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How to Choose the Best Photos for Your Wedding Album


Getting all the priceless and beautiful memories of your wedding day captured by professional and affordable wedding photographers for you to cherish forever is surely an essential part of your wedding day. Trust us, your wedding photos will always give you a way to relive the best day of your life again and again. Long after the rings have been exchanged, the cake has been eaten, the romantic music has ended, and all the wedding guests have left, it is the wedding pictures of your big and special day that will always bring back the joy of that unforgettable and romantic day. 


Indeed, your wedding day is already full of so many tasks, but after your wedding day is over, you and your sweetheart have a significant thing to do! And that is, selecting the best wedding photos for your wedding album (so that you can have all the memories of your wedding day at your fingertips!). Your wedding photographer must have sent you a CD or a USB stick or an online link chock-full of your wedding photos to cherish every moment of your wedding day. We are pretty much sure that after seeing those thousands of pictures from your wedding day you might have experienced a rollercoaster ride of emotions. First, you might be thrilled, then you are mesmerized, and lastly, you are a bit terrified: how on earth are you going to choose the best wedding photos to include in your wedding album? So, if you are still confused about how you are going to whittle down the best wedding photos for your wedding album, then this blog is especially for you! 


We know that a majority of couples feel that selecting their wedding photographs to add to their wedding album is a daunting task and usually procrastinate it for weeks, and even months, as it is not an easy task to select some lovely number of photos from a pile of thousand glorious images! Well, you don’t need to stress anymore, as we are going to give you a little secret on how you can choose the best wedding photos for your wedding album within 3 hours, from start to finish! Trust us, all the below-mentioned ideas will surely help you to have a stunning wedding album in the end! So, let’s just get started…


Enjoy Choosing the Wedding Photos

It is true that your wedding album is something that is going to be there with you for the rest of your life. And whenever you will flip the pages of your wedding album, every moment of your wedding day will come to life again bringing all the happiness, joy, and romance of the day! So, it is completely fine if you are taking time in selecting the wedding pictures that you want to include in your wedding album. We firmly believe that choosing the pictures to get included in the wedding album should not be a stressful task, but it should be something fun and enjoyable, as it is another stage of your wedding journey! So, here is a piece of advice, try choosing the photographs with your darling over a glass of wine or two and savor the experience, rather than getting all overwhelmed by it! We can assure you that this will make your wedding album even more meaningful and a perfect keepsake


A Perfect Story Telling Wedding Album

A wedding album should be like that: it is telling the story of the happiest and biggest day of your life. Therefore, it is very important for you to select those wedding pictures that help you tell your wedding day’s story subtly! Because, whenever you flip the photos of your wedding album, the story of your special day should flow through them in an easy way! This means your wedding album should have the right blend of wedding photographs showcasing all the important aspects of your wedding, like getting-ready imagesbridal portraitsfamily momentswedding parties photoswalk down the aisle moment, group clicks, first dance, cake cutting, and other key moments. All your wedding pictures should be in chronological order, as it will help to tell your unique and romantic story in the best way possible and will also make your wedding album flow smoothly making you feel like you are reliving your wedding day again! 


Just Avoid Cluttering Your Wedding Album

We know that being a bride it is a bit difficult for you to choose some pictures from thousands, as you want your wedding album to have as many photos as possible. But, trust us, that never serves the purpose. The only motive here is to have a perfect wedding album with the best wedding photos that will tell your wedding day story in a balanced and subtle way. It is true that having too many pictures in your wedding album will simply make it look cluttered, which is absolutely not a great idea, and we are sure, you too don’t want that! Right?


Add Your ‘Must-Have’ Wedding Photos, Not Your ‘Should-Have’ Pictures

This is your wedding album, and it should have all your favorite and must-have photos from your wedding day. So, just go with your heart, and avoid listening to your head for a while. Only include those photos that you love the moment you saw them. Never include images just because you think you ‘should,’ or because other people would expect them to be there. Your wedding album is going to be all about you and your darling. Well, you have all your wedding photos on your flash drive with a USB or on the cloud storage, and you can always look at them there, or even have a printout of them and frame them or even give them as gifts to your loved ones if you wish so! Your wedding album is for all the favorite images of your wedding that tell your extraordinary and romantic story, so choose wisely and preserve all your beloved memories for the rest of your life! 


Select a Variety

A wedding photo book with a variety of wedding photos will surely be more interesting to look at, and will also show all the aspects of your wedding day! Try not to select several pictures of the same thing that are very similar. Always try to choose the best out of these to avoid too much repetition of photos in the wedding album design. If you and your partner are not able to choose amongst them, it is always best to leave them all in and allow your creative and professional wedding photographers to select the best one for the design. 


Always Go with the Best Ones

Of course, there will be thousands of pictures ready to get added to your wedding album, but not all the pictures will be perfect to be housed on the album. So, the basic rule of thumb is to have the best shots added to your wedding album, while ignoring all the blurred, duplicated, and not-so-great photos. Ignoring all these kinds of photos, will not only help you have fewer pictures to select from, but it will also save both your effort and time! 


Choose as Early as Possible, Rather than Procrastinating over it

It is true that the longer you leave it, the harder it will get for you to choose from your favorites for your wedding album! So, it is always better to choose the photos after your wedding day is over, while the memories are still fresh in your mind! Because, your wedding album is the keepsake of your wedding day, and delaying is not a wise idea. It would be great if you get this task done immediately once you are back from your honeymoon. Of course, your family and all your friends would want to see your wedding album, so don't delay it any further! 


Make it a Unique Blend

There is no doubt that wedding photography has evolved immensely over the past few decades. Gone are the days when almost all the wedding photos in the wedding album were only about the standard and common shots. Well, today, it is more of a story. It should flow naturally like an easy breeze! The best way to do so is to include all the shots that are candid and less posed!


Break Your Wedding Day into Sections

We can assure you that if your wedding album features a perfect and nice balance from the different parts of your wedding day, it will flow better. So, instead of choosing loads of pictures from the first part of your wedding day and not much from the later celebration, just try to maintain the consistent spread of your favorite wedding pictures across the board. You can simply divide the photographs into various sections and then select the best from each section, keeping the number of photographs for your wedding album roughly the same. Here are some tips which you can consider for narrowing down your favorite wedding photos from each part of your wedding day:

One perfect ring shot to open your wedding album.

One or a maximum of two shots of your wedding venue to set the perfect scene of your story.

10 shots of you getting ready along with the detailed picture of your wedding dress, shoes, flowers, etc.

A maximum of three shots of your sweetheart’s getting-ready moments.

One wide snapshot of your wedding ceremony space, plus one or two details.

A maximum of two shots of your darling before the wedding ceremony.

One or two shots of you arriving and walking down the aisle towards the love of your life.

About eight photos of your wedding ceremony.

One or two pictures while you and your partner leave the ceremony.

About eight family, friends, and group photos.

About ten shots of your cocktail hour.

Around five or six pictures of you and your sweetheart after the ceremony can become a double-page spread.

One wide shot of your wedding reception area along with two to three detailed pictures.

One or two photographs of you and your fiancé entering the reception area (you can also include the shots of you both sitting at the table).

About three to four speech shots.

One or two pictures of your wedding cake and of course two shots of cake cutting ceremony.

Three to four pictures of your first dance moment.

Eight to ten shots of the evening fun, dancing, etc.

One closing shot such as venue at night.


In total, all these photographs make about 100 pictures for your wedding album and will also give a perfect storyline to your wedding album highlighting all the key points of your wedding day. You will still have the flexibility to add in extra shots if you need to, but make sure that you are maintaining the balance evenly spread. Just a piece of advice here, don’t choose too many pictures, as the more you will choose, the smaller the things will look in your wedding album. 


Never Do it Alone

Your wedding album is important, so involve your partner in this process too. Including your partner will not only make the selection of photos an easy process but will also make your partner feel that their voice matters. We are pretty much sure that your partner will have some photos in mind that they would want to have in the wedding album. Moreover, your wedding album is about you two, so it is always better that you both get involved and become a part of the whole photo selection process!


Consider Getting Parent Gift Albums too

We can assure you that your parents will really love and appreciate a mini-replica album to cherish your wedding day too! This indeed makes a very special gift and of course a lovely idea for a Christmas present


Time to sum it all up! That is all… These are some of the best tried and tested steps on how to choose the best photos for the wedding album. Well, we can see that it may seem taxing at first, but trust us, you will certainly have a perfect wedding album just like your wedding day if you follow all the above-mentioned steps! 


Have a perfect keepsake of your wedding day!


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