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A Recent Tampa Wedding at Florida Rustic Barn Weddings


If life can be described in life-changing sliding door moments, some instances will stick out with a clarity of their own. These are the moments you can't miss- like the day you decided to take that job, the day you left your town to pursue your dreams in a bigger city, or the moment you agreed to meet the love of your life over a cup of coffee or a few drinks - all-important moments with a power bigger than it seemed at the time. These are the moments that changed everything for us, and made our life what it is today! For instance, that coffee leads to dinner dates and long walks by the beach, holidays at your partner's family house, and soon the moment comes when the decision of spending 'forever' with your lover sounds like a pretty sweet deal! No matter how many times we have witnessed this, there is nothing sweeter than the slow brewing of a love story and captivating journey of butterflies in the stomach, and a spark in the conversation making its way into a wedding! It is beautiful and leaves us feeling warm and gooey inside every time. Jocelyn and Pete's rustic Tampa wedding is a pleasure to witness, as this is a wedding that is just the right mix of enchanting and rustic, making it a truly unforgettable one of the lot. There is something about this wedding that stands out among the sea of weddings with its dreamy fairy lights, the warmth of the wooden accents, and the lush greenery that envelopes the location! Let us take a peek at this delightful couple’s special day to know what makes it so amazing!


Jocelyn and Pete chose the fascinating city of Tampa as the city in which they hosted their special day, and as the pictures tell, it couldn't have turned out more beautifully! A pretty city, Tampa is located on an inlet stretching far into the west coast of Florida and is the economic center of western Florida. Best known for its tourist attractions, Tampa is perfect for lovers, families, and youth alike! An aesthetic city filled with ample photo opportunities, Tampa houses some beautiful beaches, gardens, artworks, murals, and lively urban areas. This Floridian city is full of surprises and extends photo-worthy frames on every corner of the city. From Busch Gardens, the perfect merge of the amusement park as well as a zoo, to the historic old quarters, such as Ybor City and Old Hyde Park, Tampa is full of wonders. Sitting lovely along Florida’s Gulf Coast, the city is a significant business center and is abundant with arts, museums, and other cultural enrichment. It is no surprise that this city holds a unique place in the hearts of lovers due to its photo-friendly wedding venues and alluring engagement destinations. Filled with photogenic gems from beautiful parks like the USF Botanical Gardens and Philippe Park to exciting water destinations like Cypress Point Park and Davis Island Yacht Club, from all the adventure packed in The Florida Aquarium to the Adventure Island, from the gorgeous Tampa Riverwalk to the Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa is full of romantic layouts and scenic backdrops. Then there is Franklin Street, the pedestrian center of downtown Tampa where one can find plenty of shopping, restaurants, and activities to do. As we noted earlier, there couldn't have been a place that would have a more perfect fit for this lovely couple than Tampa.


Speaking of perfect locations in Tampa, Florida Rustic Barn Weddings is privately situated on a 50-acre ranch along a lake and is located in Plant City, Florida, very central to Tampa and Orlando. Comprising two barns houses-rustic Prairie Glenn Barn and elegant Lakesong Barn, Florida Barn weddings have quickly become a favorite for couples in and around the area. A relaxing drive amidst gabled oak trees will take you to the scenic landscape of The Gable Oaks Ranch, which is home to two spectacular, hand-constructed barns filled with charm and warmth. This working ranch is full of the splendor of nature and provides for a wedding day that will be loaded with festivity and romance. This expansive location accommodates up to 250 guests for ceremonies and receptions. The Chapel in the Gables is the perfect spot for your outdoor ceremony venue as it is enclosed by mounting trees to form a green fence around you and the chapel itself is filled with nature's touch, be it the rustic wooden pews or large double-barn doors. This can be the perfect spot for your professional Tampa wedding photographers to work some magic! Alternatively, you can choose the 100-year-old Grand Oak as your Lakesongs ceremony site. After the ceremony, your guests can head to the Prairie Glenn Barn which was constructed with reclaimed wood and packed with soft romantic lighting and models a classic hay barn perfect for a barn reception your guests wouldn't forget! The Lakesong Barn on the other hand is a gorgeous white barn, and it offers a stunning 360-degree view of hayfields and the glimmering lake. Florida Rustic Barn Weddings’s Lakesong Barn location also comes with a private dock, perfect for some amazing couple photography. Overall, this is a location that is a dream come true for a rustic wedding, and it is clear from the pictures that Jocelyn and Pete took a good call when they chose this idyllic wedding venue!


The wedding day started with the lovely couple getting ready for the most amazing day of their life! Jocelyn and her girls were captured in their casual getting-ready ensemble, which was a white pajama short suit for her and black and red checkered pajama shirts for the girls! She soon changed into her gorgeous bridal dress- a white A-line dress with a deep V-neck, and rhinestone embellishments on the waist, and back which comes with an embellished net panel showing off her back beautifully. The train of the dress was long and flowy, and she paired the look with an airy long veil. Jocelyn did her hair up in a twisted updo, her jewelry comprised sparkly earrings and rings and her makeup was classic yet minimal. A bridal bouquet with flowers in red, peach, and white and peppered with foliage completed the look. Her bridesmaids wore classy black floor-length dresses and carried matching bouquets. Pete looked dashing in his gray suit and black vest, which was paired with a white shirt, checkered tie, and accessorized his groom look with black formal shoes and a white boutonniere. His groomsmen all wore matching suits, but swapped the white flowers in the boutonniere for red ones! Overall, the wedding party was dressed to the nines and balanced each other perfectly.


Before the wedding ceremony, the professional and affordable wedding photographer in Tampa took some amazing captures, gathering moments that were precious and worthwhile. Be it the sweet moment of Jocelyn’s mom zipping her up into the bridal dress, or the moment Jocelyn was reading her vows, and her group pictures with her parents and the bridal party, these were all moments that added to the special feeling of the occasion. Soon it was time for the wedding ceremony, the couple met in the Chapel in the Gables, which was all dressed up for the occasion! The arbor was made of rustic wood and adorned with floaty white draperies, flowers, and foliage. The aisle was scattered with rose petals and lined with rustic lanterns, which communicated the wedding theme perfectly! We especially love the cute signage which declared that this was an unplugged ceremony, which truly marked the territory to provide an enchanting and rejuvenating feeling to the ceremony! Nature was at her best with towering trees and lush greenery adding to the serene atmosphere. Jocelyn’s father walked her down the aisle, and soon Jocely and Pete exchanged vows and rings and kissed each other to seal the deal of forever together! After the ceremony, our professional Tampa wedding photographers snapped some group photographs by the arbor and sneaked the couple away for some couple photography! The lush grass and the trees in the backdrop with golden sun rays did magic and created classically beautiful pictures for Jocelyn and Pete to treasure forever! We especially love the enchanting and dreamy shots by the lake which featured a swing adorned with white fabric and flowers, making it the perfect prop for the couple to get in some cute couple portraits, and the cascading willows and the calm environment added romance to the frames. After the pictures, the couple joined their guests in their wedding receptions for an evening full of celebration. The barn was decorated with rustic touches like lanterns, fairy lights, wooden accents, and cute signages! The couple had their first dance and cut their cake, which was a rustic naked cake with wooden accents for cake toppers. Beautiful moments from the reception were handled and captured elegantly by our skilled professionals. Soon the magical day came to an end as the couple headed out amidst a sparkler exit. Overall, this was a wedding that was a warm hug for the soul and was not only heartwarming but also rejuvenating!


Dream weddings don't happen overnight and happily-ever-afters take work, no matter what the fairytale books tell you! The dream dress doesn't land in your closet just like that but takes weeks (even months!) of hunting it down, altering, refitting, and more before it is ready. The perfect wedding venue means checking out a dozen wrong wedding venues, to know this is the right one. There are caterers to be finalized, menu fonts to be decided, flowers to be chosen, and vows to be written, and time runs out faster than you can blink. But when the day arrives, everything makes sense, and every bit of work is justified! However, considering how much time is spent planning for your wedding, the day passes by pretty fast! Of course, it is one of the magical days in your life, it is also probably the fastest day. And once it is gone, you are left with tons of memories that you will be revisiting for decades to come. It is the day you will rejoice for years ahead, and plan vacations around and plan out lingering dinner for! While you probably will have uncountable memories packed in your mind from the day, photographs sure help, because memories have a way of slipping away! Wedding photographs are more than just photos of the very special day of your life, but rather have the ability to take you back to that special day and help you relive the past for a while! Since this is a keepsake you will hold close forever, it makes complete sense to pick the best wedding photographers you can. Jocelyn and Pete's special day has been captured beautifully by our professional wedding photographers in and around Tampa, and they have done a fabulous job of arresting the glorious moments of the couple's wedding day, in the most classic frames. We love the moments like the rustic outdoors, the woodsy vibe, and the wealth of greenery which made every frame refreshing, or the way the couple was caught in stunning couple photography along with the dreamy willow tree, every frame is a piece of art waiting to be seized. We love the warmth which comes with a rustic wedding, the play of nature, the quaint and whimsical elements which add a hint of magic throughout, all of which have been captured beautifully by our affordable Tampa wedding photographers. From the striking detail shots to the clever signage around the venue to the sentimental moments, everything is caught with a skillful hand, and handled with grace, projecting it in tasteful photographs which the couple will love to hold on to forever, as they bear testimony to the gorgeous wedding day.


Weddings are beautiful, in every country, community, and theme. There is something about a wedding that runs beyond the social constraints, just like it is with love. Maybe that is why when two people fall in love and decide to get married, it warms our hearts, regardless of the theme, the color palette, the location, the state they are from, or the religion they adhere to! It is universal yet unique every time, and just like every couple has their own unique story and their anecdote, every wedding is unique. Jocelyn and Pete's wedding is a day packed with incredible moments and tasteful captures, formulating a memory book that is not only heart-touching but is pleasing to the eye, even after decades have rolled by. The cozy interiors lit up with string lights, the warm rustic influences, the greenery, and the rich foliage, everything comes together in perfect symmetry to deliver to this couple just the wedding that they daydreamed of. There is something so endlessly beautiful about this wedding, it makes one instantly happy, even if they are a stranger looking into their special day as a mere spectator! As the couple heads off to their happily ever after, we wish them nothing but the best of luck and a life filled with endless happy days.


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