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Month-End Wedding Resources: June 2022


“A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.”-John Mayer


Summer is here and we are ready for it! June arrived and opened the floodgates of summer, and suddenly, you find yourself soaking up the sun, swimming in the water, and inhaling the fresh air! Summertime entices us with its daisies, brilliant blue sky, and endless beach days, and we can't resist its charm even if we tried! The school is out, the flight tickets are getting booked and there is a palpable sense of anticipation and electricity in the air. After the disappointing summers of the last few years, everyone is eager to make the most of this year! People are itching to get that summer tan, and there's that tell-tell overwhelming excitement of summer in the air, with backyard barbecues and picnics, as well as summer nights by the ocean! Summer also brings with it a flurry of weddings! Summer weddings have a unique allure that cannot be matched by any other season. Summer is widely regarded as the busiest wedding season, and with good reason. With its nice weather, bright and colorful flowers and breezy textiles, as well as fresh and delicious cuisine, a summer wedding will always hold a special place in our hearts! Summer weddings are full of exciting alternatives, excitement, and vibrancy, whether you're planning a rustic country wedding or a backyard wedding at your parents' house where you spent many summers of your childhood. If you're a bride planning your perfect summer wedding, or any wedding for that matter, with the beautiful summer as your backdrop for wedding preparation, you might be open to all types of ideas! So, like a moth to the flame, we come to you yet again bringing with us some of the best wedding planning tools available on the internet every month! Prepare an iced latte, take a seat, and let's get planning!


Your choice of wedding menu card is an important extension of your wedding day stationery. Wedding menu cards aren't simply a classy way to inform your guests about what's for dinner; they're also a great way to tie in your wedding theme. Plus, in certain circumstances, they're more accommodating than putting up a chalkboard or using another option to paper menus. Another thing to keep in mind is that most menu cards are available as part of wedding stationery sets. If you like a design, you can use it on your invitations, RSVP cards, and other materials. Elegant handwriting, watercolor, gold embossing, and hand-painted images are just a few ways to add a personal, gorgeous touch to a conventional paper menu. You may also experiment with shapes to give it a distinct look—geometric triangles or hexagons give it a futuristic feel, while a round edge adds a touch of whimsy. Don't limit yourself to paper, as acrylics, paper bags, chopping boards, as well as the table itself can be used to create a distinctive design. The article below allows you to browse through some of the lovely options available out there. 

28 Creative Wedding Menu Card Ideas

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Do you want your wedding to be traditional or you are the couple who likes to challenge and redefine the definition of “normal”? There isn't a road plan for how to "redefine tradition" because doing so would negate the goal. The goal is to plan your wedding exactly how you want it to be. It's your love story after all! It's your moment and you should be able to have a wedding that makes sense to you, and isn't governed by tradition. If you're being your real self, you can do whatever you want and people will like it. There are several tutorials available to help you with whatever you pick, but use them as a starting point and then add your own flair. However, wedding planners say that today's couples are split between those who follow "old school" wedding traditions and those who don't, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. And either way is OK as long as you get what you really desire. The article below not only encourages you to find out what you want on your special day but also gives you some pretty amazing ideas to redefine tradition.  

Ways to Redefine Tradition to Fit Your Nuptials

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Weddings are a celebration that is unlike any other, so of course, you will want to serve some cocktails which are not only perfect for your wedding theme but also are refreshing and lulls your guests into a state of relaxation. Whether your summer wedding is indoors or outside, you'll want to keep your guests cool and refreshed with a unique beverage that embodies the flavors and spirit of the season. Of course, your wedding specifics are entirely up to you, but keep in mind that your signature cocktails, just as much as the reception decor, music, and food, may set the tone for your big day. Can't you just see your guests mingling in their best wedding-ready summer apparel, drinking something slushy or fruity or both, under twinkling lights and floral arrangements? The setting is ideal for a stunning summer wedding that your guests will remember. This article compiled a list of some creative and entertaining ideas to spice up your wedding cocktails. The great thing is that it has also taken your sober curious guests into consideration. For individuals who choose not to drink alcohol, you can use the same techniques to amp up the drinks.  

Wedding Cocktails Are Perfect for Showing off Your Creativity! Here Are 17 Ways to Make Yours Stand Out

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Summer weddings are just as fun as you would imagine, with gorgeous flowers, blue skies, and endless sunny days. But it is not beyond its own set of seasonal problems. When it comes to summer weddings, it's crucial to plan ahead because challenges specific to the season can put a wrench in even the most meticulously planned events. Warm weather, in general, will always generate season-specific issues, which might even prove to be a hindrance in a carefully orchestrated wedding! As a result, while arranging summer weddings, it's critical to plan ahead and give plenty of thought. This article explores some of the most typical seasonal wedding issues and provides solutions to them. 

5 Common Summer Wedding Problems, Solved!

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Summer is unquestionably the most popular season for weddings, because of its beautiful weather and spectacular blooms. And while you're busy incorporating the season's hues into every inch of your wedding decor, you might be overlooking one important detail: your wedding cake. Of course, white wedding cakes will always have a place, but why stop with your dessert if you've already embraced color and summer trends throughout your ceremony and reception? Think magnificent wedding cakes with flowers and confections topped with citrus, berries, and gorgeous greenery, as well as tiered desserts with poppy colors and confectionery decorations reminiscent of warm weather. The article below will offer you some summer-soaked wedding cake ideas which will claim your hearts. No matter what your taste, you will find your dream summer wedding cake here! 

Summer Wedding Cakes That Speak to the Season

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If you thought having a fashionable wedding hashtag, e-invites, and charging stations at your wedding meant you were hosting a tech-heavy affair, you've only scratched the surface. Every aspect of your wedding, including the planning, can be enhanced by technology. Additionally, some new platforms can greatly benefit your visitors. Here are our favorite digital tools for organizing the wedding you want while still keeping a life, whether you're just starting your wedding planning adventure or checking off the very last item on your wedding checklist. Thank your fortunate stars you're getting married in the modern-day, because apps, websites, and smart technology make organizing your perfect wedding easier than ever! The article below includes a comprehensive list of the top wedding planning tools to investigate right now, as well as additional cutting-edge wedding technology to be aware of! 

10 Digital Hacks For Planning Your Wedding

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Being grateful for your wedding crew is not something that we prioritize and it's very easy to slip through the cracks, especially when you are undertaking tons of other responsibilities in your wedding planning. It shouldn't be a thankless job to work as a wedding vendor. Photographers, planners, florists, caterers, and everybody else involved put forth a lot of effort to make the wedding dreams of couples a reality. It's critical to express gratitude to your wedding vendors for their efforts. And, aside from the standard thank you card, we've got a lot of suggestions. There are several ways to show your wedding vendors how very much you appreciate their assistance both before and on the wedding day. This article offers a guide to getting next-level service from your wedding vendors. These are pre-emptive "thank yous" to people who work so hard to make your dream wedding day a reality, from sending them a wedding invitation to placing them at tables alongside your guests. 

Creative Ways To Thank Your Wedding Vendors

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Summers are unquestionably our favorite season! The entire year is spent anticipating the arrival of summer. This is the time of year when schools are over and summer vacations are planned in every household. Picnics, lakeside camping, barbeques, road trips, and beach campfires are just a few of the activities that spring to life during this time of year. Our outfits are revamped, and our diets are revitalized. We have longer days in order to fit in all of our interesting adventures. Every year, the endless summer days feel like a promised holiday. Every month, it's something we look forward to. It's like we tuck away a whole lot of living enough for the complete year during the few sunny months! So nothing is more ideal for planning the most memorable day of your life than bright summer days. Allow the azure skies and the depths of the ocean to inspire you to create the most stunning wedding. Allow the fireflies and fireworks to inspire you to create your own magical celebration. Inspiration is all around you, hidden in nature and the infectious feel-good summer mood, and if you're stuck for ideas, you know where to go!


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