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Plan a June Wedding with the Right Color Palette!


Summer weddings are a forever favorite amongst brides and their wedding guests, and all the credit goes to warm-weather trademarks like the lovely sun-drenched ceremony cities, boundless greenery, and lovely and vibrant wedding color palettes! One of the best things about a summertime wedding is that the warm temperatures and bright sunny weather make almost any color look great and flawless no matter what color a bride is choosing for her summer wedding color palette!


The majority of brides when they plan to host extremely romantic and memorable summer weddings would go for wedding color palettes like bright oranges, bold yellows, and cheerful blues as these lovely colors gracefully pop out in the best possible way. And even our professional wedding photographers have a great time playing around with these lovely summer hues! If you are a bride who is looking for something out-of-the-ordinary for her big day, don’t be afraid to choose a color that is outside the lines. 


If you ask us, punchy primary hues, tropical greens, and rustic neutrals are all unexpected and beautiful tones that will look right at home at summer weddings. So, if you are planning to have a June wedding and are in search of the right color palette for your big day, we have curated a list of some incredible and beautiful combinations of summer wedding color palettes that when incorporated into your summer wedding will bring in all your wedding photos!


Marigold yellow, Navy Blue, & Slate Gray

This trio color combination is just absolutely fantastic for all the soon-to-be-married couples who are planning a romantic outdoor summer wedding and want an elegant summer wedding color palette for their 2022 wedding. This incredible and poppy color combination is indeed one of the best color palettes with lovely yellow bouquetsnavy bridesmaids' dresses, and elegant tablecloths! These pretty colors indeed make the entire setting vibrant while giving endless photography opportunities to your professional wedding photographers to capture magical wedding photos in swoon-worthy frames. If you just love this color theme, then trust us, it is a good one to have on hand since these three colors together or even individually work well with a variety of wedding venues especially if you have chosen vineyardscountry clubs or a historic mansion for your memorable and extremely romantic 2022 summer wedding. One of the main reasons due to why this colorful trio is a great hit amongst our millennial couples is because both bridesmaids and groomsmen look great and charming in navy-colored coordinated dresses and suits with added elegant details either in yellow or gray. The detailing offered by these two soothing colors indeed makes the cute wedding colors come to life in the best possible way! 


Tips to Add These Colors to Your June 2022 Wedding

While you are working with this color scheme for your June wedding, you can reach out to your florist and consider adding lovely and romantic yellow roses, beautiful daffodils, or gerbera daisies to your wedding day floral decor. This kind of yellow addition to your wedding day decor will surely elevate the entire ambiance while giving endless photography opportunities to your creative wedding photographers. Pairing these lovely and bright yellow flowers with elegant vases and then adding navy blue or slate gray ribbon details to your wedding centerpieces will not only complete the look but will make the entire wedding decor more romantic and inviting. Warm, upbeat, and vibrant is the exact look and feel you will achieve with this pretty color theme for your June 2022 wedding. 


Petal Pink, Cornflower Blue, & Mauve Purple

If you are thinking of hosting a romantic and breezy beach wedding in June and want the entire set for your wedding day to be serene and tasteful then this color combination is just perfect for you. The lovely and elegant mixture of petal pink, cornflower blue, and mauve purple gracefully creates an upscale light and breezy ambiance. This subtle color combination also works perfectly for an afternoon garden wedding celebration. If you are thinking of wedding venues such as botanical gardens, parks, historic estates, or some lovely beaches, then trust us, you can always rely on this color combination without thinking again. While the petal pink and mauve purple add a fine and delicate feeling the cornflower blue gracefully adds a lovely pop of color which flawlessly plays up the beauty of a clear and romantic summer blue sky. Hydrangea flowers and lovely roses are the go-to flowers for this color theme and will also be a perfect addition to your June wedding. And talking about your bridesmaid's dresses, then we can envision flowy dresses in either petal pink or mauve purple for your lovely bridesmaids and the same colored floral boutonnieres for your handsome groomsmen! 


Flawless Forest Green, White, & Gold

All those couples who are planning to bring a lovely nature-inspired motif for their June 2022 summer wedding but also want to do it most elegantly and stunningly, we have something for you all! How about you consider the most trusted color trio of all the time for your summer wedding, the flawless forest green, classic white, and soothing gold! Couples who are planning to host their wedding at locations like barn, farm, or a chic and rustic wedding venue, trust us these beautiful colors work flawlessly as it plays up with the natural surrounding of these areas but also brings in the upscale classy look that majority of millennial couples want on their big and special day. A rustic wedding venue decked out in this color theme will look stunning and incredible in your wedding photos too, without any doubt! Those long wood tables with swags of greenery, impeccable gold vases, and vintage-style candleholders perfectly matched with white drapery will help to make your rustic wedding venue astounding. To infuse some romantic and cozy vibe, you can try adoring some areas of your wedding venue with string lights! With this color combination and fairy lights, your wedding venue will offer a light and airy feeling to all your wedding guests! 


Incredible Champagne Shade All-Around

There is no better and incredible way to celebrate your wedding than with some bubbling champagne, and of course, bringing champagne tones to your wedding day decor! A perfect color palette for couples who are planning a June wedding and are in search of something light, airy, and whimsical for their summer wedding color palette! Champagne tones and some bubbly champagne to drink, are just a perfect and unique combination for a summer wedding. The hues run the full spectrum of taupe shades, but we think erring on the warmer end is nothing but a divine choice for a memorable summer soiree! This subtle and neutral wedding color palette gracefully pairs with a tonal mix of linens, and light chairs, and how can we forget dreamy drapery punctuated by flowing greenery and blooms. Trust us, the aesthetic is earthy and ethereal all at once and will also look mind-blowing in the wedding pictures!


Shades of Romantic Red

When the summer is around, who does not want to have a summertime backyard picnic vibe at their wedding? So, if you have something like that on your mind, look to bright, primary reds and simple styles to recreate the same wholesome feel o a grander scale. You can consider pairing printed red tablecloths (gingham! florals!) as they will gracefully bring out a cottage core appeal with lovely centerpieces of potted plants in the resonating hues! If you are going with this color palette for your June 2022 wedding you surely have got a theme as homespun as apple pie! We can assure you that your wedding guests will just love this combination for your summer 2022 wedding. 


Not So Vibrant Violet

We are not going to talk about this color palette in great detail, as this color speaks for itself! So, in short, we are going to spare you the Willy Wonka reference and just come straight to the point. Vivid violet is nothing but bold yet refreshing summertime staple color and of course the best choice for your June 2022 wedding. Not only will it elevate your entire wedding setting but will also come out bright and stunning in all your wedding photos captured by your talented wedding photographers. The vivid violet comes under cooler undertones and makes it a palatable shade and also a desirable summer wedding color palette amongst our fashion-forward brides. Not only you and your sweetheart but all your wedding guests will surely adore and get charmed with the natural and organic textures offered by this lovely shade. We can see your lovely bridesmaids wearing those flowy violet bridesmaids dresses looking nothing but stunning! 


Stubble Beige

Who says beige sounds dull? Well not always! When this lovely and soft wedding color palette shows up in wild eclectic textures, it gracefully tales on a more organic vibe. Bleached, dried grasses like pampas, bunny tails, palm leaves, and foraged wildflowers have become a wedding mainstay these days, as couples are preferring something very chic and elegant. It is to the point that they have created a beautiful color palette all their own: the au naturel! For all the romantic and bohemian brides who are looking for some chic boho inspiration or planning a dessert-chic fete for their big day, here are some inspirations to include this elegant color in your upcoming June wedding! 


Sexy Black

Before you act or think about ways to bring this sexy color to your summer 2022 wedding, we wanna say something to you. With all the levity of the usual, easy-breezy summertime color suspects, if you are looking ahead to something a bit more kind of robust to anchor the mix, then this is the perfect color palette for your June 2022 wedding. Rich, velvety sensuous black is nothing but a bold accent that will add some of the much-needed depth to the airy color palette. So, if your wedding decor has got a mood board filled with impeccable whites, blushes, grays, and beiges, and all the neutral tones, and you are looking for a perfect little palate cleanser, then you have to look no further, black has got you covered! 


Peachy Peach

If we are talking about summer weddings and summer wedding color palettes, then nothing says summer is quite beautiful like a bushel of freshly picked peaches! This summer wedding color palette is highly loved by our classic and modern brides, who want everything subtle and elegant for their summer wedding. From wedding decor to wedding cake to bridesmaids' dresses, this lovely color is easy to incorporate into every wedding aspect. In short, this juicy color, and all the summertime feels graceful comes with this lovely color and will be a perfect addition to your summer wedding color scheme


Pretty Pink

When you are in love the world seems so colorful and beautiful! So, if you are in love and you just can’t get enough of it, all you have to do is say it loud and proud with the pretty millennial pink. When we are saying pink, we are not meaning all that girly vibe. We can assure you that there are endless ways to double down on the feminine hue without all the Barbie connotations. One of the best ways to incorporate this lovely color to your June wedding is through organic natural textures like dyed baby’s breath, pampas grass, roses, and woven textiles. This romantic color has a more sophisticated presence. Just mix it with some neutrals and earthy tones for a flawless color scheme and trust us, this pretty pink will look undeniably beautiful in all your wedding photos documented by our talented wedding photographers! 


Beautiful Plum, Lilac, and Apricot

Hold on, before you jump to the conclusion, we have something to say. We also know that this dark shade is traditionally seen as a fall wedding color, but trust us, it is a great option for summer weddings too! All you have to do is pair this lovely color with light peach, lilac, and beautiful white to brighten the overall palette so that the stunning plum jewel tones feel appropriate for your upcoming June wedding. The mix and match color combination of these colors will come out flawlessly in all your wedding photos! 


In short, summer weddings are all about fresh and poppy colors and of course the new life of the season in the world of weddings. We know that it is not that easy to choose a wedding color palette amongst all these great natural colors especially when it comes to planning a romantic summer wedding in June! Wedding trends do change now and then, and so do wedding color palettes! These are some of the incredible and best colors for a perfect 2022 June wedding!


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