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A Fort Worth, Alfresco Wedding with Splashes of Gold


For us, witnessing a love story is nothing less than gazing at snowflakes falling on a lake, seeing a shooting star in the dark twinkling sky, feeling the droplets on the skin from Niagara Falls, taking a stroll in Japan in cherry blossom season, or walking in Australia’s Great Ocean Road during sunset exploring myth and the mystery of the 12 apostles. Allow us to take you on a trip through the weekend wedding of Sabrina and Chadwick with gold tones and green inspiration that gave us a similar kind of feeling not too long ago! We are sure you will enjoy seeing for yourself how this couple's traditional celebration featured some of the best wedding styles around and how their color-coordinating gold looks were absolutely on point for their Fort Worth wedding.


It was the sunny and bright day of June last year when we were surrounded by ethereal details at a private residence which was the wedding venue of the lovely couple-to-be-married who relied on us to document their special love story with our camera. We were already swooning over the elegant estate! It had us smitten with its unparalleled sophistication, beautifully manicured gardens, and gorgeous vintage-inspired interiors at first glance. Not only the stately mansion wedding venue offered us myriad photo ops but also tons of natural light and plenty of greens to capture the couple and their celebration in the magical frames. It was not an indoor wedding where guests were hemmed in on all sides, it was an elegant summer outdoor soirée that provided the guests- ample elbow room, and legroom, too.


The wedding theme was everything magical!

Talk about feeling like a million bucks! Sabrina and Chadwick's vintage private residence wedding was unremitting luxury with accents of gold dispersed throughout the celebration from beginning to end. This lavish look exuded grandeur and magnificence and TBH, we couldn't get enough. With the perfect amount of flowers, foliage, and daylight, their wedding was no less than ethereal! The white walls, tons of architectural details, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows are just a few of the highlights of the manor’s interiors. The secret garden-inspired wedding of this Fort Worth couple was a treat for all our senses. The romance of having your own secret place as a child sometimes just never leaves. This was the case for our Fort Worth wedding photographers who pulled this gorgeous secret garden-themed wedding shoot together. The couple had the vision for the day and beautifully organized the whole event, and we are honestly breathless over how gorgeously it turned out on both sides of the camera. Keep scrolling to see more and keep an eye out for all the fun hidden keys throughout the day. You can see every last one of the gorgeous photos from George Street Photo & Video in our full gallery.


Her ceremony look

Sabrina rocked an ivory crêpe fit-and-flare gown complete with an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline, pausing under the arms to reveal a sheer V-cutout for a glam, feminine touch, a sweeping train for a dramatic stroke, and self-covered buttons adorning the back from top to bottom. Looking at her bridal portraits elegantly captured by our professional wedding photographers in the Fort Worth suburbs, you could easily spot our bride wanted impeccable simplicity for her big day; a gown that was both glamorous and timeless. The bridal gown she donned for her red-letter day featured a stunning combination of the designer’s distinctive fishtail silhouette and flattering stretch crêpe created to mold and support her body. Combining an off-the-shoulder neck flaunting her sexy clavicle bone and fitted frame, the dress highlighted and accentuated the natural contours of our bride’s sculptured body while shaping her fondest features to match the vibe. She gracefully wore a regal tulle cape veil for extra coverage, additional train, and drama when it was time for vow exchange. Her textured blonde hair was loosely swept back into a low bun with no tendrils or strands left swinging on the face for a neat shiny bridal look. Sweet and simple, this chignon hairstyle coupled with minimal makeup and simple jewelry triumphed in making a bold fashion statement for the modern bride. Her red lipstick along with black eyeliner and mascara did the perfect job of highlighting her sharp features. Her collarbones and bare skin did all the talking with dainty sparkly earrings to pull the look together. A classy bridal bouquet featuring a monochromatic arrangement of white garden roses and fresh greens tied with a white ribbon completed her wedding day look. An all-white bouquet will never go out of style!


Her reception look

For more freedom on the dance floor, to add some diversity to the first dance and cake-cutting photos, and probably to keep her stunning wedding dress intact, our gorgeous bride changed into an all-white V-neck cap-sleeve dress complete with stunning butterfly-shaped lace covering the bodice in a way that can be admired up close and from afar. Thanks to the lacey bodice and high slit that not only offered a visual interest but also kicked up her reception look up a notch in an effortless way. Which was not visible during below the ceremony dress was clearly making the mark - her high heel criss-cross strappy white pumps elevated her classy post-ceremony look with an elegant strut. They say a pair of white heels is almost a trademark of a bride, and looking at Sabrina’s all-white wedding shoes we can’t agree more!


His groom look for the day

And while all eyes turned to our beautiful bride, the groom gained his fair share of attention too, and we were not surprised. If you are not fans of a white coat clubbed with a white shirt and black pants, look at our dashing Chadwick, and you’ll fall head over heels with the combination! Suffice to say, he was looking dapper in a white tuxedo and black trousers! A white shirt (with suspenders) underneath complete with gold cuff links and a black silk bow-tie, a white pocket square, and black formal shoes tied the look together while matching the bride and the theme. Prominent and obvious enough to contour his forehead and temples, the light shadowed buzz cut (with no guard) and short beard were perfectly framing the face of our groom. His minimal groom look and a million-dollar smile were the culprits for making Sabrina fall in his love all over again! The oh-so classic formal tux got a brush of nature with a boutonniere made of cream white rose and greens after exchanging nuptials which not only coordinated his attire with the bride and their wedding parties but also completely nailed the aesthetic during the various photo sessions. We couldn’t help but drool over the color palette!


Pieces of art from the bridal suite

Morning-of excitement! You'll want to always remember how excited you were on the morning of your best day ever! Our professional and affordable wedding photographers started from Sabrina’s getting-ready photo session. From capturing the bride in a getting-ready robe which was a snappy white button-down sleep shirt (Sabrina’s initial embroidered in pink on its pocket was cute!) sitting on the couch to clicking her from back, all dolled up for the aisle walk, looking herself in the mirror, we love how our artistic photographers in charge delicately captured all the essential bridal portraits for the initial pages of the couple’s wedding photo book. The massive glass windows flooded the bridal room with plenty of natural light and the huge oval-shaped gold mirror acted as a spectacular prop! They seized all her meaningful maneuvers in front of the classy vintage mirror in the perfect frame! The bridal portrait mirror shot taken from the back, flaunting her magnificent wedding dress, is flattering like nothing! It was the easiest way to look undeniably sharp. Her sweeping train added much-needed drama to her every head-to-toe bridal indoor wedding photography. She was looking no less than a garden-fairy holding her bridal bouquet!


When it was time to snap big little details!

With so much to capture, our wedding photographers in Fort Worth were up their chins in boxes on the big day, and despite that, they didn’t miss even a single detail that was meaningful to the love story they were narrating with their camera. From the mesmerizing zoomed-in ring shot with a good amount of blur in the background to the one where the bling was placed on white peony to the serene ceremony setting featuring white Chiavari chairs and the modern seating signboard in the lap of nature to the super-cute sentimental ceremony seating sign adorned with 3-D white blooms saying “We kindly ask that you please… Pick a seat, not a side. We’re all family once the knot is tied”, from the unique elevated glass bowl centerpiece loaded with nature from head to toe to the jaw-dropping couple shot from the engagement photoshoot telling the tale. After these must-have wedding shots, the photographer entered the reception area before any guests arrived which allowed them to get all the meaningful details shot like place settings before they got messed up by guests.


We can’t get over the captures of reception tables surrounded by the gold-toned sophisticated chairs and embellished with all things classy from tall centerpieces to wedding dinnerware with gold tones to tiny sweet glass tea light holders. The ravishing rustic wooden head table decked up with ample greenery, a large Mr & Mrs banner, and taper candles placed in dazzling brass-plated candleholders was quite a sight! We absolutely LOVE the “leave it to leaf” concept and shout-out to the couple for not wasting flowers for their sweetheart table decor. Also, while scattering the eucalyptus leaves they made sure that they and their guests on the other side of the decor were able to see one another. Sophisticated-yet-chic, the overall table aesthetic was a sight to behold! Then they shot the dinner menu beautifully placed on the gold-toned flatware. Most of the table details were shot with their beloved high-quality camera. Our photography team loves to shoot with a wide aperture as they focus on different parts of the table. The photographers then came in close to capture any details of the cake, which kept their aperture wider to focus on intricate patterns, flowers, or other details of the cake.


Photo sessions that turned the moments into memories

The photographers clicked enough of bridal portraits and groom portraits inside the private residence and soon was the time to walk down the aisleThe pretty bride was escorted to her groom waiting up eagerly at the altar by her doting mother who was looking a show-stopper (in her own right!) in her black mother-of-the-bride pantsuit allowing our photographers to focus the spotlight on the influence she's had on her life. It meant a lot to her to do it! Soon the ceremony was in action and our Fort Worth wedding photographers too came at their toes to capture each and every precious moment of their ceremony! Chadwick slipped the wedding ring onto Sabrina’s finger, and we love the shot featuring the moment! And holding each other’s hands cutely they exchanged promises of forever together! We could find any set of eyes that were not welled up at this moment! From the vow exchange to the first kiss as husband and wife to their exit as newlyweds, our shutterbugs seized true expressions and emotions floating around them. This goes without saying the pictures came out awesome! We adore the ceremony shot (scroll down a bit) - you know this was a fun one if the bride and groom are this relaxed when saying "I do." Soon after it was time for some essential wedding photography- and they snapped the bride and groom with their friends and family in the perfect frame. We love the group photos of the couple with the black beauties and black panthers! There are few things we appreciate more than a backdrop flourishing with nature. This outdoor wedding in the garden offered a bucket full of photo opportunities and our professional photo experts enjoyed photographing the couple against the all-white brick wall graced with enchanting columnar trees adding power to the landscape! Their stand-at-attention posture fit seamlessly into the formal couple portraits. The forehead-to-forehead shot of Sabrina and Chadwick basking in the newly-married bliss is sure to go down our favorite wedding photo gallery! And the couple portrait where Chadwick is dipping Sabrina should belong to stock photos! We love the dramatic touch added by the train of her scintillating bridal gown!


The day turned into a beautiful night full of stars! We blame it on their attire and of course, their twinkling smiles and lightning-like laughter! Ummm... this bridal gang seemed so unreal! How are they all so dang captivating? Photo evidence of the gorgeous gangs of bride and groom is as important as they say. Looking at the group photos, it’s quite obvious that our professional Fort Worth photographers loved taking photos of this edgy and glam bridal party rocking black wedding attire! We love how the bridal party wedding pictures turned out. Thanks to our professional and affordable wedding photographers in and around Fort Worth who bent over backward to capture these gold mines of fun. The pretty bridesmaids of Sabrina and dashing groomsmen of Chadwick had our hearts with their matchy-matchy all-black bewitching look! The gals were slaying in long black gowns paired with bridesmaids’ bouquets and boys were rocking their black suits complete with a white shirt, black bow-tie and white rose boutonniere, tying the look together. Look at the pictures where the newlyweds are standing amidst the crew in black hue! Don’t they shine like a diamond in the (dark) sky!


First dance & cake-cutting moments

Soon was the time to capture the most romantic and the sweetest moments of the day- the first dance of the bride and groom followed by the cake-cutting! Talking about sweetest- then how can we not talk about the focal point of the reception party- their decadent wedding cake screaming “simplicity is key”! The cake is another thing from the wedding that just isn’t going to last, and therefore it only makes sense that it is captured in the sweetest shots, before getting cut and while getting cut by the star couple of the day to sweeten the end of the day! Sitting high on a gold embossed round cake plateau, it was a two-tiered nude white cake embellished with white blooms and greens with a hint of gold sugar leaves, nodding to the wedding color palette. And the cake table aesthetics were perfectly complementing the beautiful creation! Going with the theme, the framed picture of the couple decked out in elegant black placed on the table speaks way more than 1000 words about their lifestyle and personality! What more could one possibly ask for? We love all the cake-cutting shots where the photographer did a phenomenal job of bringing out the couple’s real feelings and sense of fun and allowing them to express themselves without inhibition. They indeed made for an exciting, action-packed photograph to cherish forever and a day! We loved the laid-back cool look of our dapper groom sans his jacket at the time of sweet endings. He looked debonair with the suspenders and untied bow-tie hanging around his neck at the end of the night. The photographer captured their first dance in both looks. Our favorite first dance photo is the one where Sabrina and Chadwick are swaying slowly in the comfort of each other’s arms. We love how our talents captured all the fun they were having while dancing to the tunes of their favorite romantic songs under the rustic fairy lights! They didn’t even miss taking photos of their near and dear ones raising toasts to their union at the head table.


Sabrina and Chadwick’s golden day (literally)!

Gold has been undeniably a wedding classic for years, and rightfully so. That means that no matter what kind of wedding you're hosting, there's a pretty good chance gold would be the best addition to your color palette. The perk? Gold has an uncanny ability to complement practically any color palette. And while gold has been a continuous wedding trend for several seasons now, this timeless wedding color is one that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Like industrial celebrations and ballroom events, rustic outdoor weddings like this one can also all benefit from a little gold decoration. The metallic hue at this Fort Worth wedding packed a colorful punch and instantly amped up the glamor and sophistication of the modern garden-inspired decor. Gold cake riser, wedding cake with gold touches, gold flatware, gold interiors - we can’t deny, gold details fit squarely into their sage green-white garden-inspired summer wedding. In other words, this metallic acted as the ultimate wedding chameleon for them.


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