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Gabriela And Luis’ Elegantly Stylish New York Wedding!


The City That Never Sleeps, New York, is the city where Gabriela and Luis tied the knot on October 15th, 2021. October in New York is the best time for those who live here, and for those who want to visit the city with dazzling skyscrapers, a beautiful city skyline, and world-class restaurants!  The cool weather of New York in October was just right for a lovely wedding! New York’s weather, the beautiful scenic wonders, and the skyline were just perfect for the two to tie a knot in October. Unlike the hotter months, October is the right time for anybody who loves to see the city and enjoy its beautiful charm. And we couldn’t agree more with Gabriela and Luis’ choice of time to get married. On October 15th, Chateau Briand Caterers came to life with pretty floral decor paired with delicate details, and a beautiful wedding cake. The bridesmaids’ dresses were synchronized with shades of green and sage green, and Gabriela chose pearl earrings and a wonderful veil for the day. The flower girls’ dresses and the ring bearers’ outfit was inspired by the bride and groom’s outfits. The wedding celebrations were elaborately planned by the couple, from the wedding ceremony, reception party, and the wonderful table centerpieces had been decided by the couple. Gabriela and Luis were planning their wedding and the wedding details for a very long time and were all smiles when their dream wedding came to life. 


New York doesn’t need an introduction. The City That Never Sleeps with its Statue of Liberty and amazing city life has been an inspiration to many poems, stories, and movies. Built on the ruins of war and cathedrals of the past, the city blooms with life now and has been one of the most loved cities in the world. Perhaps, Philip Hone’s words, “The whole of New York is rebuilt about once in ten years,” rings true. Peppered with amazing locations and venues, befitting the charming love of life of New Yorkers, the couple, for their wedding day, chose a wonderful location, Chateau Briand Caterers. Located in Long Islands, the venue is a location befitting a fairytale wedding! The pretty outdoor gardens and delicate ballrooms make the venue just perfect for any couple looking for a wonderful location for their special, special day. The luxurious wedding venue has been the venue for many couples over the past 40 years! The interiors of this wedding venue are simply stunning, with massive crystal chandeliers, and large rooms, complete with a ballroom and photo studio. The magnetism of this venue is hard to miss. One look at the venue, and you’ll understand why Gabriela and Luis chose this place to celebrate their love for each other. 


To fit the wedding venue’s elegant quality to their wedding, the couple decided to have their wedding with delicate wedding details, and with minimal floral details. For their New York wedding, the couple decided to enjoy the venue in all its glory and decided to have their wedding day events indoors. Before the indoor wedding ceremony, the two parted ways to get dressed for the occasion. The groom, Luis, chose a calming blue outfit. His three-piece blue suit added the delicate touch of something blue to the wedding. He completed his wedding day look with a sage green tie, and a floral boutonniere, inspired by Gabriela’s bridal bouquet’s details. The groomsmen dressed in the same shade for their suits and ties. As the groom dressed, the groom’s father, proud and joyous as one of the most important chapters in his son’s life was just beginning, stepped in to help Luis with his shirt’s cuffs.  Sharing a loving moment, the father and son looked at each other, emotions ran high between the two as they smiled at each other. The groomsmen posed for our wedding photographers, lining up with the groom in the center and giving us a dazzling smile. As the day progressed, we got a chance to witness the excited bride, her bridesmaids, and the flower girls! Taking the time to capture the wedding detail photos for the couple to have timeless memories of the day, we couldn’t help but notice how meticulous the planning had been. The bridal gown was snow-white, befitting the beautiful bride. Gabriela wanted to have a memory of her wedding gown, so our photographers found the perfect setting for it on a tree. The snow-white details of the wedding dress shone out of the gleaming greenery of the venue. 


As the wedding ceremony approached, Gabriela, her bridesmaids, and flower girls hopped into action. We caught a glimpse of the beautifully decorated and labeled coffee tumblers for every bridesmaid. The bridesmaids and flower girls were dressed in shades of green, a beautiful look on each of the girls. The mother of the bride was dressed in a champagne-colored robe before getting dressed into her chosen outfit for the day. Before beginning to change into their wedding day outfits, the ladies and the girls posed for us. Taking the center among the group of bridesmaids and flower girls, Gabriela smiled at the wedding photos. We got a chance to witness Gabriela and her mother’s love-filled hug. After posing for our cameras, the mother and the bride began to go over their dresses and discussed how to manage their getting-ready time. As the bridesmaids and the flower girls dressed in different shades of sage green, Gabriela quietly ran her fingers through her pristine bridal gown. The beautiful dress had a scoop neckline, and a puffy skirt to add to her princess-like charm. The train of the wedding dress was long. Gabriela loved long veils and trains, so she wanted one of her own. Lovingly looking at every detail, she dressed up with the charm of a princess, and put on her earrings, as the bridesmaids and flower girls’ excitement filled the dressing room. The mother of the bride helped with the dress, and fixed Gabriela’s hair. All the bridesmaids wanted to help Gabriela, and did all that they could, from getting her coffee to fixing her pretty pearl earrings. After everyone was glammed up, we took a few shots of the bride. She smiled and giggled for her wedding portraits. Posing with her stunning posy bouquet for her before she went to greet her father, she gave us her brightest smile. As the wedding ceremony approached. Gabriela stepped out of her dressing room to greet her father. Upon seeing his daughter, starting a new chapter in her life, he couldn’t stop himself from shedding happy tears. Hugging his daughter, he whispered how happy he was on her wedding day. 


To get to her wedding ceremony, Gabriela was surrounded by family and friends as she stepped into the car to get to the ceremony. The indoor wedding ceremony was lit with warm lamps, befitting the mesmerizing event about to take place. As the beautiful bride walked down the aisle with her father, all the guests rose from their seats with streamers in their hands, welcoming the bride. Her beautiful veil covered her face, but could not hide her shy smile. The anticipation of this day made her extremely happy, and she couldn’t hide it. As the two took their wedding vows, the guests smiled. Gabriela and Luis tied the knot amidst all those who love and care for them. As the two sealed their vows with a kiss to end the ceremony, the room burst into claps and happy cheers for the newlywed couple. The couple walked down the aisle, hand in hand, with smiles on their faces, and the guests waved streamers to congratulate them! Catching one of our photographers at the end of the aisle, the couple gave us a beautiful, happy smile. Right outside the wedding ceremony venue, groomsmen and bridesmaids lined the stairs and waved their white streamers to welcome the lovebirds into a new life. When they say, a new chapter in your life should begin with the love and well-wishes of your close ones, it probably looks like this! Seizing the moment and enjoying every bit of it, Gabriela and Luis kissed for the camera and enjoyed their newlywed moments. 


As the guests dispersed, readying themselves for the wedding reception party, the lovebirds posed for more wedding portraits with each of their families, and friends. The blue-suited ring bearers, the flower girls in matching attire to the bride, and all the bridesmaids grouped for a photo. Happy groomsmen followed suit and posed with the newlywed groom for a timeless photo as well. The two flower girls placed loving kisses on Gabriela’s cheeks and wished her all the best for the new journey in their ways. After posing with her bridesmaids and the maid of honor, Gabriela posed for some tremendously beautiful photos in her wedding dress. Making use of the expansive venue and its pretty accents, she chose the best spots to get photographed in. The outdoor greenery as the backdrop worked wonderfully for her pristine white dress. She chose a spot with white flowers in the background to add synchronicity to her wedding dress. The pretty staircases also served as a dramatic background for the couple. Luis adored his wife with cute hugs and loving moments. We got a chance to witness and photograph their delicate love story in timeless photos. Luis used the veil to envelop the two, creating a makeshift bubble that only these two could enjoy. Posing with her delicate veil and train of her wedding gown, Gabriela posed in front of the massive curtains, slowly drawing them. This was one of the wedding photos that Gabriela was looking forward to since the wedding photoshoot began. Furthermore, the pretty trees with lights wound around the trunks gave the couple a whimsically beautiful backdrop! Entering the reception party, a massive gray couch awaited the two. Placing the delicate veil on the side, to give it a cascading look, Gabriela inched closer to her soulmate to steal a loving kiss. 


With a spring in their step, and vibing with each other as they took the dance floor for their first dance, the two were engulfed in fog. The fog gave their first dance the quality of a fairytale wedding. As the two slow-danced and twirled on the dance floor, the guests looked on with smiles. As the two finished their first dance, Gabriela hugged her father and danced with him. Luis followed suit and danced with his mother, who whispered in his years. As the two took their spot at the reception party, the guests danced and dispersed to their tables. Basking in the joyous moments of these two, the reception venue was filled with congratulations and happiness. The white tablescape, meticulously chosen by the couple, added an elegant look to the wedding. Kissing each other, and smiling, the two were immersed in the moment. Before ending the night, the two had their wedding cake-cutting ceremony. The wedding cake was elegant, just like the couple, with white icing. The pristine white wedding cake was decorated with a minimal cake topper. The metallic gold cake topper was customized for the couple, with “Mr. and Mrs. Yepez” written in delicate cursive font. Embracing each other for a quick kiss, the two celebrated their love surrounded by the claps of their loved ones!  As the day drew to a close, the guests enjoyed themselves with the lovely couple. With so much love going around the tables, and heartfelt words, it is hard to miss a love like theirs. The two lovebirds smiled and chuckled whenever they would hear old memories their guests shared. Dancing and laughing with their guests, the two stepped out of the bubbling reception venue to pose for some more wedding portraits. With dazzling smiles and soft embraces, the two shared how excited they were for the new journey that they had embarked on. Looking back on the memories of their wedding day, we can surely say, true love and happiness look like this, looks like what Gabriela and Luis have.


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