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Your Best Wedding Photography in Miami

Miami is always a good idea! The things that this city reminds you about are gorgeous beaches, art deco vintage buildings, sizzling nightlife, and nautical elements. And how can we forget the perfect tropical climate! Everything about Miami is so tropically wonderful! Perfect to incorporate in a million ways in your Miami wedding photography!

The city of Miami spans 56 square miles and lies in the middle of the Everglades and Biscayne Bay. The skyline of Miami is the third highest in the country with over 300 high rises. Whether it is the ‘very-Instagrammable’ Art Deco Street or the hip nightclubs of South Beach, Miami has something for every kind of couple when it comes to their wedding. Our Miami wedding photographers love capturing the buzz of Miami in the wedding photographs of newlywed couples! 

Miami, during the day, bustles with energy and vibrancy! Tropical motifs are all around! Indulge in deep-sea fishing or soak in the sun at the serene Haulover Beach Park for a typical Miami experience. The tropical vibes of Miami can be very well incorporated in your wedding photography and engagement photography alike. There are so many places here, where you can enjoy a day out with your partner, while our Miami engagement photographer captures your romance.  

As the sun goes down, head to the Latin-inspired cafes of Little Havana. These places are some of the most photogenic places in Miami, apt for your engagement photography.  

Miami boasts plush hotels, historic hideaways, and an appealing beachfront. Can you guess what we are thinking? Yeah, we are thinking about your stunning wedding photography

Our Favorite Engagement Session Locations in Miami

Markham Park & Target Range

This gorgeous Miami engagement location spans an area of 669-acre along the edge of the Everglades Conservation Area. There are umpteen photogenic spots at the Markham Park & Target Range where you and your sweetheart can relax in the comfort of each other and let our Miami engagement photographer work his magic! The landscape encourages you to make full use of it, so you can get props such as a throw to sit on or food items to add a fun element to your Markham Park & Target Range engagement photography

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden 

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is located around an hour and 20 minutes from one of the most popular wedding destinations, the Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle. This beautiful Miami engagement location is enveloped in lush greens throughout and provides a breathtaking backdrop for your classic Miami engagement photography. Here, you will find so many photogenic spots that you’ll be tempted to stop at every nook and cranny for a picture! The vines make for a great lush backdrop for your  Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden engagement photography. Our Miami engagement photographers love capturing the romance of the couples against the limestone staircase overlooking a lake. If dreamy had a face - it would be this gorgeous engagement location in Miami! 

Charles Deering Estate

Charles Deering Estate is a 21st-century wonder that spans 444 acres. It is primarily a historic preserve that comprises the Stone House and Richmond Cottage. In this spectacular Miami engagement location, there are limitless photo ops which our talented Miami engagement photographers know very well how to take full advantage of, for a remarkable Miami engagement photography. Among some very notable photogenic spots are nature hikes, mangroves, hammocks, and the breathtaking views of the boat basin. The palm-lined lush green landscape that leads to the waterfront is our absolute favorite! The beauty of this spot is unparalleled and makes your Charles Deering Estate engagement photography iconic!

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

An engagement location near a landmark wedding venue, Briza on the Bay, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is another favorite of our Miami engagement photographers. And you know what it includes? Forever our faves - water, sun, and sand! Perfect ingredients for romantic engagement photography! The Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is home to some of the most spectacular sights that are heavenly for the classic Miami engagement photography. Picture sitting on the sands of the pristine beach, with waves crashing onto your feet. How about announcing your ‘save-the-date’ by writing it on the sand? We are sure it looks dreamy as it sounds! 

Four Seasons Hotel Miami

Four Seasons Hotel Miami is a great place to have your Miami engagement photography in one of the most elegant of ways! We absolutely love the pool here, an ideal spot to use as a backdrop to announce your love to the world! The pool is adorned with palm trees that pop out and rise towards the sky, and it feels tropical as heck! You don’t even have to go to a beach to get that tropical feel anymore! Our Miami engagement photographers love capturing that as a backdrop for the eternal romance of a newly engaged couple! The pool is built on a resort-style pool terrace that spans two acres. The hotel in itself is inspired by art deco architecture and adds glamor to your Miami engagement photography.  

Our Favorite Wedding Venues in Miami

Parkland Golf & Country Club

Located in Parkland, this gorgeous wedding venue is all love and beauty! The stone structure of the buildings, lush green lawns, and the water feature play the most perfect backdrops to take Miami wedding photography a notch higher. You could have your wedding ceremony outdoors as well as indoors. If you wish to have a dreamy wedding, then you can have your wedding ceremony in the lush lawns of the golf course, with a beautiful delicate looking arbor that matches the dreaminess. The white chairs add to the serenity of the ceremony and your Parkland Golf & Country Club wedding photography looks angelic to the core. As you walk down the aisle, surrounded by your loved ones seated on spick white chairs, there’ll be a moment where you’d feel that it has all led to this very moment! All the months’ preps, efforts, and stress! Finally, the moment that you had been waiting for has arrived - your wedding ceremony. As you feel overwhelmed about everything that you see around you, the beauty and emotions, deep down inside, we know you’ll be glad to be doing this at this spectacular Miami wedding venue! And be assured that our Miami wedding photographers will capture all the candidness of these precious moments. Parkland Golf & Country Club boasts a huge variety of photo ops! While the bridge and the cascading waterfall (you know our affiliation with bridges and water!) are ideal for romantic post-wedding photography, you could even have portraits with bridesmaids clicked here. For more inspiration on how to take memorable and unique photos with bridesmaids, click here. You could have your own classic Miami wedding photography against the bridges and the lush greenery. Take a cue from Morgan to know how it’s done! 

The Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle

This magnificent property is situated in Islamorada and the beauty found here is unparalleled! Have you always envisioned your wedding overlooking a sea, with the wind blowing through your hair as you and your husband exchange your wedding vows? And your dreamy Miami wedding photography to feature the sparkling waters of the sea and the whitest-of-white sands? Well then, congratulations as you might have just found your dream wedding venue! Wedding Photography at this immaculate wedding venue is the next level. This 13-acre oceanfront wedding venue in Miami boasts various banquet halls and outdoor options for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. The Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle can accommodate up to 500 guests and is an ideal place to have an outdoor wedding in Miami. Imagine a wedding ceremony, on a pristine white sandy beach adorned with pretty white chairs, marked by towering palm trees as the crystal clear blue water shines in the background. Is this what you wanted? Do we hear yes? Well, the Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle spells scenic beauty like none other! As the sun goes down, the string lights add a soft dreamy glow to the natural ambiance. The world around you is suddenly transformed into a cozier and more romantic place! Our Miami wedding photographers love capturing the silhouettes of the newlywed couple around this time and during the golden hour

The Cooper Estate

If you and your partner wish to have a rustic wedding that scores high on old-world charm and timeless elegance, then the Cooper Estate is your destination. Exposed wooden beams and a classic chandelier of the barn set the tone perfectly for your timeless wedding. The barn lends the perfect rustic vibes for a rustic wedding in Miami. From the moment you enter the premises till your grand exit, there are boundless places where you can get mind-blowing photo ops for your classic Miami wedding photography. The stone arches are perfect for your first look if you wish to go for it. They make for beautiful props for your pre-wedding and post-wedding photography as well. Think about romantic wedding portraits, think these gorgeous spots! You could have an outdoor wedding ceremony in the gorgeous lawns! The tree canopy surrounded by lush greens all around makes for a spectacular backdrop for your outdoor wedding ceremony. How about exchanging your wedding vows standing on an elegant looking gravel floor, surrounded by such rich greens? The lawns, the wrought iron gates, and the stone walls - all are perfect for your Cooper Estate wedding photography. The barn here is an ideal place to hold a wedding reception for up to 150 guests. With exposed wooden beams, wooden ceiling and white stone walls, the barn is ideal for a cozy romantic wedding with elegance galore! There are various ways in which you can have your table settings that not only match the rustic look but also suit your style. To get more inspiration on the table settings check out our blog on interesting ways to style your reception seating. This gorgeous 3-acre wedding space is located Homestead, just about an hour from Miami. The barn has a sense of an erstwhile era that makes the vibes vintagey. The rustic decor of the barn is great to team up with some ‘Oomph-y’ glitter! Click here to know more about adding a tad bit of glamor to your rustic wedding. The grotto which is surrounded by cascading water is a beautiful sight to capture as a backdrop for your wedding photography with the bridesmaids

Briza on the Bay

For a luxurious wedding along the waterfront, Briza on the Bay is the answer to all wedding dreams! These 5,000 square feet can hold from an intimate wedding to a large wedding of up to 750 guests. A couple that’s totally into the sight of water or is keen on having water as a backdrop, can have an unforgettable wedding at the Briza on the Bay. You could also make a grand entry or exit, in a boat or a heli boat. Leave your guests in awe and make the most interesting entry of your life coming in a heli boat. The decor of this Miami wedding venue is a delight in white! The contemporary and chic chandeliers are showstoppers and make for stunning props for your Miami wedding photography. The huge windows offer breathtaking views of the harbor and plenty of natural light. The light lends a seraphic ambiance all around that looks stunning in your wedding photography. The lavish decor is gorgeously defined by the chic white drapes and the windows that let the outside views in. The dim lighting sets a romantic tone and makes this wedding venue one of the most romantic places to get married. You could have your wedding ceremony against the gorgeous waterfront, complete with elegance, decor and beautiful views. The dock here is a brilliant place and of special interest to our Miami wedding photographers. The views from the dock are breathtaking - with Biscayne Bay on one side and downtown Miami’s skyline on the other. As the sun goes down, the newlywed couple can hit the dock and see how our Miami wedding photographers work their magic! The beautiful sky makes for a spectacular backdrop as it changes hues, turning completely romantic. The silhouettes make for classic romantic Miami wedding photography. The waterfront areas like the walkways also make for great spots for romantic portraits. Our creative Miami wedding photographers love capturing the newlyweds walking hand in hand towards a new life that lies ahead! 

The Coral Gables Country Club

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair! If you wish to celebrate your wedding in a lavish style, in a glamorous wedding venue in Miami, we’ve got just the right place for you. The club was built in the year 1924 and boasts a Mediterranean style of architecture. This is by far the only traditional ballroom at Coral Gables and makes it to our list of favorites due to sheer opulence. This beautiful Miami wedding venue spans an area of 40,000 square feet and can accommodate a vast variety of guest count - from a minimum of 70 to a maximum of 1,000. The sparkling chandeliers look stunning, adding glam to your Miami wedding photography. The ceiling looks every bit elegant, adorned with dim lights and glitzy chandeliers. The warm glow, thus, emitted renders the whole ambiance a dreamy romantic touch! In such a glam decor, the cake should be high on style too! Well, even a minimalist cake can have the classiest look. Click here to see the most stylish cake trends that are the current rage. The dim lights of the hall along with the glowing chandeliers lend your Miami wedding photography a unique touch. It’s a great blend of romance and elegance. To this, you can add oodles of more glamor and see the glam rock at your wedding! If you wish, in contrast with the glitz in the interiors, you can keep your decor to a minimum. Whichever way you choose, our Miami wedding photographers love capturing all the wedding details, that signify how much effort and thought have gone into putting them there! To shine on the celebrations of your big day! The immaculate Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors and Italian marble flooring let you know that the world has such beautiful things to offer! And how grand is your wedding that it has elements that have been inspired or added by the rest of the world? The coral-stone waterfalls form another great backdrop for your Miami wedding photography, with water adding more depth to the photos! 

Miami is tropical heaven and why wouldn’t you want to capture every beat of it! Our Miami wedding photographers are totally in love with the city’s tropical and vibrant life! The mentioned wedding venues are our top favorites when it comes to weddings and wedding photography! And of course, while we were at it, we thought we’d enlighten our newly-engaged couples to pick an engagement location so that they announce their engagement to the world, in a style that suits them the most! For more wedding inspiration, check out the rest of our blog!

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