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Asia and Her Fairytale Bridal Portrait Session


The journey of marriage is amazing and priceless and unlike anything that you would have ever experienced. And love sure makes a marriage. But marriage is mostly made by the bride! Of course, it is an equally important day for both the groom and the bride, as it is an equal commitment. However, being a bride is a priceless experience and there is no denying the fact that even though the wedding is connecting two people, the bride seizes most of the attention. It’s just the way it is! The day is concentrated on her- the fit of her dress, her cascading veil, the colors in her pretty bouquet, the way her hair is done up! It's like the earth stops for a second and spins just around the bride instead. This is the day when the bride looks and feels her most beautiful, and something about the crackling excitement in the air, the flutter of butterflies in the stomach, and the celebratory vibe makes her look even more special! She feels like a princess getting ready for her prince charming, and it shows! While we are big advocates of wedding pictures, if you can't tell, there is something special about a bridal portrait photo session. Bridal portraits are a great way to memorialize this day and capture it in a pretty frame forever. The day you can look back at and smile and admire the way you dressed up for the most special day of your life. Asia's bridal portraits speak for themselves and tell a titillating story of their own. While it's a union of Asia and Steven, the shoot makes Asia feel like the main character of the love story for a while. A moment to prep and preen before the celebrations start!


Choosing the city of Houston as the backdrop for their special day is a great decision by Asia and Steven, and the result is nothing less than what was expected. Houston is an invigorating and vibrant city that also occurs to be a large metropolis in Texas, stretching to Galveston Bay. The beautiful city is compact yet has a lively Downtown which includes the Theater District and is home to the distinguished Houston Grand Opera, and the Historic District. It is also packed with 19th-century architecture, fancy restaurants, and a bustling buzz of activity! Being home to the most impressive performing arts in the world, Houston has an abundance of things to offer. With amazing tourist attractions, mounting architectural structures, welcoming parks, museums, and more, the city presents just the classic setting for your wedding photography! Whether you are looking for a pretty corner to take some pretty pictures in, or are looking for culture, unique attractions, and fun experiences, you'll find no deficit of any of those things in Houston. The city offers things to do for outdoors enthusiasts like Buffalo Bayou, for families like the Houston Zoo and Children's Museum, and for lovers of art like Art Car Museum and superb Menil Collection. Go shopping at the massive Galleria, and go in for an impressive experience in Holocaust Museum Houston. With a city as abundant as Houston, you might risk running out of time but never run out of things to do. While there are many activities in this city, we can't get the fact how incredibly beautiful the city is! Houston is sure to provide some jaw-dropping sites for you to take some amazing wedding photographs in - be it couple portraits, bridal portraits, or group shots!


Asia and Steven chose The Bell Tower on 34th as their chosen wedding venue. Established in Houston, Texas, it paints just the perfect picture for a romantic fairytale wedding with its beautiful setting, impeccable service, and a vibe that is dedicated to making your special day just like you envision it to be! Adorned with stone archways and high ceilings, this venue is built to impress and will make a couple fall in love with it as soon as they walk in through the walkway! Perfect for every wedding, be it chic and intimate or a grand extravaganza, The Bell Tower on 34th is known to surpass all expectations. Its spectacular architecture is inspired by luxurious Italian villas and haciendas and the cascading waterfalls and dramatic staircases, make a wedding experience truly unique in this wedding venue. As enchanting as the interiors, the exteriors are equally captivating with private gardens of lush greenery and impressive vintage accentsThis dreamy and romantic wedding venue can accommodate a wedding celebration of up to 1,200 guests. The wedding ceremony can happen in Campanile Chapel, as it features dramatic arches and floor-to-ceiling windows that yield an abundance of natural sunlight indoors. A reception in the opulent ballroom, complete with magnificent ceilings and elaborate chandeliers will make your special day feel like it is from a fairytale, and the artful beauty of the building and decoration serves to create an absolutely idyllic experience unlike any other. Below the namesake bell tower and through a romantic courtyard, the couple has a lot of opportunities to indulge in some beautiful couple portrait options. There is a classy vibe mixed with the Parisian romance in this place which is mixed with a sense of serenity, creating a unique backdrop perfect for some memorable wedding pictures. The setting proved to be the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous bridal portraits that our professional and affordable Houston wedding photographers captured, and acted as the perfect accomplice. 


Asia dressed up for her bridal portraits in a gorgeous bridal ensemble which was nothing less than a piece of art. The tiered A-line wedding dress carried in itself yards of fluffy tulle which made the skirt of the dress. The bodice of the dress was a lacy fitted top with embellishments and appliquéing and featured a V-neck and sheer lacy quarter-length sleeves. The back of the dress was also beautifully lacy with a romantic heart shape made out of the applique and lace, which added to the romantic vibe of the dress! The train of the dress flowed down to extend a foot behind Asia, making quite a graceful silhouette. The gorgeous cathedral veil perched on her low bun added to the classic yet romantic vibe of the look and made for a pretty sight. Asia accessorized her bridal look with a simple pair of drop earrings and her engagement ring, and her classic chignon complemented the look quite fittingly. Her bridal bouquet was a dainty collection of white, blush, and red roses and sparse foliage, making for a classic and timeless look. And as if to comply with her whims and act as the perfect accessories, the backdrop matched perfectly and helped our wedding photographers in Houston take the perfect captures. 


There was something heartachingly romantic about the vintage concrete railing of the terrace, white towering columns, grand doorways, sweeping staircases lined with iron railings, and the ivy-lined green walls of the garden. The pictures captured by the staircase had a regal vibe and magic of their own, like capturing a Disney princess just before she goes out to meet her charming prince. The puffy dress and the romantic rose blooms add to the sheer romance in these frames and end up creating an unforgettable picture. We also love the pictures seized in the garden with the green walls and the whimsical doorways, all of which come together to create a mesmerizing and secret-garden vibe that just works beautifully. We especially love the shot in the garden where Asia seems like she was running towards the camera, all gathered fabrics and glowing smiles! And what is it about brides in puffy wedding gowns and colossal doorways which just strike a chord unlike anything else? Maybe it is giving us all the Beauty and the Beast vibes, but we adore the picture against the wooden doorway! Lastly, but not least, the pictures on the terrace look just out of the fairytale and are priceless. Something about the waiting-for-knight-in-shining-armor-to-arrive look just does the trick! Overall, this is a dreamy one and makes us slip into the world of big castles and shimmering love stories before we even know it, and it is such a pleasure to watch!


Your wedding day is the day that one conjures up in their head forever, and suddenly when it's time for the dream weddings to happen, it is time to put all those plans into action to make that vision come alive, and that is surely not a job to be undertaken overnight! It takes months of meticulous planning, micro-management, coming up with plan Bs, and taking hundreds of decisions to get to the dream wedding that you have been planning since you were 12. You have the perfect dress, the most precious flowers and a color scheme which makes you happy, and finally, that day dawns. Your wedding day! One thing no one tells you about the wedding day is that it goes by too quickly. You blink and it's over! Have no doubts, it is still that perfect day that you imagined it to be, but, it is also a blur of activities and is grasping the air to hold on to. This is the day you will share with your children and grandchildren, and look back at special birthdays and anniversaries. A day you will celebrate with enthusiasm every year without fail! While you will still be going home with tons of memories in your mind about the most special day in your life, even the best of memories can't have every detail and special moment captured in its folds. This is where wedding photography comes in, saving the memories from being lost in time forever! Wedding photographs are more than just perfectly posed frame-worthy pictures for your bedside table and hallway gallery. It is about those moments which are easy to forget and need a reminder every now and then. The way your lover's eyes sparkled when you walked down the aisle, the way your bridesmaids, and you shared a celebratory drink before the ceremony, the way you and your dad danced to his favorite song, are all moments that can now be secured forever, thanks to wedding photography. Bridal portraits are surely an important part of wedding photography. The bridal portrait focuses on the bride, the prime attraction of the wedding. The way the bride looks on her wedding day is surely a sight worthy of being captured forever, and bridal portraits do just that! The attire, the way the carefully picked accessories come together, the way the trail follows the steps of the bride gracefully, and the way her veil makes her look angelic are all details that need to be captured! Asia's bridal portraits do perfect justice to her, and capture her in a myriad of amazing shots which we are sure she will treasure forever! The Houston wedding photographers did a phenomenal job of capturing Asia in the most stunning shots, from majestic and romantic captures in the stairway to the dreamy shots in the terrace which was reminiscent of Taylor Swift's "Love Story!" The professional wedding photographers in and around Houston put their experienced hands and creative vision to create a bridal portrait session for Asia which was magical and absolutely stunning and these pictures will speak eternally of the day Asia looked like a pretty picture for the man of her dreams. 


Love stories are the sign from the universe that there is something good in the world that is enough to float you throughout the lifetime and weddings reassure us that we will find our soulmates, the ones to get old with. We are big fans of weddings here and have known through the experience of witnessing so many weddings that every single wedding is different and unique in its own special way. Every couple has their own special narrative and things that make them human and also magical! Asia's bridal photoshoot sure gave us a peek at Asia and Steven's special day and that glimpse is enough for us to know that this is a truly special wedding. Asia is a special bride, and we are sure the wedding is going to be just as special, and it warms our hearts. As they head out from the venue towards their fairytale ‘forever,’ we know they will be carrying with them a lifetime full of memories from the most special day of their lives, and we wish them both the very best!


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