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Nature-Themed Wedding Details Meant For Every Season And Style


The epitome of love and romance, an outdoor wedding that flawlessly draws inspiration from Mother Nature herself is nothing but beautiful, classic, and refreshing in every possible way! Let us ask you one question! Do you think there is any better way to start your lifetime of happiness and love, than in a splendid organic surrounding created by none other than beautiful mother nature?  With nature’s bounty standing witness to your union and forming a mesmerizing backdrop of unparalleled beauty for your wedding day, what else would ever need for a perfect nature-themed wedding?


We believe that a wedding steeped in nature is just magical and breathtaking, no matter where you live! So, if you are also looking for some out-of-the-ordinary inspirations for your nature-themed wedding, then we have got you covered! From earth tones to lush decor to foliage and resonating bridal look, we have got your back! Check out some incredible ideas for a nature-themed wedding.


Celebrate Amidst the Nature’s Beauty

The best part of having a nature-inspired wedding is the view of the panoramic nature in the background while you kiss the love of your life under clear blue skies while the greens in the surroundings do all the talking! This kind of setting is not only whimsical but magical as everyone loves a wedding day celebration set amidst the abundance of greenery! So, if you are also planning a nature-themed wedding for your big day, how about you look out for a forest wedding venue that will not only be offering stunning natural scenery but will also give endless wedding photography opportunities to our professional wedding photographers! Having a nature-themed wedding at a forest wedding venue will give you the chance to take full advantage of the towering trees and mossy forest floor with sure-to-be jaw-dropping wedding photoshoot options. Just a photography pro tip here: Taking photos in your wedding location will help to set the scene in your wedding photo gallery. Your forest wedding will not only be a delight for our talented wedding photographers to capture but will also be the talk of the town amongst all your wedding guests! 


Bring in the Earthy Tones to Your Wedding Day Decor

Earthy wedding tones speak for themselves! The best and most incredible way to bring nature into your memorable wedding day is simply by incorporating earth tones into your wedding day color palette. No matter whether you are planning a summer wedding or winter wedding or a classic fall celebration, earth tones will perfectly fit everywhere and in every season. Whether your wedding colors are the shades of green, maroon, or even neutrals, if you are thinking of a nature-inspired wedding, all you need to do is try bringing in the darker shades to embody the feeling of lovely nature! Well, you can also consider using the earth tones on other aspects of your wedding day such as lovely bridesmaids' dresses, invites, and other wedding decor ideas! 


Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony Arch With Natural Elements

Your wedding ceremony arch is not only the place from where you and your sweetheart will start your happily ever after, but it also serves as a great background for endless wedding photography. Your first kiss photo, family photography, wedding party photography, and everything in between will take place with your wedding ceremony arch in the background. Therefore, it is important to make your ceremony arch stand out on your wedding day and also in your wedding photographs! We all know that outdoor weddings are just great for beautiful and creative wedding arches as you get the chance to be as creative as you would like without being limited to the space. For your nature-inspired wedding ceremony arch, you can consider sprinkling it with beautiful flowers and other foliage in your wedding colors, along with some additional vines or branches for a more natural and rustic look. Your natural wedding ceremony arch will also make an incredible outdoor photography spot for your wedding reception. 


Bring in the Lush Decor For Your Nature-Themed Wedding

Though it seems simple and easy when it comes to planning a nature-themed wedding all you have to do is bring in all the natural elements to make a romantic and inviting setting. But you also have to be sure that you don’t go overboard and overdo it. You can bring in various natural elements to nature-themed wedding day decor in various ways. You can consider bringing earthy tones into various wedding decorations such as mason jar centerpieces or emerald-colored table linens. All you have to do is to make sure that the chairs and other seating styles stay simple and elegant for a more sophisticated setting so it does not complete your overall theme. You can also consider decking out your wedding venue (if you are planning an outdoor wedding) by hanging some chandeliers from the trees such as candles or adorable fairy lights to elevate the natural beauty of the surroundings even after the sun goes down. 


Enchanted Nature themed Wedding Day Save-the-Date Cards

So, now that you have finally made up your mind about hosting a nature-themed wedding for your big day celebration, we have something for your save-the-date cards. All you have to do is set the tone of your wedding day invite in the most enchanting and whimsical way. Just go ahead and tease the scene on your wedding invitation suite. You can bring in the classic vibe with watercolor along with pine and birch tree illustrations to make your wedding invites more nature-oriented. You can consider the idea of tailoring the illustration to your wedding venue, whether you are gathering in a forest of palm, and pine, or having your wedding ceremony at a location surrounded by birch trees. 


Embrace the Vibes of the Season with Your Nature-Themed Wedding

Depending on the season you have chosen to get hitched to the love of your life to start your happily ever after, your nature-themed wedding venue may not be lush and green but that simply does not mean that it still can’t be magical. Well, if you are planning a summer or a spring nature-themed wedding then there is nothing that will not make your wedding day celebration a memorable celebration all the time. Even your winter wedding will be blissful in a natural setting, when everything is covered in white snow, it always makes a pristine and magical setting. And if you are planning a fall wedding, then trust us, your nature-themed wedding venue will have beautiful colors of the season that will undoubtedly make your wedding portfolio a beautiful fairy tale. With bare trees and fallen leaves sprinkling the grounds with lovely gold, brown, and orange shades, your autumn-season nature-themed wedding will have the kind of beauty that will leave your wedding guests in great amazement. Not only is it a great and vibrant setting full of lovely colors, but this kind of natural setting will also make a great photo backdrop for a nature-themed wedding.  


Be A Fashion-Statement Bride for Your Nature-Themed Wedding

A bride is always the center of attention on the wedding day. No matter what theme you have chosen for your big day, there is always a perfect and flawless designer wedding dress that is waiting for you. And just like many outdoor weddings, your nature-themed wedding will easily take on a laid-back spirit. Well, you can always juxtapose that casual and laid-back aspect in all your wedding photos and also in your bridal portraits with a more traditional or a chic and contemporary wedding dress. To have a more whimsical setting on your wedding day all you have to do is have your ‘maids fluff out that stunner of a train to make a statement while they will walk down the aisle before you make your grand and dramatic entry towards your wedding ceremony altar! 


Handsome Grooms can Choose a Neutral Suit for Their Nature-Themed Wedding

When you are all set to be the fashionista bride for your nature-themed wedding, why should your groom be left behind? Let your groom play up the earthy tones of nature with this groom's attire. Tan, taupe, brown, or some shades of green and even blue or the neutral shades will do wonders for your handsome groom's wedding day look! To elevate your groom's wedding day ensemble to look more dashing and extremely handsome, boutonniere with your favorite flower and green accents will not only resonate with your nature-themed wedding but will also elevate your groom's portrait and make your wedding portfolio look incredibly amazing. 


Turn Your Nature-Inspired Wedding Venue Into a Beautiful Meadow

Want some beautiful and mesmerizing flowers for your outdoor wedding venue to make it more nature-oriented and blissful? Well, we have got you covered! You can always ask your florist to add some white flowers or the flowers of your choice and other greenery to a wooded area of your outdoor wedding venue just to create a more photogenic space for your bridal party and all your family members to pose for some beautiful portraits to add into your wedding day portfolio. 


Bring Local Foliage into Your Local Foliage

Well, it's your nature-themed wedding so why not let the surroundings and your environment inspire your choice of flowers and foliage in your wedding decor and also in your wedding day bridal bouquet. For your nature-themed wedding bridal bouquet, you can consider bringing in hellebores, honeysuckle, clematis, and spirea, and of course the seasonal blooms to your bridal bouquet and also in your wedding day floral decor as they will elevate the entire setting of your wedding day while making them more romantic and charismatic, and also photogenic! Our talented wedding photographers will love capturing your floral decor in the most magical and swoon-worthy frames! 


Always Go in For Vibrant Accent Color for Your Nature-Themed Wedding

One of the best and unique ways to make your nature-themed wedding photos pop in every possible way is with a richly-hued bouquet. Being a romantic and nature-loving bride, you can try incorporating anthurium, peonies, orchids, garden roses, and hand-painted palms in various tones. Well, you can never go wrong with burgundy shades as they always stand out against a white dress and a sea of endless green. This incredible combination of burgundy, white, and green, makes an incredible photo opportunity for our photographer to capture mind-blowing wedding photos. 


Don’t Forget to Add Romantic Tones to Make Your Nature-Themed Wedding More Romantic

When it comes to nature-themed weddings, we are pretty much sure that garden roses may not be an obvious choice for a nature-themed wedding. Well, that simply does not mean that you have to shy away from them to bring into your wedding day decor. Try bringing a touch of natural vibe to your nature-themed wedding by adding natural ferns into your wedding day bridal bouquet, and some vines to have an organic bouquet that looks like it was just gathered from nature. These little romantic tones will surely evoke romance to your special day in every possible way! 


Neutral Color Palette is Best for a Nature-Themed Wedding

To keep up with nature at its best, consider going for a neutral wedding day color palette for your big day that gracefully evokes the hues of the lovely pine-strewn floors, and bark-covered trees will be a perfect choice. Well, if you ask us, black, white, and brown are indeed a proven recipe for a clean and minimalist style. To make your nature-themed wedding chicer and out-of-the-ordinary, you can consider achieving a neutral color palette by bringing in a vintage suitcase filled with beautiful cones, fashioned out of book pages! filled with beautiful rose petals! 


Find a Clearing for More Beautiful Photography Opportunities

Nothing can be more beautiful and pristine than having your wedding ceremony amidst a setting that is only surrounded by trees creating a mystical ambiance, but exchanging vows in a clearing holds a beauty of its own. It’s not only us, but we think that there is just something damn intimate about being framed in an open space by tall pines or some lavish greenery! 


Serve a Rustic Wedding Cake to Compliment Your Nature-Themed Wedding

The night of the wedding day has to be memorable to be remembered and to be the talk of the town. So, just end the night of your nature-themed wedding day on a wedding cake that gives our natural vibes! Ask your baker to design your wedding cake to look like the bark of a birch tree. You can always ask your baker to garnish your nature-themed wedding cake with pine cones, twigs, sugar flowers, and a stump plate charger to complete the woodsy look.  


Summing everything up! The brilliance of a nature-inspired wedding is that it can be executed in many ways! Apart from the above-mentioned ideas and inspirations, there are endless other unique and romantic details that can easily contribute to a nature-inspired wedding and make it truly special not only for you but for your wedding guests too! But we hope that these ideas for your nature-themed wedding will help you in preparations in every possible way! And if you need a little extra help in finding the best and most professional wedding photographers and videographers for your nature wedding, you can always count on us for that too!


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