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Fun Ways to Include Your Mom in Your Wedding Day


You watched her get ready every morning, used her makeup when she wasn't looking and slid into her heels as a child. All you wanted to do when you grew up was to be like her. Whether it is the way her hug cures all heartache and how you can call to ask her how long spinach lasts in the fridge and how she knows if you are having a hard day just by how you say “hello” on the phone, mothers are magical, and there is nothing quite like them! So when you finally step into a new monumental chapter of your life, it is a huge day for her too. Seeing her daughter being wed off is surely an emotional event for your mother, and having her be a part of your wedding day is a really sweet gesture, something that she will appreciate and hold close to her heart forever! Sure, it’s your day, but holding close the generations of women encircling you, from your mother to your mother-in-law to your grandmothers, on your wedding day will add that extra-special vibe to your celebrations. In the light of Mother’s Day, and truly, for no other reason than that we love the role that mothers play in our lives, here are some of the ways you can include your mom as a part of the beautiful tapestry of your wedding day.

Walk the Aisle with Your Mom
While it is witnessed that traditionally the bride's father walks her down the aisle, honestly, it is your wedding, and you can do things the way you want! You can either have your mom walk you down the aisle for a really beautiful mother-daughter moment, or have both your parents take on the duty collectively. Walking a daughter down the aisle is a huge honor and we are sure your mom will love the gesture and the honor that comes with it! You can ask her in a really creative and sentimental way, making it a special moment for both of you. 

Wear Her Sentimental Jewelry
Something sparkly can add so much to your bridal ensemble but when your wedding jewelry is from your mom, it's all the more special! Whether it is a piece of heirloom jewelry or a brooch that your mom has offered you to wear, or whether it’s a sentimental piece of jewelry you are asking for specifically from her, wearing a piece of your mom's jewelry collection can make your special day even more so! Not only will she beaming with happiness as you sport her jewelry on your most special day, but it will also make you feel like you are carrying an important part of your mom's narrative into your future!


Get Ready Together
While the getting-ready session on the morning of the wedding is usually spent surrounded by your bridesmaids, as you celebrate the last bit of your time together, make toast and take fun pictures together as you get ready, you can still ask your mom to join the fun. This is not only an amazing bonding experience for the both of you, but this time spent getting hair and makeup done together will become a precious memory tomorrow, something that you will cherish for ages to come. This is also a great opportunity to get some cute mother-daughter candid shots taken. You can also give her a fun robe as a fun keepsake, as you would to your bridesmaids, reiterating how important she is for you!

Something Borrowed from Her
What will make a more perfect "something borrowed" than something handed down by your mom! It will be especially sentimental if you can borrow something from your mom's wedding day for your new chapter, whether it is her dress, her wedding veil, her blue hair accessory, or even a ribbon for your hair! The options are truly endless and will help you stay connected to your mom, and carry all her blessings and good luck into the new phase of your life. Not only is it a sweet and sentimental gesture, but it will also lift your mom's heart to see a part of her wedding day having a moment of glory again!

First Look Photo Together
First looks are a thing with the couples, sure, but there is someone else whose eyes will sparkle almost just as brightly when they see you in your wedding gown! And that, of course, is your parents. So sharing this special first look experience with your mom is something that you might want to do. We promise you, just to see your mom's reaction to your wedding day look will be priceless and worth it, and something that you will love to be able to look back on down the lane, thanks to your wedding photographer!

Ode to her Traditions
True, your wedding day is yours, and you have all the rights to do things your way, but it will really perk up your mother if you pay an ode to the traditions which she holds close to her heart. This is especially true for immigrant parents and inter-cultural weddings. Showing that thoughtfulness can really make her happy and in turn make you happy too! Set aside sometime before the wedding day to have a heart-to-heart with your mom to have a talk about her, and come up with ways to acknowledge her traditions and cultures to fit into your wedding day. Not only will this give you a chance to acknowledge your roots, but it will also make your mom feel incredibly proud of her daughter.

Add in her Favorite Flowers
Everybody uses flowers at their weddings and it's the easiest way to include your mom thoughtfully into your special day. Incorporating her favorite blooms in your wedding decor can be incredibly sweet, subtle and will surely make her smile. If the flowers go with your wedding color palette or wedding theme, you can wholly commit to the flowers of her choice, or you can sprinkle them in your bouquet or as an accent flower in your ceremony aisle, centerpieces, and the overall decor! Showing that you thought of her while planning the most important day of your life will surely make her feel amazing and appreciated!

Make it a Team Work
This is not so much about the wedding day but the planning journey, but working with your mom as a team as you work on a project is a great idea. not only does she get to feel like she is contributing towards your special day, but it also allows you both to bond while working on it! Whether it is searching for the perfect dress, a DIY project for the wedding, or just any of the other ten thousand to-do’s on the list, let her help you out, and make it your dream team!

Use Her Skills
Show off a skill that your mom harbors and you and she will be both proud of it, we promise! Whether she is exceptional in lettering or has an eye for pretty decor, whether it is her world-famous chocolate chip cookies or her crafty wedding favors, bring her skills out to display, and let her take the spotlight as the guests marvel at the same. Let her sing your song if she is more of a performer, let her arrange the sweet table if she loves baking, or let her use her mixology skills to inspire your signature drinks, and you will never be disappointed. Not only does it make your wedding day truly personalized and unique, but it also lets your mom feel included and involved

Get her a Gift
Giving out a thoughtful gift to your mom can really be an emotional moment of your wedding day, which will not only make her feel special but will also make for the perfect keepsake to remember you by! This is an opportunity for you to thank your parents, and feel free to accompany the gift with a sweet handwritten note. Whether it is a piece of jewelry you know she will love, a custom lace handkerchief, or a pretty picture frame with a sentimental photo, your mom will love it nonetheless and will feel much appreciated!

Thank Her Publicly
We know we already covered how you can write a personal note to her, thanking her, don't forget to thank your mom publicly, and watch her glow! While this is clearly a day surrounding you and your partner, and your wedding day will be an emotional experience for all of the family, and taking the time to express your thanks with a sweet speech, with some sweet or funny anecdotes, or a simple expression of gratitude can really strike a chord and make her feel loved and appreciated.

Mother-daughter Dance
While receptions are known for the sweet father-daughter dances and mother-son dances, we seriously think mother-daughter dances should be encouraged and normalized more. This is a woman who has cheered you throughout your life, and she deserves one last dance with her daughter before she is married! You can truly make this moment precious by dedicating a song to your mom and dancing together in front of your guests, or have a fun performance ready that you choreographed together. As long as it suits your personality and your relationship, it is all good, and your mom and you will take home so many fun memories from this!


Family Photo Display
We love the idea of displaying the family wedding photos in a corner with your mother featured in it along with your father, your grandparents, siblings, etc. Not only is it a very personal touch that shows the guests a glimpse of the family, but it also allows your mom to take a walk down memory lane and relive her special day as she celebrates yours. Add in your baby pictures along with pictures of your siblings and cousins for a true throwback moment. You can also do his and hers version of this where you have your partner display his family tree as well in a corner, and have it mixed all together and have your guests guess! This gesture is not just precious for your mom, but will also be truly appreciated by the whole of the family!

Assign a Special Seat
Save a seat for your special ladies, be it your mom or your mother-in-law, and watch them beam! While it is customary to have the front seats reserved for close family members during the wedding ceremony, you might consider showcasing the saved seat with cute signage. You can also do the same for your wedding reception, and have a table reserved for your close family circle only, and also specifically for your mom! These little gestures and details let her know you have been thinking about her throughout!

Some Flowers for Your Mom
Flowers are an important part of a wedding and can be everywhere, from table settings to arches to carefully-put-together bouquets. While you get to carry your special bridal bouquet and your bridesmaids all get their own matching bouquets, you might want to include your mom into this blooming group as well! Give your mom, or other special ladies of your life, a special wrist corsage or nosegay to wear or carry, and they will love it! This will not only make her feel like she is a part of the entourage, but it will also let her know you thought of her!

Mothers spend all of their lifetimes putting in so much effort into their kids and family, doing this little bit in return, especially when they least expect it, might bring real joy to your special lady’s heart, maybe more than you could have ever imagined! Most mothers will love to help their daughters out and be involved in their big day, most often they stay out of the way in fears of being intrusive. Coaxing them in, showing appreciation, or adding subtle touches to your special day as a nod of appreciation can be heartwarming for them. Because no matter what, your mother is your true champion and will be there to cheer for you in all your accomplishments and to have your back when you are crestfallen! So let's make more of an effort to have your biggest hype women more involved in your special day and have her standing loud and proud by your side as you say “ I do!”


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