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The Timeless Holiday Wedding Of Beth And Hunter In Minneapolis


Celebrating the biggest day of your life in the most wonderful time of the year is really something. Holiday weddings are absolutely gorgeous and throwing a winter wedding close to Christmas is the perfect opportunity to bring the holiday cheer to your big wedding day. Hosting a wedding in December or January can be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the best of the holiday season. From holiday-inspired wedding ideas decking up each and every corner of your reception to cozy and small wedding details that make us nostalgic about warm coffees, crackling fireplaces, and animal sweater parties, everything comes together under one roof to create the perfect holiday wedding setting with an unmissable delight.


Spring and summer seasons are idyllic for picturesque weddings especially with sunny skies, vibrant blooming florals, and outdoorsy vibes posing as wedding backdrops. But is there anything quite as magical as hosting a winter wedding with holiday-inspired wedding inspirations and new year wedding themes? From holiday music and seasonal winter details covering every corner with a bright and delightful mood to pulling off a hygge wedding featuring Scandinavian coziness, merry winter wedding inspirations are bound to inspire you and your guests. Brides also get to pull off stylish bridal winter accessories like faux fur coats and warm silky shawls over their chic wedding dresses. And couples together can capture the spirit of the season by crafting outdoor wedding bar ideas to throw a festive fête worthy of the most magical time of the year!


From wedding venues with shabby-chic aesthetics to hosting weddings in cozy ski lodges on top of a mountain, is there anything more enchanting than a January wedding? The January wedding photos testify to the beauty of this magical season, making every portrait look straight from a wonderland. There are so many reasons why getting hitched in the first month of the year in a lovely winter wedding setting can be the perfect start you can give to your relationship. Tying the knot in the new year can be an ideal opportunity to host a wedding with warm and colorful lights and rustic wedding details and ideas while enjoying mulled spices and holiday-inspired cocktail drinks.


Probably this is the reason why our stunning couple Beth and Hunter believed in the magical glow of January and decided to tie the knot with holiday-inspired details. On a crisp and bright morning of January in 2021, we met the gorgeous couple who shone bright jewels under the winter sun as they took steps for their "forever" and took our Minneapolis wedding photographers on a joy ride! Capturing their winter wedding with holiday-inspired details confided our romantic hearts with a gleaming glow as it featured striking winter-inspired wedding details like pinecones, stunning black and white wedding details, Christmas trees, pine bows, and lots of snow turning the entire setting into a magical winter wonderland. As much as they were very unique together, Hunter and Beth also hosted a wedding that looked straight out of a storybook set in a frosty winter setting.


It was an early January morning when the sun was shining bright and giving away a comfortable vibe to everything that the radiating rays are touching. The bright morning of the wedding day started fresh and early when our wedding photographers in Minneapolis started capturing the big and little details of this dreamy winter wedding. The detailed wedding portraits of this magical day revealed the stunning winter details that were immaculately planned and organized by Beth and Hunter. As a testimony to an amazing winter wedding planning session, all the details that were captured by our talented photographers showcased the nuances of the dark and moody winter color palettes with a dash of chic and sophisticated details. 


Hunter and Beth chose the indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces of the gorgeous church wedding venue known as The Church of the Epiphany tucked away in Coon Rapids, Minnesota to get ready for their wedding and click a few group photographs before looking at each other. Bridging the past with the future while preserving history and enhancing a sense of community, this chic wedding venue in Minneapolis offers a unique and historic setting for both small and big wedding celebrations. Featuring exposed brick walls, a lovely long wedding aisle flanked by rustic chic wooden pews, high ceilings with mood lightings, and exclusive wooden work, every corner of this classic wedding ceremony venue looks gorgeous in wedding photography sessions in Minneapolis. The scenic wedding destination in Minneapolis is perched in a countryside-like setting with lush and rolling hills surrounding it.


Some of the detailed wedding portraits that were shot before the wedding ceremony highlighted the gorgeous white and cream bridal accessories. The wedding details like the winter-themed wedding invites, the gorgeous bridal clutch, the lovely wedding shoes, and the shiny wedding bands were revealed in these close-up detail portraits. Another detail shot revealed the gorgeous winter bridal bouquet placed on top of the faux fur coat making it shine bright like a diamond. The enchanting bridal bouquet revealed white and cream wedding flowers with pine cones and greens as a nod to the beauty of the season.


Our hearts were full with so much love and appreciation for the couple as the emotional and precious bride getting ready portraits came into light as Beth got ready to get married to the love of her life. Our wedding photographers in Minneapolis did a fantastic job of capturing the bride and the groom practicing their wedding vows in single portraits revealing the excitement and emotion of the would-be couple. The bridal outfit of Beth truly stole the show with its simplicity and sheer gorgeousness. It was a long flowing cream-colored silk train wedding dress with sleeveless hands and seamless details in the front. The simple and chic wedding dress of our gorgeous bride swept the ground like a dream as she paired it with a long flowing Cathedral bridal veil. The minimal bridal makeup was on point as her middle-parted hair was loosely tucked into a chignon bun with curled wisps adorning both sides of her face. Her pale and nude lip color and deep eyes said a million words without her saying a word as she got ready for the biggest day of her life.


This wedding day with a holiday-inspired cheer unfolded beautifully as the wedding parties got their precious group portraits clicked by our wedding photographers right before the wedding ceremony commenced. The best friends of Beth were dressed up in gorgeous cream-colored bridesmaid outfits which were long flowing satin gowns with wrap-around front details in the front and loose flowing details below the waist. The color-coordinated bridesmaids' outfits were paired with charming winter-inspired bridesmaids' bouquets revealing red and white blooms with cascading greens. These amazing winter-inspired bridesmaids' bouquets essentially complemented the choice of winter bridal bouquet of Beth.


The groom and the groomsmen weren't very far when it came to acing their stylish looks. Our dashing groom Hunter wore a dapper two-piece black formal wedding suit. The stunning winter-groom look was paired with a black tie and a crisp white shirt along with her gorgeous-looking formal watch and neatly back brushed hair. The white and green groom boutonniere also featured a pinecone inside. How cute is that! The wedding gang on Hunter's side were dressed up in black formal groomsmen suiting paired with crisp white shirts and shiny maroon ties as a means to say "we are official!" The bridesmaids and the groomsmen took turns to click beautiful group portraits before the wedding ceremony began. The silky beige-colored shawls of the bridesmaids as they wrapped them around their winter bridesmaids' outfits looked amazing with the white bridal faux fur shawl in the middle!


The wedding ceremony began with the Minneapolis wedding photography session capturing the meaningful ceremony welcome board that said "I have found the one whom my soul loves" and just like that our hearts smiled together with Beth and Hunter. The holiday-inspired wedding décor revealed a Christmas-themed wedding ceremony backdrop featuring a round green wreath with a red bow and ornamental balls. The Christmas-inspired wedding décor furthermore revealed bright green Christmas trees along with red blooms and drapes standing as a wedding ceremony backdrop. Little wedding details like floating candles in transparent glassware were featured on the welcome table with pine cones and green foliage as a nod to the holiday season. Another beautiful little Christmas décor detail that captured our eyes is the use of white silk ribbons to tie up pine cones to wedding ceremony chairs. 


As Hunter anxiously waited at the altar for his love to show up at the end of the wedding aisle, our hearts danced in sync with the penchant they had for each other. As Beth glided down the wedding aisle looking like a dream and got married to her Prince Charming the entire ambiance lit up with a holiday cheer! There are people who shine the brightest even on the gloomiest days.


The wedding party regrouped for an amazing group photography session. The groomsmen portraits and the bridesmaid portraits looked straight out of a magazine as they were so gorgeously synchronized with the winter holiday wedding theme. The newlyweds also posed with their respective parents to create memorable family portraits that can be cherished for generations to come. Once the wedding party dispersed and got ready for the upcoming wedding reception, our Minneapolis couple photographer took this opportunity to click some amazing couple portraits and bridal portraits surrounded by a lap of bright white snow. The snowy wedding photos of Hunter and Beth transformed the entire day into a fun and memorable experience. The close-up bridal portraits of Beth looked stunning as she showed off her stunning bridal accessories featuring a diamond-studded bridal hair clip, the gleaming wedding ring, her crystal diamond earring, and her breathtaking wedding outfit! 


The modern and minimalist wedding portrait session revealed the newlyweds in perfectly orchestrated poses as they walked through the snow-clad surroundings. It was a truly beautiful experience for us to witness the chemistry of this charming couple from Minneapolis as they embark on a blissful new journey together. From the gracefully styled groomsmen gang posing with the newlyweds to them being surrounded by the good-looking bridesmaids' party, everything came together and pulled our heartstrings stronger than ever and made us note our favorite must-have wedding photos in every nuptial affair.


It was followed by their wedding reception which was held in a breathtaking golf course wedding venue in Minneapolis known as the Kilkarney Hills Golf Course. The award-winning golf course wedding venue in Minneapolis is a very convenient location for all wedding celebrations with exceptional customer service, verified value, and ultimate perfection, for the couple and their guests on one of the biggest days of their lives. The on-site catering facilities and spacious banquet rooms with amazing views make it one of the most loved wedding venues in Minneapolis. The outdoor reception site also features blooming flower gardens and gazebos for hosting a fairy tale wedding and the picturesque settings make it an ideal destination for an unforgettable Minneapolis wedding photography session.


Every now and then we come across a couple that eases the entire atmosphere with their happy-go-lucky and carefree attitude! Beth and Hunter seemed like one of those couples that will take life as it comes with their precious smiles and warm personalities that struck out and remained remarkable even on their wedding album. The newfound nuptial joy was reflected in so many moments throughout their wedding day, starting from the way Hunter looked at Beth as she walked down the aisle to the way Beth embraced her beloved soulmate in an effortlessly cozy and embracing way.


Beth and Hunter seemed to be just like that as they took us on such a beautiful journey on a bright winter day of the holiday season. They seemed like they’ll navigate through the uncharted waters of marriage with thoughtfulness and care. Their generous smiles stood as a testament to this. Here is to one of the most fun and creative couples we’ve documented, and we look forward to doing many more in the future.


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