best of nature and a wonderful couple so deeply in love that they can't wait for their journey to begin right away. The day you get married is significant in your life's timeline, and it is a day you will reminisce about as the years pass. The memories from that day will endure a lifetime in your mind, and the images from your wedding will, of course, help you relive them. Every moment of the wedding day will be remembered with such a charming and kind pair. There is something about this wedding that is unlike any other wedding out there, from the exquisite gown to the delicate romantic decor, from the stunning setting to the beautiful decor. Whether it's the meticulous attention to detail or the breathtakingly stunning photographs of the day that they curated, this is a wedding that will wow the guests not only for the night but for the rest of their lives. Clare and Tim are off to a terrific start on their journey to a lifetime of happiness together, and their future is destined to shine just brightly as this gorgeous spring afternoon!


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