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15 Eco-Friendly Tips for a Sustainable Wedding


Earth Day is a reminder to celebrate the beauty of the planet we call home. What better way is there to honor the planet than with some eco-friendly wedding tips that will help you to nurture the planet with as much care are you've nurtured your relationship.

 Flower Power

For bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces, select flowers that are locally grown and in season. Select tulips and daffodils in the spring. Roses (and a million others) are perfect for summer.  If you're having a winter wedding, look for a local florist that uses a greenhouse or embrace some greenery and pinecones.


Research your venue for information on their sustainability practices.


Look for eco-friendly rings and ethically sourced stones. Or you can use reclaimed gold and gemstones-- possibly even from a grandparent's ring for that extra sentimental touch.

Decor Revisited

Get thrifty with your decor. Reusing items is key to eliminating waste. Look for mason jars as drinking glasses, antique vases for centerpieces, or vintage picture frames. Maybe even some elegant, reused tablecloths. Rentals are a great option, too!


Reduce paper usage by sending out email save the dates. Instead of printing programs and escort cards, you can put all the information on one large board. Maybe even a chalkboard that you've recycled or plan to use again.

Make that Exit Sustainable

Toss eco-friendly materials during the ceremony or reception exits.

 In Favor of the Planet

Why not make your favors Earth-inspired? Send guests home with small succulents, plants, or a packet of seeds.

 A Breathtaking Setting

If you choose a venue that's beautiful on its own, you won't need as many decorations. Plus, it makes the set-up less stressful and it always looks beautiful in your wedding photography!

 Recycled Paper

You can use recycled paper for all your printed-material needs. Invitations, menus, and programs can all be printed on recycled paper and then be recycled again after your big day.


Candlelight is romantic! Use candles to help cut down on the amount of electricity you use during your ceremony and reception.

 Daytime Wedding

Having a wedding in the morning and afternoon can cut down on electricity, too? Is a garden party wedding your eco-friendly solution?

 Vintage Style

Go vintage for attire and accessories. Whether you go vintage for your wedding gown, veil, or wrap, there are unlimited ways to bring vintage touches into your bridal style. The groom can get in on the action, too, with a vintage suit, bowtie, or pocket watch.

 Plant a Tree

What's a better way to commemorate your marriage-- and bring a little more oxygen to the world-- than by planting a tree as a part of your ceremony or wedding festivities?

 Pass the Card Box Forward

If there's one thing you probably won't use again, it's your card box. Pass it forward to the next person you know getting married. Or use something like a vintage birdcage that you can repurpose by putting it out in the garden. 

Something Borrowed

Ask friends and family if they have anything from their weddings that you can use. It'll reduce waste and add to the sentimentalism and spirit of community at your wedding.

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