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Romantic Engagement Photography Session in the Great Outdoors of the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Miami!


LOVE! This word has a different meaning for everyone. But for many of us, love is all about that one person. When you are head over heels in love with someone, everything seems so beautiful with them. With that person, everything becomes better and so much easier. Once love comes knocking on your door, nothing stays the same as before! You become a different person when you are in love with someone and you don’t mind the change! 


We are pretty much sure that you are also thinking about that “one person” after we have mentioned that love is all about the person who becomes the center of your attention. Your gravity, and everything that you could ever ask for! For us, love is all about seeing two people promising the rest of their lives together till death do them apart. We and our team of professional wedding photographers celebrate every form of love and never miss out on a chance to document them in the best way possible! We believe that once you meet “your person” the world will become a better place. You will find things more bearable. You will be able to tolerate their jokes more. Heck, you may even give your fries and also share the last slice of pizza with them. 


You will meet, you will fall, you will grow, and the world will be all yours! You will feel days being brighter and the nights being a little less lonely and a lot more romantic and cozy- today, tomorrow, and forever! 


Well, talking about love, how can we not talk about the month of love! We all know which month we are talking about, right? Yes, February, is the “month of love” where you can feel that love is in the air! February is an official lovers' month! Not only do all the couples who are head over heels in love with each other have their yearly appointment with St. Valentine, a day to celebrate love in every form, but it is also the coldest month of the year and course a perfect time to cuddle up and whisper sweet nothings in your partner’s ears filled with thoughts of love and promises! Couples do make the most of this month. And that’s what our lovely and romantic Miami couple- Priscila and James did. They took the advantage of this incredible romantic month and promised to be together with each other for the rest of their lives. Well, we also agree that there is no better time and way to set Cupid’s heart aflame than popping the most important question on the most romantic day of the year! And James did the same thing! And to witness that and capture it in the most beautiful frames, James and Priscila hired our talented and creative wedding photographers to capture their engagement photography session in the great outdoors of Miami city. For their romantic and professional engagement photography session, our adorable Miami couple chose the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden to have their extremely romantic couple portraits captured by our fantastic and creative engagement photographers in Miami! So, if you are also planning your engagement photography session in Miami, and looking out for amazing and professional photographers to capture you, your partner, and all the love between you two in the great frames, then you have us! You can hire our professionals and have a great time having your engagement photography session with our creative wedding photographers!


Talking about James and Priscila's Miami engagement location, it’s incredible! Gracefully nestled right in the heart of Miami, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is nothing but a magical destination for engagement shoots. Talking about their Miami engagement location, James and Priscila did make a fantastic choice. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden has everything that will make an engagement photography session an out-of-the-ordinary experience not only for the couples but also for the engagement photographers who are documenting a photography session at this location. This lovely location and it's winding lovely paths and mesmerizing vistas indeed showcase a uniquely Florida atmosphere, making  Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden a fantastic and enchanting spot for Miami engagement photography! This lovely engagement location is just perfect for the couple who are in search of an exotic and sophisticated setting for their special photography session! All the soon-to-be-married Miami couples who are looking out for a perfect outdoor location for their engagement photo session in Coral Gables, we can assure you that you will fall head over heels in love with the beauty of this lovely Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden!!


Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden gracefully checks off every box of the ideal Miami engagement photoshoot location checklist. From rare tropical plants (including the palm trees) to the bursting and popping colorful flowering trees, to twisted vines, and not to forget the abundance of golden sparkling settings due to the natural light, this botanic garden just has it all! With the lovely stone pathways, lovely waterfalls, and picture-worthy benches made just for two, at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, you, your partner, and your Miami wedding photographers will have an incredible recipe for a perfect romance! 


On February 19, 2022, our engagement photographers in Miami had a fun time working with our romantic Miami couples in this gorgeous landscape. Our photographers created some great magic for their engagement shoot. James and Priscila did have a great time working with our photographers at their desired photography engagement location in the city of Miami. You all can see their happiness through their photos in the gallery below. James and Priscila instantly warmed up in front of the camera and showed off their love in every possible way in celebration of their engagement. You will surely get to see what we mean when you will scroll through their shots which are flawlessly captured by our wedding photographers in and around Miami. 


For starters, our lovely bride-to-be, Priscila looked nothing but elegantly beautiful in her halter neck and backless baby blue midi dress. Whereas, James flattered everyone with his look in a white shirt and blue denim. White and blue color combinations always work wonderfully especially in photographs. Priscila kept her hair straight and flowing with a simple middle partition and minimal makeup, as her bright smile did add an extra glow to her overall look! Our Miami engagement photographers did capture some great closeups and mid shots of our lovely couples in the green outdoors of the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. 


It is said that love knows no boundaries. When you are in love with someone, you are willing to move mountains, cross the oceans to be with that person! And that is what Priscila and James perfectly showcased in their engagement photos. Priscila, a beautiful girl from Brazil whereas James, a handsome-looking guy from the United States of America, did make a perfect couple! The picture from their engagement portfolio where they both held their countries' flags while kissing each other, clearly announced that love knows no boundaries, no countries! When you are in love, the only thing that matters is that person. Professional photography is all about capturing the details in great frames. And our photographers are known for capturing the details in great frames, even the smallest details. The picture of Priscila’s beautiful manicured hands with a lovely blue diamond engagement ring shining bright on her ring finger perfectly placed over James' hands and on the flags of their countries, was just perfect. This closeup shot of their hands together can make a great opening photo for their engagement portfolio! 


Moving onto the next phase of their engagement photography session, our couples changed their attire to resonate with the outdoor setting of the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. For their second round of outdoor engagement photography sessions, Priscila slipped into a lovely mustard-colored deep plunging v-neckline midi dress. This time she worked a little with her hair and had them in loose and wavy curls carefully flowing down from her shoulders. The middle hair partition, the subtle makeup or we say no-makeup look make her look all glowy and sparkling in the golden glow of the sunlight falling directly on her face! Our lovely lady paired her entire look with grayish-brownish peep-toe heeled sandals. Whereas, on the other hand, our dapper guy, James was all set to compliment Priscila from head to toe in his sapphire blue shirt, off-white pants, and dark brown shoes with laces! The color combination of their dresses was just perfect for the natural setting of the garden. Together, Priscila and James gave a lot of summer and spring vibes through their engagement photographs! 


The second round of engagement photography started with a long and full shot of our lovely couple in the green setting where they were standing next to each other. Seeing them together the only word that came out of our photographer's mouth was “wow”! The next picture where James and Priscila shared a romantic kiss with dark green leaves in the background and brown fallen leaves on the floor, made a picture-worthy moment for our photographers to capture some great outdoor engagement photos! Our lovely couple ventured through the garden and found various cozy corners where they posed for romantic couple portraits! Their couple portraits just look incredible in the natural light. They also made the best use of the wooden bench during their photography session! While James sat on the bench, Priscila sat over his lap and posed for a chic and extremely cute couple portrait. Our Miami engagement photographers took a full shot along with a close-up of our couple in the same pose on the bench! 


James and Priscila are a creative couple together! The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden also features a rustic stone staircase covered with green moss creating a chic backdrop for couples to pose for some tender and romantic photos! James and Priscila took great advantage of this photography spot and posed for many cute couple portraits. Though we loved all their photographs, there’s one picture where they both were staring straight into each other's eyes and smiling, actually had our heart! Their sitting pose on the staircase was very romantic. It felt like the cover image of a romantic novel. Their perfectly colored coordinated attire, the natural light, and the surreal green and outdoorsy setting did a mind-blowing job on their engagement photographs! 


James and Priscila again went for an attire change for their final round of engagement photography sessions. This time Priscila wore a white keyhole solid sleeves top with a pink wrap-around skirt featuring a slit that made her look elegant and sexy at the same time. Whereas, James went for a stunning combination of casual+formal looks. He wore a light blue shirt with a navy blue blazer paired with blue denim! Their light and dark color-coordinated look just looked majestic in all their engagement photographs. We just loved that photograph where James went down on his knee with the engagement ring and Priscila acted all happy and excited. The tree branches in the background elevated the overall setting of that specific photograph. Whenever we look at that photograph, it always makes us go “aww!” Even the last shot of their Miami engagement photography session was just beautiful! It’s a close-up shot of Priscila hugging James and smiling all bright and wide while flaunting her engagement ring! It’s indeed a beautiful closing shot of their engagement portfolio! 


So, hold your breath and scroll to the end to see every moment of James and Priscila's engagement photoshoot session captured by our professional photographers at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden! We can assure you that every photograph of our lovely couple will make you feel like you are watching some romantic movie of two couples who are head over heels in love with each other and all set to enter into the next phase of their lives! Happy scrolling!


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