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Frose Recipes That Will Make Your Wedding Day So Much Cooler


If you’re looking for a creative way to add colors and flavors to your wedding, then rosé is what you need. Rosé is the perfect addition to any celebration, especially your wedding. That said, how about, instead of serving fantastic rosé wine in glasses, we add an imaginative twist to your wedding menu? If that’s the goal, we have just the list for you! What we love about rosé is that it is versatile and can add delicious flavor, as well as aroma, to your wedding! From snacks to food, from cocktails to sorbet, there’s so much you can do with rosé. If you’re looking to add a creative twist to your nuptial celebrations with a rosé-inspired menu, then we have a handpicked list of cocktail ideas and menu ideas for your cocktail hour menu and wedding reception party!  


Frosé recipes we love that will make your wedding deliciously cool!  


Whether you want to add delicious touches to your winter wedding or want to beat the sun during your summer wedding, here are some amazing recipes to make your wedding cocktail menu deliciously amazing: 


Flavorsome watermelon frosé


Perfect for summer weddings, this cocktail is made for rosé and watermelon lovers! The recipe includes rosé wine and frozen watermelon with some sugar to add a sweet touch. This beautiful drink feels right at home for your outdoor wedding or even a tropical beach wedding! You can garnish the watermelon-flavored cocktail with colorful straws and herbs. To let your guests enjoy the sweet deliciousness of this drink with a twist of spice, you can have the option of spiced watermelon frosé as an option. To add a stylish touch to your watermelon cocktail, you can serve cucumbers, cheese, or salmon, these flavors go extremely well with the flavor of watermelon. Another way to garnish your frosé is to add some herbs, and lemon wedges and serve it on a watermelon platter! If that’s not enough, there’s another way to have frosé at your wedding: a watermelon frosé ice cream float. All you’ll need is a frozen watermelon, rosé, and vodka. Blend them, and pair them with some ice cream, with a heaping side of berries and syrup!


Fresh-tasting pineapple mint frosé


Are you throwing an indoor wedding reception and want to bring more colors and the summer vibe? Or are you looking for an amazing beach venue to pair with an exquisite cocktail hour menu? In either case, a fresh pineapple mint frosé is what you need. This savory summer cocktail will not only add flavor to your cocktail menu but will also add a vibrant beach-like vibe to your wedding cocktail hour. Whether you choose an indoor venue or an outdoor venue, this cocktail will help you improve your wedding’s aesthetic. You garnish this amazing cocktail with mint, to add a punchy flavor. You can blend mint with your drink and then sprinkle some on top for aesthetic purposes! Apart from this, pair this deliciously colorful cocktail with some cocktail umbrellas to add a tropical touch to it. 


Pretty rosé sorbet floats


Let’s add a pretty charm to your frosé bar rosé sorbet floats! This is a mouth-watering addition to your wedding cocktail menu and will have your guests coming back for more. With this idea, you get two things, an impressive cocktail, and an elegant dessert! The cocktail incorporates sorbet, with tasteful raspberries and rosé. The sorbet, once prepared, is added to a glass and then rosé is poured over it. Adding rosé-flavored sorbet builds on the flavor, and makes it wholesome. What we love the most about this cocktail is that you don’t need garnishing ideas! The different colors of the sorbet and rosé are enough to make them appealing. To add a fun twist of colors to the drink, you can have colorful straws, in the shade of summer colors, to finish the look! Another amazing recipe to try is raspberry rosé sorbet mimosa floats. This drink adds a fruity punch to your bar menu ideas, and brings the flavorful joys of summer to your guests! Garnishing raspberry rosé sorbet mimosa floats is super easy, all you need is a beautiful straw, and some herbs! 


Delicious raspberry peach rosé


Add more flavors to your summer drink menu with another raspberry-inspired drinkBlending raspberry and peach into a drink with rosé makes it an exceptional choice for a summer reception party or cocktail hour! To add color to this cocktail, you’ll need bright peaches, not yellow ones. What we love about this summer cocktail idea is that it works amazingly well for both indoor and outdoor venues! If you’re planning on throwing cocktail hour with BBQ, this drink will add more flavor to the idea. And if you’re not planning on BBQ-inspired cocktail idea plans, even then this is the perfect addition for a summer wedding! Another reason why we love this cocktail is the dusty pink color, it is calm and soothing! Regardless of your wedding theme, this drink will add a beautiful touch to the setting. To garnish the cocktail, you can add some bright raspberries or even strawberries in a skewer! 


Sparkling Paloma frosé


Another way to add frozen rosé to your frosé cocktail menu is to use grapefruit with rosé. Paloma cocktails are one of the most popular cocktails for summers. To add a sparkling twist to this well-loved cocktail is as easy as using sparkling rosé and creating a sparkling Paloma rosé. To make this drink even better, you can add some vodka as well. If you can grab some flavored vodka for the drink, it will add a wonderful twist to the drink! Other than this, some food-grade shimmering glitter will be a perfect addition as well, this will add a glittery look to your drink! If you’re going for a celestial theme wedding, you can even add glitter vodka to the mix, and make your cocktails shine like the stars! 


Some more cool ways to have rosé at your wedding


After some amazing cocktails ideas, how about adding more flavors to your wedding? Apart from frosé ideas, you can make use of rosé for other menu items to give it a more flavorful twist! If you love  rosé and want to make it a big part of your wedding, then trying these recipes will help you create a drool-worthy wedding menu:


Rosé vinaigrette


Do you love rosé as much as we do? Then we have some creative ways of using wine for your wedding ideas! Rosé vinaigrette is something that any wine lover would love! You could have rosé vinaigrette everything! You can drizzle this pink-colored dressing on salads and vegetables! If you’re thinking of adding a grazing table to your wedding cocktail party, why not use a cute bottle with a spout for your guests to have a generous drizzle of the rosé vinaigrette? Another reason to love this lip-smacking wine-flavored dressing is that you can do it yourself! You can create your recipe for rosé vinaigrette and bottle it up for your wedding. This will not only allow you to share a recipe that you greatly adore with your guests, but will also add a personal DIY touch to your wedding! Another way to use this brilliant vinaigrette is to use it as a dressing for tomato salad and serve it with rosé at your wedding! The salad will complement the wine! 


Rosé-flavored Cheesecakes!


Bring a sweeter touch of rosé-inspired wedding snacks and dessert ideas to your wedding with rosé flavored cheesecakes! The wine works tremendously well as an additional flavor to your cheesecake and will have all of your rosé wine lovers swooning. A great way to add a rosé-flavored cheesecake to your wedding menu is to add it to your dessert table! To highlight your rosé cheesecake at your reception party, you can use pretty decor ideas, like adding a couple of rosé bottles (empty of course!) to bring attention to the flavor! Another way to highlight your showstopper is to make use of dessert table decorations! Since the highlight of your dessert menu is this delicious cheesecake, make use of muted red and deep pink shades to decorate the table. Other than this, you can make use of frosty table decorations, with white tablecloths with red cotton balls to add color! Apart from this, if the rosé-flavored cheesecake is the highlight of your dessert table, you can have a dessert cart with an acrylic menu board with the names of the wedding desserts! This also means that the dessert cart can be placed at your cocktail hour, and brought to the reception party venue later. 


Edible flowers!


Another way to bring the mouth-watering flavor of rosé to your wedding is with edible flowers! The thing with these flowers is that you don’t have to add rosé to the edible flowers. You can have edible flowers served at your wedding with rosé, this will enhance the flavor and make the drink even more delicious. The edible flowers for your wedding can be inspired by your wedding decor details. You can use the same colors as your wedding theme, or you can make use of the flowers as an inspiration for edible flower design! We love this idea because, regardless of the colors, these can be used to improve the flavor of the wine! Additionally, it will serve as something sweet along with the wine. 


Rosé-inspired cocktail ideas for every season!


Now that the easiest ways to have rosé at your wedding have been discussed, let’s talk about the more elaborate rosé-inspired ideas! Apart from amazingly delicious dessert ideas, how about an entire cocktail menu with inspiring rosé cocktails? The clear pink shade of the wine will go well with your wedding decor, especially if you love rose gold details. You can make use of rosé as the base for multiple kinds of cocktails and add different flavors to distinguish. For a summer rosé-inspired cocktail menu,  you can have rosé all day, spring fever, and sparkling rosé margarita. These summer-inspired cocktails will keep your guests coming back for more. As for a winter cocktail menu paired with rosé, you make cocktails out of whiskey and rosé, and with tequila. 


More way to enjoy rosé, in any season, is to add some ice cream pops on top! Also, if you’re looking for a creative way to have rosé at your wedding is to let your guests choose the kind of ice cream pop they’d want in their drinks! Now, before we move on to another idea, let’s talk about the decor for your cocktails! For all rosé lovers, the best way to decorate your rosé-inspired cocktail menu is with herbs, dusty gold straws, and rose-colored sprinkles! This will add to your rose gold wedding theme. However, even if your wedding is not a dusty pink and gold, you can still have a rose gold-themed cocktail hour. 


Rosé-flavored snacks  


If the rosé-inspired wedding snack menu is what you want, then we have just the ideas for you! You can make use of rosé for flavorful snacks! Apart from a cocktail hour grazing table, you can add some easy-to-eat snacks. You can poach plums and apricots in rosé wine and serve it at your wedding. You can have a standalone snack bar with poached and flavored fruits and nuts, where you can serve the poached plums and apricots. To add style to serving these, you can fashion wonderful cones, which makes it easy for your guests to enjoy the flavorsome rosé-inspired snacks while strolling. Another way to add flavor to your wedding menu is to have pears poached in rosé and ginger, and vanilla. To add more flavors and colors to your cocktail hour, you can chop the poached pear in the center and serve it with ice cream at your reception party! Another way to incorporate rosé with fruits is to poach strawberries in the wine. You can use these rosé-poached fruits and create a delicate snack bar at your wedding! To add a creative twist to your wedding snack bar is to add some pretty signage to the snack bar! You can even shape the signage in a wine bottle shape! To finish the look, you can make use of string lights or LED strip lights to add details to the bottle-shaped signage! 


If you’re planning to throw a wedding with an amazing twist of different flavors and colors that becomes a memorable memory for not only you but also your guests, then a rosé-inspired wedding menu idea is what you need! A glass of rosé is fantastic in itself, but it becomes even better when you use different flavors, herbs, and food! Bring out your creative experimental side during your wedding planning to create an uber-cool summer wedding menu! Apart from the wedding theme and colors, you can make use of rosé to add a vibrant touch to your wedding. What’s more, during your tasting sessions, you can try out different recipes for rosé sorbet cakes, then incorporate them into your wedding dessert menu and add the elemental beauty of these to your wedding cake! We hope that our list of rosé-inspired cocktails and food ideas help you find the creative twist to a memorable wedding!


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