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Miami Spanish Monastery Engagement Session Sure to Teleport You to Europe


They smiled together, and we forgot that it was fall weather!


We agree, there's something extra rustic about the air when fall sets it. But with them, their giggles, and their love (for each other) around, fall was no less than spring! This newly engaged Miami couple took advantage of the outdoors at The Ancient Spanish Monastery for their fall engagement photos in the woods, and luckily we were picked to document their love story with our camera. Besides the spring-like couple, autumn, The Ancient Spanish Monastery, and George Street Photo & Video were the three major ingredients that made this Miami engagement session a cut above the rest!


Hola! Today we are going to take you a couple of years ago when only love was in the air NOT viruses! We stumbled upon a charming couple - Raymond and Khalela, OMG so MMIH! We as their engagement photographers jumped out of joy as the shoot location, their hearts was set on, was nothing but Miami’s The Ancient Spanish Monastery. If you have visited the location, you can understand my joy! Who wouldn’t want to shoot a woodsy Ancient Spanish Monastery engagement session that too when fall foliage is at its peak! It was the 4th day of November month. When shedding of leaves from sun-loving deciduous trees seems no less than a page from a fairy tale storybook. Who says falling leaves and the colors of the season fascinate writers and poets only? We photographers are equally allured by these fall elements for centuries! We love the way Nature Mother transitions from green to light yellow, deep gold, orange, crimson and dark red, and the way how all the autumn hues paint the photos so vibrant! Autumn is indeed a second spring when every leaf itself is a flower! And we feel lucky when we get to shoot fall engagements or fall weddings. They tied the knot at Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six and we were lucky enough to shoot their big day after a month as well! Without further ado let’s talk about the engagement photoshoot! The weather was cool, the day was bright...


And... our shoot location was The Ancient Spanish Monastery!
Wow, WTG man! This place was the real deal – where we’re free to unleash our creative potential, amplify our photojournalistic skills, and capture the breathtaking couple pictures. Offering both a peek into history and a tourist attraction, this hidden gem of modern North Miami Beach in South Florida that we see and adore today is a monument that takes us back to ancient times. An enclave of European architecture and history, this Florida Heritage site, which was originally built in Sacramenia, a municipality of Segovia in northern Spain has endured a long and interesting history. At the entrance to the property, there’s a museum with historic Spanish artifacts like a hymnarium and pieces of armor worn during the Crusades. In that same building, there is also a gift shop with souvenirs available for purchase. Go beyond the museum and gift shop, however, and the beauty of the Ancient Spanish Monastery awaits. We walked through the grounds of this unparalleled historic site and found that while it’s a church at its core, there’s so much more to it. The monastery is surrounded by sweeping gardens, and right in the heart, a whimsical courtyard is often filled with families having a picnic or taking photos in front of its ivy-clad stone walls. We wandered through its stone walls and stumbled upon endless photo ops in the form of medieval statues, carved ceilings and columns, stone arches, and stained glass windows. The cloisters are covered in colorful coats of arms, and in the sanctuary of its on-site Episcopal church, sacramental stone tables set the scene while a bell tower rises above.


We get to shoot Ancient Spanish Monastery weddings too! The Miami wedding venue has three beautiful Chapels to choose from for special events like weddings and engagements- the Main Chapel, the Chapter House, and the French Altar that can accommodate up to 150, 80, and 10 guests respectively. The gardens and cloisters lend a perfect backdrop to photoshoots. “I think the cloisters and gardens are an oasis of peace and serenity in the midst of the bustle of modern life,” says Mansfield. “Although the gates open to the busyness of Dixie Highway, the cloisters, with its stone walls and pre-Gothic arches, provide a place of calm refuge.”


In a place this magnificent, it should come as no surprise that The Ancient Spanish Monastery is a huge draw for engagement photo sessions! Couples wanting to have a shoot at the premises might be required to pay $200-$250 for every three hours on-site. This fee includes admission to the cloisters and gardens for up to six people, including the client and the photographer. Regular admission fees apply to each individual beyond those six. All proceeds earned through professional photography and events are given to the monastery to help preserve its architecture and grounds and support all programs the monastery supports. To schedule your photography session or special event, call the Ancient Monastery at (305) 945-1461, ext. 101, and make a reservation with the front desk.


Photo ops steeped in history:
When we first saw the stone Monastery with its breathtaking Gothic architecture, we felt like we’ve stumbled upon something lost in time. Its 20 acres of formal gardens boasting rare palms, Spanish oaks, banyans, and flowering trees all weaved into the landscaping to provide us an unforgettable photography experience. The cloisters, which are covered passageways that line the courtyard, are spruced up with striking details, and lighting brought the photos to life. Set beneath the wandering branches of Spanish oaks and palms, the landscaping weaves together the sacred and the natural seamlessly for an ambiance that is simply breathtaking. Ivy-covered walls, fountains from medieval Spain, and formal manicured hedges added even more detail and texture to this mesmerizing location and the photos our photo experts clicked. It was like traveling to Europe without even spending on tickets. Each backdrop is romantic, from the twisting trunks of the oaks to the white pillars of the cloister. Eduardo, our pro-engagement and wedding photographer in Miami captured them playing around pillars as well, which is a cute and frame-worthy shot! Capturing them sharing a kiss with the exotic pillar in between was a great idea. All those romantic couple shots with the pillar in the passageway are sure to embellish their living room walls for years! For a couple who loves the medieval and ethereal, this Miami engagement photo location makes a wonderful spot for Miami engagement photography.


They did three outfits, two casuals and one more dressy!
Maybe they couldn’t pick one favorite outfit, maybe they wanted casual vs. formal or wedding colors vs. favorite colors, neutrals vs. colors, or maybe they simply wanted to bring variety and different colors to their engagement photos so that they could use two different pictures on their save-the-dates (one in each outfit). But yes, our couple decided to have their engagement session in three different looks. And their decision added diversity and personality to their outdoor engagement session! Yes! ‘3 outfits’ is almost like getting 3 photoshoots for the price of one, because it makes the photos look so different. You may solely choose to have two outfits, and that’s excellent. However, if you’re more of a versatile person or have hired the engagement photographer for a longer duration, a third “bonus” look might be just for you. Single outfit, two or three, no matter how many times you want to change for the camera there is just one rule to rock the look and that is- “Focus on coordinating colors, not matching colors.” and this is what our cute couple followed. They coordinated all their three looks beautifully! All in all, the wardrobe did wonders! Scroll down the page and look for yourself!


Casual Khalela and formal Raymond: 
She was looking like a million bucks in her short casual white dress! Yes, Raymond’s gorgeous fiancée reached the location in a laid-back white cotton short lace one-piece that was beautifully paired with minimal jewelry (a pair of studs in the ears, a gold bracelet, and of course the engagement ring), barely-there makeup, and nude block heels. So simple, but still so pretty! Her hairdo paired perfectly with all her three engagement shoot dresses. She wore her shiny side-parted cascading locks down with just a few pieces pulled back from the face with a side hairpin. On the other hand, sleek and sophisticated, our groom-to-be grabbed his suit, but left the tie at home for the photoshoot! Knowing suit pants and/or a blazer are perfect for engagement photos, our hunk rocked a sophisticated blue suit and completed his ensemble with a white shirt, a white pocket square, a light brown belt, and matching brown formal leather shoes! Sometimes it’s best to simplify things! His classy watch was his only accessory and his glossy short comb over+low fade haircut and a million-dollar smile could raise any girl’s heartbeat. Our casual vs formal duo looked fabulous together in every couple portraits captured by our Miami engagement photographers! We love the blue-white combo popping against greens! Look at the captures where our love birds are chirping in a woodsy corner juxtaposed by green leaves of money plants and banana trees.

We love the contrast of action and intimacy up here amidst the towering bare trees. Our professional and affordable engagement photographers in and around Miami did an excellent job of capturing them solo and together kissing and hugging. The portrait where Raymond is kissing Khalela’s forehead is one of our favorite shots! And also the close-up shot taken through the stems. It was fun exploring the Ancient Spanish Monastery for gorgeous and unique backdrops. We captured a few photos naturally lit indoors as well and those too came out fantastic! The couple did a phenomenal job of striking poses against arches and the wrought iron gate. We love the bokeh given by our professional photographer while taking a distant shot of Raymond’s peck in Khalela’s cheek that made the photograph visually appealing! Seizing them stealing a dip kiss with clear skies above and raw terrains below and fall foliage in between was a must-have shot


Dressy SHE and dashing HE: 
Soon was the time for a second look and our bride-to-be changed into a long statement scarlet showstopper number adding a dose of personality to her photos! While our groom-to-be simply made himself comfortable by taking off his jacket and there he was ready for the second round of shoot! He looked even more dapper in his no-suit look! And looked more prepared to twirl, to feel at ease, and to lift Khalela, who was looking straight from the tinsel town, in his arms for Instagram-worthy captures! Coordinating your outfits is one of the easiest ways to dress for engagement photos. The gem tones photographed beautifully, and her red and his navy transferred well! Fall weather is the perfect time to show off your rocker chic vibe! Going glam for your engagement photos can be perfect practice for your wedding day. We are sure Khalela’s glam attire will make for a beautiful guestbook to be signed on her winter wedding day! Our professional Miami engagement photographers did a phenomenal job of capturing the cupid-struck couple against the backdrop of stone architecture and lush greenery. All the distant shots where Raymond is lifting her red-hot sweetheart up in the air with the majestic building of the Monastery in the backdrop are nothing short of romantic movie posters! The most flattering shot is the one where our beautiful bride-to-be, who knows how to rock a bold red with confidence, is swinging in the arms of our handsome groom-to-be against the ancient arched cloisters, adding a sense of grand history to the roads to their red-letter day.


Extra-cute casual both: 
Who can argue with comfy + cute vibes?! After painting the town red (literally!) they both slipped into cute casual attire for the third round of engagement shoot. You could also spice your engagement session up by adding a third just-for-fun outfit as this sweet couple did. You can never ever go wrong by opting for more than one outfit! See for yourself how gorgeous Khalela is looking in a delightful royal blue sleeveless tunic dress, and you’ll agree with “In the right denim, a guy can conquer the world.” after having a glance of Raymond in dark blue denim that he paired with a white half-sleeve shirt this time. The enchanting location matched their outfit vibe! We love all the shots of the happy couple in the blue-white outfits be it a detailed shot of the sparkly bling or a close-up shot of the couple walking hand-in-hand, or a wide shot of them posing with the blooms and palm trees! They went all cliché and posed for candid couple shots for the camera!


It wasn’t just their wonderful style for their ‘The Ancient Spanish Monastery engagement photoshoot’ or the incredible daylight. It was their connection. Just the way these two are with each other. Their craziness and affection. The way they so easily melted into each other and did just about everything we wanted them to do without any direction whatsoever. 


After the scorching days of summer, the coming of cooler days can be a real treat. You can hide away the bikinis, denim shorts, and summer dresses in your closet behind the front rows of the warm cozy sweaters that have been lurking at the back. Autumn is the time to swap sandals for sturdy leather boots or wellies and hit the trails, kick the crispy lighter-than-air leaves up, feel the flower shower, and make the most of the great outdoors with your BAE! ‘Tis the season to get bundled up and enjoy walking outside in the fresh cool air, watching the leaves, before coming home to get cozy with a cup of cocoa or hot apple cider. And this is the time to plan the engagement shoot!


Whether you wait for pumpkin spice and all things nice all year long or are just excited for the cooler weather, we hope these autumn engagement pictures will tickle you pink for the coming of Fall! Picking a picture that is second to none out of their fall engagement photos is like trying to choose your favorite snowflake in a blizzard!


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