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Your Best Wedding Photography in Dallas

Gone are the days of the good 'ol ranches, Dallas has come a long way from those farming days and is now home to some of the most spectacular sights. Dallas weddings inspiration has evolved, and so have the wedding venues. Catering to unique ideas for wedding planning in Dallas, there are remarkable locations to choose from when it comes to photography in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Dallas has had quite a history too! It started as a major financial center in and around the 1840s. The city gained popularity from the TV show Dallas, airing in the 1980s. And now we all know Dallas as home to the Dallas Cowboys who have been occasional winners of the Super Bowl. Moreover, for classic Dallas wedding photography, the history of the city combines with the new of the city and voila - it’s the picture perfect location to document your new chapter.

Dallas has now been glamorized by sky-high skyscrapers, lavish restaurants, and a bustling nightlife. Whether you are hip and trendy, a nature-loving, or a traditional couple, Dallas doesn’t disappoint. From the lushness of gardens and parks to the rusticity of the ranches, Dallas offers lots of photo ops for unforgettable wedding photography.

If you don’t know where to start regarding the venue of your wedding, we are happy to be here for you! We have shortlisted wedding venues where our Dallas wedding photographers love to shoot! Not just that, along with those we’ve also shortlisted some awesome engagement locations for your unique Dallas engagement photography. Read on to explore them and pick the one that suits you the best.

Dallas Engagement Locations We Simply Love!

White Rock Lake Couples looking for engagement photography can head to the White Rock Lake. The lake offers spectacular views of downtown Dallas. There are plenty of photogenic spots for romantic Dallas engagement photography, like the trails and benches. To add a little more romance, you could bring along wine and a throw, and cozy up on the docks. It will absolutely get your romance levels high and let our Dallas engagement photographer capture your love like a dream!

The Texas Christian University For Dallas couples looking for a Texas inspired engagement session, you won’t find a more suitable location than The Texas Christian University. This Dallas engagement location is located just 1.7 miles from a highly popular wedding venue, the Stonegate Mansion. TCU is home to gorgeous neutral architecture and lush walkways. And if you are an alma mater of the same, it is a chance to relive those memories!

Lake Grapevine For engagement photography, a couple could head to the lakeshore or the woods of Lake Grapevine. Early mornings are perfect for dreamy Lake Grapevine engagement photos. The spellbinding water views along with whimsical natural sunlight of early hours are more than magical! You could even take props like a blanket to wrap around yourselves for a sentimental engagement photo session or a bottle of wine to announce your save-the-date!

Gather in Downtown McKinney This superb wedding venue is a great engagement location as well. The textures offered by this place are boundless. The distressed walls make for wonderfully unique backdrops for a romantic engagement session at Gather in Downtown McKinney. Our professional wedding photographers love exploring all the possible alleyways to get that perfect dreamy shot! The arched stone walls form a great backdrop with Mediterranean vibes. The bride-to-be can wear a color contrasting the off-white walls for stand-out engagement portraits!

Deep Ellum For a classic Dallas engagement session location, head to Deep Ellum which is stocked up with oodles of vibrance for your engagement photography. Deep Ellum is a vibrant neighborhood with classic Dallas art. The street art found here bursts with colors that can take your Dallas engagement photo session to a new high. You could just walk along the street and pose against the various colorful murals. We recommend you wear neutral colors to avoid the clash with the background colors! Our Dallas engagement photographers love capturing super-fun photos here with the abstract images in the form of a robot and a dinosaur. If you wish to include a classic artsy vibe of Dallas, then this is the place to visit, too. Don’t believe us? Check out these photos of the Deep Ellum engagement photography session and see it for yourself. A picture says a thousand words!

Dallas Wedding Venues We Simply Adore!

The Room on the Main Located in downtown Dallas, this unique ballroom can accommodate up to 320 people. If your wedding dreams are made of sparkling interiors, romantic lighting, glittering chandeliers and gorgeous photo-ops, both indoors and outdoors, then this is your place! With an area of 6,000 square feet, ceilings that are 30-foot high and windows that offer 15-foot of breathtaking city views, The Room on the Main is elegance personified. To reach this world of wonder, you need to head to Dallas Arts Center and enter the sixth floor. As you enter the Room on the Main, you’ll be enchanted by the vintage chandeliers and coffered ceilings. The effect of these two elements on your Room on the Main wedding photography is beyond belief! Immediately you will be taken back to a typical vintage Dallas era, with a warm glow all around. It evokes classic Dallas wedding photography for you! The huge windows are draped by champagne-colored curtains which open up to gorgeous city views! The interiors of this mesmerizing wedding venue have a neutral color palette and can be decorated according to your taste and preferences. So, it’s like a blank canvas, waiting for you to add a vibrancy of colors and accessories in your style!

The Stonegate Mansion This beautiful Dallas wedding venue is situated atop a hill, so you can guess the views and the crispness of air! Plus, its beauty knows no bounds as it is wrapped in a white-colored blanket of stone walls! From a bride’s perspective, the pure white stonewalls are just so dreamy that it feels like a fairytale! Lush foliage used in decor is what makes the interiors even more dreamy and a treat for the eyes. Take a cue from us to introduce natural greens into your wedding decor. The Stonegate Mansion boasts a great mix of marble and wooden floors, spanning over 12,000 feet. The ceilings are high and the windows are huge, which assures one thing - plenty of natural light! The white walls and the natural light add an angelic feel to your dreamy Dallas wedding photography. You can have your dream reception here in the banquet as the floor-to-ceiling windows ensure a gorgeous backdrop of the surrounding woods. The Stonegate Mansion wedding photography is considered to be dreamy as heck and that’s why our skilled Dallas wedding photographers love to shoot weddings here!

Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine Well now, if your wedding dreams are made of stone arches, rustic wooden gazebos and a breathtaking waterfront location, Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine is the wedding venue you have been envisioning! Owned and operated by a family for over 18 years, this spectacular wedding venue is everything love! The gazebo at this Dallas wedding venue overlooks the mesmerizing waters of Lake Grapevine. The venue houses various spots where you can have your wedding ceremony - a stone patio, a beautiful gazebo or next to an old oak tree! The stone arches are perfect backdrops for some wedding family portraits. As the golden hour approaches, it’s the perfect time for the dressed-to-impress, bride and groom to head outdoors. The sky changing its tone to a milder version of the day is a beautiful sight to capture, along with the romance between you both. Do not hesitate to strike romantic poses as our Dallas wedding photographer captures the myriad moods of your big day! The lush gardens provide more photo ops for everyone and family portraits would seem like a great idea! The interiors are romantic and cozy too, with a stone fireplace in the ballroom. The warm glow renders a dreamy vibe to the wedding mood. The patio can also be decorated with string lights to hold a romantic wedding reception, overlooking the magical views of the water. We at George Street Photo and Video believe that waters can do wonders for your wedding photography. Not only does it add vibrancy to the photographs, but it also adds a whole lot of depth to them. Don’t believe us? Click here to check out our Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine wedding photos!

Old Red Museum Now, this is what you call a fairy tale wedding! With a castle-like look, this beautiful wedding venue in Dallas is sure to make you feel like royalty! The red stone architecture and sports 20-foot ceilings and a 4-story staircase which bring a fairy tale touch to your Dallas wedding photography. It feels like it's straight out of a book! As you enter the venue, marble and stone welcome you, leading you to the staircase. Our Dallas wedding photographers love capturing wedding portraits here, next to the staircase. The old-world charm of the interiors is unparalleled. The Great Hall is a wedding photographer’s delight! With sparkling chandeliers and a 20-foot ceiling, the hall is a dream wedding location. The soft warm glow of the chandeliers coupled with the Victorian color scheme lends a perfect vintage vibe to the ambiance. And if you are looking for intimate wedding ceremony inspiration, you could opt for the Hatton W Summers Courtroom which is suitable for 120 guests and the Restoration Room which can accommodate up to 250 guests. The tall ceilings and huge wall windows offer great views of downtown Dallas. The nearby Fair Park is great for some engagement photography or even post-wedding photography! The photo ops here are abundant, you could start with the scenic beauty as a perfect backdrop to your Dallas engagement photography and then proceed to cover other historical buildings around along with the Ferris wheel and the Cotton Bowl.

Gather in Downtown McKinney This amazing wedding venue is located in the heart of downtown McKinney, in the greater Dallas area. The most notable feature of this wedding venue is the rusticity of brick walls! And when the chandeliers are lit, the bricks get an amber-ish glow, which makes the whole ambiance whimsical. Gather in Downtown McKinney is one of the favorites of our Dallas wedding photographers, mainly due to the walls. They have a certain old-world charm about them that gives a warm vintage look to a classic Dallas wedding photography. The venue can accommodate around 175 guests in a huge room, which can be converted into two rooms with a curtain. For a wedding, you could use one room for the wedding ceremony, as the other one gets transformed into a wedding reception venue. Your dreams of dreamy wedding photography could come alive here, as there is a white bookshelf that stands against a gray wall. As the newlywed couple poses against the bookshelf, a seasoned brick wall creates a perfect contrast. The windows and glass doors reflect all the lights perfectly, adding much more glamor to the wedding photography. You could do the first look outside the venue like just against the weathered walls or the entry of the venue, where a bench adds to the depth of your rustic wedding photography as a backdrop. The soft glow of the chandeliers, coupled with the rusticity of the brick walls everywhere is what lends a dreamy touch to the vibes, with a unique old-world charm. You could take a cue from Emily and Brandon’s rustic wedding in Seattle for your wedding inspiration.

Dallas has something that suits the tastes and style of everyone. If you wish to go with a wedding venue with neutral decor, you could add a dash of vibrant elements of your style. Your wedding ceremony and reception represent the personalities of the bride and the groom. It’s what you have been waiting for all your life. Therefore, it should be the perfect reflection of your wedding dreams! And Dallas, for sure, has gorgeous options when it comes to making your wedding dreams come alive! While offering amazing wedding venue options, Dallas also proves its significance in providing engagement locations for an awe-inspiring Dallas engagement photography.

We at George Street Photo and Video provide an exceptionally talented wedding photography team and highly competitive packages. There’s a package that works for every wedding budget! Click to know more about our wide range of wedding photography and video packages by scheduling an appointment with us!

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