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Early Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas And Floral Inspiration


Fall weddings are a dream come true for everyone, and rightfully so! The beauty of the season is easy to find in flowers and nature’s transition! A wedding in the fall is blessed with nature’s best offerings, beautiful weather, charming floral wedding details, and rustic foliage! What’s more, wedding planning for a fall wedding is filled with adventurous ideas, trials, and errors. Although we have many ideas for a dreamy fall wedding, an early fall wedding is just as brilliant. One of the reasons why we love early fall weddings more than fall weddings is that an early fall wedding allows you to have fun with different colors, and a chance to experiment with different colors, flowers, and styles! The nature of early fall is vibrant and filled with changes, which makes it even better for your wedding planning, and brings you the fun of summer and fall, all in one! If you’re planning an early fall wedding, then we have just the ideas you’ll need for a stunning wedding, whether it is an afternoon affair or a dazzling evening soiree. 


Early Fall Wedding Bouquet and Floral Inspiration: Ideas to Try


If you’re looking to add charming details to your wedding, then using flower options and ideas that scream “an early fall wedding” is the best way to go about it. If you’re looking for some amazing wedding bouquets and floral inspiration ideas, we have you covered! From wedding bouquets to floral wedding details, we have some amazing ideas you can try:


Wedding Bouquet: Flowers, and Colors


  1. Bold and Bright


An early fall wedding is perfect for a bold and bright floral arrangement. You can choose the bridal bouquet for your early fall wedding with massive flowers, all in bold and bright colors. Using minimal greenery in your bouquet will help you add the much-needed “fall” charm to your bouquet. For colors, you can choose to use a mix of red, yellow, orange, deep red, peach, and brown can help you add the charming quality you’re looking for! Flower options for your early fall bridal bouquet can include tinted sunflowers, Calla Lillies, roses, Ranunculus, and Chrysanthemums. You can even include dahlias for an amazing bouquet!


  1. Cascading Wedding Bouquets


Another amazing idea for your bridal bouquets is to choose brilliant cascading bridal bouquets! Cascading bouquets help you create a massive look, and with that comes the brilliant choice of pampas grass, paired with greenery, flowers, and ferns! One of the best cascading wedding bouquet ideas that we absolutely adore is a muted or blush bouquet with large greenery! You can use dusty miller, monstera, and Italian Ruscus can help you add more details to your bouquet! These greenery options give you a dreamy bridal bouquet. Another reason to love cascading wedding bouquets is that you can design or find one that fits every style! What’s more, if you’re not in the mood for flowers in your cascading bridal bouquet, then you can make use of different kinds of greenery for your cascading bouquet!


  1. Muted Pink, and Orange


Early fall weddings are perfect for experimenting with different colors! Apart from the bold and bright bridal bouquet, as we discussed above, you can use a muted pink and bold orange bridal bouquet for milder shades! To use this kind of bridal bouquet for your wedding, you can experiment with different shades that complement each other. You can choose dusty yellow or muted yellow shades for a bridal bouquet in warm complementing shades. Apart from that, you can choose to have small flowers in these colors! Also, you can add peach and lavender flowers to your bridal bouquet as well. Of course, to make your bouquet perfect, you can have some filler flowers and greenery. 


  1. White and Gold


White and gold wedding bouquets are just right for an early fall wedding! Although these types of bridal bouquets are considered “winter bridal bouquets,” we feel that the right kind of greenery for your bouquet can make all the difference. Furthermore, adding a few splashes of different colors, like yellow or orange, will make the bouquet perfect for your early fall wedding. Also, you should think about adding “gold” painted leaves and or flowers! You can match the white and gold bridal bouquet with some white and gold floral decorations! 


Early Fall Wedding: Floral Details to Use


  1. Overflowing Seasonal Centerpiece


Let’s not overlook the importance of perfect floral seasonal wedding centerpieces! If you’re looking to include the early fall vibe to your wedding, then making use of pretty colors, all of which express “fall” without saying a word should be your choice for a centerpiece. Similar to cascading bouquets, you should use large, overflowing greenery for your centerpiece. Also, add some filler greenery to your wedding centerpieces! You can also use some sparkles, or glitter dust to add some charm to your wedding centerpieces. The choice of flowers can be the same as discussed above! 


  1. Floral Accented Chandelier


Whether you’re looking to throw an indoor or outdoor wedding, a wonderful tented wedding with pretty flowers and chandeliers makes for a dream wedding. You can use outdoor structures to add some floral accents and pair pretty chandeliers to your wedding guest tables! You can even make use of massive pampas grass and some decor items in the floral accents to make it look just right. The floral accented chandelier idea works best when you match the hues with your wedding theme colors. Lastly, you should pair the accents with some beautiful greenery as well! 


  1. Floral Hoops


One of the best floral details to add to your wedding, be it an early fall wedding or a winter wedding, is a beautiful floral hoop! You can go big on floral hoops. This trendy idea helps you add accents to your wedding and helps you improve the overall look. First things first, you can create hoops out of greenery, only. Or you could try to add large flowers, with occasional greenery! However, the idea that we absolutely love is to make use of alternating greenery, and floral hoops as decor for your wedding! Apart from this, you can create a hoop out of greenery and flowers for photos, and bigger decor details for your wedding. Another way to make use of hoops in your wedding is to have them hang from the ceilings or the tented ceiling to add effervescent wedding decor. Lastly, you can even add some gold hoops to your bridesmaids’ looks! Instead of letting them carry pretty bridesmaid bouquets, add something prettier with a dazzling arrangement of flowers woven into a hoop! 


  1. Dried Flower Decor


Apart from live floral details, let’s talk about the pretty dried flowers and leaves’ decor! Sure enough, fall and early fall weddings are mostly associated with beautiful, overflowing flowers! But how about instead of using a bloom combo for your wedding, you try something that is close to the season! You can use dainty clusters of dried leaves and flowers as decor for your wedding! You can add the dried cluster to the structures, this will help you keep your guests’ attention on the flowers and leaves. Apart from this, you can even make use of dried flowers and leaves as a table runner. Wondering how? Well, off the top of our heads, you can sprinkle the pretty dried flowers and leaves on tables with the pretty centerpiecesYou can even have this idea as a hanging decor! Massive dried flowers, greenery and leaves decor would look perfect, and add a God-ly look to your wedding! What’s more, you can even have large swags of dried leaves and greenery as accents to your wedding decor ideas!


Bonus: Floral Details to Include in your Early Fall Wedding Decor


Decor and details help you to improve your wedding’s look and help you bring your idea of a dream wedding into the real world. Here are some brilliant, unique, and creative early fall wedding floral detail decor ideas you can add to your wedding: 


  1.  Picnic Basket Floral Arrangements


cutesy floral arrangement helps you add details to your wedding, and makes them look delicate. If you’re looking to incorporate the perfect early fall vibe into your wedding, then a picnic basket floral arrangement is ideal for you! The best way to use this kind of arrangement is to use tiny, rounded hand-tied bouquets and place them in a picnic basket. Another interesting way to include the brilliance of transitional seasonal flowers is to pair seasonal flowers with fall foliage. You can make use of foliage and greenery that specifically look like the part of your early fall wedding. Some great options to add to your beautiful early fall floral details are leatherleaf fern greenery, Huck greenery, weeping podocarpus, and Nandina greenery. Also, when you add greenery and foliage to your wedding’s details, ensure that you match the colors, try to look for deep shades, including yellow and brown along with green.


  1. Leafy Additions to your Flower-y Beauty


An early fall wedding is fun with flowers, but including leaves in your wedding decor is even better! An early fall wedding decor looks perfect when you have creative foliage and leaves decor ideas along with your brilliant choices of flowers! One of the best ideas that we love is to have fall leaves as your wedding ceremony exit toss! For your wedding exit toss, you can have dried lavender, some fresh flowers, and leaves of your choice as an eco-friendly toss! Apart from that, you can create a foliage-laden arch, with the wedding flowers! You can have an arrangement made out of greenery, flowers, and foliage as aisle decorations. Better yet, if a grand early fall wedding is what you’re going for, you can create a centerpiece out of leaves, perhaps create a massive tree with leaves and flowers to wow your guests? Another way to use leaves is to have them as table runners! Apart from that, you can even use flowers and dried leaves as your wedding escort cards


  1. Branches and Elements as Decor


The last idea on our list is to embrace the rustic vibe of the season! Firstly, let’s start with a rustic setting, and it is super easy to create! Regardless of your wedding venue, you can add rustic touches by using some impressive branches and dried leaves. Branches as accents for a fall wedding look amazing and add a dazzling charm to your wedding. Apart from this, adding some seasonal elements can help you add a pretty charm to your wedding. This works especially well if you’re planning to throw a minimal wedding. You can add a cotton plant to your wedding decor, or a hollow-cut out pumpkin with candies, marshmallows, and chocolates! Or you can create baskets with fruits and bite-sized snacks on the go for your guests, this will help them to snack and enjoy the season’s best, even if it is not snack time! 


With that said, an early fall wedding is one of those weddings that give you the opportunity to create a dreamy wedding! From wonderful colors to massive decor ideas, there’s much to do with your wedding decor planning. Apart from the ideas above, you can set the tone for your wedding with beautiful wedding stationery ideas, and setting a color theme for your wedding. You can even fashion your save-the-date cards in the shape of a leaf! With this in mind, before you choose your wedding decor ideas, flowers, and details to add to your wedding, make sure that you have a chat with your partner about the ideas you’d like. Consider what your partner has to say and what they’d like, then find a nexus between what both of you like. Apart from that, we hope the ideas we listed above help you find the perfect wedding flowers and ideas for decor details for your wedding! However, the ideas above are just ideas! You can choose to use one or all the ideas you love, or better yet, use this as the starting point to creating ideas of your own for your wedding!


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