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Keep Your Guests Cool With These Summer Wedding Tips


The season of summer brings along a dash of nostalgia about long summer vacations, beach weekends, awkward tan lines, and endless starry nights which makes us fall in love with summer weddings even more. When school's out and vacations are planned, we most often find ourselves dreaming about a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or a tall pint of chilled brewed beer while enjoying the sunset that looks like the dream of a thousand childhood summer-holiday memories! Sweet summertime often translates to balmy breezes and blue skies, and a summertime wedding is a perfect way to bask in the best of this season.


There are so many reasons that brides love browsing summer wedding guides- from tying the knot amidst a burst of epic sunshine in a dreamy outdoor wedding venue to wearing a breathable silk backless wedding dress that sways with the summer breeze. There are indeed so many reasons why you should consider having a summertime wedding. Whether you are dreaming about a garden celebration or looking for breezy beach wedding details that celebrate vacation vibes, it's also important to beat the summer heat and keep your guests cool during summer wedding celebrations, so that they go back home retelling how much fun they had and not about the weird blotch of sun-tan they got during your outdoor wedding ceremony!


The long warm days are translated into wedding marathons. Hosting a summer wedding means having a crazy wedding party featuring bridesmaids in pretty floral dresses with cool shades and dancing through the long romantic summer reception nights! From styling up the reception space with pretty neutrals to accenting the ambiance with bright and trendy wedding tropical touches, summer wedding details can be a highway to channel your creativity and imagination. You are probably imagining a gorgeous blue sky that looks straight out of a movie and a sea of blooming roses, and your guests in high-fashion ensembles walking through the gardens with champagne glasses in their hands, remarking how this is the most beautiful wedding they have ever seen.


But amidst the sunny blue skies and bright summer wedding flowers, we often forget the specific challenges that this vendor brings along with it. Regardless of where you live, the temperatures can start to rise and make your guests uncomfortable and the reception can quickly turn into a hot mess! Although you will never be able to control the weather, there are ways to make your guests feel comfortable with drinks, accessories, and treats. These summer wedding tips will help your guests to combat the hot weather and cool them down, and wouldn't let creeping temps derail your plans for an outdoor celebration.


Tips to keep your guests cool during summer wedding celebrations:


Indoor/outdoor wedding venue 


When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, there's a lot to consider, and if you are getting married in the summer, don't forget about the heat! When weighing your options, remember to factor in the costs of an air-conditioned room as well as the additional amenities you will need to keep your guests cool outside. However, some of the outdoor views are simply too beautiful to pass up. Choose a location where guests can mingle freely both inside and outside. This allows guests to enjoy the beautiful outdoor views while also allowing them to cool off in the much-appreciated air conditioning if the heat gets to them on your special day. When the temperature rises above 100 degrees, your guests, blooms, and even your cake will begin to wilt in the direct sunlight. If you want to incorporate the outdoors into your big day, consider a quick outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception.


Use ample amount of shade 


Choosing a tree-shaded ceremony location is a great way to keep your guests comfortable and cool. Not only will your guests appreciate you for avoiding the harsh sun, but your wedding photos will look like something out of a fairytale! Consider holding your outdoor wedding ceremony under a large tree to provide shade for your wedding party and guests while still providing a beautiful backdrop for exchanging wedding vows. Hanging chandeliers, colorful paper lanterns, or macramé can help to fill in the blank spaces above you and won't wilt in the hot summer sun. Shade can be provided by modern and colorful canvasses draped above your wedding guests without obstructing anyone's view. You can also speak to the manager of your wedding venue to scout out a ceremony location and arrange seats and tables under the shade of trees, or with big and bright table umbrellas.


Hand out cute cooling-off accessories


Summer weddings will be hot, so provide opportunities for guests to cool off. There are many creative ways to protect your guests from rising temperatures, especially if you are hosting an outdoor event. Guests can shade themselves from the sun with hand fans, parasols, and colorful sunnies, which are also decorative features that can blend seamlessly with the wedding day design. If you don't have enough outlets for electric fans, try using paper fans instead. Add your ceremony program or a message encouraging them to stay cool to make it more personal. Each fan can be personalized as a keepsake for guests to take home after the wedding. Consider making small hand fans or sunglasses with wedding guests' names on them. These summer wedding props will not only keep your guests cool, but they will also serve as a budget wedding favor idea. Provide your guests with sunglasses and use them as favors or fun photo props! You could have a basket full of different colors and styles to suit your wedding theme. Cool shades equal a cool ceremony, whether they are wayfarer, aviator, or cat-eye. Guests will not only be able to see the wedding without squinting, but they will also be more fashionable. Using fancy umbrellas to keep cool will make your guests feel like true royalty. For cute wedding pictures, buy ones that match your theme!


Provide sunscreen 


Make sure you don't get burned on your wedding day! Make sure you use sunscreen and have some on hand for your guests to use as well. Your guests should remember your big day as something special, not as the day they got sunburned. Although it is their responsibility to care for their skin, it is also a good idea to provide a small box of sunscreens in case they forget! You and your soon-to-be hubby will be able to recharge during the day and enjoy your wedding without having to worry about catching the sun. If your guests will be out in the sun for several hours, you can be a great host if you provide a spray bottle of high-SPF sunscreen at each table.


Rent AC units and fans


As guests arrive, greet them with misting fans to keep them cool and comfortable. If your wedding will be held in a tent or the open air, make sure to rent high-quality, portable fans or AC units that you can test out in the rental store to determine their power and relative quietness. There are also many party fans and misting stations now operating at a lower volume level, allowing everyone to hear the toasts and music. For everyone's comfort, rent a lot of these fans and misting stations and scatter them around the seating area, the bar, and anywhere else where guests will congregate. This is a simple yet attractive way to keep your guests cool. Also, why not make a fan out of your order of service by gluing it to a pre-made fan or using craft sticks and ribbons? The latter is unquestionably a more cost-effective option. If you don't want to create more work for yourself, all you need to keep guests cool is good and reliable fans. If you are concerned that it will stand out, spray paint it to match the rest of your wedding décor.


Serve icy drinks 


Who says your drinking water can't match your wedding colors? Iced drinks are a tried-and-true way to keep your guests cool. Outdoor wedding guests appreciate having fresh and ice-cold water brought to them throughout the event, so order hand-passed ice water service on silver trays. Keep your guests hydrated and refreshed during your outdoor ceremony by having cold and refreshing beverages ready for them as they walk to their seats! Although ice cold water is required, consider providing another option in addition to water to make it more enjoyable. You can also welcome your guests to the summer wedding by setting up a station to serve refreshing and light non-alcoholic beverages during your wedding ceremony. Consider stocking the bar or buffet with a few ice-filled coolers of water bottles if you are having a more casual wedding. You can go for pitchers filled with colorful fruit-infused water served with ice or lemon needs and fresh juices. These refreshers can also serve as a part of the summer wedding décor.  Use fresh fruits like raspberries or strawberries, as well as aromatic herbs like lavender or mint, to make a seasonal flavored lemonade. Serve iced teas, such as peach green tea or passion fruit black tea, as an alternative. These options are delectable and refreshing, and they will be the perfect pick-me-up before a summer wedding!


Choose comfortable cushioned reception chairs 


Outdoor weddings can be lovely, but in a hot climate, they can also be uncomfortable for you and your guests. Couples can plan ahead of time and incorporate certain elements to ensure that their wedding is as relaxing as possible. If you are planning on using metal chairs for the ceremony or outdoor seating, keep in mind that metal can get hot in the sun. For chairs that will be exposed to direct sunlight, either invest in chair cushions or fabric slipcovers. To take the heat off of guests' seats, use cushioned chairs instead of metal, or place tall umbrellas in gathering areas so people can get out of the sun while socializing.


A good wedding summer timeline 


Check the weather forecast to see when the temperatures in your chosen location are at their highest, as well as when the sun should be shining the brightest. Planning your ceremony timeline around the hottest times of the day, especially if you are hosting outside, can help you avoid the day's hottest temperatures. Work with your wedding planner and venue to ensure that your day-of schedule is set for the coolest parts of the day. Have you considered having an evening wedding ceremony? Plan your day so that you can finish the majority of your photos first, then say your vows at sunset. Your ceremony photos in the golden hour will be stunning and it will be a great way to avoid the midday sun! Try to stick to your wedding timeline by planning and building in more time than you think you will be needing.


Creative summer cocktail ideas 


Just because you are hosting your wedding in the summer doesn't mean you can't have a lovely cocktail hour outside. Create your cocktail to be remembered for your amazing drink mixing skills. Go for a cocktail menu that includes frozen drinks and unique drinks so that guests can enjoy your venue's beautiful outdoor space while staying cool. For instance, you can greet your guests with floral champagne popsicles on hot summer evenings! For your cocktail hour beverages, try icy cool options like champagne popsicles or a frozen tropical cocktail. Your guests will enjoy the delectable beverages, which will also serve as a way to beat the heat! 


Light summer reception bites


When you are already feeling hot, no one wants a hot appetizer! Keep your guests cool with a unique and refreshing take on traditional hors d'oeuvres. Cool options include an ice-cold seafood display, gazpacho shooters, Caprese skewers, and tuna tartare cones. The flavors should be a mix of your and your beau's favorites, and it can be served over a large amount of ice.


Pitch a tent 


Guests can stay cool while enjoying the outdoors by using small pop-up tents with lounge furniture underneath and beautiful umbrellas. Renting a large tent for an outdoor reception will keep your guests cool while also serving as an umbrella in case it rains.


As you plan your summer wedding, the rising temperatures in some places can pose big challenges. There is honestly nothing worse than making your guests spend hours baking under the summer sun. From being overheated and dehydrated, they may also slump in their reception chairs from sweat and humidity. And in some places in the US, mosquitoes, and bugs that come out during summers are also a big problem. Even if you cannot control all the aspects, the last thing you would want to hear after so many months of wedding planning is your guests remarking how they have never been so uncomfortable in their entire lives. Don't let mother nature steal your thunder! With a little creativity and fresh outdoor wedding ideas, turn your summer reception into a comfortable space with the above summer wedding tips. Although controlling the weather is sadly impossible, the summer reception tips are curated to prevent the dangers of the dog day summer heat and humidity for your wedding cake's survival, wedding guests' comfort, the durability of summer bridal makeup, and wedding day bliss!

These wedding tips to keep everyone comfortable during open-air summer weddings, as well as indoor ceremonies, can leave you and your guests with nothing but happy memories. The easy and quick DIY wedding details will help you to control the comfort of your wedding guests, irrespective of the weather circumstances. The summertime wedding tips will help to make sure that your big day goes as seamlessly and temperature controlled as possible along with a guarantee that your wedding guests are as comfortable as they are cool. 


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