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A Casual Engagement Photography Session In The City Of Kansas, Filled With Love & Serenity!


Love is not always about “I love you” or about big promises. Sometimes love is about “did you eat, you need some rest, I will pick you up, I will drop you off, I will wait right here for you, I will never leave you and your side”.


Sometimes love is all about holding the person’s hand who makes your life complete. Make you feel the butterflies with an adrenaline rush and flush your cheeks to pink. They will bring a wide and bright smile and also light up your face and of course your whole world. Sometimes love is worth fighting for, worth waiting for, worth living for. Sometimes love is texting or calling that person and asking “ey, how is your day, hope you are doing okay, I wish you all the best, I believe in you, I support all that you do, and I am still here for you!”


There are times when love is that first hello which got you and made your world go upside down. Sometimes love is “let’s get to know each other’s madness, let’s be best friends, let’s go on adventures together, let’s learn and grow together, let’s see the world together while holding each other's hand, let’s dream together. I will stay up with you, let’s talk all night, hang from sunrise till the moonrise”. 


And sometimes love has good intentions, “I forgive you, please forgive me, it won’t happen again, I will be better, you inspire me.” Well there are times when some love stories have a short span of time, but then there are a couple who stays through thick and thin, get through everything together, make everything work in their favor, and finally reach to the stage where they can think of starting the new chapter of their story together, by getting engaged. Today, in this blog we are going to talk about one couple who were very much excited when they got engaged that they hired our professional wedding photographers to capture their engagement portrait session in the best of frames. 


This is the story of a Kansas couple, Jamie and Josh, who decided to start the new chapter of their lives together and want to announce it to their near and dear ones in full swag. Jamie and Josh, our recently engaged Kansas couple hired our professional Kansas City wedding photographers to capture their lovely outdoor engagement session in the best of frames. Not only did our newly engaged Kansas city couple plan to have an incredible outdoor photography session, but they indeed chose the most romantic time of the year for their engagement photo shoot session, the spring season. 


We all know that there is something very exciting, refreshing, romantic, and beautiful about the spring season. And spring in Kansas is just a whimsical, mesmerizing, and photo-worthy experience. Because we have heard that there is nothing more beautiful than a spring day in Kansas, right! A beautiful spring day offers an ideal setting for all the newly engaged to host a beautiful and romantic wedding celebration or to have a professional engagement portfolio done by talented engagement photographers of Kansas City


Talking about engagement photography locations in Kansas City, the options are just endless. Every corner of this lovely and panoramic city has something to offer to professional Kansas city wedding photographers. This wonderful city will never run out of beautiful places with mesmerizing backdrops, where you along with your darling can pose for romantic and heartfelt couple portraits. In Kansas City, we can assure you that you have a bucket full of pristine locations where our Kansas City wedding photographers will capture all your precious moments so that you can cherish them for the rest of your lives together. Kansas City offers a platter that is full of magical and whimsical photography locations. From the famous Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain which looks like a dream when it lights up in the evening hours to the Native American Scout Statue overlooking the entire cityscape featuring the perfect panoramic views for golden hour photography, there are exemplary and outstanding photography spots in Kansas City. Our lovely and adorably cute couple, Jamie and Josh, chose a wonderful outdoor spot, Riverfront Park for their memorable Kansan engagement portrait session. So, before we go ahead and take you on a romantic walk of their incredibly mesmerizing and beautiful engagement portraits, let us tell you briefly about their outdoor Kansas engagement portrait location. 


With so many greens, towering trees, a scenic lake in the background with an iconic bridge in the distance, the Riverfront Park is one of the best outdoor spots in Kansas City for all the newly engaged couples to have their beautiful engagement photography session in stunning settings. As it was spring, this pretty outdoor spot also has beautiful seasonal flowers including the lovely cherry blossom, lending a great backdrop for their outdoor engagement portrait session. Our couple did not leave any stone unturned in exploring all the cozy and romantic nooks offered by Riverfront Park when it came to their outdoor engagement photo shoot session. So, now let’s go ahead and allow us to give you a tour of Jamie and Josh’s Kansas City engagement photos which reflects endless love and passion for each other. So, hold your heart, and let’s roll!


Just like our lovely and bright couple, the day of their engagement photoshoot session was beautiful and filled with the golden glow of the sun. Their outdoor location was all illuminated which gave endless and stunning outdoor photography opportunities to our creative wedding photographers in and around Kansas City. For their outdoor engagement photo session, Jamie and Josh went all casual. Jamie chose to slip into a navy blue half sleeves knee-length wrap dress. The deep-plunging V-neckline of this sexy and stunning knee-length dress allowed Jamie to flaunt her inner diva while being all classic and timeless. She beautifully paired her navy blue knee-length dress with beige color heels with ankle straps. Jamie went all minimal with the makeup for her engagement photo session look. She kept her shoulder-length hair open, side-parted in loose curls. The small neck chain with a beautiful pendant complemented the deep neckline of her engagement dress. Not forget the lovely and beautiful engagement ring on her ring finger glowed beautifully throughout the whole engagement photography session. In short, Jamie looked very pretty, classy, and also sexy in her blue color engagement outfit


To complement the lovely bride-to-be, our handsome and charming Josh looked incredibly cool and chic in his casual engagement wear. He chose to wear a white round neck full sleeves t-shirt and paired it with gray-colored denim-style chinos. To complete his overall look, he completed his outfit with dark gray ankle-length boots. His blushed cheeks, nearly side-parted hair, and stubble look were something to die for. Together in blue and white, our couple looked extremely gorgeous and photo-worthy. The white and blue colors beautifully popped out in a panoramic green setting, giving great photography opportunities to our engagement photographers in and around Kansas City. 


Some of Our Favorite Shots From Jamie and Josh’s Engagement Portfolio

Every photo of Jamie and Josh’s engagement portfolio is worth loving. It’s a bit of a task to find out some of our favorites as we loved each and every one of them. Still, we have tried our best to find some of our most desired and loved photos from their portfolio. You can read them below in detail and also check them out in the photo gallery section


So, let’s start with the very first picture that we loved a lot. The first picture of their engagement portfolio, where our adorable couple stood next to each other holding hands while the rustic tree and green bushes in the background lend a whimsical frame. We also loved the mid shot of Jamie and Josh with the lovely orangish-pinkish flowers being a bit blurry, setting the overall tone of the background, and making our couple look just fabulous together in such an ambiance. The next shot is the long shot of our couple looking straight into each other’s eye, while our wedding photographer captured their beautiful romance in the swoon-worthy and magical frames. 


All the close-up shots of Jamie and Josh are just superb! We loved the picture where Jamie sat like a kid with her legs over Josh’s. That was really very cute that our talented Kansas City engagement photographers captured in the most romantic frames. We even loved the picture where Josh snuggled through Jamie’s hair. They both just looked damn adorable getting all goofy (in a romantic way) with each other. The picture where our lovey-dovey couple sat over a bench, and looked straight into each other's eyes, while Jamie held Josh’s cheeks with her hands was such a lovely photo that we all went “aww” for a moment. 


Now here comes some really romantic, and intense photos of Josh and Jamie that we absolutely loved. We are crazily in love with the picture where Josh looked deeply and passionately into Jamie’s eyes while she leaned into the branches. The rustic branches added endless drama and character to their couple portraits. 


The Lovely and Mesmerizing Golden Hour Shot

There is absolutely no denying that our professional photographers are lovers of golden hour photography sessions. It is always a delight for our photographers to capture the ultimate romance of their couple, especially during the magical, golden hour. Along with our photographers, our couples also made the best of the golden hour and posed for some really cute and adorable couple portraits for their golden hour couple photo shoot session. 


We are head over heels in love with the picture where Josh and Jamie looked deeply into each other’s eyes while the sun in the background offered a magical setting that gave great silhouette photography opportunities to our photographers. The other picture where they both created a heart with their hands was such a lovely and wonderful photo. These kinds of silhouette couple portraits make the best cover photos for an engagement portfolio. Looking at those photos, we can actually assume how much delight it was for our photographers to capture such stunning perfection in the most alluring frames! 


The other picture of Jamie and Josh that we also loved was the one where they posed over the lock and key bridge. The way they posed with their lock over the bridge, made us remember the scene from the Netflix romantic movie, ‘To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You’, where Lara Jean placed a lock with her and Peter Kevinsky’s initials in Seoul. Just like Lara Jean and Peter Kevinsky, Jamie and Josh looked cute together in that photo. Our couple also took a small tour of the city, where our Kansas City wedding photographers creatively captured the city vibes in their pictures with the black Jaguar car in the frame. The last few shots of our couple posing against the serene and panoramic lake with a cable bridge in the distant background added some extra charm to their professional engagement portraits. 


As we already mentioned that all of their photos are just incredible and our Kansas City wedding photographers really had a great time capturing our couples in the most cinematic way possible. With such beautiful photos, it was clear that Jamie and Josh were the kind of couple who are not only camera friendly but also not hesitant to flaunt and express their love for each other without worrying about anyone. 


Concluding everything, all we want to say is that our Kansas wedding photographers did a great and fantastic job in documenting our lovely head over heels in love with each other in the best of frames. So, if you are also looking for a creative and experienced wedding or engagement photographers in Kansas City who brings their magic to your wedding or engagement photos, then we are always here for you. All you have to do is book our professionals and then leave the rest to us! 

So, happy planning!


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