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An LA Wedding Of Morgan, And Dustin Is Crisp, Simple And Live-Giving Like Love Itself!


Every day is a gift and there are many moments sprinkled throughout our life which makes life the amazing journey that it is. But needless to say, your wedding day is one of the crown jewels of a day in the treasure chest of life. Finding love on this big blue planet is no easy feat and finding a partner who shares similar values, dreams, and vision for the life ahead seems near impossible. However, every day, it happens all around us. People fall in love, despite the chances. And they get married! Being able to spend the rest of your life with someone who loves you deeply is a lovely thing, regardless of whether you have been dreaming about this day since you were 10 or it has only recently come to be a reality for you. We are fortunate that our line of work allows us to see the union of two people in love. Every time we get to write about a couple that is so in love that everything else is just a blur for them, it renews our confidence in love, which can occasionally become a little jaded. Love heals, inspires, and makes us laugh even in the hard phases of life. We see a love story and get an instant serotonin boost. This interesting phenomenon will undoubtedly restore everyone's faith in the world's natural beauty. A lively and once-in-a-lifetime adventure, getting to watch a love story start from a spark and then take off is truly rewarding. Love is one of nature's extraordinary wonders since it never wears us out and always fills us with amazement and joy. We can never get enough of the captivating colors of love. 


This fall LA wedding of Morgan and Dustin is the one that made us tear up and left our hearts overflowing with happiness. Morgan and Dustin’s love story is the one we're sharing today, and we can't stop raving about this endearing couple and their minimal, light, and airy September wedding. Morgan and Dustin’s big day is lovely, hospitable, and poetically romantic enough to make your heart melt. It combines all the picturesque natural romantic aspects, with delicate touches of refinement and a liberal sprinkling of nature and coziness. Let's have a look at some breathtaking images from this lovely couple's big day. 


The couple chose the starry landscape of LA as their wedding day backdrop. Honestly, is there anything better than Los Angeles for a giddy couple in love? We think not! Los Angeles is truly the city that offers a multitude of backdrops for a couple of every style. Home of palm trees and bright days, Los Angeles is a stunning metropolis of artists and the arts, is home to lovely spots, mild weather, and the tinsel town "Hollywood" that is only a short drive away. The city is a foster home for all budding talents, a playground for artists, and a canvas for creativity. It is a place where dreams come true. It is the home for dreamers and amazingly creative brains. Los Angeles is a colorful, artistic city that whispers seductive promises of success and glory. It brings with it vivid strokes of character and richness to contribute to the fabric of your love tale. LA enjoys the best of both worlds due to its location at the intersection of several distinct terrains! LA is nothing less than a treasure trove for a couple in love, being directed by the Pacific Ocean and ornamented by stunning mountains and deserts. 


There are several attractions and activities to do all year long in Southern California's huge city of Los Angeles. It has a long history of being well-known in the film and entertainment industries, especially in Hollywood, which for more than a century has attracted aspiring actors and actresses from all over the nation. Today, LA is known as the creative hub of America and is a metropolis with a diversified cultural population. Some of the greatest things to do in California include the vibrant culinary scene, incredible shopping, outstanding museums, and enjoyable family attractions. Hollywood, a Los Angeles suburb, is a destination in and of itself, with its own distinctive history and famous locations. Hollywood's tourist attractions are strongly linked to the movie business and the glitz of the big screen. Some of the top locations to visit are Hollywood Boulevard, the Chinese Theater, and the Hollywood sign on the hill. If you're lucky, you could even run into a few celebrities on Rodeo Drive while they're out shopping. Finding the stars of all your favorite artists among the more than 2,500 on the Walk of Fame is a fun family activity in Hollywood. Visitors who are traveling to the area to enjoy the beaches and warm weather will have enough to do and intriguing areas to explore. Getting around and taking in the sights has never been easier, thanks to recent improvements to the public transportation system and the arrival of a Metro Bike Share in downtown Los Angeles


From the thrilling Disneyland Park to the beautiful Hollywood Sign, from the Griffith Observatory to the Universal Studies, there is so much to discover here. In addition to being a working movie studio and a popular attraction for all ages, Universal Studios Theme Park is renowned for its mind-blowing rides inspired by popular movies. The ever-changing variety of rides, which includes everything from roller coasters to simulators, is what most people find most exciting. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Transformers, Jurassic World - The Ride, and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem are a few popular film and television-themed attractions. On the other hand, the largest city park in Los Angeles is Griffith Park, which has a total area of 4,210 acres and is located in the eastern portion of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is the location of the Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles Zoo, a Greek theater, and a planetarium. Additionally, it has hiking paths, tennis facilities, golf courses, and a riding facility built for the 1984 Olympic Games. Additionally, mountain hiking paths and picturesque drives provide vistas of the city and beyond. One of the most intriguing experience-based attractions in the city is the Griffith Observatory, which is open to everyone and is completely free. There are displays and telescopes on the property. A glance through the Zeiss telescope, which is used to see the moon and planets, is the main attraction. 


With a population that includes everyone from techies and business professionals to surfers, skateboarders, and yoga enthusiasts, Santa Monica is another distinctive location that is both stylish and laid-back. The famed Santa Monica Pier with its iconic Ferris wheel and the lovely stretch of golden sand along the coast is what most visitors come to enjoy, but there are many other things to do in this beachside city near Los Angeles. Santa Monica's downtown area is bustling both during the day and at night. Shoppers have a variety of choices, from unique vintage shops to upscale boutiques. For shopping and people-watching, as well as to see the numerous street entertainers, visit the Third Street Promenade. LA will not only meet the expectations but will also offer the most ideal backdrops, whether a person is seeking the ideal setting to have their dream wedding or the most ideal site to frame their engagement photo session. Given the magnificent surroundings the city offers, it is hardly surprising that Morgan and Dustin’s wedding photos turned out absolutely stunning.


Speaking of stunning locations, LA is full of those. Whether it is a barn wedding or a beach wedding that your heart desires, LA has it all. From the Malibu Dream Resort which is a mansion wedding venue located in sunny and scenic Malibu, California set against breathtaking sea views, to Maravilla Gardens,  a wedding venue located in Camarillo, California which is idyllic in setting and features grounds of lush lawns, fragrant flowers, and gentle coastal breezes, this city has it all. While there are several valid options at this lovely couple’s disposal, they instantly fell in love with The Harper. 


Located in the center of Costa Mesa, The Harper has a lot nearby to see and enjoy between wedding events. TeWinkle Park, Huntington State Beach, Back Bay Drive, Orange County Museum of Art, Lido Isle, and many other attractions are open to visitors and couples. Los Angeles and all that the City of Angels has to offer, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Griffith Observatory, are only 42 miles away. There are a tonne of places to stay within three miles of Costa Mesa. The distance from the Los Angeles International Airport, 43 miles, makes traveling to your happy occasion feasible. The Harper provides the ideal setting for your big day with customized accents. The area provides a fascinating ambiance with elements of urban and contemporary design mixed in with the familiarity and romance of the European countryside. It can seat up to 250 people at feasts. You can invite up to 300 of your closest friends and family members to a cocktail-style setting. Two private on-site suite lounges, a salon, a bar, and central and private gardens are all features of the venue. You have lovely indoor and outdoor alternatives for exchanging vows at The Harper.


The Harper places a strong emphasis on care and attention to detail to make sure that your event is unforgettable, whether it is for your engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, or elopement. They handle many aspects of your day so you may focus on enjoying each second, from cleanup and food services to getting ready areas and bar services. Couples can also rent event supplies like seats, tables, lighting, and barware from the art gallery location. The Harper collaborates with Pharmacie Events Co., their in-house bar program, and Roomforty, their preferred on-site caterer. Both provide a full-service and innovative method for providing couples with a meal that they will never forget. You can select from a variety of presentation styles for your delectable dinner, ranging from stations and buffets to cocktail receptions and hors d'oeuvres. You can plan for plated meals, family-style meals, and desserts. Before your big day, schedule a sample with the on-site caterer to make sure the food is nothing less than outstanding.


The wedding venue was stunning on its own, but the way it was dressed up for the couple’s special day made it even more special. The couple sure took their time planning their look in great detail and the way they looked on that day was awe-inducing. There was an airy vibe, both to the venue and the couple which stays consistent throughout the wedding day. Before the wedding day started, the LA wedding photographer captured some of the wedding details like the bouquet, the invitation, and the accessories. Morgan and her girls started getting ready for the ceremony and it was the perfect time for the girls to get some candid photographs clicked. Morgan wore a white romper and the girls wore baby blue rompers as they got ready for the ceremony and had a quick champagne toast before that. Soon Morgan changed from her romper into a gorgeous illusion dress with lace details and a trumpet silhouette. A cascading veil and open wavy hair and light makeup completed her look. Her gang of bridesmaids wore matching sage green dresses which were just the perfect color for the chosen wedding theme. The girls carried matching bouquets made of white bouquets and green eucalyptus leaves. Dustin, our dashing groom, looked equally great in his classic black suit and black-tie details. The crisp white shirts, black shoes, and boutonniere crafted from greenery matched the wedding theme's simplicity perfectly. The groomsmen followed the groom in the dressing details and stood like the perfect team mirroring him. We loved the groom and the groomsmen having their drinks before the ceremony, a testimony to the bond that they hold. 


Soon it was time for the ceremony, and we loved how our LA wedding photographers captured that million-dollar look on the groom’s face, as the bride of his dreams made an appearance at the end of the aisle. The aisle was decorated simply with greenery tracing along the way. Soon the ceremony started and the couple exchanged their vows, rings, and a kiss to seal the deal. We love the picture where the couple kissed each other right after the ceremony finished and the well-wishing guests cheered them on. After the ceremony, the couple posed for some formal posed photography with family and friends. The photographer captured the duo with the bridal party in a perfect shot. The couple then sneaked away from the crowd for some cozy couple portraits and bridal portraits and soon it was time for them to join their guests for the reception. 


The couple had their first dance and wedding photographers in LA captured the perfect dip and kiss of their first dance. The couple then had their cake-cutting moment and the cake was a gorgeous two-tier white cake with greenery lacing it delicately and the gold cake topper is just the perfect addition. After dancing, mingling, and merrimaking, the newlywed couple had their magical exit under the canopy of sparklers. We especially loved Morgan’s bridal jacket that she wore to keep the September brisk air off, and it looked amazing. We loved the tasteful way the couple went with the wedding decoration. With white, black and sage green being the primary color themes. The minimal natural vibe went well with the stark white interiors and the bright and airy exteriors. Classy and simple details like glass-encased candles and gold details brought some warmth and richness to the ambiance.  Overall, this was an early fall wedding that had the lightness of the spring air and the coziness of the winter, making it truly unforgettable. 


Even when words are inadequate, a picture can still communicate a lot. But when it comes to this adorable couple, each of their stunning photographs vividly depicts the story of their enchanting love. A couple spends months planning their wedding, putting all the small and significant elements together so that the big day turns out just as they had imagined it would. This requires thorough planning, numerous phone calls, errands, and redesigning in order to, with a little help here and there, bridge the gap between your ideal wedding and reality. Additionally, the day vanishes in an instant when the wedding day arrives! The day is a joyful jumble of events, a fast-forwarded snapshot of the most amazing day of your life because of all the intense feelings, rituals, and activities involved. The physical, sentimental images, however, get to live on forever, and even after they have aged, they still carry a tale within their folds.


The truth is that there are only a select few memories in your life that you will truly love, and your wedding day will undoubtedly rank at the top of that list. Every couple wants to capture the beauty of the special day in the perfect photos, from the aisle decorated with flowers and vines to the sparkling pin in their hair, so they may recall the lovely day whenever they want and be welcomed back by the memories of the day as by an old friend. A wedding's photos definitely convey a lot about the event as well as many poignant and important moments that humans could have missed but that the camera caught. Our Los Angeles wedding photographers did a fantastic job of stunningly capturing the lovely couple. Every frame is expertly shot and can be stated to be worthy of framing, whether it be the serene and tender moments from the stunning couple photography session or the playful bits from the striking group photography with the blooming backdrop shown behind. The pair was skillfully positioned against the most dramatic of backgrounds by our top-notch wedding photographers in Los Angeles, who also produced captivating frames that dazzled and impressed. We especially adore how Morgan and Dustin’s fairytale moment was captured by the LA wedding photographers as they gracefully posed in front of the wonderfully romantic outdoor setting. Our expert LA wedding photographer captured the precious moments with an expert hand, capturing the delicate moments from the day with grace as these are the parts that couples wish to cherish.


Weddings provide us a moment of magic in the midst of everyday life. It encourages us to think that love will find us all and that happily-ever-after is not just for fables and fairytales. Weddings are stunning in all their forms and have the power to melt anyone's heart. The concept of the ideal wedding is said to be paradoxical because there isn't anything else like it. And the reason for that is because every wedding day is perfect in the eyes of the lovers, and in the end, that's what matters! Every couple offers their unique tale and special charm to the relationship, which completes them. Even though there were a few little hiccups and detours and some things didn't go precisely as planned, these are the details that make a wedding perfect! Because of this, even before the wedding day started, it became a great day because two people who genuinely love each other were present to stake a claim on "forever"!


Speaking of forever, Morgan and Dustin’s wedding day was the closest thing to perfection anyone has ever seen, appearing as if it were lifted straight out of a romantic fairytale. Every frame is beautiful because of the wonderful backgrounds or the airy and green atmosphere of the event. The ideal couple was captured in breathtaking shots, creating memories that will last a lifetime! Whether it's the modern and classy yet natural elements of the spring-inspired wedding décor or the understated yet beautiful atmosphere of the wedding day, whether it's the splash of bright color or the neutrals that tie it all together, everything comes together to make the wedding day special! Every last element of this wedding was executed to perfection, and as the stunning couple departs for their classic happy ending, we wish them a lifetime of happiness together!


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