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Summer Wedding Color Predictions


Congratulations on your recent engagement! So, now that you are engaged to the love of your life, it’s time for you to pick a date for your wedding day during the most amazing wedding season- summer! Once you are done with your wedding date, wedding venue, it’s time that you decide upon your wedding theme and finally- your wedding color palette


Picking the wedding color palette is the most important decision that you need to make in the process of planning your wedding! So, this blog is here to inspire all the newly engaged couples who are planning a summer wedding celebration in the coming year! To make your summer wedding celebration memorable, here are some summer wedding color predictions that we think are going to be huge and trendy in the coming months! 2022 summer wedding colors are somehow different as we might see many unusual color ideas apart from the classics such as bright pinks and yellows! 


So, what are you waiting for! Check out some of the best summer color predictions for the coming year and make your summer wedding celebration an affair to remember! 


  • Mulberry & Gold

Burgundy is a color that never goes out of style! It is a color that always stands out amongst any kind of celebration, especially when it's a wedding day! This color always creates magic in wedding photographs and makes swoon-worthy wedding pictures! Any kind of classic spin on the burgundy/Bordeaux is something that we and all our professional wedding photographers love, as even a little of this color creates wonders in the wedding photographs! Maroon-based colors will always be stylish, but we just love the way our modern-day brides are turning to a slightly purple undertone to give their wedding day bridal look a stunning effect! Mulberry when gracefully combined with gold creates an enchanting setting that holds the potential to make an ambiance incredibly romantic and inviting! These two colors together create a totally different mood and undoubtedly lightens up the color palette, which indeed makes it a perfect combination for a classic and memorable summer wedding for all those couples who want a moody undertone for their wedding day! 


  • Shades of Purple

In the coming year, we are expecting a lot of bold wedding colors to make their comeback in the month of summer! And amongst all those colors coming back in the ring, purple is indeed the color! The upcoming summer wedding ideas have been catching our brides and our experienced wedding photographer’s interest as this soothing and alluring color reclaims its place as a major player in the coming summer of 2022! These rich, incredibly romantic, and heart-warming hues are very versatile to work for any season especially for summer wedding style! Trust us, wedding photographs captured by our talented wedding photographers around these hues in the past will give you so much inspiration on how to include this shade in your 2022 summer wedding! 


  • Flawless Combination of Poppy and Sage

So, if you have decided to get married in the coming summer of 2022, then here is a perfect summer color palette for you to consider to add to your wedding day decor! For all the couples who are planning to get hitched somewhere lush, then there is no better summer color combination than poppy and sage! These two incredible colors will be definitely trending for your 2022 summer wedding! You can consider adding these two stunning summer color combinations of tropical tones and leafy motifs into your wedding day table settings and to your bridal bouquet to give your wedding day an upscale beachy feel! 


  • The Incredible Combination of Sage and Gold

Nobody can ever deny that sage is indeed a beautiful and calming color especially when it is paired with gold! It really comes to life and eventually becomes a really upmarket, and premium color for the 2022 summer wedding color palette! One of the fantastic things about this glorious combination is that this alluring color combination is nothing but stunning for an elegant summer wedding and also for any seasonal wedding! We are predicting that this color is going to be a game-strong summer color in the coming year of 2022!


One of the greatest perks of combining these two colors is that these two alluring colors can be easily combined through ornaments and wedding flowers to create a perfect summer color palette! Sage-colored foliage is low cost and comes easy on pockets and is indeed a great way to bulk out the color in your theme, plus there is a huge variety to choose from for your wedding day decor! 


If you are planning a country house or manor house-style wedding, then you can use these colors to sit beautifully against the traditional wedding decor and fabrics! 


  • Trending Combination of White, Gold, and Green

For a memorable summer wedding, one can never go wrong with the mind-blowing and classic combination of neutral, a fine touch of glam, and a strong forestry vibe! We mean the incredible fusion of white, gold, and green! These trio color combinations are nothing but just perfect for your 2022 summer wedding color palette! Whether you are planning a modern wedding with chic wedding decor or a classic barn wedding celebration, we can assure you that these three colors when combined will look ah-mah-zing on everything from your wedding day invitation to your delicious and photogenic wedding cake!


  • The Charming Cinnamon Rose

Well, there is no comparison for the color pink! Pink has been and will be a classic wedding fave forever, but a new dusty rose color is definitely going to take over in the coming summer! For all the couples who are planning for an elegant yet charming look for their wedding day, then we have a piece of color advice for you all! Just fuse some brown hues and muted pinks and wait for the magic to happen! There are endless ways to bring this incredibly romantic color to your summer wedding color! Cinnamon rose-inspired bridesmaids’ dresses and a blush bouquet are an uber-romantic aesthetic for a memorable 2022 summer wedding celebration! 


  • Lovely Lilac and Lavender

For all the romantic and head over heels in love with other couples who are planning a lovely and breezy outdoor wedding celebration, these two lovely shades of purple will work wonders for your upcoming summer wedding celebration! You can consider working around these shades for your lovely bridesmaids’ dresses or even groomsmen’s ties! We can assure you that these two colors will definitely pop against any naturally rich backdrop and will look charming and alluring in your bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s wedding photos captured by our experienced wedding photographers in and around your area!


  • Always Chic and Trending Classic Blue

Well, you can’t get much trendier than Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, which they gracefully describe as where the sea and sky meet at dusk! Incredibly romantic we must say! This is such a statement-making color and can be beautifully used in all aspects of your 2022 summer wedding! Trust us, you can never go wrong with a classic blue look for your upcoming summer wedding color palette! We believe that there will never be a time, place, or season where the classic blue colors do not work and do wonders! There are endless possibilities to bring this color into your wedding day! Like you can consider using this stunning color for your wedding reception table linens, or your groom can add this color to his groom suit, and of course, don't forget to add this color to your wedding day invitation


All the tones of blue make the best summer wedding color palette! The dark tones of blue are dark enough to be moody, sophisticated, elegant, and slimming, but brighter than black! The darker shade of blue or more specifically we say, navy blue is indeed the ultimate color for weddings!


If you simply do not want just the blue color, you can always consider combining it with other tones such as blush! Blue and blush when combined together create a relaxing and lovely summer wedding color palette, offering an incredibly romantic and calming effect! These two alluring colors together offer a bright and open feel to your wedding which will be perfect for summer 2022! All you have to do is just make sure that the right balance of both the colors is being used when creating a balance and panoramic setting on your wedding day! Light blue color alone might often feel slightly cold, but not enough and you will lose the way it complements the soft and romantic tones of blush


Apart from blush, you can also consider pairing the different shades of blue with some metallic accents, such as gold! The combination of gold and blue will undoubtedly offer you an elegant yet beautiful look for your wedding day! You can never go wrong with blue-colored bridesmaids’ dresses in any fabric! Chiffon fabric will be an ideal choice for a classic summer soiree!


  • Pineapple, Orange, and Pale Pink

No color screams summer better than yellow and some playful shades of pink! The combination of bohemian and feminine vibes always creates a sweet sorbet effect perfect for a legit any kind of hot-weather wedding for your 2022 celebration! Talking about pink shades, then these beautiful colors are starting to emerge and we have a strong feeling that this color trend is going to get bigger in the coming year 2022 especially for summer wedding color palettes! There are various opportunities for you to add the iconic combination of these three colors into your summer wedding! You can also elevate your cocktail hour by turning your cocktail drink table into stunning and swoon-worthy wall decor with brilliant pops of orange (both the color and the fruit). These three colors when combined together will also elevate your summer wedding photos in every possible way! With bright and poppy shades, your wedding portfolio will look absolutely mind-blowing and fantastic! 


  • Scenic Seaside Blues and Greens

If you and your sweetheart are mesmerized by the oceans and always fantasize about getting hitched along the oceans where the soft wind gently touches your face and unwinds your curls, then we have something for you! You can gracefully celebrate the natural beauty of the panoramic ocean with stunning and elegant shades of blue and green combined together! These two beautiful colors when fused together will bring out the best for your summer oceanside wedding and will also look flawless in your wedding photos! You can commit to the theme with sea-inspired place cards and whimsical wedding favors which your wedding guests can use the next time when they will hit the beach for some vacation! And the greatest perk is that, with these two colors as your summer wedding color palette, you already have your “something blue” for your big day! 


  • Magical Marigold and Floral

Lean into cheery and exciting summer vibes by pairing vibrant marigolds with some lovely flowers for your 2022 summer wedding color palette! You can consider bringing the garden look to your lovely bridesmaids’ dresses for your wedding day and or you also ask your wedding party or the groomsmen squad to wear some pastel or bright floral prints to bring in the actual summer vibe to your summer wedding celebration! You can also consider adding marigold blooms into your table settings and elevating the overall ambiance of your wedding day!  


  • Dusty Blue and Classic Burgundy

If by any chance you are planning to get married to the love of your life on the Fourth of July, then all we wanna say is that you just found the perfect summer wedding color palette for your 2022 summer wedding! Dusty blue and burgundy together are some of the best 2022 summer wedding color palettes! The stunning bohemian vibes of these two alluring hues are on-brand for the upcoming 2022 summer weddings, but thankfully they don’t scream, “Happy Birthday America!” in an annoying way! For your summer wedding celebration, you can experiment around deep cranberry napkins or crimson petals, and you can consider lining each of your wedding guests' seats with a blue satin ribbon! And lastly, don’t forget the most important part of your wedding day, your blue and white multi-tiered wedding cake to woo your wedding guests and leave them wanting for more!


  • Pretty Pistachio and Rosey Rose

There is no denying the fact that earth tones are calming, which TBH, is not a bad thing, considering how stressful your summer wedding is going to be! Did you also hear somebody saying roses and hydrangeas for your wedding day bridal bouquet? Well, if yes, then congratulations, you just got lucky! These pretty and beautiful neutral shades are super duper easy to match with different wedding color accents for your wedding day, which is indeed one of the greatest perks of using these colors for your summer wedding color palettes! 


  • Peach and Glowing Gold

These two colors are nothing but a low-key yet crowd-pleasing option for when it comes to the summer wedding color palette. These two colors are extremely romantic options for your upcoming wedding celebration! For all those couples who are planning a romantic outdoor summer wedding celebration in a garden or in a rustic barn, trust us these two shades against exposed brick or wood paneling will look just flawless and enchanting! Peach and gold color will even match up with your signature wedding cocktail!  


  • Saffron, Fuchsia, and Navy

No one can ever deny that jewel tones are always in trend, no matter what time of the year it is! They are nothing but just perfect for all 365 days celebrations! So, a classic trio of saffron, fuchsia, and navy when combined together will captivate every single wedding guest on your wedding day! In fact, even your hard-to-please great aunt will be left enchanted with the fusion of these three incredible summer wedding colors! There is something definitely romantic and unique about the combination of these three colors, their sunset-y vibes in the summer really make these songs come out beautiful and sing! 


  • Mellow Yellow and Bright White

Yellow and white are indeed the two most romantic and most allured colors especially when it comes to summer wedding color palettes! Yellow and white create a bright and sunny combination that will make your summer wedding celebration feel full of love and positivity! If you are choosing this lovely and lighthearted wedding color palette for your upcoming summer wedding celebration means that you can totally include lemons, daffodils, and sunflowers in your bridal wedding bouquet and throughout the wedding decor! These two beautiful color combinations will also look great and incredibly beautiful in your wedding photos! 


  • Scarlet and Pretty Blush

Scarlet and blush are basically the summer wedding color palette version of winter’s cozy burgundy and wine! It will not only lighten the mood of your summer wedding celebration but will make the entire setting more passionate with a bright scarlet red and passionate! And a dainty blush! We mean, it is a summer wedding, after all! 


Every color is beautiful but not every color makes an ideal color for a summer wedding color palette! Here are some of the best summer color predictions that are indeed going to be huge, chic, and really trendy in the coming months!


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