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Girl Talk: Bridesmaids Photo Tips


Organizing a group of people for photos can be a challenge, and there are lots of small details people tend to forget about. Here are some great tips to remember on your big day that will help your group photos go smoothly! Remember these and we’re sure you’ll have beautiful pictures with your gals.

1. Make sure you arrange enough time before your ceremony/first look to get your bridesmaids photos.

2. Take a little time to get a picture with each of your bridesmaids individually. You’ll cherish those photos with your best friends!

3. We’ve seen many a cute shot ruined by simple things like hair ties around wrists or visible bandaids. Make sure everyone is wearing only what they should be!

4. There are more ways to pose a group than in straight lines! Play with levels and height variance to get a more dynamic photo.

5. Props and signs aren’t just for engagement shoots! Use something cute to give action to the photos.

Jump over to Instagram for a 6th (very important, but not often thought of!) #GSQuickTip. 

xo, Anna


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