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A Florida Winter Wedding Of Maxine And Jason With Muted Colors And Simplicity!


Life is full of many adventures, and love is the best ride. It illuminates our lives, lifts our sorrows, and sprinkles liquid sunshine on even the most humdrum of days. It not only illuminates the lives of the two persons involved, but it also illuminates the lives of those who come into contact with them. Nothing compares to two individuals steadily growing in love and making the decision to love and commit to one other for the rest of their lives! It's exciting, rewarding, and leaves everyone who sees it feeling warm and mushy from the love on the show! While there are many things in the world that can go wrong, love brings something to the table that always goes right and works out, and it is beautiful! We are lucky to work in a field that allows us to see the allure of love again and time again! Even if we've seen the same starry-eyed look in the lovers' eyes and those toothy smiles for many years, it never fails to charm us. Every wedding between two people in love is a captivating love tale in and of itself, and we are happy to be able to record it in exquisite images. The wedding of Maxine and Jason in Florida is the stuff of dreams, and here's a sneak peek at their big day!


Maxine and Jason chose Jacksonville as their favorite location for expressing their love for one another to the rest of the globe. Jacksonville is home to 22 miles of calm beaches, spectacular eco-adventures, world-class public art, deep-rooted history, intriguing attractions, and the best eating scene in the region, making it one of the nation's most value-friendly tourist destinations. Jacksonville entices you with stretches of beautiful beaches and rivers, the country's largest urban park system, amazing cultural and historical sites, and experiences that engross the mind, body, and inner explorer. There are 840 square miles of adventures to be had. Relax on its beautiful beaches, kayak through its nature-filled waterways, hike, bike, and explore its national, state, and local parks, dine in its top-rated restaurants and take the time to appreciate and unwind in a setting that allows you to do all of this. Families, couples, nature lovers, adventure seekers, foodies, sports enthusiasts, arts and history visitors, and more will find plenty to do here.


Jacksonville is located just a little over 2 hours from Orlando, which is located in central Florida, is known for its theme parks, which include Walt Disney WorldMagic KingdomEpcotUniversal Orlando, and others. Orlando certainly knows how to exist in an enthralling larger-than-life manner, adding a strong sprinkle of magic to regular life. Whether you are a Harry Potter fan who wants to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or prefer Disney's Animal Kingdom, there is something for everyone here, as long as you believe! However, Orlando isn't only about theme parks. This Florida city is full of possibility and pleasure, with beauty in every corner and season, from historic college campuses to calm nature trails. Orlando is one of Florida photographers' favorite destinations to photograph since it is the picture-perfect setting for telling your love story in the most spectacular locations. Whether a couple in love wants to have their engagement photos taken at Tom Fruin's glasshouse or want to experience the thrill of a roller coaster ride hand-in-hand after just saying “I Do”, Orlando has something for everyone. This beautiful Central Florida city has something for every couple, from the Winter Park Train Station and Hannibal Square to the interesting murals on 4th and Sanford Ave Near 3rd. Maxine and Jason are guaranteed the time of their lives with all of Orlando's colorful energy and entertaining feelings, as well as the city's touch of magic.


Maxine and Jason chose The Manor at 12 Oaks Farm as their chosen wedding venue. The Manor at 12 Oaks Farm is a venue located in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Couples will adore the 42 acres of private grounds that this gorgeous estate offers for their outdoor-yet-luxurious wedding. The picturesque views of the countryside and woodlands, as well as the beautiful Manor itself, provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding events. The attractive, classy venue's atmosphere indoors and out, as well as its well-manicured environment, will appeal to both couples and guests. The Manor at 12 Oaks Farm can accommodate up to 300 wedding guests for ceremonies, receptions, bridal showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and elopements. On the expansive grounds of this stately estate, couples and visitors will appreciate the privacy. The rich, bright scenery is the ideal setting for your wedding ceremony, which will take place next to a freshwater pond. There's also a covered patio with a large outdoor fireplace and a dance area adjacent. The indoor area is also rather large, with stylish, exquisite décor that you may complement with your own decorations. The staff at the Manor at 12 Oaks Farm is knowledgeable and trustworthy. They will do everything they can to ensure that the festivities run well. They provide a variety of services to ensure a stress-free celebration. Couples are welcome to bring their own outside vendors to this pet-friendly establishment, however, they do provide a list of reputable vendors with whom they have previously dealt. Tables and chairs for up to 200 guests are included in their package for both your ceremony and reception.

On the day of Maxine and Jason’s wedding, the gorgeous February is bright and stunning, promising a beautiful sunny day ahead. The couple soon started getting ready for their ceremony ahead. Maxine and her girls took some time before getting ready to hang out and exchange a precious moment together, while our Orlando wedding photographer did everything in their power to capture the glowing girls in some gorgeous wedding photography. While Maxine wore a pale gold satin robe, the bridesmaids brought in some color with their bold blue matching satin robes. As Maxine had her makeup done, our Orlando wedding photographers captured the mesmerizing process in some stunning captures. Maxine’s makeup was radiant and star-dusted with light golden touches. Her caramel-brown hair is done up in Maxine’s natural curls and an angelic hair accessory that sat on the crown of her head like a floral crown. Maxine slipped into her stunning A-line bridal gown, a gorgeous sleeveless dainty feminine dress with gold illusion details and the most exquisite beading and embroidery details. The sleeveless dress showed off her tattoo perfectly, letting her personality shine through, and a stunning white, blush, and green bouquet finished off her bridal look beautifully. Her bridesmaids were wearing gorgeous floor-length dresses in a dusty rose color. Jason wore a charcoal blue suit with a crisp white shirt and a blue tie, and a kippah paid the perfect ode to his Jewish roots. A dashing smile, a pair of black formal shoes, and a pair of thick-framed glasses completed his look perfectly. The groomsmen seemed to be dressed in matching midnight-blue suits and they all made a compelling bunch for sure. 


After everybody got ready for the day, and the girls were captured in some stunning group photography shots, it was soon time for the wedding ceremony. The outdoor wedding ceremony site was dressed up for the occasion, bringing in all the cold-weather vibes along with a burst of muted yet colorful additions. The wooded ardor where the couple is set to say their vows have been decorated beautifully to match the crisp late winter day, with its clusters of dry flowers and the white dreamy drapes which captured the vibe of the wedding perfectly! Long streaming ribbons in deep scarlet billowed with drapes, adding to the magic. The outdoor ceremony area was decorated with a tasteful hand with dry flower arrangements, each bearing the names of Maxine and Jason in small chalkboard place cards.  


Our gorgeous bride Maxine was walked down the aisle by both of her parents and the moment was worth capturing, as the sun was streaming down on the ceremony site! The couple met each other under the arch, and they said their heartfelt vows, exchanged rings, and were soon declared married! After the ceremony was over, the couple posed with their wedding party for some fun and colorful group wedding photography shots. From the gorgeous shots of the bride and her girls, each holding matching white and blush bouquets, to the fun shots of the groom with the bridesmaids, from the bridesmaids and the groomsmen cheering as the couple kissed to the bride posing with the dashing groomsmen, every shot was taken with care to capture the moments with justice! After the group wedding photography was done, the couple grabbed the opportunity to pose for some jaw-dropping couple portraits. Whether it is with the gorgeous brown horse, or by the romantic swing, the beautiful couple posed for some epic shots which will forever remind them of this wonderful day!


As the day melted into a beautiful evening, the couple joined their guests for their wedding receptionThe air started getting nippy and Maxine wore a brown furry shrug on her shoulder and they looked quite charming as they were seated on the sweetheart table! Soon Maxine and Jason went on to cut their wedding cake, a classy three-tier white wedding cake with dry flower details. After a gorgeous night of eating, drinking, and merrymaking, it was soon time for the couple to head out to their happily-ever-after They took a grand exit under the canopy of sparklers held up by well-wishing friends. Before they left, they graced our Orlando wedding photographers with a dramatic yet sweet kiss to capture. Such a magical night indeed!


Our skilled wedding photographers from Orlando did a phenomenal job of capturing some of the most precious moments of Maxine and Jason’s life. From big moments like the look on Jason's face as his bride walked down the aisle to little things like the detailed shots of the rings, from the wedding photography of the reception decoration to the glimpse of the bridesmaid gifts, everything was captured with a proficient hand, backed by years of experience and unmatched expertise. The result is a wedding album that captures the big little moments of the special day with a delicate hand. 


When your wedding day arrives, it is likely to be the most important day of your life. A day you most likely methodically planned for months and created with the help of countless online research papers, articles, and Pinterest boards. When the sun rises, every couple has a strange sensation, as if they have just experienced a dream that they have been working towards for months. While a wedding day is nothing short of a dream, recalling the details of the day can be overwhelming. Is it a happy and unforgettable experience? Yes, of course! Can you, however, recall every detail? Not at all!


This is why capturing those priceless moments in excellent shots is so important. The wedding photographer, as the all-seeing recorder of a wedding day, is a genuinely important addition to your special day, capturing everything in exquisite photos for you and your partner to cherish forever. Nothing escapes the attention of a highly professional wedding photographer, from the moment you get ready for the day to the time you leave beneath the boulevard of sparkles, from the decor on the welcome table to the intricacies on the sweet table. Our expert Orlando wedding photographers stood up to the plate and captured the most accurate photos to tell this wonderful love tale in the most graphic way possible. It's in their nature to capture the limitless moments of the day in the most cinematic and delightful light possible, as well as to assist them in preserving those moments to be treasured forever. If it's not for wedding photographers, it is bewildering how many moments will be lost forever! Every big and small moment and detail was handled delicately and captured with grace by an expert hand, from the candid couple photography moments amidst the lush green fields to the wide view of the reception area captured beautifully, from the tiny details in the table setting to the bridal getting-ready photographs. As a result, Maxine and Jason will be able to recreate their gorgeous Florida wedding down to the tiniest of details, providing them with priceless wedding mementos to cherish for a lifetime!


While every wedding is unique and special in its own right, this stunning Florida wedding shines brighter than the brightest star in the velvet sky. Maxine and Jason’s wedding day is the kind about which love songs are written and poems are penned. This Florida wedding is lovely, yet memorable, and sticks out in the best kind of manner, perfectly capturing our vision of a perfect wedding. Every frame is traditionally beautiful, full of personality, and will age gracefully, making them great to look back on decades later. We adore the couple's clean simple lines, contemporary decor, late winter feelings, and crisp natural and rustic sensations, all of which contribute to the wedding's uniqueness. We like the couple's grace and how they made the wedding day look like a breeze in more ways than one. This is the type of couple who makes a wedding day feel like the most elegant, yet natural occasion possible. And when the visitors go after a night of revelry and dancing, they will wish nothing but the best for this lovely pair with twinkling stars in their eyes!


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