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So, here’s the thing about Houston. There are so many things that Houston is famous for, and being atrociously pretty and picture-friendly just happens to be two of them! It is the country’s fourth-largest city and is the largest one in Texas. The city is a spur of activities, ranging from classy restaurants and delicious cuisines for dining, inspiring arts, magnificent hotels, and state-of-art shopping to a thriving nightlife. And that’s just some of it! The city of Houston is heavily linked with the Space Center Houston! Houston takes you on a wild ride from the Historic Heights, walking through the Museum District and dropping by the Houston Grand Opera and ending with a memorable night as you explore the nightlife.

Known for Houston’s low cost of living due to its self-sufficient nature, and being home to the most beautiful performing arts in the world, Houston has a bunch to offer. With amazing tourist attractions, towering architectural structures, inviting parks, museums and more, the city seems to have a lot to say, and we are here to listen-and capture!

Houston comes with an impressive skyline and has just the right mix of green and concrete! Capturing the pretty city in the most artistic photographs is something that most photographers love to do! How about being a part of the art by framing your love story around this gorgeous city? The city comes with well-known and lesser-known pockets of locations alike, helping you paint your love story in vivacious bursts of color and character. Are you ready to make Houston the canvas of your unique story? If yes, read on for some of the most amazing locations around the city for both engagement and wedding photography.

Top Houston Engagement Photography Locations

Agave Estates This beautiful location with a desert resort feel is a treat for photographers. Situated on the outskirts of Houston, this engagement location is a vacation house that promises a fun yet relaxing time. The muted peach colors provide a flattering background and the bursts of exotic foliage bring in the balance and contrast required, giving this location a delicately photogenic southwestern architectural build. It is deliciously rustic, yet is abundant on capture-worthy corners throughout! With stunning water fixtures and amazing stone landscaping, this location transports you to an exotic location that you don’t yet know of, but you love so much! With a desert oasis feel which is amplified by the strategic placement of cactus and palm trees. This leaves a lot of room for you and your partner to pose against the light terracotta walls while your Houston engagement photographer captures some amazingly creative engagement photographs. The stone walls along with the stone-lined floor and the burst of the blue from the swimming pool leave an image in the head which will be stuck in your mind forever. Let your engagement photographer capture the same in perfect photographs which will last you a lifetime with a bundle of precious memories.

Chateau Cocomar Chateau Cocomar is a venue that instantly adds that bit of class in your engagement photographs and the grandeur is bound to take your breath away. With neutral tones working as the perfect base for your engagement photography to play out. The understated opulence of this engagement location in Houston hits you with surprise and is almost overwhelming. The eloquent spiral staircase works as the perfect photo opportunity for your engagement photographer to capture and adds a subtle flair which is hard to miss. The grounds of the location are abundant and give you free rein at trying out some elegant outdoorsy shots. There is a distinct air of romance that surrounds this elegant location. If you are thinking of the perfect place to frame your elegant engagement shoot, you have found your place in Chateau Cocomar. Paint your colorful dreams in kaleidoscopic tones in this neutral background. Let your Houston engagement photography session come alive in a burst of hues in this elegant and grand engagement location. Your wedding and engagement photographs will forever tell a tale of romance and elegance and will charm you forever.

Old Town Spring There are so many opportunities that this location provides, there is no way that you wouldn’t get your perfect shot in this engagement location. Old Town Spring comes at you with an adorable setting that is soft with pastel tones, allowing you to get that romantic engagement shot that you have been dreaming about. This location comes backed with historical heritage along with a storybook character, making Old Town Spring one of the best places to let your storybook romance come alive. Not only is it a perfect amalgamation of rustic and romantic, but this engagement location also comes with a colorful history that dates back to the 1800s, which adds a bit of story and texture to your engagement pictures. This engagement session location near Houston has seen a gradual progression from first being a small settlement to an industrial hub to now being one of the most coveted tourist attractions in Texas. Backed by luscious green grass fields to quaint nature trails and gazebos, this location is a playhouse for your Houston engagement photographer to create art in. There is a distinct feeling of serenity and historic charm in this location which can lift your engagement photographs several notches.

Hermann Park If you like being outdoors and step in closer to nature, this location is a treat to the senses! Nestled in an area filled with beautiful houses, one prettier than the other, this location comes as the cherry on the cake. Sprinkled with various assortments of picturesque statues, architectural structures, and water bodies, this park comes packed with options when it comes to engagement photography. Whether you like the gentle stroke of green brushing through your engagement photographs, giving them a surge of uplifting freshness, or you like the architectural elements of the place, Hermann Park comes through in both the cases. Whether it’s the towering columns with romantic vines or the soft grass which glistens invitingly, this park will give your Houston engagement photography just the magic it needs. Hermann Park surely comes with a lot of cozy nooks and comfortable niches which lets you paint the engagement photographs of your dreams. The place does not disappoint in terms of photo opportunities, letting your Houston engagement photographers come through with some amazing clicks!

Top Houston Wedding Photography Locations

Butler’s Courtyard With expansive exposed brick walls, sparkling chandeliers, and wooden touches throughout, Butler Courtyard is one of the few places which ooze charm as soon as you walk in. Be it adorable wooden gazebo or the spread of greenery outside, this place surely is filled with exciting photo opportunities. Having hosted over 1800 weddings, having a bunch of awards in its name, Butler’s Courtyard is a joy to be around, and it’s easy to see why. Let your Houston wedding photographer capture your day as you live your fairytale dream in this gorgeous location. Picture-perfect gardens with manicured landscapes create the most perfect setting for your wedding day. With the appropriate proportions of vintage and contemporary, this wedding location surely sets the backdrop for the most epic wedding photographs ever. Let your Houston wedding photography come alive with the glow of the fairy lights and the warm glow reflected from the wooden accents! We love the rustic vibe that the exposed beams of the venue interiors offer and the broad porch makes for a perfect setting for your wedding photographs to come alive. Make the best of this gorgeous location by capturing them in delicate frames.

Oak Tree Manor How romantic it is to get married under an aging oak tree which has seen time pass and countless weddings happening and witnessing each love story cement into a promise of forever! Isn’t it? The Oak Tree Manor’s crown jewel, this sprawling tree is no less than a legacy and makes the perfect addition to your wedding album. With string lights lighting up the dreamy tree like a carnival, a wedding in this wedding venue surely promises to be quite a sight! Let your Houston wedding photographer capture the enchantment in artistic photographs and you will surely be glad you chose this place, even decades down the lane. The Oak Tree Manor provides photographic opportunities by the handful, both indoors and outdoor, making it a perfect spot for both lovers and photographers to come together. The venue guarantees a good time, be it through the joyous usage of the dance floor indoors or the majestic outdoors with dreamy foliages. Add some glam lightings, scatter some reception table settings and spring in some fairy lights and your fairytale wedding inspiration is ready for you!

The Gallery It’s quite evident that we have quite the fascination with exposed brick walls. Here we go with another venue which has that raw rustic feel that we love. However, this Houston event space is not like many others! The Gallery, a french-Mediterranean style venue is the perfect wedding venue for your dream wedding and it's easy to see why! With raw walls with huge ornate mirrors, warm lighting, and the trademark vine wall, will ensure that every one of your wedding photographs comes alive and speaks of rustic elegance and warmth. The interior is a delight with its dark wood details in the stairs and the capacity to provide at least 300 guests with a fun time on your wedding day! The outdoor patio is another excellent place to capture some impeccable shots as the stone patio and the hedge wall act as the perfect prop for your wedding! The wooden floor of the indoor reception area is a dance floor waiting for the party to happen. Dance the night away under the string lights, as your Houston wedding photographers click on for that perfect shot to let you commemorate this day forever!

Crystal Springs Events There is something about the swinging pine trees and the wooden cabin of the Crystal Springs Events which makes you think of a hideaway in the mountains. The woodsy area is truly picture-worthy and makes one daydream about goblins and forest fairies. It is almost out of the world in the truest sense and lies in the fine line between dreams and reality. What better than a dash of magic and a drizzle of forever kind of romance to get you started? The indoors of the wedding venue are covered with floor-to-ceiling wooden everything and the effect is weirdly comforting! The part of the indoor which isn’t covered in wood is accentuated by a chalk-white stone effect that looks delightfully photo-worthy. The outdoors is a whole different story and just as appealing. The trees lining the property add a woodsy coziness to the setting, while the wooden swing by the trees is a sweet spot for you and your partner to get some adorable wedding photographs. Crystal Springs Events seems like a dream and having your wedding in this location is no less than a dream wedding.

From parks from heaven to historic architectures that whisper the stories of yesteryear, Houston surely is a bag of surprises. With so many places in the city to tell your story for you, it’s not a surprise that the city is a favorite when it comes to engagement or wedding photography. Slow-living southern DNA of Texas mixed with the zeal for a fun time makes this city a highly nuanced one, and choosing to have your special day captured here is a great call! With natural beauty which never ceases to surprise you, to the cityscape which seems to be growing higher and spreading broader continuously, Houston is a city that is big in its heart and soul as it is in its structural make-up and population and is a great place for the brides and grooms to look back fondly on a special day. Let the expansive city with its vivaciously textured social canvas be the catalyst for turning your wedding day into the most picturesque day of your life, and as you are there, living your dream wedding, our George street photographers will be there to capture the moment and create art! George Street offers a range of wedding photography and video packages. Check them out here!

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