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Watercolor-Inspired Wedding Details For A Dreamy Celebration!


They say, “color adds beauty to everything,” and we couldn’t agree more. Watercolor-inspired wedding ideas are our recent favorites! Watercolor wedding ideas add a bright color to your nuptial celebrations and an effortless charm to the venue. And for everyone who loves the aesthetics and wants their wedding venue to embody a whimsical and dreamy vibe to your, watercolor-inspired ideas are what you need! You can create an entire theme with different watercolor-inspired ideas, or simply choose to have a watercolor-inspired cocktail hour or reception party! If you’re looking to add some splashes of color to your wedding, then here are some ideas you can try:


Watercolor wedding invitations


If you’re looking to have a watercolor-inspired wedding, then setting the tone for the wedding is crucial. Before you dive into planning the wedding decor that matches your watercolor-inspired theme, you should start with designing the wedding invites. Watercolor wedding invitations have an unbeatable charm, regardless of the trending themes and the season. What we love the most about watercolor wedding stationery is that it can be tweaked according to the theme you choose and the season you decide to tie the knot in! There are numerous choices, styles, and ideas to choose from and try out. One of the best watercolor invitation ideas that we love is the ombre effect! The ombre effect on the wedding invites can reflect your wedding theme and color palette for decor! Another way to use the ombre effect in your invites is to make use of the colorful details of your wedding day outfits, this will give you a synchronized look! 


Apart from this, you can try some other ideas for watercolor-inspired wedding invitations. You can use a floral print on the wedding invitations in a pastel watercolor wash. The pastel watercolor wash can be peach, yellow, royal blue, or green! But then again, the pastel color choice ultimately depends on the wedding theme. If you don’t want to match the wedding theme and your invitations, then you can use the seasonal colors! Or you could choose muted colors fit for any season, any style, and any theme! Powder blue, matcha green, lilac, and lavender are good choices to start off.  Still looking for watercolor invitation inspiration, then how about choosing some brilliantly designed motifs painted with watercolors, abstract watercolor objects, or an elegant wedding invitation stationery with watercolor borders? 


Watercolor-inspired cake ideas


Let’s talk about one of the biggest centerpieces of a wedding, the wedding cake! The importance of wedding cakes needs no introduction. If you want to add the touch of watercolors and some colors that make the wedding cake ornamentally beautiful, then how about trying an ombre watercolor cake? Ombre watercolor cakes look dazzling and absolutely mouth-watering. You can choose gradients or something that makes the colors flow through the different tiers of your cake! Or you could choose an elaborate floral design for your white wedding cake, and ask for the fondue floral cake decor to be colored in watercolor style! Another way to bring in the beauty of watercolor-inspired style to your wedding cake is to have a marble cake! You can choose a color that fits your wedding color theme and decor. Another way to bring watercolor-inspired wedding ideas to fruition is by making use of the floral details from your wedding decor. You can pick out some flowers from your wedding decor, and use them as cake decor. For the base, you can choose colorful splashes that mimic the nature of watercolors on the cake or have a marble wedding cake with splashes of different colors. Another way to use watercolor-inspired ideas on cakes is to go with a confetti-inspired cake style! Looking for something minimal, but bold enough, for a statement wedding cake? Then how about adding some edible colorful accents to your wedding cake? You can add some edible shimmer to a white wedding cake and decorate it with bold colorful accents. 


Watercolor wedding and bridesmaid dress ideas 


What better way to bring more colors into your wedding venue, and decor than with your watercolor-inspired dresses? Watercolor wedding themes paired with watercolor-inspired wedding dresses is the right way to add some popping colors to your wedding, regardless of the season you decide to tie a knot in! The thing about watercolor-inspired dresses is that it works for any style and any personality! You can come up with a dazzling cocktail of different colors, and create something special for your wedding. Another reason why we love watercolor dresses is that these are extremely versatile, you can add different accessories, and flowers to complete the look, without taking away the quality of your basic idea. How nice is that? For brides who love custom wedding dresses and bridesmaids' dresses, watercolor-inspired dresses are just the thing for you. If you’re thinking of adding watercolor style to your wedding dress, but you’ve already decided on a trendy wedding dress, there’s a way to still add the charm of watercolors. You can purchase the dress you love, and add some watercolor-inspired style to it yourself, or hire a professional artist to hand paint the ideas you have. Watercolor additions to a wedding dress can be anything you want, flowers, beautiful song lyrics you love, poetry that you want, bits and pieces of your wedding vows, or you can add celestial objects to build on the dreamy wedding you’ve been planning!


Apart from this, you choose a ruffle tulle wedding dress with a gradient style, or you can choose a ruffled wedding dress with an ombre effect to build on the watercolor theme. For your bridesmaid's dresses, watercolor-inspired floral dresses or bridesmaids' dresses with handmade watercolor details will give your wedding a dreamy touch. To bring out the versatility of watercolor-inspired wedding and bridesmaid dresses, you can choose different colors for each of your bridesmaids, depending on their favorite colors. However, a thing to note here is that hand-painting your watercolor designs requires precision. If you’re not good with painting and watercolors, it is best to get a professional to help you out! 


Watercolor-inspired escort cards and seating chart ideas


Add colorful sparks to your wedding details with some creative ideas for your wedding seating chart and escort cards! When it comes to wedding parties, you need to keep an eye out for the details. If you love elaborate wedding decors and reception details, you’ll absolutely adore cute watercolor-inspired wedding escort cards with a creative seating chart to go along with them! Bring out the artist in you with pretty colors and different styles for your wedding. First, let’s talk about how to create the perfect wedding seating chart for your guests. You can start by deciding on the style of your wedding seating chart! You can choose a DIY hanging watercolor-laden seating chart with pinned escort cards, or you could switch up the style with an acrylic board with a stylish cursive font to add the charms of your wedding or have an acrylic board with escort cards, which your guests can pluck out and use to find their seats at your wedding reception. You can style a creative wedding seating chart with greenery, and some watercolor details, like a pastel, wash in the background or you could use escort cards on an ombre background. For those who are good with watercolors and paint brushes, ombre escort cards can be made at home with some simple art supplies. Also, with handmade escort cards, you can add a personal touch to your wedding. To add a whimsical touch to your escort cards, you can have a snow-white background, watercolor splashes in the middle and beautiful brushstroke font, and rose-gold borders to complete the look! 


Watercolor-inspired wedding cocktail menu ideas 


Another watercolor-inspired wedding detail that we simply adore is a colorful cocktail menu! Add watercolor details to your cocktail menu card, the signage, and to the drinks! Everything you have in your cocktail hour planned, add watercolor details to them! First things first, come up with a watercolor wedding theme in place. Choose your colors before you start planning the cocktail drinks menu. The thing to keep in mind is that watercolor wedding theme ideas don’t have particular color requirements, you can pretty much choose any color and cascade it with others. However, knowing the color combinations that go well with other colors is a good place to start. Once you have your wedding color palette in mind, start with deciding what kind of drinks you want. Cocktails that are flavorsome and sprinkled with a blast of colors will go well with your wedding theme. Bon Dimanche, Spiritello, Five Golden Rings, and Black Sea Spritz can be some good additions to your cocktail drink menu ideas. Apart from this, sampling some cocktail ideas or signature cocktail drinks created specifically for your wedding will help you get started. Or you could just add food-grade colors to drinks to make them colorful!


For the cocktail hour decor, you can use drapes with cascading colors, to add colorful splashes all over. The decor ideas for the cocktail venue can be bold or minimal. You can make use of colorfully printed cushions to go with a white chair set-up for the venue, or you can make use of marbled candle holders, you can even use colorful candles as a decor accent to the venue, and pair the look with watercolor-inspired napkins! 


Watercolor-inspired wedding venue ideas 


A great way to add the artistic beauty of watercolor ideas to your wedding is to use a water container with colorful floating candles and light them up! The muted candle glow will bring out the colors and will create a mirage of different colors, adding a dreamy touch to your wedding celebrations. If your wedding venue has a natural or manmade lake or small ponds, this idea will come alive! Another way to add the playful splash of watercolors to your wedding is to add hand-painted plates as a part of your wedding reception dinner. You can have plates designed with floral designs with splashes of watercolor, or you can hand paint patterns on the plates if you’re good at painting and a DIY decor enthusiast! Also, you can use these hand-painted plates as a wedding favor, talk about a super personalized wedding favor! Another way to add the pretty shade of watercolors is to make use of a watercolor backdrop for your wedding photo booth! 


You can add more colors to your watercolor-inspired photo booth by adding some pastel balloons, tinsels, and sparklers. Another way to add some jazz to your photo booth is to keep some props handy! Another watercolor-inspired idea that we love is to add a watercolor station to your nuptial celebrations! You can hire a professional artist for your wedding day, who can create watercolor portraits for your guests, or you can have a fun cocktail party activity where guests can come together and let their creative side out by using watercolors to paint! And if you love both of these ideas, you can have both of them at your wedding! 


A note to remember 


When you’re thinking about how to throw a watercolor-inspired wedding, your bridal bouquet, flowers and the venue will play an important part. Watercolor-inspired style is characterized by adding vibrancy and different notes to your decor, and venue. This being said, look for a wedding venue that fits the idea of a dreamy wedding venue. An outdoor wedding sounds amazing for a watercolor-inspired wedding because the natural green hues and sunlight will add beautiful color to your watercolor accents, and also because, as Robert Delaunay puts it, “Light in Nature creates the movement of colors.” You can even craft a beautiful floral arbor with a watercolor wash backdrop.

Wedding planning is a fun-filled journey, which will have you go through creative bouts of choosing color combinations and venue ideas. And it becomes even better if you’re adding watercolor-inspired details, you’ll have even more to look forward to. Choosing the right colors for your wedding venue decor and the watercolor-inspired details will have you getting in touch with your inner child as you look through the colors. What’s more, as you and your partner choose the colors that sit right with your personalities and wedding ideas, you may come up with inside jokes and some meanings to color choices that only you two are privy to! That said, choosing different colors, deciding on the color theme, and deciding which wedding decor element goes where will make for a fun way to start a life together. If a watercolor-inspired dreamy wedding sounds like something you’d love, then we hope our ideas helped you find what you’re looking for. 


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