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Keep Guests Cozy with these Warm Winter Details


It’s that time of the year again! The winter season! The weather is going to be colder, all those beautiful winter outwear have been brought out, mugs of warm apple cider and hot chocolate become our favorite drinks, and not to forget all the lovely decorations that are making our neighborhoods glow! There is no denying the fact that it is indeed beautiful and a sight worth watching! 


It is also a time for family gatherings and endless festive celebrations and for couples who are head over heels in love with each other to celebrate their love by getting married! With that being said, a winter wedding is indeed beautiful and alluring filled with endless wedding photography opportunities but is a little different than other times of the year! 


Winter weddings are nothing but a dream come true celebration for every couple! Snowy backdrops, glorious long-sleeve wedding dresses, cozy fireplace, and all the holiday feels! With everything so alluring, nobody can ever deny that winter weddings are just pure bliss! Twinkling lights, sparkling snow, holiday cheer, what’s not to love about this season! While winter charm and magic fill the air, so will cold weather! Therefore, it is mandatory to keep your wedding guests warm at your winter wedding (of course you don’t want them to have frostbite while attending your nuptials)! Keeping your wedding guests warm for your winter wedding at a time can be a bit challenging! But don’t worry, we have got you covered! Follow these amazing ideas to keep your wedding guests warm from “I do” to “toodle-oo”!


Choose A Warm Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue is the initial step in hosting a flawless wedding. No matter in which season you are getting hitched, your wedding venue has to be a perfect and ideal destination resonating with your wedding season and wedding theme. So, for all the couples who are planning a winter wedding and thinking about a wedding venue that can keep all their wedding guests warm throughout the celebration, you need to choose a warm wedding venue! Make sure you are finalizing a wedding venue that offers plenty of indoor space for your winter wedding guests so that they can have the best time of their lives at your wedding celebration! Don’t forget to keep in mind that the buildings with tall and high-vaulting ceilings are large open spaces that are at times hard to keep heated. They are no doubt the best kind of wedding venues but are a great option for summer and spring season weddings! Narrow down your wedding venue search list for wedding venues that offer cozy nooks and intimate gathering space so that your wedding guests feel warm, cozy, and comfortable, too! A wedding venue with an in-built open fireplace would not only be a great way to keep your wedding guests warm but would also offer a beautiful backdrop for your winter wedding photos! It will be a great photography opportunity for our professional wedding photographers to capture mind-blowing indoor wedding photos! 


Create a Cozy Atmosphere

To create an ambiance and setting that is not only inviting and romantic but cozy and warm also, try bringing in candles of your choice into your winter wedding decor to help heat things up! Well, it is true that candles may not give off much heat to keep everyone warm and cozy throughout the celebration. But they will undoubtedly give your wedding venue a cozy and incredibly romantic vibe! To offer extra comfort to your wedding guests for your winter wedding you can consider covering up the chairs in blankets or fur to add some extra texture and character and warmth to any kind of your seating arrangements


Set Your Wedding Guests Expectations Early On

It’s your winter wedding. So, just to make sure that your wedding guests stay warm throughout the celebration and don’t get uncomfortable. Just make sure that you are offering all the mandatory and enough information about your winter wedding before the wedding day to all your invitees through your wedding invitation! So, if by any chance there is any kind of outdoor wedding celebration, your wedding guests should come prepared for it with proper wedding attire to deal with the cool winds! Make sure the arrangement that you had planned for your outdoor winter wedding should unfold the way you have planned. Once your wedding guests arrive at your winter wedding, they should not feel inconvenienced by the weather! Don’t forget to install coat racks, plenty of blankets, and even some portable heaters to keep your wedding guests warm and comfortable from beginning to end! 


Limited Outdoor Time

Getting married in a setting that is covered with a pristine white blanket of snow is a dream come true for every bride! So, if you have always imagined getting married with a stunning snowy scene behind you, then this is your time! Make your only dream of getting married to the love of your life in such a setting come true! Get married outdoors and then move the celebration indoors for the rest of the evening! This way not only you but even your wedding guests will also have the experience of both worlds! And it will be a great opportunity for our wedding photographers to capture your wedding photos in such an incredible outdoor as well as indoor setting!


Don’t Forget to Offer Warm Welcome Drinks to Your Wedding Guests

Well, coffee or tea is indeed fairly commonplace at most winter weddings, but it’s your wedding day so why not go pick a different route when it comes to offering your wedding guests something delicious yet warm and perfectly suitable for your winter wedding?


How about a festive cup of hot chocolate or some warm apple cider? Great choice, right! These two stunning yet delicious warm drinks will offer your wedding guests a very cozy feeling that will undoubtedly set your winter wedding celebration apart from the rest of the usual wedding celebration! 


How about some Bourbon Tasting?

Have you considered the idea of having a whiskey or bourbon tasting station on your wedding day? If not, then you must! These are some of the best and unique ways to offer something fun to your wedding guests, especially males! This sweet gesture of yours will not only show your care and concern for your wedding guests but is indeed a perfect way for them to warm up and feel appreciated knowing you thought of something just for them! But, just make sure that you are planning to limit it to the cocktail hour, rather than having it open during the entire wedding reception, especially if your wedding guests have to drive a long distance home! This is indeed one of the great and extraordinary ideas to keep your wedding guests warm during your winter wedding! 


Plan on Serving Warming Hors d’oeuvres and Toasty Treats

Are you planning a Cape Cod wedding? If yes, then consider serving clam chowder during your cocktail hour to keep all your wedding guests warm during the mingling time! Or, you can also add on soup shooters with some mini grilled cheese sandwiches, to have the best of appetizers! They are indeed a perfect choice for your winter wedding appetizer as they are not only easy to enjoy but they will also keep your guest’s bellies warm and content! You can also consider adding some more options of toasty treats! Hot chocolate or mulled cider bar is definitely a great addition as it is sure to please wedding guests of all ages! Well, if you don’t wanna go with soup, you can consider offering salad before the main meal! You can also consider experimenting with your dessert table too! You can add some fun to your wedding dessert lineup too with s’mores or a chocolate fountain! Because, there goes a saying, “the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach”! Work on this and voila, you will have a wedding that your wedding guests will remember for years to come! 


This kind of dessert table idea will also give our creative and talented wedding photographers a bucket full of wedding photography opportunities to capture unique table ideas in the most cinematic frames! 


Make Sure You Have Made Appropriate Alcohol Choices for Your Wedding Guests

While “warming” liquors don’t actually increase the body temperature, they indeed create a feeling of warmth when consumed! So,  just make sure that your bar is fully packed and stocked with whisky, rum, cognac, scotch, or other dark liquor options. We are pretty sure that your wedding guests won’t be staying away from clinking glasses of the warm and amber liquid in December, January, and February! 


Create A Warm and Cozy Lounge Area for Your Wedding Guests to Sit and Enjoy

There are endless ways to make your winter wedding guests feel warm on your wedding day. One such fantastic way is by creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for your wedding guests by adorning the lounge area with comfy couches, a plush rug, and some seasonal centerpieces! You can also bring in the portable heater so that while chilling and relaxing your wedding guests will stay warm! You can look out for ideas on Pinterest to create your very own ‘winter cabin’ to give off a great cozy-winter vibe to all your wedding guests to leave the celebration with a lasting impression on their hearts and minds! 


Add A Fire Pit Into your Lounge Seating Area for Your Wedding Guests

If your wedding venue comes with a stunning and enchanting fireplace, then there is no perfect place in the entire wedding venue to position your lounge seating area! But if in case you are planning an outdoor winter wedding reception, ask your wedding venue if you can bring in a fire pit to keep the outdoor setting warm too for your wedding guests! It is absolutely true that fire creates a cozy ambiance. And, it also allows for a s’mores bar! This kind of setting is indeed a great and superb hit for all your wedding guests who would prefer to sit rather than mingle and dance! 


A Blanket Station Will Be a Great Idea

Keeping your wedding guests warm and cozy throughout the celebration is your responsibility! So, if you are thinking of offering your wedding guests an opportunity to be extra cozy at your winter wedding, how about warming them up by having a blanket station at your wedding venue?


This wedding idea will not only elevate your winter wedding decor game but will also show your share of love and concern for your wedding guests! This is the best, most fantastic, and unique idea especially if you are planning an outdoor winter wedding celebration! Keeping a blanket station is unquestionably the best addition to your winter wedding day detail. If any of your wedding guests feel chilly during the celebration, they can go and grab a cozy and soft blanket from the station and keep themselves warm! And if you really want to splurge, you can consider having the blankets embroidered with your and your partner’s initials! This will undoubtedly add a personalized effect to the blanket station! 


Thoughtful Winter Wedding Favors for Your Wedding Guests

So, now that you have planned a winter celebration for your big day, it’s your responsibility to keep your wedding guests comfortable at your cold-weather celebration! Make sure you are stocking your wedding venue with blankets, wraps, cute warm mittens, and even lovely scarves that your wedding guests can use during the celebration and can even take home at the end of the celebratory night! These are indeed very thoughtful and caring winter favors that you can consider giving to your wedding guests if any portion of your winter wedding is happening in the chilly outdoors! 


Don’t forget Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

A wedding is incomplete without lovely bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen! So, if your wedding party is heading outside for outdoor wedding photos, make sure you are offering them matching shawls or jackets to keep them warm and also look stunning! Shawls, wraps, and jackets will work for your ladies! Whereas,  for charming and handsome groomsmen, you can consider suits made of wool and flannel, which are a bit heavier than the linen and cotton counterparts! Choose a cloth that weighs between 14 and 19 ounces to maintain a perfect balance and a fantastic combination of style and comfort in the best way possible! Anything thicker may look and feel too bulky and can also spoil the fun during your outdoor wedding party photography session! 


Use Furry Seat Throws for Your Guests Seating Arrangements

Invite your wedding guests to be seated on fake-fur seat throws! This will not only look wintery and cozy, but it will also keep your guests toasty and comfortable throughout the entire evening! This kind of fur seating will make your wedding guests feel like they are in a winter wonderland! And our creative wedding photographers will have a plethora of opportunities to capture mind-blowing wedding photos with such an incredible setting! 


Bring in Seasonal Winter Flavors On Your Winter Wedding Menu

Adding seasonal flavors to your winter wedding will be a great and unique way to woo your wedding guests! Get in touch with your caterer, and work to create an ideal winter menu for your memorable celebration! Try using such iconic seasonal flavors as cinnamon, apples, vanilla, cloves, cranberries, and much more! 


Best Winter Season Cuisine

Well, it’s wintertime so your winter wedding should have all the warm delicacies on the menu! Because we hardly think that any of your wedding guests would like to eat ice cream or a cold salad during the winter season! So, always choose warm, and hearty entrees and dessert options to keep the comfortable vibe going throughout the night like macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, and potatoes! 


Choose a Hot Dessert Over Classic Winter Wedding Cake

So, what if you are planning a classic winter celebration, it is not mandatory to have a classic winter wedding cake as your wedding day dessert! You can always spice things up by choosing a supplement for your wedding day cake! You can go for some hot dessert, as offering something toasty is always a fun touch for your winter wedding! Some of our favorite ideas include warm bread pudding, hot streusel, warm apple pie, or even heated skillet cookies will also be a great addition to your winter wedding dessert table to counter the cold temperature! You can also consider something that your wedding guests can grab and go like churros and warm caramel or some chocolate sauce! 


Follow these incredible tips to assure that your wedding guests stay cozy, comfortable, and warm during your winter wedding day! With these incredible tips, you don’t need to fear your guests being chilly at your winter wedding! With so many creative and enjoyable ways to warm your wedding guests up, it is likely that they will be comfy, and cozy from your wedding ceremony through your winter wedding reception!


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