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Blooming in Romantic Splendor: Gabrielle & James’ Miami Wedding at The Addison


Love is not just the material for songs, poems, and movies. In our own ordinary life, love stories are speckled generously, like rainbow sprinkle on a vanilla cupcake, making our lives exciting. If it’s not for those love stories, life will be nothing but a long boring car ride. We are lucky to be in the business of love, as we get to witness love stories every day! It is always heartening to see a young couple in love, claiming that they will forever be each other in front of their loved ones. No matter how many times we have seen this, it is always equally fascinating to witness a love story cement into a marriage, and it leaves us warm at heart. Gabrielle and James’s opulent Miami wedding is a delight to witness, as this is a wedding which is just the right mix of classy and fun and the luscious outdoors and grand interiors make this a wedding which is truly memorable. Let us take a peek at this lovely couple’s special day!

We love that Gabrielle and James chose Miami as the spot for their wedding day. Miami is the kind of city which always promises a good time, wedding or no wedding! A gorgeous city of colorful sunsets, gorgeous beaches, tropical climate, art deco vintage buildings, and a fascinating nightlife, Miami is a bunch of fun waiting to be explored. Whether you are chilling on the beach or roaming through the streets of the city, every frame is so tropically wonderful, it is a treat for photographers worldwide! For a couple getting engaged or married in this romantic city, this city is sure not to disappoint. The city spans over 56 square miles and lies in the confluence of the Everglades and Biscayne Bay. From its staggeringly beautiful skyline to its aesthetic Art Deco Street Miami has a little something for every kind out there. While the vibrant energy of Miami adds interest to your engagement photography, the tropical vibes of Miami can sit well with your tropical wedding dreams. No matter what your wedding theme is, Miami sure has a place for it! From plush hotels to historic hideaways, from niche cafes to beachfront picnics, Maimi is a lover’s paradise and is filled with photo opportunities. And looking at Gabrielle and James’ s stunning wedding day, they made the most out of the stunning city of Miami!

While the city is dotted with one amazing location after another, the place that this lovely couple went for was The Addison, and we applaud the choice! The Addison is a Five Star Diamond Award-winning wedding location along with being a historical landmark. Cozily located in Boca Raton, Florida, just about 45 mins from Miami, this gorgeous vintage mansion was built by the famed architect Addison Mizner in 1926. An architectural visionary, The Addison is now one of Boca Raton's premier event locations with its exquisite grandeur from the roaring 1920s and the old-world elegance. The 100-year-old banyan trees envelop the property and provide the perfect setting for a romantic wedding reception. With the capacity to host a maximum of 300 guests, The Addison comes with a total of six event spaces, spanning across both indoor and outdoor. While the Mizner Ballroom, the Courtyard, the Solano Ballroom and Lounge, and the Banyan Ballroom are excellent choices for a memorable wedding ceremony. The Main Dining Room, the Club Room, the Adios Room and Terrace, and the Fountain Room all provide the perfect settings for a wedding reception of a varying degree of size. The charming Marisol provides the perfect setting for a bride and her girls to get ready before the ceremony. The Addison is a highly versatile wedding location to ensure that a couple gets the event space to fit their specific needs perfectly. The location also takes care of other wedding-related events like rehearsal dinner, engagement party, and bridal shower. Being a pet-friendly space, this wedding location ensures that your lovely pets get to be a part of your big day too. With its elegant interiors and refreshing outdoors, The Addison is just the perfect touch of magic to Gabrielle and James’ wedding day!

As the special day dawned, the bride and groom both dressed up for the happiest day of their lives. Gabrielle and her girls shared a moment of celebration as they sipped champagne, chatted, and got ready for the big day. Gabrielle was dressed in a white silky nightshirt with pink embroidered initial details. The girls wore the same silky nightshirt in royal blue color, with matching embroidery as the bride. Gabrielle soon changed into her gorgeous bridal gown with a romantic off-shoulder detail and a sweeping mermaid cut! It was a light blush shade and the delicate embroidery added a classy romanticism to the look which the long flowy veil added to her grace. Her hair was done up in a romantic side updo and her makeup was kept soft and glowy. The gorgeous bouquet with white blooms and sprinkles of blue tied in the look together. The bridesmaids were dressed in a mix of blush pink and royal blue dresses with an off-shoulder neckline and mermaid-cut silhouette. The girls carried lovely bouquets of white and pink flowers, completing the pretty picture! 

James looked charming in his rich blue three-piece tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and a matching blue bowtie. We love the fun pop of color, the groom brought to the party! A lovely white boutonniere and a pair of black loafers completed the chic look! The groomsmen provided balance to the equation by wearing matching gray suits and blue ties. A dash of sparkle was added through the tie pin, and the soft pink boutonnieres and tan formal shoes completed the look perfectly. We love the lovely mix and match of colors across the wedding party, making them perfect additions to those group photography!

Once everybody was ready, our Miami wedding photographers clicked some perfect shots of the bridal party and the groom with his friends. The ceremony soon began and as Gabrielle walked down the aisle by her father, it was a sight to behold! The couple met under the cascading canopy of white and blue blossoms in front of the romantic fountain and the ceremony commenced. The couple said their vows to each other and the emotions running through their faces were captured perfectly by our wedding photographers in Miami suburbs! They sealed the deal with a kiss as the friends and family cheered happily! After the couple was officially married, they took a moment to pose while our wedding photographers in Miami captured the gorgeous duo in some flattering angles. We love the pictures taken in front of the gorgeous ivory door with intricate ivory details and the arched textured background with a dash of greenery. The neutral background of the outdoor provided the perfect setting for the couple to pose against, without clashing the colors. The wedding party posed along the arched pillars as well as the 100-year-old banyan tree. The couple also managed to get some amazing clicks with the lovely parents! 

After some couples photography and group photography, the wedding party headed inside for a fun evening ahead! The interiors were decorated in all its festive glory and brought in the vibe of celebration immediately. The glowy interiors decorated with the gorgeous blooms added a romantic vibe to the setting. Gabrielle and James posed in the romantic setting for some candid shots and we loved those pictures. They shared their first dance together as a married couple and cut their gorgeous wedding cake together, a beautiful rustic naked cake with romantic floral details! We love the personalized elements of the wedding reception setting, be it the wedding keepsake with tiny hearts with the names of the guests, or the welcome desk with initials of the couple! Overall this was a wedding reception which was full of elegance as well as full of love! 

The decor of this wedding was well thought and was full of attention to detail. Blue and pink seem to be the color of choice for this lovely couple which has been incorporated in the wedding outfits, the wedding invites and stationery, as well as the decor of the day! We love the bits of rustic touches making an appearance as little signage here and there! One thing that this wedding proves is that there is no such thing as too many flowers! The couple wasn’t shy to go all out with the flowers, be it in the elegant tall floral arrangements, the altar decorations, or the gorgeous wall of greenery with a heavy sprinkling of roses! The effect was romantic with a touch of elegance. We love the table setting with the lovely menu card and a touch of blue flowers to break through the monotony of pinks and creams. The golden tealight holder reflected the light, illuminating the place in an iridescent glow, while the height of the candle holders along with the towering floral arrangements added layers and dimension to the wedding decor, adding a classy grandeur to the wedding reception. The reception area was also adorned with the same cascading flowers from the wedding ceremony, bringing the party inside. We love the lighting in this wedding venue, as it echoes in pinks and purples and peaches, inviting a sunset glow indoors! The dance floor was sleek and inviting and we love the personalized touch added with the monogrammed lighting sprawled across the floor, acting as a reminder of the couple that we are celebrating. 

Weddings take months of planning, tidy nuggets of micro managements, and back-up plans, and within a day’s time, it is over! However, being one of the most significant in your lives, this day also brings with it tons of memories that you will be revisiting for decades to come. This essentially is the day you will look back on and celebrate every year, with long dinner dates, flowers, and chocolates. While you will have tons of memories packed in your mind, photographs sure help! Wedding photographs are more than just photographs, they are time capsules taking you back to that special day whenever you want, which is why it makes sense to choose the best wedding photographers you can. Our Miami wedding photographers have done a tremendous job of capturing beautiful moments of Gabrielle and James’ wedding day, in the most perfect frames. We love the moments like the charming outdoor wedding ceremony under the cascading canopy of white and purple flowers, and the stunning couple photography of the gorgeous couple along with the arched setting and the elegant pillars. We love the clean and airy outdoor setting which brought in a lot of natural lighting for our Maimi wedding photographers to seize the best captures, and the iridescent glow of the colorful lighting indoors which lit up the special day in a kaleidoscopic splendor! From the stunning detail shots to the tender moments, everything is captured by our wedding photographers in Miami with the perfect touch, ensuring that the moment gets to live on forever within the couple’s wedding album, bearing testimony to the gorgeous wedding day.

Weddings are a deeply invigorating experience, and it never gets old or boring. Every couple has their own special story and their narrative, making no two weddings alike, both in aesthetics and essence, which is what makes them so fascinating. Gabrielle and James’ wonderful wedding is unique with tons of personalized touches and unique elements, making them stand out in a refreshing way. They reiterate that they have their own unique ways and that’s what makes them so special, and it is always good to see that in a couple. Whether it is when they kiss each other at the altar, or when they sway to the music on their first dance, every moment seems to be touching and special. As they head out from the venue towards their fairytale ‘forever’, they are carrying with them pocketful of memories from the most special day of their lives, and we wish them the best!


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