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Friday Favorites: Team Prop Picks


Props can really help a couple get comfortable in front of a camera because it gives them an action to get them moving, rather than trying to figure out how to pose on their own. We see a lot of prop photos, so this week our team scoured the archives to find our favorites. Take a peek and get some inspiration for your own photo session!

Emily: I really enjoy how props can make a couple feel so much more comfortable in front of the camera! I especially love this image because the couple looks super laid-back and relaxed, wrapped in their blanket at a tree farm. Such a cute idea!


Kelly: I love how this couple is having a mini celebration with each other! They seem so happy and so involved in this moment, just the two of them.


Anna: I like when couples take the extra time to come up with a theme or specific look for their engagement sessions. This couple styled their shoot as a classic picnic and it’s so cozy and sweet!


Jeff: I like that this couple chose to do something a little bit different and show their creativity by making their own props. The date fills the space nicely and, at a glance, it looks like it could have been done digitally. I thought this was a very clever idea for their save-the-date announcement!


Shellie: How could you not be swooning over this adorable couple?! I love the perspective of this shot and how they chose to actually ride the bike during their photos rather than just posing with it. So fun!


Tim: This couple is having a great time creating their own little piece of art and their joy really comes through in the photo. Who says you can't think outside of the box and have some fun during your engagement session? 


Elizabeth: Everyone loves a good balloon photo, but what captivates me most about this image in particular is the photographer’s choice to shoot from behind the couple. The balloons take on a personality of their own and make for a truly decadent composition!


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