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Beachy Weddings to Inspire Brides to Be


Summer is all about beaches, sunbathing and tropical sceneries. And we absolutely love the idea of beach weddings because they are often outdoor venue spaces, and they welcome the sun, sand, and the soothing sound of waves nearby. We can’t think of a better way to add the ultimate summer aura to your big day. The ocean itself is such a breathtaking backdrop that it doesn’t require extra embellishment. Just add a simple ceremony arch you are good to go! Today we’re revisiting all the fabulous beach weddings we’ve attended to help brides start planning.


Mandy and Brian enjoyed a stunningly gorgeous and slightly non-traditional east-coast Boston celebration at the Cape Club with a summery setting. Mandy’s light as air bridal gown was absolutely wonderful and complemented Brian’s blue suit perfectly. We still can’t get over the beauty of it all.


Ginny and Heath incorporated rich red, burgundy, and gold in their wedding setting at the Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Sophisticated and charmingly southern, this wedding exhibited a beautiful combination of late summer, early autumn elements.


Classic and contemporary, Kaitlin and Eric gave us a beautiful wedding at the incredible venue of Hotel Maria, near the city of Providence, RI. The inclusion of blue and green tones of water accentuated the stunning ocean feel of their wedding.


Married near Baltimore, MD, Kelsey and Ryan gave us some exquisite snapshots at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. Their photos along the rocky shoreline on an overcast day were especially fantastic.


With coastal homes, buildings and a local bridge dotting their waterside portraits, Nashua and Nadar enjoyed an elevated elegant wedding near Providence, RI.


Ditching the cliché New York wedding, Christine and Mack got married at The Pavilion at the Sunken Meadow. The laid-back, relaxed vibes of the details were enough to steal our hearts.


And who can forget how Kathryn and Gregory glorified the golden tones of the setting sun in their couples portraits after enjoying a simple, nautical-themed wedding at Anthony’s Ocean View Fine Catering in Hartford.


But don’t worry if a beach wedding is not possible for you. You can still incorporate summer-y, nautical details to add a contemporary beachy aura to your wedding!


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