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Engagement Spring Romantic Timeless Outdoor Details

A Chicago Spring Love Story with College Romance Vibes!


Like most riddles of life, love has succeeded to appeal to and confuse many eager hearts. Like any other immersive experience that we almost understand, but not completely, love adds a lovely essence to our lives. Having inflicted wars between countries, and sparked romantic novels, love songs, poems, and more, love is something that adds so much value to our lives that we can't envision a life without its sprightly aromatic presence. The easy yet complex theory of two people finding each other among many and resolving to stick together for the rest of the life in each other’s company is just mind-blowing. If you don't believe in wonders, what would you call two people discovering each other among millions and falling in love? Clearly, we are big fans of love and marriage here and the fact that every story is distinctive and extraordinary is just amazing. What’s more captivating than two people getting along at a different level and promising to spend the rest of their lives creating a life of their own. While every love story is special in its own way, Annelis and Anthony's engagement photo session is the kind which will get you wishing on a star, and remain in your subconscious mind for a long time! This is one love story that truly had us exhilarated inside and has us smiling ear to ear. It's no wonder that you will find yourselves rooting for this charming duo, irrespective of whether or not you know them. Maybe it's the turn of the season heading towards spring, or maybe it's the lovely optimism that the couple brings to us against the striking backdrop of Elmhurst University, but the effect is beautiful! The lovely engagement moment of the couple is caught in gorgeous frames, capturing memories that are ideal enough to belong to stock images. We are back at it, chasing love stories as we do, and we have some marvelous photos to show for it. Let us take a deeper plunge into this lovely couple’s special day and see how they made the perfect pictures as an engaged couple.

Annelis and Anthony chose Chicago as their city of choice for their love story, and of course, the city came through and delivered! A gorgeous city filled with scenic locations for engagement as well as wedding, Chicago is a city which will never bestow less than what is promised. The city carries with it some world-class construction and excellent artwork, including some of the most striking statues and sculptures. This undeniably aesthetic appeal of the city makes Chicago rich in some captivating components which present the city its exceptional charm and stature. A city valued by lovers and photographers alike, Chicago is an impressive city to look at, and each scene of the city is as jaw-dropping and aesthetically perfect as the following. Exquisitely photographic with its stunning cityscape, lustrous waterlines, and rich social anatomy, Chicago is a treat to be in, and most importantly, host a wedding in! Affectionately named ‘Windy City’, Chicago arrives with its namesake wind which can intensify to a moody wind depending on the time of the year, creating a remarkable and captivating picture for a love story to feature! Home to some of the several epic horizons in the country, Chicago sure boasts some of the most memorable city sunsets, drenching the city in its bewitching glory of sun rays. Aside from the exceptionally amazing cityscape, the city also is home to several outstanding pieces of architecture, starting from the Cloud Gate or the Sears Tower to the gorgeous Art Institute of Chicago. The city also has some impressive tourist spots like the Navy Pier or the Shedd Aquarium, making Chicago an amusing experience that promises to leave behind only good memories and a lingering feel-good ambiance. Rested by the beautiful Lake Michigan, Chicago is a gigantic and busy blur of a city that always offers something fun to do, from its misty beaches to romantic parks to well-known museums. A fun city chock-full of vitality and grace, Chicago is perfect for featuring in your love story, and it is assured that your Chicago engagement photography will come to life in a vivid range of colors

Annelis and Anthony chose Elmhurst University as a perfect spot to showcase their love story, a wise decision given the panoramic beauty that the campus provides. A perfect combination of the charm of a park-like campus with the nostalgia associated with it provides just the perfect ageless and old-school romantic vibe to the couple's engagement photo session. College engagement photoshoots are always charming, whether the reason behind the choice is the relevance of the place to the couple's life or just the aesthetics that the campus offers. There is nothing that encapsulates the youthful love of a couple better than a playful photoshoot on a college campus and Elmhurst University just escalates the experience significantly by providing the photographers the most amazing backdrops to work with. Just minutes from Chicago and a few blocks from downtown Elmhurst, the campus is easily accessible and is a treasure chest of photo opportunities. The 48-acre grounds comprise wide-open green space and are an arboretum, with more than 800 trees and woody plants. The traditional red-brick buildings and the romantic water fountains make the campus the perfect spot for some romantic snaps to last a lifetime.

The engagement photo session starts with Annelis and Anthony looking clean and crisp, all dressed for a warm breezy spring day. Annelis wore a white midi lace dress with beautiful floral cutouts and a delicate romantic neckline and strappy sleeves. Her caramel-hued hair was kept down and done up in loose waves and a pair of strappy nude sandals and minimal jewelry gave her a delicate, refreshing, and cool vibe. Anthony looked handsome in a blue and white striped button-down and an inky blue pair of shorts. He accessorized the look with a pair of white sneakers and a snazzy watch. The engagement photographer in Chicago framed the couple beautifully against the arched entrance of the Elmhurst University, the gorgeous greenery of the campus, and the lovely romantic benches which lined the campus. We especially love the lovely closeups and the burst of green which added life to the couple portraits, making them fresh and inviting. We also love a couple of shots where the couple looked down at the ring on Annelis’ hands and how the emotions peeked in and out of their faces as they shared a moment together! We love it when the emotions are beautifully captured by the skilled hands of an engagement photographer and how it lives on forever! After the couple's portraits were done with a chic and fresh warm-weather friendly look, the couple went in for their second outfits, as they paid fun and playful homage to their beloved University. Annelis wore an Elmhurst University T-shirt with a pair of classic blue skinny jeans, and a pair of white canvas shoes, looking absolutely stunning in her youthful and casual look. Anthony donned the same matching Elmhurst University T-shirt with a pair of cream shorts and white loafers, looking equally perfect for the shoot. The couple's sweet and thoughtful homage to the University by doning the cutesy college t-shirts looked absolutely cute together while posing in them! We love how the sweet and romantic vibe of the shoot instantly shifted to fun and playful as soon as the couple changed into the Elmhurst University merchandise. The couple posed against some of the iconic settings of the campus and showed off the beautiful Elmhurst University to its full glory. Whether it was the beautiful red-bricked building, the luscious green grass beds, or the soothing water fountain, Annelis and Anthony did full justice to the setting, while creating lifetime memories for themselves. We love the bursts of personality shining through the last few pictures where the couple posed for some adorable candid clicks, be it the picture where Anthony gave Annelis a piggyback ride or the one where the couple danced and posed as Anthony dipped Annelis down for the perfect pose! There is no denying that every frame for this charming engagement shoot is nothing less than perfect and we love the young and fresh vibe that it leaves us with. 

While the wedding day is the day that we are counting down towards, an engagement is an also equally important date in the calendar. Some would say that it is even more important, and they might just be right! After all, if the proposal doesn't happen, can there be a wedding? We thought not! While a wedding day might be a specific theme and a whole color palette, and several rituals and elements that take the center stage, and a day designed to celebrate the promise of forever love with families and friends, an engagement is the couple's own. An engagement photoshoot is not about the event but is rather about the couple and their love, so it speaks a different language altogether. It provides a peek at the couple's personality, and how they communicate and depict their love for each other and the world. While you may want to remember how your dress swayed as you walked down the aisle, and how your sweetheart looked at you as you said "I do," you might also want to remember the two of you, elated and excited about being freshly engaged and waiting for your forever to start! Having the right engagement photographer to capture this tender imagery is an important element of your love story. You will want to hold on to the fresh-faced enthusiasm of your engagement forever, and it is something that you can look back on after decades. The engagement photoshoot also enables the couple to truly be themselves and narrate their love story in just the way they want. Whether they want a picnic set-up or a hike in the mountains, the engagement photo session has tons of opportunities, something that is lacking and limited in wedding photography. So a couple can actually let the personality of their relationship shine, be candid and playful, and have the cutest pictures to hold on to forever. If you are contemplating getting your engagement pictures taken, we have two words for you! Do it! You will never regret it. In Annelis and Anthony's case, our Chicago engagement photographers did a phenomenal job capturing the spring aesthetics and the uniqueness of the couple, the fresh excitement, and the playful vibe in perfect frames! 

We are lucky to be in an industry which permits us to witness so many amazing love stories along the way, and while every love story is heart-warming and just perfect, there are some which influence us in a way others couldn’t. Annelis and Anthony's engagement session appears to fit snugly in the later section. There is an effortless charm and a fun vibe about them which appears to draw people in, even though their pictures, even if you are a complete stranger peeping into their love story. We love the hands-down romantic vibe that the couple projects and makes our hearts melt every time they throw their radiant smiles at each other. We love the sparkle in their eyes when they look at each other and the excitement as they look into the future ahead, we love the tasteful use of colors in the breezy sunny day and we definitely love the creative input that the engagement photographers in Chicago brought to the table.

There is a simmering quiet love and grace to the couple which cuts through the pictures and stands out to you. We love the light and bright spring aesthetics that the pictures communicate. As the first ray of spring sunlight and the first March bloom, there is something about this engagement photoshoot that warms our soul and fills our hearts with love and optimism. They stand out with their bright luminescence in a night sky full of stars, and that says a lot about them as a couple. From the love in the air to the easy-breezy companionship that they depict, there is something truly unique about this couple that places them apart. And as they walk away from this fun engagement session and their wedding approaching soon ahead, they are definitely heading towards an incredible future ahead of them, and we are excited to see them walk hand-in-hand to their promised happily ever after!


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