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Maggie and Eric’s Time-Warped Washington DC Wedding at the Historic Woodlawn Farm!


If you are ever feeling a little let down by life, look at a love story, and all faith in the beauty of this world will be restored. Witnessing a love story takes flight from just an insistent spark and snowballs into a huge entity that needs to be celebrated among close and cherished friends and family is a wild and exhilarating journey of its own. It is one of those rare beautiful moments that life has to offer, and we are forever captivated by it. We are lucky to be in a field of work that allows us to witness love stories being celebrated, and while we encounter so many stories each year, every one of them is uniquely beautiful in its own way. Maggie and Eric are a stunning couple announcing their love in a cutesy fall engagement and tie the knot in a classy Washington DC wedding, and we can’t be more excited to be a part of their special day. From the charming engagement shoot which is fresh and wholesome to a wedding which is filled with rustic romance and wide-open space filled with beauty, it is quite a pleasing experience, and we have pictures to tell the tale!


Maggie and Eric chose the gorgeous city of Washington DC as the setting for their wedding day. A stunning place that needs almost no introduction, and loved and admired as the capital of the United States, this iconic city is home to iconic architectural structures like the White HouseLincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument, places which come packed with political significance. If you are a couple who is planning for a wedding in Washington DC, there are endless opportunities for you to choose from and this exceptional city will never disappoint you. This is a city named after George Washington, who was the first President of the United States and a Founding Father. Full of historical richness, the city has a lot to offer in terms of photo opportunities of the city that can be very well consolidated into your wedding photography. Whether you are a couple who is interested in the fascinating world of history, or whether you love the grandeur that the city serves, Washington DC plays the perfect for lovers and photographers alike. Let our DC wedding photographers combine the historical marvels with the complex romanticism that the city provides, bringing to you some classic Washington DC wedding photography. If history is not really your thing, DC has a lot more to contribute, whether it is the serene wonders of nature, the private golf clubs, sanctuaries, or wineries, this gorgeous city is like a treasure trove for picture-perfect nuptials! From architectural miracle to romantic parks and everything in between, this is a city furnished to provide you with a wedding which will be special! There are several stunning locations in Washington DC which will make any wedding extraordinary and we guarantee this city will never fail your expectations, but will rather transcend them. 


The photojournalistic journey of our gorgeous couple just goes to show how stunning and diverse the city of Washington DC is and how it can tune-in to different vibes. Let us first take a peek at the gorgeous engagement photo session of Maggie and Eric. Ah, how sweet and romantic it is. Taking a colorful Washington DC neighborhood as their canvas of choice, Maggie and Eric showed up in the classic cozy fall attire, giving the entire shoot a wholesome romantic movie vibe. Maggie wore a cranberry-wine hued button-down with a pair of blue jeans, a cream-colored duster coat, and a checkered scarf in a melody of fall colors like cream, red and green. Her burgundy boots matched her shirt, and she accessorized the look with simple jewelry and makeup, along with naturally flowing hair. The look came together perfectly, giving her a cozy yet light-fall look. Eric looked guy-next-door handsome in his smart casual attire. We loved the tonal harmony of Eric’s outfit, as it was all in varying shades of blue. The crisp sky-blue button-down with brown elbow patches and the puffer vest in navy matched perfectly with his blue-jeans, exuding style and confidence in an effortless manner. We love the warm-toned colors of Maggie and the cool-toned palette of Eric and how they complemented each other without contradicting. The colorful backdrops of the shoot added character and dimension to the pictures, making them come alive beautifully. We love the beautiful pink brick walls, the eclectic arrangements of shutters providing the more beautiful setting. We love the Hampden graffiti and how it provided the perfect aqua backdrop for the tiffany box to shine in the most adorable photo of the collection. There is something so sweet and romantic about this couple, it touches our heart. The final flair to the engagement shoot was the perfect captures of the love-struck duo amidst the greenery!


Maggie and Eric chose Woodlawn Farm as the place where they hosted their beautiful wedding day, and there couldn't have been a more perfect location. A delightful site for weddings where intimacy and privacy reign, Woodland Farm is a quaint and scenic location where the wedding guests are treated to the magic of a 400-year-old property which takes one back to another century. Time crawls and seems to slip into the cracks in such a location and a wedding held here assures both couples and their guests that time can stand still in places as such. Woodlawn is a charming historic home located at St. Mary's CitySt. Mary's CountyMaryland, United States. A stunning federal-style, two-story, five-bay frame house with brick ends, the house is a typical Federal period house exhibiting one of the most important components of Southern Maryland's 18th-century architecture. Now operating as a bed and breakfast, Woodlawn was also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. Prided on privacy and history, Woodlawn comes with age-old trees, the stunning white Manor House, and the panoramic views by the creek with the Potomac River and the distant shoreline of Virginia posing as the perfect backdrop full of mystique and understated elegance. There is laid-back rustic beauty to this place which is quite unlike the hustle culture and the fast-track life of the cities. Surrounded by the serenity of the quiet waterlines shimmering away in the horizon, the gorgeous cute white building, and the lush greenery and towering trees, there is a beguiling quality to this which is hugely restorative! 


Set in such a magical atmosphere, Maggie and Eric added just the right amount of classic romance to the mix with their lovely wedding ensemble. On the wedding day, the couple turned up looking like the perfect picture of sophistication, and while still being very modern, the pair looked like they fit into the setting with ease, wearing the historic splendor of the location with pride. Maggie looked like a dream in her sweeping white dress with an A-line cut and the most gorgeous lace overlay in the bodice of the dress, creating quite a romantic silhouette. We love the high neckline of the dress and the gorgeous sleeveless details. A slight train trailed behind our blushing bride as she walked, making a pretty picture. Maggie showed off the stunning delicate details of the neckline by wearing her hair in an elegant updo and simple jewelry and accessories completed the look. Maggie carried a simple bridal bouquet with an arrangement of white and red flowers and a generous sprinkling of foliage. Her bridesmaids wore stunning floor-length dresses in a light gray hue and looked stunning while at it. They all carried matching bouquets mirroring the bride. Eric looked dashing in a stunning blue three-piece suit and a gray necktie, crisp white shirt and white pocket square completed the look. Tan shoes and a shiny gold tie pin accessorized our handsome groom, and the delicate white and green boutonniere added the finishing flair. The groomsmen all dressed sharp to match the groom to the last detail and looked like a classy bunch too. The wedding party together made a pretty picture with the light mix of bold and neutral colors, and the classy cuts and elegant details ensured an aesthetically harmonious look overall. 


After everybody was ready, it was time for the wedding ceremony to commence. However, before the ceremony, the couple sneaked out for some stunning captures. Our Washington DC wedding photographer captured the gorgeous couple in the most perfect settings. From gorgeous couple photography by the misty waterside area with the canopy of the century-old trees spreading over them to the delightful couple portraits by the dock, the artsy captures against the rustic wooden barn, and the remarkable bridal portraits, every photo looks absolutely gorgeous. We also love the quaint indoors of the wedding venue, with pastel-colored walls and vintage yellow wallpapers. After several gorgeous captures in several perfect corners of the interiors, it was finally time to tie the knot. 


Maggie was walked down the aisle by her father, and the couple met by the waterfront setting and said their vows. The overhanging trees, the green meadows, and the shimmering waterline in the background made the perfect setting for two lovers to exchange nuptials, and there couldn’t be a more perfect location for the occasion. We love how the couple went for a minimal setting, with no obnoxious arches or over-the-top aisle ways, allowing nature to take over and do the job. We love the stripped-down simplicity of the ceremony and the way it translated into the photographs beautifully. After Maggie and Eric were pronounced married, the couple went in with their guests for the gorgeous wedding reception waiting for them. Long rectangular tables were laid out in family-style for the guests to have the reception dinner, and as the day progressed the couple went on with sharing some amazing memories together, each of which was captured artfully by our photographers in Washington DC. 


The duo swayed to the music for their first dance as a couple. They also went on to have the son and mother dance and the father and daughter dance. The cozy setting of the indoor reception area was perfect for a celebration amongst friends and family. The exposed beams and the wooden accents added a rustic flair while the warm fairy lights added a cozy and intimate touch. We love the little personalized elements the couple touched on, all of which added personality to the wedding, be it the minimal signage or the engraved champagne flutes. The same light gray color was reflected in the table setting and the floral colors matched the bridal bouquet, ensuring there is a harmonious flow throughout the wedding. As the sun dipped away for the day, the stunning couple silhouette photos against the fairy lights looked just magical. There is something simple and beautiful about this wedding, the ensembles were elegant yet memorable, the decor was simple and impactful and the picture came out personal and true to the couple. After the reception was done with and the couple drove off to their happily-ever-after, they left behind a trail of amazing captures which will forever remind them of a day in a location where time moved slow, the trees dipped low, and when everything was magical.


Weddings are beautiful in every shape and form and can warm one's heart in an instant. Maggie and Eric's wedding is the material that love songs and movies are made of. As we said before, some moments of our real-life are more magical than a fairytale, and this gorgeous couple's real-life fairytale is the one to sweep everyone off their feet. A love-filled love story with picture-perfect moments and promising life and happily-ever-after waiting just around the corner! A stunning Washington DC wedding enveloped up in the best of nature, and a beautiful couple, so love-soaked who can't wait to start their forever together as soon as possible, this love story will fill your heart with a warm feeling and leave you misty-eyed and filled with hope.


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