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A Bright And Colorful Engagement Session In Miami That Stole Our Hearts


The season of fall brings out our inner Shakespeare and Frost to play as there are so many poetic things about this time of the year. The season of warm bonfires, burnt orange and tangerine foliage, pumpkin spice lattes, and crisp weather, fall has always been a favorite time for all of us to celebrate love, life, and everything in between. If you’ve recently popped the question that’ll change your life forever for good, then hosting an engagement party in the fall season is the best choice for you. Fill up your big celebration with cozy and warm details and commemorate this momentous occasion with an incredible engagement photography session, that can double as decor ideas for your wedding reception in the future. 


Fall engagements and weddings are fun and incredibly beautiful. It is the perfect time to host intimate and cozy celebrations, whether it is your wedding reception or engagement party. Beautiful engagement sessions in the spring and summer seasons might have their own fan base, but for couples who love cold weather and cozy vibes, fall and winter are the best time to put that ring on and celebrate a brand new life amidst nature’s confetti. From the gorgeous fall color schemes that spell whimsy and classy vibes to your celebration to the cozy and warm feelings associated with happy family gatherings and toasty nights, the season of fall can make everything beautiful.


Fall-inspired engagement photography sessions have always managed to pull our heartstrings a little stronger and we are always swooned by the details of these couple photography sessions every year in the season of pumpkin patches and apple cider. From couples choosing thematic wedding venues that cast a magical shadow of the season to couples choosing some of the best fall-inspired wedding flowers in their dreamy settings, our engagement photographers are always ready and excited to document these creative and artsy sides of “every day” couples that come out to play in this poetic season. With the sunsets turning dreamier and the sudden change in the air turning it crispier, we’ve always seen couples bringing out their best chemistry to play at unmatched couple photography sessions.


From couples introducing candy corn, gummy pumpkins, or monster-shaped chocolate treats for their Halloween-inspired wedding details and couples wearing gothic wedding outfits with dark makeup and accessories to weddings with jewel tone color palettes and pumpkin décor as tablescapes ideas, the ideas for fall nuptials are truly fascinating and never-ending. Maybe this is why our next couple from Miami decided to begin their love story in the season of fall and took their first steps towards forever. This newly engaged couple from Miami took us on an incredible journey by having a sensational fall couple photography session.


It was a sunny and bright day in Miami when Roxanne and Ray, our stunning newly engaged couple, chose the grounds of a rustic wedding venue and its surroundings to get photographed. They chose Coral Gables in Miami as their engagement photography spot and we are truly spellbound by their decision. A  peachy habitat of terracotta roofs, jewel-like colors, and surrounded by lush vegetation, and treelines of palm trees, this quaint little suburb in Miami featured Insta-worthy backdrops for a memorable couple photography session. Featuring fountains, plazas, and picturesque corners filled with a striking old-world charm, Roxanne always had her heart set on this part of the city to get her engagement portraits done.


This engagement photography session in Miami showed us the quaint and cozy side of the city away from all the hustle and bustle. And we loved it! While Miami is considered to be South Florida's premier vacation destination that is home to long shorelines of beaches, great weather, history, culture, sports, and entertainment, this side of the city is often missed. Being natives of this place, Ray and Roxanne had the desire to celebrate the offbeat and less visited places of Miami for their engagement photoshoot. Known for being a modern metropolis and a cultural treasure trove of America, our engagement photographers in Miami love to capture couples against the scintillating backdrops that are filled with darkest blue skies and turquoise beaches as well as against heritage and historical hotspots of Miami


Miami is home to some of the most photogenic hotspots in the country. From the mix of quiet neighborhoods and lively entertainment-focused areas of Miami Beach to glaring neon signs of the South Beach and Art Deco Historic District, every corner of Miami adds up to be surreal. The trendy South Beach neighborhood displays a range of pastel colors, large neon signs, and is constructed in popular 1930s and 40s architectural styles. Located at a short distance to the most popular beaches in Florida, the South Beach in Miami is a popular destination for sunset chasers and lovers of golden hour photography sessions.


The bustling Bayside Marketplace standing tall in the waterfront area, looking out over docks and boats, is another beautiful spot in Miami. The 32 acres of green spaces lying adjacent to this place, and known as Bayfront Park can give you an ethereal glimpse of the Miami skyline for your engagement photographs. This touristy spot is home to several live entertainment spaces and buzzing nightlife areas for couples to unwind and get clicked for their Miami engagement photography session. Another quaint and cozy photogenic spot of MiamiLittle Havana, the Cuban district of Miami is known for its distinctive cultural scene. With the lines of rustic tourist shops playing Latin music, humming streets and avenues, and offering delicious Cuban food in Miami, this side of the city is loved by couples who enjoy peaceful settings for spending quality time.


Featuring coastal tropical hardwood Rockland hammocks, mangrove forests, salt marshes, and a coastal dune island, the historical Deering Estate at Cutler, dating back to the 1800s is a picturesque spot for your couple photography session in Miami. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this historical asset in Florida is home to the Richmond Cottage, the former hotel dating back to 1896. For the lovers of vibrant and eclectic backgrounds, The Wynwood Walls, featuring neon graffiti and street artworks and spanning 80,000 square feet of wall space is one of the most loved engagement spots in Miami. Another wonderful spot in the city, The Coral Castle featuring the incredible creation of one man named Edward Leedskalnin can transport you to the Arizonian deserts and present you with uncountable backdrops for couple portraits in Miami. The luxurious winter home of James Deering, also listed in National Historic Landmark, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens constructed in 1916 is loved by our Miami engagement photographers. Set on 28 acres, the Italian Renaissance-style villa is home to an astonishing collection of European furniture and decorative arts selections from the 15th to 19th centuries.


Located just a few minutes away from this historical tourist spot in Miami, Ray and Roxanne chose the rustic wedding venue known as The Club of Knights for their engagement photography. We were blown away by the sheer beauty of this rustic wedding venue in Miami and the couple’s excellent choice of choosing to have their professional photography session here. With over 5000 combined square feet of wedding event space, The Club of Knights wedding venue in Coral Gables is a historic building that features a spacious ballroom for dancing, a gorgeous courtyard with outdoor beauty and historic flair, a completely renovated full bar, club-quality sound system, and lights, and great ambiance. From the retro-chic lounge space known as The Boardroom to the built-in bar with a dramatic shimmering mirrored backsplash, this classic Miami wedding venue lets your guests seat themselves in sleek furniture under the glow of chandeliers.


The vintage ballroom setting in Miami known as The Oakroom is a cool blend of a supper club and a ballroom with old-world charm. It features delicately inlaid wood flooring, an exposed wood-beamed 14-foot ceilings, and a private entrance. The dreamy lighting system matched with the tremendous entertainment units makes it a complete one-of-a-kind event space for celebrations with a unique vintage flair. The Club of Knights in Coral Gables also comes with a lush hidden courtyard setting for hosting garden-inspired wedding ceremonies and is surrounded by green palms, paved flooring, and specially designed lighting that illuminates the palm treelines for a dazzling and romantic effect on your Miami wedding photography sessions.


The beautiful and sunny day began at this historical Miami wedding venue when our stunning couple Roxanne and Ray came into our lives, shining like bright pieces of diamonds. The bright fall-inspired engagement outfits truly set the tone for an unforgettable soiree that these two lovebirds were going to create. Our beautiful to-be bride Roxanne wore a bright blue above the knee-length dress with big floral designs featuring light blue, pink, and yellow motifs. The beautiful wrapped engagement dress had a plunging V-neckline that adorned her beautiful bare neck. She paired this uber-trendy engagement look with a pair of black strappy high block heels and bare makeup.


Our dashing to-be groom Ray aced his trendy engagement look by showing up in a complete ‘80s look. He wore a powder blue shirt paired with navy blue black formal pants and a pair of navy blue suspenders. His jet black formal shoes and neatly back brushed hair completed his sophisticated vintage groom look. The gorgeous engagement outfits shone beautifully in their couple portraits and these portraits testify to this. They visited the various photogenic hotspots of Coral Gables in Florida and took us on a spin with their incredible chemistry. 


They posed on the quaint and tiny bridges of Coral Gables embracing each other and posed while sitting in the brightly colored garden chairs while holding to each other. How pretty is that! They flashed a beautiful chalkboard wedding sign that said the following things: the day they had their first date, and their wedding date, their own ‘love song’ with big letters that read “Our Love Story” and “Happily Ever After”. It was a really thoughtful and creative wedding sign idea. They visited several other sunlit and shaded spots that resulted in some of the most striking couple portraits.


After a while, they decided to change into a different set of engagement outfits. This color and style coordinated engagement outfit idea that synced seamlessly with the sunny day and seemed like a sweet summer breeze in the middle of a warm day. Roxanne slipped into a casual cold-shoulder white top paired with classic blue denim. The lightly embroidered white off-shoulder top was made out of cotton fabric that gave a light summery feel to the engagement look of our bride. Her bare neck and no jewelry look was perfectly complemented by a pair of nude wedges.


Ray changed into a pair of dark blue washed denim and a light white shirt along with a pair of black shoes. As the sun-dappled couple walked hand in hand in the beautiful localities of Coral Gables, our engagement photographers in Miami clicked dreamy portraits of this sunkissed duo. They took a stroll in the scenic walkway of Merrick Park that is flanked by swaying palm trees and then to the sunlit grounds of the historic Venetial Pool in Coral Gables. From stealing a kiss against a glass building reflecting their dreamy shadows to the incredible proposal shots against the scenic waterfront of this spot, we were swayed by the brilliant chemistry of this energetic and fun-loving couple.


There are people who shine the brightest even on the gloomiest days. Roxanne and Ray seemed to be just like that as they took us on such a beautiful journey on a bright summer day of the fall season. They seemed like they’ll navigate through the uncharted waters of marriage with thoughtfulness and care. Their generous smiles stood as a testament to this. Here is to one of the most fun and creative couples we’ve documented, and we look forward to doing many more in the future.


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