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Naked Cakes: Bring Sweetness to your Day in a Chic Way


We can't help ourselves when something sweet and delightful crosses our screens. Wedding cakes come in numerous shapes and sizes, yet our most loved cake design is the naked cake.

The wedding cake trend has been going strong for several years now. This type of cake adapts very well with almost every wedding decor and theme. As the following naked wedding cake ideas will show, there's a style for every celebration, regardless of whether you're after a bare, rustic beauty or a modern marvel with surprising flavors.

If you don’t appreciate a lot of frosting, then this style of cake is the perfect option for your wedding. We love how naked cakes are often simple and minimally decorated, and they give your cake topper the chance to really shine and stand out. Thinking about something a little different? You can alternate between frosted and naked layers. After all, the beauty of this cake is in the visible tiers and cake layers. With the addition of fresh, giant blooms or lavish greens, naked cakes look incredibly chic.

Naked cakes make pretty petite cutting cakes, too. Try having a couple of smaller cakes that are different but complement each other. Or, take your cake into more modern times with the popular dripping frosting technique. We think it's a perfect way to shake up tradition!

Consider bundt cakes as other great naked cake options. They’re a quirky, minimally decorated cake that can be decorated to suit each wedding, offering a reprieve from the definition of a traditional cake shape. Sounds scrumptious, doesn’t it?

Whatever your motivation for choosing a naked cake, you'll see in a short time that bare wedding cakes can be chic, modern, and delightful—not too sweet, but rather sufficiently sweet. Enjoy!


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