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Easter inspired wedding desserts


Weddings and desserts are just the perfect combinations! Weddings are all about creating sweet and memorable memories and wedding desserts add an extra layer of sweetness to the memories! Being in the profession of documenting love and weddings in the most swoon-worthy frames, we have witnessed unique wedding dessert ideas as every couple is unique, and beautiful in their own way! 


There is always more to wedding desserts than just the wedding cake alone! There is no denying the fact that this iconic dessert will always have a place in everyone's heart including the couple and also a great photography opportunity for our professional wedding photographers! But, it is always a good idea to add a little variety to your wedding day dessert menu if you are planning a unique holiday-inspired wedding celebration to bring in the festive vibes to your wedding celebration! Depending on the holiday you are planning your wedding around, you can choose the option to incorporate into your wedding day dessert table! Well, there are endless ways to bring some uniqueness to your wedding day dessert table, this blog is especially about couples who are planning an Easter-inspired wedding celebration for their big and special day!


It is absolutely true that Easter is such a great time of the year for couples to host their wedding! The days are actually getting longer, everyone is in the mood to celebrate and lastly, spring really is at its best! And we know with spring approaching there is a lot of magic to witness in the best possible way! An Easter-inspired wedding does offer great photography opportunities to our professional and creative wedding photographers to capture heartwarming wedding portraits! Seasonal wedding themes are so in trend these days, and an Easter-inspired wedding is nothing but just perfect! So, when it’s an Easter-inspired wedding, how about some Easter-inspired dessert for your wedding day dessert table! 


Easter is many things to many people. There are endless ways to include Easter-inspired desserts in your wedding day celebration to make a one-of-a-kind celebration with some really great wedding elements that will surely leave all your wedding guests in great amazement! For your Easter-inspired wedding dessert table, you can consider adding a little bit of chocolate to your wedding day desserts! As every holiday meal needs a showstopper dessert to top off the celebration. We have curated a list of mouthwatering dessert ideas for you to add to your Easter-inspired wedding! Many of these Easter-inspired dessert ideas feature one of the most desired and loved fruits, the beautiful, extremely delicious, and luscious strawberry! 


From Strawberries and Cream Cake to Strawberry-Lemonade Cake, Strawberry Crunch Cake, Chocolate Strawberry Cake, or Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes, the ideas and options are just unique and endless to include in your Easter-inspired wedding dessert table! We can assure you that your wedding guests will just not be able to stop themselves from happily digging into these yummilicious desserts on your wedding day! 


With so many strawberries, it’s just the beginning! If you want something beyond strawberries for your Easter-inspired wedding dessert, then you can also consider the Banana Pudding Cheesecake, or even can add a delightful twist on the classic favorite, or the delicious Best Carrot Cake, which is nothing but just fabulous that it has become an Internet sensation! 


Other Easter-inspired wedding desserts include the lovely and fanciful Chocolate Bundt Cake, Easter Egg Shortbread Cookies, or the colorful and citrus-flavored Lemon Sherbet Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting will definitely charm all the children on your wedding guests list! 


So, let’s go ahead with this blog and check out various Easter-inspired wedding cakes and other wedding dessert ideas that make a great and perfect choice for your upcoming Easter-wedding celebration! 


Amazing Easter-Inspired Wedding Cakes Flavors and Colors

So, before we go ahead and talk about the look of your Easter-inspired wedding cake, let’s think about all the different flavors that are available for you to choose from! If you are a bride who just loves the classic and timeless tiered wedding cake, then you can choose a different flavor for each layer of the wedding cake! Well, it is absolutely true that chocolate cake is always a popular and perfect choice when it comes to Easter-inspired wedding cakes! But you can also get a little bit experimental with fresh zesty lemon layers, an all-time favorite the classic vanilla sponge, or can consider other exotic flavors


When it comes to Easter-inspired wedding cakes, pastels are nothing but perfect! If soft pastel shades are more of your type, then you can definitely work this and in a great and creative way into your Easter-inspired wedding cake! Layers iced in pretty soft shades look wonderful or you can just simply embrace the trend for hand-painted, watercolor wedding cakes! If we talk about the trends then naked wedding cakes are a big-time sensation these days! The majority of millennial brides are loving the trend of naked wedding cakes and even adding them in their wedding day celebration! Naked wedding cakes have always been a really fresh appeal. The best thing about having naked wedding cakes on your wedding day is that you can adorn them with pastel sugar paste flowers and some seasonal cake topper, or even with some Easter-inspired cake topper, too! 


Let’s have a look at some of the beautiful pastel-color Easter-inspired wedding cakes that you can consider adding to your Easter-wedding day dessert table!

  • Easy Blooms Sweet Roll Cake

Who said sweet rolls are just for Christmas? Well, whoever said it, they were definitely not right about it! Sweet roll cakes are just not for Christmas anymore! Now you can add this incredible and fingerlicious sweet item to your Easter-inspired wedding dessert table! It will indeed be a great and also a unique addition to your wedding day dessert table! To bring in the Easter vibes, you can consider garnishing the sweet roll cake with some Easy Blooms Tips, which will allow you to pipe flowers with just one squeeze! We can assure you that your wedding guests will never have enough of it!

  • Mini Confetti Angel Food Cakes

Just like donuts or cupcakes, you can consider adding confetti food cakes! They are absolutely a unique addition to your Easter-inspired wedding dessert menu! It is a lovely and incredible dessert for Easter-inspired weddings! These cute, adorable mini confetti cakes are best served with a dollop of whipped cream and some fresh and juicy strawberries! 

  • Sweet Chocolate Lamb Cake

Well, it’s an Easter-inspired wedding day dessert menu, hence it can’t be complete without a lamb cake! You can ask your baker to make this cake by using your favorite chocolate cake recipe! This kind of cake into your wedding day dessert menu will be a simple project for couples who want to keep everything about their wedding simple yet resonating with the holiday theme! This kind of cake in the display will also give ample photography opportunities to our wedding photographers to capture unique and incredible wedding photos! 

  • Pastel Macaron Cake

Macarons are always a great choice and addition and also an alternative when it comes to wedding day dessert tables! You can simply just flavor and have fun with your wedding day cake with some beautiful and decorative pastel macarons! A simple yet stunning cake for your spring celebration and also for your Easter-inspired wedding day, this pastel macaron dessert is almost too pretty to eat.

  • Easter Egg Cookies

Well, cookies always make a great choice when it comes to the wedding day dessert table! To make your Easter-inspired wedding day dessert table look more vibrant and unique, you can consider adding some egg-shaped cookies! You can simply just pipe royal icing into decorative shapes and pastel colors to create simple yet classic Easter treats for your wedding day dessert table!

  • Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Buttermilk-Cream Cheese Frosting

Everyone loves cupcakes, especially the ones that are covered with cream frostings! A carrot cake is more of a much-added dessert menu item when it comes to Easter-inspired wedding day dessert. To bring a little twist of your own, you can just simply swap your usual carrot cake for this big-batch and yummy recipe that we are pretty much sure will feed the whole crowd and leave them wanting for more! 

  • Dreamy and Yummy Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are nothing but just too yum! It’s kind of hard to stop craving more cheesecake! Adding delicious lemon cheesecake to your Easter-inspired wedding dessert menu will undoubtedly be a yummy decision that your wedding guests will savor every bite of and will be left wanting for more! 

  • Easter Egg Rice Krispies

This dessert is something unique and will be loved by all your wedding guests! Easter Egg Rice Krispies will be nothing but a pretty part decoration and indeed a delightful Easter treat all in one recipe for all your wedding guests to have a really mouthwatering dessert that they will want to add to their normal dessert menu on a regular basis! 

  • Incredible Gelato with Almond Shortbread and Elderflower Creme

Make some homemade gelato and then top it off with some almond shortbread and elderflower creme, and voila, all your wedding guests are sure to be impressed and will go head over heels for this lovely looking and yummy tasting Easter-inspired wedding day dessert! 

  • Yummy Strawberry-Pretzel Icebox Pie

Well, if you are planning some egg hunting game to keep all your wedding guests entertained throughout the celebration and looking for some great wedding dessert idea to cool off some heat, then we have something really delicious that you can serve all your wedding guests on your wedding day! Allow your wedding guests to cool off after a heated egg hunt with a lovely slice of fruit icebox Easter pie as the Easter-inspired wedding day dessert! 

  • Raspberry Crumble Bars

With the strict COVID-19 wedding guidelines, if you are looking for a wedding dessert that offers an easy grab-and-go choice to all your wedding guests, then you can consider these incredible Raspberry Crumble Bars! These bars indeed make a great choice for all the couples who are looking for some unique and out-of-the-ordinary Easter-inspired wedding day dessert!


Other Sweet Alternatives for Your Easter-Inspired Wedding Dessert


If you are a bride who is always up for something bold and out-of-the-ordinary and you think the traditional style wedding cake is just not you and does not appeal to you then also we have got you covered! There are plenty of other unique and tasty options available that you can consider adding to your Easter-inspired wedding dessert menu! Lovely and yummy cupcakes iced in gorgeous and fabulous colors and garnished with lovely flowers or the little chocolate eggs will undoubtedly make all your wedding guests smile bright and wide! 


You can also consider adding seasonal mini Simnel cakes or even that old childhood favorite, chocolate nest cakes full with little cute Easter eggs! They are also a perfect alternative for your wedding day dessert table for a memorable Easter-inspired wedding celebration! Small and individual cakes like these are just fab to serve to all your wedding guests as they can always double up as takeaway favors at the end of the night of the celebration! 


In fact, some hot cross buns also make a great alternative for a wedding day dessert table! They are just too yum to savor! Hot cross buns are truly one of the best parts of Easter! We can assure you that these delectable desserts will surely have your wedding guests’ mouths watering as they chomp down on the warm treats! With different flavors and sizes, we can assure you that you will never go with this alternative Easter-inspired wedding day dessert idea! 


But, if you really can’t decide, you can always choose the option to create a customized and personalized Easter dessert table with your own unique selections! You can bring in cakes, macarons, biscuits, cookies, and other sweet treats as an alternative for a wedding cake! Just lay out all the options for your wedding guests to choose from and let them savor every bite of the most incredible desserts while our professional wedding photographers capture all those candid expressions and moments in the best of frames! 

Well, there is no denying that wedding cakes are always a fun and fantastic way to end your wedding celebration on a sweet note, but if you are planning an Easter-inspired wedding, we are even more keen than usual on a sweet treat! A fabulous and great Easter-inspired dessert will surely make a great addition to your wedding and your wedding guests to savor their sweet craving! So, if you like some unique inspiration for your Easter-inspired wedding dessert, just hop on over and savor every bite of sweetness!


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