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Catherine and Josh’s Houston Wedding with Touches of White & Green!


Love is not always about planning impromptu dinner dates or meeting the parents. It is not only about telling someone how you have fun times together. Love is all about being there for each other. It means making a promise, dreaming dreams together, and finally turning it into a beautiful reality! Love is all about slowly and steadily taking steps ahead and turning that love into a beautiful marriage! Because when you are in love, you will do things that you would never do with your sane mind! You would move mountains like you are kicking a pebble, you would do the most enchanting and adventurous things without realizing, like popping the most important question “Will you marry me?” and waiting for that “yes” in return! 


Being in the business of capturing memories that are nothing but precious and full of romance, we know what a beautiful experience it is for couples from dating to being engaged and then finally getting hitched for the rest of their lives! We surely do believe in every form of love and the kind of promises that lovers make in the name of love! But ever since we have captured the beautiful wedding of our adorable Houston Couple- Catherine and Josh in the city of Houston, we believe that when you are in love with each other all you want is to spend each and every moment of your everyday life with the person you love! Love is all about happiness, smiles, tears of joy, and everything in between! And Josh and Catherine's Houston wedding portfolio is full of all these whimsical emotions! Endless laughter, bright smiles, happy tears, exciting faces, enthusiasm, and hopeful and promising eyes, Catherine and Josh’s wedding photographs say it all in every possible way! Trust us, one look at their wedding photos, and you will be blown away with the kind of love and passion our lovely couple has for each other! You will definitely swoon over it! We can assure you that! 


For their Houston wedding, Catherine and Josh chose Agave Estates as their wedding venue! This incredible Houston wedding venue is a magnificent, private estate where life and time stand still! Agave Estates wedding venue features an alluring and tranquil oasis of palm trees and manicured gardens that lends itself as an incredible backdrop for mind-blowing wedding photos! Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Agave Estates venue is a calming unexpected destination retreat, just 30 minutes from the heart of Houston! The moment you step on the pristine, lush green grounds of this incredible wedding venue in Houston, you will feel like you have been transported to an entirely different world of tranquility! This extraordinary and award-winning wedding venue will definitely elevate your wedding experience by offering you a direct connection to everything you will need to bring your wedding dreams to life! As you and your sweetheart walk through the private entrance of this glorious property, we can assure you that you will feel as if you have arrived at some Caribbean resort! Your wedding day at this prime location will make all your wedding guests feel like they are a part of a perfect destination wedding that you are hosting in your backyard! Allow your wedding guests to rejoice in the comfortable and romantic feeling of a backyard wedding with Agave Estates, Houston wedding venue! 


The panoramic outdoor setting offered by the Agave Estates is our Houston photographers’ dream! Our affordable and professional wedding photographers have captured too many weddings at this wedding venue, but Catherine and Josh’s wedding day is one of their favorites! Josh and Catherine's wedding day had so many aww moments that left our Houston and suburban wedding photographers looking for tissues every now and then! The stunning outdoors of this fantastic location features an alluring turquoise lagoon-style water set-up, encircled with flagstone patios and verdant landscaping, lending a marvelous backdrop for outdoor wedding photography! The lovely stone pathways at the Agave Estates will gently lead you and your wedding guests to bubbling aquatic features and striking flowers garden, the resort-style pool, and freestanding fireplace that is an excellent setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony! This grandiose wedding space is an ideal fit for couples who have always dreamed of having a grand and lavish wedding with the presence of their 300 wedding guests! 


The European-style mansion offered by this luxurious property for an indoor wedding celebration showcases elegant polished iron doors, stained concrete floors, and gorgeous wood and stone architecture! Just like the outdoors, the indoor of this wedding venue also boasts various indoor wedding photography opportunities for our wedding photographers in and around Houston to capture in the best of frames! With stunning indoors and panoramic outdoor wedding ceremony options, we can assure you that you will find yourself dancing the most special night of your life away encircled with picturesque tropical accents, while your wedding guests sip the exotic cocktails and fine wine by the pool or can choose to adore the view over some drink and conversation on one of the multiple private courtyards offered by the Agave Estates! 


Catherine and Josh’s wedding day was nothing but every bit bright and gleaming, just like our cute couples! Josh and Catherine's winter wedding in Houston was a beautiful combination of green and white shades! Their winter wedding also had some rustic elements paired with green accents and white tones that made the entire wedding decor marvelous! Our talented and affordable Houston wedding photographers started their day by capturing the beautiful wedding decor in the best of frames! Our professional wedding photographers are detail lovers and with them by your side, we can assure you that none of your wedding details will ever go unnoticed! From the wedding color palette to your table setting, everything will be documented in swoon-worthy and magical frames for you to cherish later on! After documenting the table setting, the outdoor wedding ceremony decor, and other details of our couple’s wedding day, the wedding photographers in Houston city captured some pre-wedding photos of Catherine with her bridesmaids before they were all dolled up for the wedding ceremony. The relaxed getting-ready pictures of Catherine with her bridal party highlighted their #girlfriendsgoals! They all looked so calm and relaxed in their leopard print knee-length sleep shirts, while Catherine rocked her look in white casual pants and a white crop top! Once the casual pre-wedding photography session of Catherine and her lovely bridesmaids was done, everyone went to get ready for the big celebration!


For her wedding day bridal look, Catherine slipped into a spaghetti-style sheath wedding dress which featured a beautiful non-detachable wedding train! Ah, so dramatic! Our bride kept her wedding look very subtle and classic with minimal makeup! Catherine's hair was done in a low bun, which was elegantly adorned with a long wedding veil that made her look nothing but a princess from a fairy tale movie! Her small drop earrings gracefully complimented her overall look in every possible way! The moment our Houston suburbs wedding photographers saw Catherine all decked up in her bridal dress, they all just went aww for a moment! She looked drop-dead gorgeous! Just like our bride’s classic and timeless bridal look, her bridal bouquet was very simple yet stunning! For her winter wedding bridal bouquet, Catherine chose white calla lies tied with a white satin ribbon! Before our bride had her romantic first look with her sweetheart, our professional and affordable Houston wedding photographers captured some magical bridal portraits of Catherine, and she just looked fabulous in all of them! 


Seeing her daughter all grown up and ready to start the new chapter of her life is a big and emotional moment for every bride’s mother! The same we witnessed with Catherine's mom! Our wedding photographers in and around Houston captured some really enchanting and emotional mother-daughter pictures before our bride made her way to the aisle! For Catherine's big day, her gorgeous mother wore a light blue satin dress and an updo hairstyle! By looking at Catherine and her mother’s picture, you will even be able to notice that Catherine is the younger version of her mom! Once the mother-daughter moment was seized, it was the turn of Catherine's lovely bridesmaids to pose with the girl of the day! For their bestie’s biggest day, the gorgeous girls wore rose pink satin bridesmaid dresses, and we loved the matchy-matchy look! 


After capturing the mother-daughter and bridal party shots in lovely frames, our lovely bride Catherine and her dapper groom Josh posed for some heartwarming first look wedding pictures! Before we dive in and share more details about their romantic first look wedding photos, let us tell you that our charming groom Josh looked nothing but heart-throbbing in his wedding attire! For his groom's look, he chose to wear a black pantsuit with a crisp white shirt! His side-parted hair and the cute little black bow tie were enough to get endless female attention and make him look like the most handsome man! Josh looked fantastic and complimented his bride from head to toe in every possible way! Josh’s groomsmen also coordinated their outfits for their guy’s big day! They all chose to wear the same style and colored outfit as our groom! And everyone gracefully rocked their look! A wedding portfolio is incomplete without the groom and his squad’s pictures, highlighting the bro-bond or the brotherhood! Josh and his groomsmen posed for some fun-filled photos that showcased the ‘bros-for-life’ kind of vibe in every way! 


Once our creative Houston and suburban wedding photographers were done capturing bridesmaids and groomsmen pictures with our couple of the day, they gracefully documented some beautiful and utterly first look wedding shots of our couple! There is one picture from Josh and Catherine's wedding portfolio that really has our heart. Want to know which one? Well, the one where they both shared a kiss against that big wooden rustic door! That very same picture is perfect to get hanged on the wall of their living room as the memory of their wedding day! Once the first look moment was over, our lovely couple posed for some romantic couple portraits in the outdoors of the Agave Estates! And our professional wedding photographers did a commendable job in capturing them! Our couples did not leave any corner of the property with their romantic touch! They posed in every corner of their wedding venue!

Before our couple had their “I do” moment in the presence of their loved ones, it was time for some formal family portraits! The Houston wedding photographers captured all the favorite family moments in amazing frames! After the family photography session, our couples went for their outdoor wedding ceremony! Catherine and Josh’s wedding rings caught our photographer’s attention! Their wedding rings did look like a family heirloom! They were vintage yet classic! And finally, the moment came, and our lovely bride floated down the aisle with her dearest daddy as her best man towards the love of her life! Josh and Catherine had a traditional wedding ceremony. After Catherine and Josh were announced as husband and wife, they both leaned in for their first kiss, and our Houston photographers creatively captured that moment in the most alluring frame! Once Josh and Catherine were pronounced as husband and wife officially, our photographers did capture some post-wedding photos of our couple as the married couple! They both looked nothing but extremely happy and adorable together in each and every picture! 


It was that time of the night and celebration when the couple took the center stage and shared some romantic moves for their first dance as husband and wife! They danced romantically, and our photographers captured some of their best moves in great frames! A wedding reception is always incomplete without something sweet and delicious! Catherine and Josh’s three-tiered white wedding cake looked extremely delicious. We are pretty much sure that all their wedding guests left wanting for more just by looking at our couple’s elegant three-tiered all-white cake with a cute wedding heart couple figurine topper! Our couple had their cake cutting ceremony and those special moments were effortlessly captured by our talented Houston wedding photographers with incredible backdrops! 


After the first dance was done and the wedding cake was cut, it was time for the grand finale of our couple’s wedding day! When we say grand finale, we mean the grand and memorable wedding exit that ends the wedding night on a remarkable note! Catherine and Josh had a classic wedding send-off with sparklers! They also shared a kiss under the sparklers and went ahead to start the new and exciting chapter of their lives together! 


With that, Catherine and Josh’s wedding day came to an end and our Houston wedding photographers captured a good stock of wedding photos and some endless memories to cherish for the rest of their lives! 



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